Strange Paternity Stories That Nearly Tore Families Apart

Strange Paternity Stories That Nearly Tore Families Apart


As Tolstoy once said, "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." And if you've ever seen an episode of "The Maury Show" before, you'd know that's the truth! These real life stories all involve suspicions about a child's paternity, and whether the man in question turned out to be the father or not, a lot of drama happened in the meantime.

Everyone Had Their Suspicions


He winked at me several times and asked for my phone number. Then, another man came in. He had a prominent forehead, short arms, and a tiny nose…JUST. LIKE. THE. BABY!!!

Everyone had their suspicions about the situation, but nobody actually found out for sure until about a year later when the woman finally admitted it. Story credit: Reddit / Aloha_Fox

He Fled Town


My co-worker’s wife had a complicated delivery, but for some reason, they gave the baby a genetic test. I think they were looking for some inherited gene that can only come from both parents. The doctors ended up telling him there was no way it was his baby. That was bad enough, but it gets worse—it turns out that none of his four kids were his.

His newborn, his six-year-old, his 10-year-old, and his 16-year-old all belonged to someone else. His 16-year-old tried to end his own mom and the 10-year-old ran away after the false father cleaned out their savings. The real fathers turned out to be various coworkers of the husband who fled town. Story credit: Reddit / Guilelessone

My Last Deployment


When I was in the Navy, I had an on-again-off-again relationship with a girl back home. On my last deployment, my girlfriend told me via email that she was knocked up. I accepted it, emailed my parents, told the army, and went through all that jazz.

I ended up getting discharged, so I went back home and took care of my pregnant girlfriend. She had the baby and I thought I was the father for five months. After that, she went on vacation with a “girlfriend.”

While she was gone, I got an email that changed everything—it was from her boyfriend, who told me that they had been together for the last four months and also for the week in Myrtle Beach when I was bankrolling. After that, I got a paternity test and found out the child wasn’t mine. I told her I was done and wanted no contact.

The horrible part is that my parents still babysit and treat the kid like their grandkids, so she’s at a lot of family functions and such. Also, the guy she was with wasn’t even the father. Story credit: Reddit / initialCRX

For All Intents and Purposes


My boyfriend’s daughter is not his. He broke his hand on a door when he found out, but he never once denied her as his child. He is on her birth certificate, she has his last name, the whole nine yards. She is his baby girl and he is her daddy. 

That’s the end of the story…or so he thought. His ex-wife likes to hold it above his head. “If you don’t do XYZ, I’m getting a DNA test on the baby and you’ll never see her again.” It burns me up! Story credit: Reddit / Ummmmmyeahno


I Knew Before He Did


I knew that my father wasn’t actually my biological father before he did. My mom thought I should know first, and she had planned to tell him shortly after me. But, due to a work trip that he went on, I knew for about a week before he did. My mom told me the upsetting truth— she had a one-night stand with a dude while she was dating my dad.

He thought the baby was his, so she went with it. The problem was that she didn’t tell me he didn’t know, so I asked him how he was holding up while we were on a phone call. It was pretty hard to explain it to him myself…I mean, I couldn’t just give him a cliffhanger like that for such a huge announcement.

My mom and dad mutually decided to divorce since she basically cheated on him. It’s not really different between him and me. I still love him like my real dad. Story credit: Reddit / Mrwillykb



I had an on-and-off fling with a girl when we were 18 and 19. She got pregnant and had a son while I was away studying. When I came back into town, people congratulated me when they met me on the road. They kept telling me how much he looks like me. I told her I would be there for them if I were the father, but I had to have some blood taken for DNA testing.

The results were rather surprising—it turns out the father was another guy who looks very much like me. Story credit: Reddit

Part of the Family


I’m only 17, while my dad is 81. My dad’s been with his wife for 60 years, and he even has a grandson who’s almost twice my age. But, apparently, he fooled around with my mom while she was in college during a business trip of his, and I didn’t even find out until recently. 

But here’s the juicy part—he’s the owner of a huge real estate company and when he found out about me, he decided to cut me in on the will!

What’s even crazier is that when he came to visit me for the first time, we found an abandoned baby that he ended up adopting. Apparently, he and his wife are still together and raising that kid like their own, even in their old age. Story credit: Reddit / KrispyBaconator

He Picked Up Where He Left Off


A paternity mess happened to a really good friend of mine. He was a teenager at the time and he was getting ready to go to university for the first time. He broke up with his ex who came to him a few weeks later and told him she was pregnant and that it was his. He immediately accepted it and dropped out of university before he even started it.

