These Viral Products Are Finally on Sale on Amazon

These Viral Products Are Finally on Sale on Amazon

Ever wonder if those viral products on TikTok are actually worth getting? Well, now's the time to try them while they're on sale on Amazon! Get these viral sensations while they're cheap and see what all the hype is about yourself!

1. You’ve Been Ghosted With 20% Off

71Neys7R7Pl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

This viral ghost blanket is every bit snuggly and cozy with zero levels of spookiness. Well, maybe a cute level of spooky. It's the perfect thing to cuddle up with during your late night Netflix binges, especially as the days get colder. So stay warm and toasty with this adorable blanket!

2. In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, You Can Get 42% Off

81Vu7Iayw-S. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Create an entire galaxy in your room with this stunning galaxy projector. It comes with a remote and a Bluetooth speaker so you can jam to your favourite tunes while you get lost in the stars. It's just the thing you need for setting the right vibe during any late night jam. 

3. 40% Off Has A Nice Ring To It

51Jbf1Kdhzl. Ac Sx522via Amazon

Get the best selfies, videos, and streaming sessions thanks to Sensyne's 10" Ring Light with 50" Extendable Tripod. Making sure you're always getting the best lighting, it also doubles as a great makeup light! 

4. Save on This Flower Power Set

81Uxgi++Kal. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Struggling to find a unique gift for the botanists in your life? Why not gift this Edible Flowers Indoor Garden Seed Starter Kit - it comes with everything you need, seeds, pots, and plant markers, for you to grow your own tasty garden. 


5. Save Money On This Useful Fan

6151Fhj0Mjl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Stay cool during those hot summer days with this SmartDevil USB Desk Fan. It's a small personal desk fan that's the perfect size, but seriously packs a lot of power. With a lot of customizability including adjustable settings and rotations, the fan grill even comes off easily so you can clean it without a problem.

6. Give Your Leftovers A Hug and Get 10% Off

618Hj0Uf+Ml. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Do you struggle with a lot of leftovers when it comes to using ingredients when cooking? Well, then this 5 piece Food Huggers set might be just the thing for you. Tightly hugging your leftover fruits and vegetables, this BPA-free silicone gadget will help keep your ingredients fresher for longer. 

7. Save Money to Light Up A Room

813Vxzjichl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Light up any room with these DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights that are sure to make a statement. They'll add a nice touch to any party you host, but they'll also be a fun decorative item just for you. With an easy to use remote control, you can easily control the colours and brightness with just one click.

8. Make A Stand and Get 20% Off

71Rnn7Splnl. Ac Sx522via Amazon

Tired of having to hold up your phone everytime you watch videos? This MINDSKY Phone Ring Holder is exactly what you need then. Securely glued to the back of your phone, its 360 degrees rotation will provide you with a lot of flexibility so you can stand up your phone however you want it. 

9. Get 20% Off Coffee's BFF

71N8F81Jq7L. Ac Sx679via Amazon

If you're a regular coffee drinker, pick up this rechargeable frother mixer while you still can! It's the multitasking tool of your dreams - perfect for making lattes, cappuccinos, and even dalgona! With three different settings and a convenient charging base to keep your device's battery full, you'll find yourself grabbing this easy to use item every single day.

10. Make Cleaning Fun And Get 41% Off

71Gqqz9Glbl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

We didn't realize it was possible to make cleaning fun until we came across this COLORCORAL Cleaning Gel for Cars! Simply stuff this putty into those difficult nooks and crannies to get out all the accumulated dust that's very sitting there for ages. 


11. Get 20% Off For a Fun Karaoke Night

71I5Wt-Crkl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Karaoke lovers rejoice! You can now experience the thrills of karaoke right at home thanks to this mini Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone! It's a great gadget for bringing to parties, or simply for when you want to have a solo jam session at home. 

12. 20% Off To Get Rid of Your Acne

51Ylaywpx6L. Sx679via Amazon

Cure your pimples in record time with these Mighty Patch Original Pimple Patches that protect your skin from unwanted bacteria and stressors. You'll wake up to amazing results every time!

13. Spill The Tea and Grab this Deal

81J6Ifrp30L. Sx569 Pibundle-6,Topright,0,0 Aa569Sh20via Amazon

Become the life of the party with this delicious DIY Boba Kit! You'll have so much fun experimenting and creating these tasty concoctions. It's time to explore all the different flavours boba can offer!

14. Get 21% Off A Fidget Friend

81J4Aebx1Hl. Ac Sy355via Amazon

Do you have trouble keeping still? Do you love moving your hands? Well, this Mr. Pen Bubble Popper Toy is just the thing to keep on hand. It's like having an endless number of bubble wrap to pop! Whether you're stressed and you need to keep your mind off things or if you struggle to stay still, this toy will surely come in handy.

15. 26% Off to Experiment With Resin

718Czwakfll. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Are you interested in exploring the world of resin crafting? With this LET'S RESIN kit, you'll have everything you need to get started. It comes with multiple molds that will begin to unlock your creativity to the max!

