These 40 Reddit Memes Are The Funniest Things on the Internet

These 40 Reddit Memes Are The Funniest Things on the Internet

Having a rough day? If so, we've got the perfect thing to cheer you up - a collection of absolutely hilarious and creative Reddit memes that will instantly turn that frown upside down! We've scoured through Reddit to compile this amazing thread of memes, each one downright hilarious in its own right. So what are you waiting for? Get on scrolling so you can get rid of that bad mood!

1. A Swing and A Miss


We're just out here trying to find our special someone. On to the next pub!

2. Just Do Your Job


Hey, I'm just asking you to do your job! It's much better than me trying to steal back my food right?

3. Looking For Advice...


So, how desperate for advice are you? If you're okay with a total stranger, go ahead...

4. Canadians Are Built Different


Uhm, we're pretty sure that if an egg yolk freeze likes that, it's pretty darn cold outside.


5. Give It Your 100%


The perfect way to split up your work effort throughout the week. The boss can't complain if we're giving our 100% every week!

6. How Did I Do It The First Time?!


The frustration that hits when you just can't seem to replicate something you've already done once. Just how did I do it the first time?! How was it so perfect?!

7. Expectation vs. Reality


It looks so nice in the movies, but in reality, there's about 38472897 bugs that swarm on you the moment you lie down. No can do.

8. Single and Ready to Mingle


Well, it's one way to tell everyone you're back on the market again.

9. It's Been So Long...


It's time to start over from the very beginning...I'm about to sacrifice 4 days of sleep for this but it'll definitely be worth it.

10. The Robots Are Coming


We're pretty sure that shouldn't be one of your settings...maybe it's time to throw that microwave away? Just to be safe.


11. Why Are You There?


Put some respect on Nicholas Cage's name! But also, that's a look-a-like if we've ever seen one! Whatcha doing there Nick Cage?

12. Leaf Water


To each their own we suppose! If they like tea that much so be it!

13. Unexpected Kindness


Surprise! We've thrown in a wholesome meme for you. Isn't this teacher just the sweetest?

14. Much Regret



15. An Honest Mistake

1699047087341.pngAw man, let's see how far this delivery driver is willing to go...

16. An Earth Sandwich


We love it when people come together for dumb but wholesome stuff like this. We need more positivity like this in the world!


17. Fake Laughter


"Maybe if I laugh a little harder I can get some bonus points on my next test!"

18. The Hidden Technique


Hey, worker smarter not harder; it doesn't hurt to cut corners every now and then.

19. No More Questions Please


Please! No more questions! I just wanted to tell my story!

20. It's That Time of Year Again

1699050204997.pngMaking the best Christmas song ever really paid off in the end. Like reaaaaally paid off.

21. Inflation Sucks


22. It's That Time of Year Again...


It's time for that month long ritual of having to listen to Mariah Carey's Christmas music for the entirety of your 8 hour shift. Be strong guys, be strong.


23. The Unending Cycle


RIP to all the warm-bodied individuals out there. It's just an endless cycle of sweat and showering.

24. Husband Day Care


If you're desperately craving some me time, consider dropping your husband off at one of these husband day care centres! Perfect for getting that free time for yourself that you've always dreamed of. *Not sponsored*

25. Different Levels of Confidence


Anyone else relate? Conversing in real life, face to face, is just so much harder...

26. The Real Cheat Code


So much for "skip the ads" if you pay for premium. We're feeling slightly scammed...

27. How I Listen to Music


Sometimes, nothing hits harder than having a random song suddenly play through your head, entirely by memory. 

28. That Seems Fine, Right?


Surely this will go away soon right? Surely...

29. Grandparents Are The Best


We've got another wholesome meme stored in here for you to enjoy. Aren't grandparents just the sweetest? That blank but caring look on their face is just the cutest.

30. Hi, I'm Milk


Any spanish speakers out there? This one's for you guys!

31. Do I Have Poor Taste?


Having to convince your friends it's a good movie DESPITE the bad ratings. "Come on guys, I promise I really enjoyed it!"

32. Only in Memory


The realization that the moment is now lost forever and exists only in your memory. Goodbye random girl...who knows what we could've been.

33. It is November, Right?


Where's the Christmas music? Where's Mariah Carey? Michael Buble?! What's going on with the world...something's clearly not right.

34. An Important Discovery


It all makes sense now. Mr. Krabs never really left us all these years.

35. Diaz Forever And Only


"Guys hear me out, I've got a great idea for her name. It's...Diaz. No ones EVER used that one before!"

36. Guys I'm Not Prepared


I totally didn't layer on foundation, do my brows, put on lipstick or eyeliner yet guys. This isn't how I normally look, okay?

37. The Classiest Gift


A quick and simple way to feel like a refined, classy gentleman. Always an appreciated gift.

38. There Is No Light


When you only get 2 hours of sunlight in a day and the rest is just complete darkness. We hope spring comes around quickly!

39. Trying to Follow Along


Learning a new game is waaaay too hard. Let's just play something we already know! That way we don't have to pay attention to any instructions.

40. Slightly Crunchy, Slightly Smooth Peanut Butter


Anyone else agree? We need something that's smack dab in the middle! Come on, give us the best of both worlds.