He got a full-time job, took care of her all throughout her pregnancy, and got everything they needed for when the baby arrived. He was even in the delivery room when the baby was born. All of these things, he would soon live to regret. Upon the birth, his ex waivered and asked for a paternity test. All this time, the kid wasn’t even his.

He stuck around for about a month before he realized that it wasn’t his burden to bear and he re-enrolled in university. He just picked up where he left off and basically got on with life. Story credit: Reddit / Sillybanana2012

Who's to Say?


I used to know a guy who had a brother and a sister. Their father was white and he had dark hair and dark eyes, and he leaned towards a tan complexion. Their mother was Filipino. Both brothers had dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, and they were also very obviously Filipino.

Their younger sister was light-skinned white with light blonde hair and blue eyes. I always thought it was slightly odd, but figured it had something to do with the dad’s Caucasian heritage.

So one day, the mother and I were having a chat and she just casually started talking about how she was having an affair. Her marriage had been rocky for quite some time, so I wasn’t super surprised.

She likely had had an affair before, as her husband had told me a story about how she got an STD and accused him of cheating, except he swore he did not cheat and that he tested clean.

The husband said he never told his wife he did not have the STD because he didn’t want to fight about how he was pretty sure that she had cheated on him.

Basically in their 30-year marriage, she had several questionable events, and all of this made me question the daughter’s heritage even more. So, I decided to casually drop it into conversation one day. That’s when everything unraveled.

“Genes are weird. I mean look at your sons who are dark-skinned and dark-haired, and then look at your daughter.” She got a panic in her eyes and said, I kid you not, “Well maybe my husband cheated on me. I don’t know.” Her defense really was that maybe her husband slept with a whiter woman and caused the baby that came out of her Filipino body to be more white.

I never said anything about this to the rest of the family, and now I have no contact with them due to a falling out with the son. It felt wrong to say anything when the husband adored his daughter. Why stir that up?

Surely, I wasn’t the only one who had considered she might possibly not be his. Who’s to say that he never had a paternity test? So, I just let that box stay closed. Story credit: Reddit / AlwaysDisposable

No Way to Lie Through That One


My sister is a pediatric nurse. She had helped deliver a beautiful baby boy. The problem was that he had Mongolian spots, a trait that a Caucasian person simply does not have. Both of the parents are white. The dad was so excited that when the baby arrived, he didn’t notice that something was off. He continued to act as all brand new dads do.

He was crying, snapping a ton of photos, calling, and video chatting with family. The whole time, the mom was just keeping quiet, only answering the medical staff. She knew what was up. They waited until his first break when he went to get breakfast to approach the mom.

They somehow convinced her to tell him when he got back, by lightly suggesting he would find out anyway due to the spots and such. Of course, my sister had her break during the climax of this story. When she came back to her unit, he was in the hall with his head in his hands, sobbing. He left a short time later without the mother or the child.

It was just a sad situation all around. Cheaters are the worst. I am convinced that without the spots, she would have had no problems lying to this man for the rest of his life. Story credit: Reddit / Fckmarrykillme


She Ruined His Life Anyway


This is the paternity story of my friend who was 23 when his girlfriend was 18. He knew for her all of six months. Long story short, they broke up because he found out she was cheating on him.

A little later, she showed up on his doorstep with her parents and she was apparently pregnant, claiming he was the dad. They argued and her parents were just as trashy as her, so they took my friend to court.

I testified that she was cheating and that there was no way to know who the kid’s real father was until the baby was born. The girl wanted half of his things because they were living together for three months of the relationship, and for him to pay child support when the kid was born. Flash forward to the delivery day…at this point, my friend is fuming.

In all the time that’s passed, this girl had truly messed up his life. She would show up in public places screaming that it was his kid. She keyed his car and broke his house’s windows. 

But that’s not even the worst part—this girl even went so far as to post on Facebook that he forced her to have and keep the child. So, there I was with him in the delivery room. Because my friend is a “white Asian” and the guy I caught her cheating with was a “white Australian,” we just knew the facial features would not match.