16. Save Big on This SpongeHolder 

41-Wo+Xyyrl. Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Are you an avid user of beauty blenders? If you can't live without them, give them the treatment they deserve with this makeup sponge holder duo. Made out of silicone, these cases are perfect for one the go travel, keeping the secure and dry.


17. 20% Off This Desk Phone Stand

61Aoloinjql. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Keep your phone where you can see it with this great desk phone stand that comes with a triple-clamp holder for security, and 360 degree rotation so you can angle it to your liking. It's the best way to keep a constant eye on your notifications!

18. Save on this Retro Phone Case

61Pbkuavgll. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Take a blast to the past with this UnnFiko 3D Silicone Retro Phone Case that's compatible with the iPhone XR. Bring together the best of both the past and the present with this adorable case!

19. Save 22% Off on These Beloved Baking Mats

81Szx3Zl40L. Ac Sx679via Amazon

We've got good news - these highly-rated Amazon Basics Silicone, Non-Stick, Food Safe Baking Mats are back in stock and they're on sale! Coming in a pack of 4, these mats are every bakers dream. No more dealing with parchment paper or unwanted messes when you've got these on hand!

20. Care For Your Eyes

61Ezwvd4Wdl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Fashion meets function thanks to these CHEERS DEVICES Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Living in a world where we're constantly look at a screen, these glasses act like protectors for your eyes - shielding you from that annoying blue glow. Grab one today to put less stress on your eyes!

21. Movies on the Go for 20% Off

61Njko4Q4Gl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Why watch on a small screen when you can this PURSHE Mini Bluetooth Projector to enhance your entire movie-watching experience? It has 1080P HD resolution and is supported by multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows!

22. 15% Off Reusable Straws

71Nfgj+Ouql. Ac Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Helping our environment should always be a top priority, so make sure you do your part by getting one of these Kynup Resuable Straws! It comes in a 4 pack and each straw comes with its own adorable case. They're collapsible, making it easy to bring along with you anywhere - just throw one in your purse or pocket!


23. Stay Clean With This Handheld Vacuum

51Cpdrs+B8L. Ac Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Keep your personal space clean with this handy dandy mini Handheld Cordless Vacuum. Perfect for cleaning your keyboard, sofa, or car, its compact size makes it easy to carry with you anywhere. Did we mention you can even recharge it by connecting it to your computer? It sure makes keeping a full battery simple!

24. Get 40% Off This Fun Arts Project

81Mwtd0Nxzl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Unleash your inner artist and stylist with this fun Tie Dye Party Kit for Kids & Adults! It's a massive set that comes with 36 large tye dye bottles, coming in 12 non-toxic different colours and dye powders. It's the perfect summer activity where everyone will walk away with a great keepsake!

25. Save on This Selfie Light

810Lp9Wywnl. Ac Sx522via Amazon

Tired of being stuck with bad lighting during all your photo shoots? Well, with this clip-on selfie ring light, you can ensure that you'll have good lighting all the time, no matter the time or place. 

26. These Eye Masks Are 52% Off

71P9Mcztesl. Sx425via Amazon

Say goodbye to puffy eyes, eyebags, and dark circles with these amazing Under Eye Masks from Grace & Stella. Vegan and cruelty-free, these eye masks are just what you need to relax after a long hard day. 

27. Get Salon Nails for Cheap

71W4Z8D5Osl. Sx425via Amazon

Save money by doing your nails at home instead of going to an expensive salon. With this Modelones Gel Nail Polish Manicure Kit, you can get salon-looking nails right at home, and done by yourself! This amazing set comes with everything you could possibly need to kickstart your journey into becoming a pro.

28. Save 18% on this Retro Clock

813Ddbpixql. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Who needs everything to have a digital screen anyway? Get your hands on this unique WoneNice Retro Digital Flip Down Clock so you always have your eye on the time. 

29. Save Big on These Popular AirPod Cases

51Bej-Bw3Il. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Save your money and your AirPods with these high quality Elago AirPod Cases that are compatible with the gen 1 and 2s. They're made with smooth silicone that seamlessly wraps around the entire case and comes in a multitude of pretty colours you can choose from.

30. Waffles For Breakfast Every Day

61Qxwdavxnl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Making breakfast has never been simpler thanks to the DASH Mini Waffle Maker. But don't be fooled, it's not just for waffles because you can cook hashbrowns too! Coming in various colours and designs, it's the perfect gift for anyone who loves a neat cooking gadget.

31. Save on This Beautiful Custom Gift

71Uzdqrdy+L. Ac Sy500via Amazon

If you're looking for the perfect personal gift, you can never go wrong with a custom name gold necklace. This one from Yofair is absolutely stunning, and it won't break the bank!

32. Save 44% Off This Recipe Book

81Ebjwur71L. Sy385via Amazon

Learn to cook the most delicious, indulgent dishes with this highly-rated recipe book. With 60 recipes to choose from, you'll be spending a long time just trying to pick which dish you want to make!