He also wanted me to be there as a witness for when he asked for a blood test after. The baby didn’t have facial features to match either possible father. In fact, the baby had much darker skin than the mother and the two possible fathers. I don’t think we ever laughed so hard in our lives. My friend went so far as to snap a selfie when he told the girl’s parents off.

He basically told them to have fun raising that kid. They did the blood test anyway, and the baby was not his. He sued the family for defamation and the ex for harassment. He also got a restraining order. To this day, he’s still petrified of people like her. Story credit: Reddit / Bossmantho

My Two Dads


My best friend growing up didn’t know who her father was. Evidently, her mom had been dating two guys at the time she got pregnant and they both wanted to be the father. So, they decided to just go with it. One was called “Dad” and the other was called “Papa.” Our entire childhood, she looked so much like “Dad” who was taller, lankier, and had straight hair.

Everyone assumed that she was his child, but they never wanted to get a DNA test because Papa still wanted to be involved. Well, flash forward a few years and she hits puberty early, at around twelve years old. She stops growing, gets a bigger chest, and her hair turns curly. Within two years, it was abundantly clear who the real father was—she had inherited Papa’s genetics.

We’re now in our twenties and she’s 5’1”, curvy as heck, and has a mop of curly hair. She’s a spitting image of her older half-brother, Papa’s son. As far as I know, all three of her parents are still good friends and there are no hard feelings. I guess it all worked out pretty well in the end. Story credit: Reddit / Ggabitron

Battling Infertility


This story is about a couple that had been battling infertility for a long time. The husband’s whole family was excited and they were waiting just outside the ward for their precious little one’s arrival.

The labor became an emergency C-section, and my friend said even the experienced doctor, who she was studying under at the time, was emotional going into the procedure as they realized how long-awaited this moment had been for the parents.

But when the doctor pulled out the baby, the mood in the room drastically shifted. This white couple now had an obviously darker-skinned baby…My friend said wheeling the baby into the room filled with the dad’s family was one of the most awkward moments of her life.

The story then came out that the dad had gone away for a work trip one weekend nine months prior and the mom had taken advantage of this and “celebrated” the arrival of a ship full of American soldiers that arrived in town. Story credit: Reddit / -cute-strawberry-

Over the Top Reaction


My son was in the NICU because he was premature, so I spent a lot of hours in the waiting room for the visiting hour to come so that I could see him. There are usually a lot of parents there, but there was this one day that I went too early, so it was just me and another mom.

She seemed very nervous and kept looking at the door or looking outside the window. Part of me got worried that she was being stalked or that it was a case of bad blood with the husband and she left him.

But I was so, so wrong. It turns out the husband is a captain or works at a ship and he was away for about a year. The baby was born during the eighth month that he was away. He didn’t tell her he was back because he wanted to surprise her, but he was the one who got the surprise.

The baby was his brother’s and he was the one who broke the news to the husband. The screaming was over the top and they were escorted out by security. Story credit: Reddit / Thatweirdone129

The Wrong Paternity Test


I’m a lawyer. I had a client whose soon-to-be ex-husband’s father, that is, the grandfather of the child in question, did not think their last child was his son’s. So, the grandpa did an at-home DNA test and found out that no, he and the grandchild did not share any DNA. I realize that grandparent DNA testing is less reliable, but I guess he just needed a starting point.

So, he shared that info with his son, and the son did a DNA test with the kid now. That’s when they discovered a shocking truth—THEY DO share the same DNA. I’ll let you guys figure out what happened. Story credit: Reddit / Zomanda

No One Would've Guessed


While I was serving in the army, one guy informed us his wife had gotten pregnant while he was home on rest and recuperation. Of course, we made fun of him a lot, saying “Jodi has a new baby,” and asking him if he knew the father.

But, it was all just joking around. At the end of the rotation, we got back and walked into the gym where our families were waiting. We watched the dog and pony show and then we were released.

We were all laughing and having a good time, but we looked over and this guy, who’s white and whose wife is white, holding the darkest baby I’ve ever seen…and the baby looked to be three months older than it should be. The jokes stopped. Nobody said anything about it. About a year later, the couple was standing outside the Chaplain’s office and I asked, “What’s up?”

The news they told me made my jaw drop—they informed me that he had found out that the baby wasn’t his and they needed counseling. I could have gotten an Academy Award for my acting! “Oh really??? your baby looks just like you! Nobody would have guessed!” Story credit: Reddit / Juggernaut78


He Had to Be Escorted Out


I’m an OBGYN. When I was a resident, we induced a woman who stated she was 41 weeks along, one week past her due date. Her labor went surprisingly quickly, and when I delivered her baby, I knew immediately that something was wrong. 

The baby was extremely tiny and was clearly not a full-term infant. We called the NICU team right away and after the delivery, went digging deeper into her chart.

This woman had had her prenatal care elsewhere and had claimed that her due date was always the one we had listed. It’s standard practice to confirm dating with an early ultrasound if possible, and she had had an ultrasound, but her prenatal provider must not have looked at it closely.

When we finally found the original ultrasound report, it listed her as having a due date 10 weeks later than we thought…so we had just induced her at 31 weeks, six weeks premature. We went in to confront her, and her partner was just sitting there, processing this information. 

He looked like he had just seen a ghost, his face was so white. It turns out, he was “away,” which is Philly-speak for “in lock-up” when the baby must have been conceived. He threw a bottle of soda across the room and had to be escorted out while we explained how the woman had put the baby in danger by getting us to deliver it early.

I think the baby did well, but it definitely had to spend several weeks in the NICU. We always confirmed dating ultrasounds or did a growth scan if there wasn’t one in the chart for future patients. Story credit: Reddit / Spelled_latte

They Had Gone Through a Lot


I once knew a girl who lost a baby to SIDS. In the aftermath, she cheated on her boyfriend, the baby’s father, with her ex. She and her boyfriend had obviously been going through a lot. They may have even been on a break. 

Shortly after, she was in for another big surprise—she found out she was pregnant again. She chose to tell her boyfriend what happened and he decided to stay and raise the baby as his either way.

No matter what, it was the ex-boyfriend’s baby, and he wasn’t going to ask questions at birth. We lost touch, so I can’t say for sure that he stood by his word forever, but I know he did for a while. Story credit: Reddit / Kelseycobain

The Dates Don't Add Up


I’m a sonographer and I usually do antenatal scans. When I informed a happy couple of due dates and weeks, the father’s face turned white. “But that’s not possible,” said the father. “But, I was away for those weeks. IT ISN’T MINE.”

It left a bad atmosphere and the partner just walked out. You develop a sense for the ones where paternity is in doubt even before you start the scans. Story credit: Reddit / Tufty1970

We Don't Need a Crib


I’m not a doctor, but I used to work at Babies R Us. I was doing rain check calls and I called up a customer to tell them their crib came in. A woman answered the phone and I said, “Hi, this is Benji from Babies R Us, is Dave there?” There was a pause and then she said, “No, but I’m his wife.” I said, “Oh, okay, I’m just calling to let you know the crib that you guys ordered is in.”

There was another pause. I could hear her breathing intensifying. She said, calmly but through gritted teeth, “Well, there’s a problem…” I wondered what it could be, and then she dropped a bombshell. “…because I’m not pregnant!!!” I sat back in my chair and just said, “Oh…” She then said that she’d call me back.

A few minutes later, the phone rang and it was her husband. He was clearly in a panic, out of breath, and stuttering. He said, “Uhhh, can, can, I cancel the… rain check from a few weeks ago?” I said, “Okay, I guess the person you spoke to never deleted it.”

He then hung up on me. The wife called back and asked when the rain check was placed. I gave her the date, and then she hung up. My co-worker and I sat there and looked at each other. I’ve always wondered what happened after that. Story credit: Reddit / Benjimyboy

The Secret's Out


This story comes from my sister who works at a hospital. The girl who was pregnant was problematic, to say the least. She was in her late teens and she ran away from the doctors to get high on god knows what during the early stages of her untimely delivery. Unsurprisingly, the kid had a plethora of problems and was immediately transferred to a neonatal unit.

Now for context, we live in an extremely white area, so babies of color are a rarity. Well, as it turns out, the baby was mixed. But, as you may know, newborn mixed babies often have ashy gray skin that darkens during the first hours. It can look quite ambiguous if you’re not used to it.

The “dad,” who was apparently not particularly alert (and probably high too), was obviously white. My sister and the others were just awkwardly doing their thing and waiting for him to realize what was going on.