33. This Cute Fridge Holds Lots of Surprises

71Ntxwz57Gl. Ac Sx569via Amazon

This adorable little pink mini fridge is a master of disguise - inside you'll be shocked to find 20 working stationary pieces! It's actually a cute desktop organizer that works well as a decorative piece too!

34. Save 34% on These Hair Dyes

817Vt9L4X4L. Sx425via Amazon

Looking to switch things up a little? With this set of temporary hair dye, you can experiment all you want without the fear of it being permanent. Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or simply just for the fun of it, go wild and try out a different hair colour!

35. Tidy Up With This Desk Organizer

71Sxxmlocsl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Keep your desk completely mess-free with this desk organizer that doubles as a wireless charger for your iPhone! It's truly the best of both worlds!

36. Save 20% On This Miniature Food Set

812Fr+Trlpl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

If you agree that there's just something so adorable about things that come in a tiny size, you'll love this 150 piece minature food set that's the perfect accessory to any dollhouse or play kitchen. From cakes to fries to soda cans, it's got everything you could every ask for!

37. Save 15% on this Clear Shelf Set

71Usjrfsrdl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Create the ultimate aesthetic thanks to these Fixwal Acrylic Shelves. Their clear design goes well with any design or style you're going for!

38. Save 29% to Get Cleaner Air

61Nznzpd5Nl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Are you having trouble breathing at home due to dust, allergies, or something along those lines? Help out your lungs by getting this HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier that filters out unwanted particles, leaving you with cleaner, breathable air. This strong device can cover up to 700 square feet too!

29. Get 42% Off Your New Favourite Sheets

81Unefed2Gl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Upgrade your sleeping space by getting these LuxClub King Sheet Sets that are machine-washable, wrinkle-free, and made from the softest microfiber and rayon. It'll feel so silky smooth, you'll never want to leave your bed again!

40. Clip and Save $3 on Cozy Toes

911Ltq2Dowl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

No one likes slipping and sliding everywhere on their socks, but let's be honest, most grippy socks just aren't cute. But thanks to these Gripjoy Socks, you can now experience thin and comfortable socks that are also perfectly grippy. They really managed to create the best socks!

41. 35% Off + 10% Coupon For the Premium Waxing Kit

81Dqh8Jfvpl. Sx425via Amazon

Who needs to go to an expensive salon when you get a professional wax done right at home? With the amazing KoluaWax kit, you'll have everything you need to wax like a pro.

42. Save 15% on a Comfy Graphic Tee

6157Id-Rvvl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Feel stylish and comfy thanks to this ORANDESIGN Women's Oversized Graphic Print Shirt. It's simple design will look good on anyone and will pair nicely with anything!

43. Save 24% on These Miracle Stickers

61Bvxh9Y1Yl.  Ac Sx300 Sy300 Ql70 Ml2via Amazon

You no longer have to worry when an unwanted, stubborn pimple shows up suddenly thanks to these Rael Pimple Patches. These miracle workers are made with all the right skincare goodies needed to quickly help recover your skin.

44. 37% Off for The Famous ChomChom Roller

71St8Kbjogl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Pesky pet hair is no longer a problem thanks to this famous TikTok Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover and Resuable Lint Roller. It makes cleaning up after your pets an absolute breeze!

45. 20% Off This Bar Book Light

71J7Hljkx-L. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Calling all book lovers - grab one of these amazing book lights for cheap while they're on sale! With 3 different colour settings and 5 levels of brightness, you can customize this little portable light to best fit your reading preferences.

46. 45% Off on This Hovering Light-Up Soccer Ball

81Mfx+Izjil. Ac Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Even soccer balls are making technological advances nowadays! Your kids will surely love you if you gift them this super cool hovering soccer ball that lights up in a variety of different colours. It gives the sport a whole new level of excitement!

47. 25% Off This Goose-Neck Clip Lamp

717H8Y6Js7L. Ac Sx425via Amazon

If you don't have enough space for a nightstand next to your bed, compromise with this Gooseneck Clip Lamp that can easily fit to any bed frame! It's an easy solution for anyone who has little space in their room.

48. 50% Off + $12 Coupon for This Knife Set 61Krv4Iirnl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Cut your vegetables in style with this Marco Almond Kitchen Knife Set that comes with 12 pieces and a fun, rainbow colour! Each knife even comes with its own blade guard. You'll love the colours just as much as you love the quality!

49. 52% Off These Storage Hangers

91Ja3Wfepbl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

We're all always looking for ways to maximize our storage space, and with this Zober 5-Tier Hanger, you can achieve just that. Perfect for saving space, your closet will look the tidiest it's ever been once you use these.

50. 10% Off This Legend Cookware Set

61I4+9Vibvl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

This Legend 10 piece Nonstick Cookware Set will have you feeling like a professional chef in your very own kitchen. The quality of these pots and pans are top notch, and you'll instantly notice a difference cooking with them.