After all, people don’t really “break” the baby’s race to the parents as they’re already supposed to know, right? So, they just said nothing and exchanged stares as they tended to the mom and the baby. Then, my sister’s colleague walked into the room—and things immediately went south.

The kid was her first patient of the day, and she wasn’t aware of a lot regarding the case. The first thing she saw was the baby. She got all excited and said, “Oh, look at that cute little black baby!” Then, she looked up and noticed the pale parents as the “father’s” expression went from absolutely dumbfounded to enrage. A shouting match ensued and the guy stormed out.

Though luckily (considering how messed up the whole family was), he didn’t mess anything up or had to get escorted out. He just wasn’t seen again during the baby’s stay at the unit. The little guy survived but had severe physical and mental sequels thanks to his mom’s self-neglect during her pregnancy. Story credit: Reddit / E_Chihuahuensis

She Wasn't Even Pregnant


I work in an emergency room. A lady came in with low abdominal pain. Her last menstrual period was reportedly three weeks prior. I ordered lab testing, including a pregnancy test, to try to find the cause. Thirty minutes later, the pregnancy test turned up positive. I went in to ask her if she was sure about her last period because her pregnancy test was positive.

Her husband was in the room, and his reaction was bone-chilling. He stood up, kicked a hole in the wall, and started yelling and swearing. He even tried to walk out of the room. She began bawling, then she jumped off the bed and blocked the doorway, screaming, “No…Please forgive me. I’m so sorry.”

It turns out he had a vasectomy. But the craziest part? The lab called 10 minutes later and asked for a repeat urine sample because they mixed up the reports on several samples. She wasn’t even pregnant. Story credit: Reddit / PickleboatParsons


Happy Ending


A friend’s cousin had a paternity problem. Both she and her husband are white, but when she gave birth to their baby, the baby was black. Of course, her husband accused her of cheating on him, but she swore she didn’t and she asked for a DNA test. Surprisingly, the DNA test revealed a mind-boggling twist—he was, in fact, the father of the baby.

So, what the heck happened with that biology? As it turns out, the husband’s mother had cheated on her husband with a black man and was “lucky” enough that her baby had come out white and looked exactly like her.

So, it was good for the husband, but not too much. His mother actually got lucky twice, because her husband passed a few years prior and probably never knew about this. We all love a happy ending. Story credit: Reddit

Two First Visits


I know a midwife who once told a story about how she had to do two first visits on the same day. She visited the first family and everything was pretty normal. Afterward, she went home and ate lunch, then went to visit the second family.

The father opened the door and had a pleasing look on his face. Her jaw dropped to the floor—she realized that it was the same father as in the family before. Story credit: Reddit / ItzNAPoleonPvP

He Stepped Up


I used to have a really casual relationship with a really great girl, but we were never seriously into each other. Long story short, she became pregnant and she was pretty sure it was mine. I agreed to help raise the child if it was. At delivery, everything was cool… until the nurses and doctor went silent. The baby looked nothing like me.

The mom and I started hysterically laughing at each other because we had forgotten about a little escapade we had with another friend. It all worked out—he stepped up, and we are all doing great, the last I heard. Story credit: Reddit / 2monkeysandafootball

A Dumb Mistake


When I was born, the doctors, nurses, and my dad thought my mom cheated because I was, and am, a white child whilst both of my parents are black.

When I was born, the doctors and nurses caused a lot of drama by hinting that my mom cheated because she had a white baby when both she and her husband were black…eventually, they realized they had made a terrible mistake—I was albino. Story credit: Reddit / TheNeighborGuy

It Was Worth It


When my sister gave birth to her daughter, it was under very Jerry Springer circumstances. We all waited to see what the baby looked like so that we would know which man to notify. Three years later, when I was in labor with my son, the doctor came in and asked if I was ready to start pushing. 

I gave my husband a grin and let out an outrageous remark: “Yes! I can’t wait to see if he’s mine!" The look on the doctors’ and nurses’ faces was worth two days of labor. My husband knew why I said it and just busted out laughing. Story credit: Reddit / Adz2pipdog

Spitting Image


After my little brother was born, I pretty much constantly overheard the same argument between my parents. My dad would say, “That baby’s not even mine, he looks nothing like me, you definitely cheated!”

My mom would say, “He looks like the spitting image of our daughter. You are so stupid!” My dad didn’t want to believe that my baby brother was his because he had red hair.

Here’s the kicker, though—my mom was blonde and my dad had dark brown and black hair. He never kicked up a fuss when I was born with red hair. It was my dad who was cheating at the time, not my mom, and he was just projecting or something. Story credit: Reddit / Tazzmarazzy

The New Man in Her Life


My wife is a nurse and I hear about everything that happens in the maternity ward. A woman was delivering her ex-husband’s baby with her new boyfriend beside her.

After the baby came out and had his foot stamped with the ink pad, the boyfriend made an outrageous gesture—he pointed to the black foot and said, “Awww…He’s got my feet!” Story credit: Reddit / Phoneatworkguy

Emotional Support


My mom was pregnant before she met my dad, but only for a month before. She had decided to give the child to a couple who were close family friends who couldn’t have kids. She was afraid to tell my dad, but he handled it pretty well since she wasn’t asking him to be a father. She just wanted him to be emotional support.

He already knew that he found the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. However, back in those days in my country, it was still looked down upon to have a child out of wedlock, so my dad made a brave decision to protect my mom—he told everyone the baby was his and that they were planning on getting married.

He saved face for my mom and stopped rude people from sharing their unwanted opinions about the situation.

Now, my parents are both white, but the biological father was of Pacific Islander descent. My mom didn’t see that as relevant to tell the midwife or anyone else, except my dad. It all went well until the birth. My mom gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, while dad waited outside the whole time. Straight after birth, my mom was exhausted and went straight to sleep.

However, the nurses saw that the baby was clearly not white, and they went to tell my dad that the baby had been born but he might be in for a little bit of a shock.

Apparently, they looked so sorry for my dad, thinking this poor sucker had been cheated on and lied to. When they told him that ‘his’ little girl was probably not his, he burst out laughing and just said, “I know.”

The poor nurses got such a shock. They couldn’t make sense of the situation, so they just walked away while my dad sat there giggling to himself. He’s a strange guy, my dad, but a great one.

After telling me that story, he said he always knew my mom was his soul mate, and going through that helped him realize that my mom was the one for him. When my mom told me that story, she said exactly the same thing. 33 years later, and they’re still going strong. Story credit: Reddit / Mistressmadd

Born With a Rare Condition


I was there when the truth came out about my friend not being the real grandfather to his granddaughter, on her wedding day. He got a vasectomy after they had three kids, and shortly after his wife became pregnant. He knew it wasn’t his, but he made a decision to raise the son as his own.

He ended up passing away. No one found out until the bride discovered a key piece of information about herself—she was born with a rare hereditary disease.

After asking many many questions, it was confirmed that the disease came from her biological grandfather. Someone got really intoxicated at the rehearsal dinner and decided it was a good idea to tell her father, the illegitimate son, the truth. It wasn’t. Story credit: Reddit / Dinosaur

A Risky Procedure


My sister used to volunteer as a nurse in third-world countries. She built orphanages and helped with treatments. In one particular hospital, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she was stationed in the gynecologist department. On her first day, a woman came into the department while in labor with a condition called placenta praevia.

Essentially, her placenta was in front of the exit for the baby, which was the cause for the mother losing a lot of blood and being on the brink of passing. Because my sister was white and she was wearing a white coat, the doctors there thought she was more equipped to do the Cesarean surgery, even though she was just a nurse in training.

Nevertheless, they shoved the instruments in her hands and made her do it. My sister continued to do it because the doctors were afraid to do it themselves.

Apparently, at that hospital, if you come in and need a C-section, they cut out the baby but the mom never survives. Anyway, she did the surgery from what she had learned from the individual study. She began the risky procedure and they all held their breaths.

Together with the doctors, they managed to save both the baby boy and the mother. After a harrowing surgery with blood everywhere, the baby had to go into an improvised incubator. Before they could do that, the dad went crazy on my sister. Why you may ask? Well, because all babies come out a little whiter than their own skin color, the dad was shaken to his core.

People restrained him, the baby was safely incubated, and my sister continued to calm the father and explain how it worked. Needless to say, she was very scared when a huge muscular man went crazy and tried to hit her with a bedpan. Luckily, everything turned out alright in the end. Story credit: Reddit / Doctor_Philly

He's MIA


My previous neighbor was a nurse and she delivered a baby where a buddy of mine was involved. He came in with his girlfriend who was in labor. My buddy was clearly not keen on having a kid, but the mother didn’t want to get rid of it and she was madly in love with him to a point that it was an obsession.

So, his girlfriend decided to keep the baby in order to keep him around. The girlfriend was extremely paranoid and delusional; so much so that she made my buddy’s life messy for 18 months. He was at the point where I genuinely thought he might just run away or slip into depression due to this woman.

She insisted it was his and she expected him to marry her. What she told one of our mutual friends was shocking: “If he won’t love me, I’ll just take him for all his money for the next 18 years.”

My neighbor said he looked absolutely horrible while the baby was being delivered in the room. The baby came out, and my buddy and the girl who are both of English/Irish heritage saw a Pacific Islander baby. As it turns out, the girlfriend was sleeping with one of the local rugby players on the low and he knocked her up.

My neighbor said she has never seen someone who looked so emotionally and mentally broken do such a 180 flip in less than a minute. My neighbor looked back at him as he walked out of the room laughing maniacally with joy. He said, “That baby is not mine, thank God! I’m free!” She said he was spotted dancing down the hallway to the exit.

My buddy is doing okay now. He’s got a nice, smoking hot girlfriend who he has been with for three years. They are looking at buying a house together and getting married soon. His ex is now living with her parents in a small granny shack with the kid.

The Pacific Islander baby daddy went MIA and the last I heard, he is suspected to be hiding out on some island in his native Fiji. I can’t blame the guy for leaving and I personally hope he is never found. Story credit: Reddit / Matt84z

I Am Pretty Sure She Cheated


I’m currently a medical student. I had a mother who had an A- blood type, and the father had an A- blood type as well. But somehow, the baby ended up having an A+ blood type.

The mother was asking if it was possible for this to happen, and the doctor’s response was rather surprising—he kind of implied that it was possible, but they suggested retesting the husband’s blood group and following up with their general practitioner.

The doctor told me after that they didn’t want to get involved. They thought they would leave it up to the GP to deal with, and they just hoped the husband was actually positive.

Apparently, it got awkward the next day since they had to stay for a couple of days due to complications. The husband kept asking about blood grouping and it was just strongly suggested that he get retested.

I never found out what happened after, but from my impression of the mother and some of the things she said, I am pretty sure she cheated. Story credit: Reddit / AussieAssassino

I Was Feeling Adventurous


A few years ago, I responded to an odd advertisement. I was feeling adventurous. It was a request for a man to fulfill a cuckold fantasy.

Basically, they wanted a man who looked similar to the boyfriend of the couple to do some bedroom stuff with. She’d call me by his name, but I’d be more aggressive than her boyfriend. I was supposed to make a whole act about it.

Anyway, the deed was done and nine months later, I got a call from the girlfriend and she dropped some mind-blowing news—she was pregnant and expecting within the week, and they were worried I might be the father. I did wrap it up, but she wasn’t on the pill, so the paranoia was understandable. Also, the timing matched up.

The baby came out and either of us could have been the father as it looked vaguely like both of us. It was a boy. Naturally, it was really tense and awkward as heck. It took a week for the DNA test to get back. The delay was agonizing.

Thankfully, it came back that I was in the clear, and there was actually a bit of a celebration. When I got the word, I cheered, they hugged, and  I gave them a handshake. Then I went home and chugged a whole bottle. Story credit: Reddit / RedderBarron

That's Not My Baby!


We had a very sweet, blond-haired, blue-eyed mom and dad along with their entire extended family in the room for a delivery one busy afternoon at work.

All of their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were there to see the baby. When the baby was born, the doctor placed her on the mom’s chest. The first words out of her mouth were startling: “That’s not my baby! That’s not my baby!!”

The baby in question, still attached to the umbilical cord, had beautiful, dark, curly black hair, and dark skin. The nurse looked at her and told her that it was definitely her baby because, “She’s still attached to you,” and she, not so quietly, replied to the nurse, “There’s no way, I never slept with a black man! It’s not mine!”

The “father” was just standing there silent, not sure what to do. A long and awkward silence filled the room. We cleaned her and the baby up as cheerfully as we could.

We saw the extended family filter out of the room and the “father” stormed outside. About ten minutes later, a tall black guy walked up to our front desk asking how to get to the patient’s room. Story credit: Reddit / Chasesurf

Baby Daddy


I’m a nurse and I had two different women give birth a few days apart on my maternity floor. They were in for the shock of their lives—as it turns out, they actually had the same baby daddy. The father of the two newborns got both patients pregnant around the same time. It was an interesting day for the social worker! Story credit: Reddit / LaBestiadeGavaudan

A Free Spirit


Two of my cousins and one of our friends had a really sticky paternity situation. The girl was upfront with all of them when she found out she was pregnant. She wasn’t dating any of them; she was just being a “free spirit.” So, there they were, three dudes sitting in a waiting room waiting to find out whose life would change forever. 

Then the baby came out—and it was a spitting image of one of my cousins. To this day, I’m amazed at how well it all worked out. There was no drama. The kid has two loving parents even though they’ve never formally been together. Story credit: Reddit / OG-DirtNasty

On Again, Off Again


This is a story from my dad’s friend. In high school, my dad’s friend Carl was always into this girl Cindy, but she was always dating this other guy Jimmy.

At one point, Jimmy broke up with Cindy, and she went off the rails sleeping with everyone. Carl saw it as his chance to be the good guy and he started dating her. I’m not exactly sure of the nature of their relationship over the long run.

They either had a “Ross and Rachel” thing where they kept on breaking up and getting back together, or she was always cheating on him. Jimmy was hinting at them getting back together, though they never did. He’d just sleep with her behind Carl’s back. But, Carl never listened to my dad or his friends because of blind love. She was perfect in his eyes.

So, when high school ended, Carl went off to join the army. They weren’t officially dating, but every time he was able to come back, he’d end up with her for a night or two. My dad and his friends knew that she was sleeping around the whole time, but Carl didn’t care. Eventually, while he was still serving in the army, she convinced him that they were dating again.

He proposed to her and she accepted. She then started to look around for a house for them that he paid for with his army money. He comes back for good and they get married.

About a year later, they had a beautiful baby girl together. That baby girl is his everything. This guy grew up a migrant worker and now he had his high school sweetheart, a home, a decent job, and his own baby princess. 

Little did he know his perfect life was about to be crushed. Five years later, his wife got pregnant again. This time, she had a baby boy. Now, Carl had to start working more to be able to care for the new baby while Cindy continued to be a stay-at-home mom.

When the son turned two and the girl turned seven, he came home to divorce papers and all his clothes packed up. It turns out that the wife had orchestrated everything—, particularly the house she made him buy—because it made her next-door neighbor to Jimmy.

The entire time, she was still sleeping with him. The little girl and baby boy who Carl thought was his, weren’t. They were Jimmy’s kids, and Cindy knew it. Jimmy’s partner had left him, so he finally wanted to be a family man.

Cindy jumped at the chance, kicking out Carl and divorcing him. He went into a depression and ended up losing his job because of it. I’m not sure what happened after that, but I hope Carl found a nice loving girl in the end. Story credit: Reddit / AnimalLover38

I Can Explain!


I’m a paramedic and our crew delivered a full birth in the back of our rig. We had two paramedics in the back with the patient, plus the driver in the front and myself, working on the laptop and typing the info they are telling me to add to the report. All of a sudden, everything went quiet. I heard the mother let out a very loud, “Oh no. This isn’t what I wanted.”

There were a few more seconds of silence and I was extremely confused. The driver alarm, which is a beeping light on the center console sent from a button in the back, was pressed two times quickly, which meant they wanted me to turn around and get info for the report. I turned from the front passenger seat to see a very dark skin baby.

I couldn’t see the mother’s face, but she was shaking her head. She began to worry, saying, “My husband is meeting us there at the hospital! He can’t see this!!!” I just continued the report. At this point, I was still not sure what the problem was, but I figured I’d find out when we get there. Flash forward to the ER—we stopped outside the ambulance bay.

I got out to open the doors and I was met by another very white, heavy-set guy in a uniform shirt, dress pants, and glasses. He asked me if his wife was there and told me she was in labor when he was coming home. Hospital policy dictates that we can’t have unidentified persons close to the rig when opening doors for patient safety.

Security got to us really quickly and held him back for a bit. We opened the doors and rolled the patient and her newborn out. He took one look at the baby and his jaw dropped. He immediately donned a look of despair, and then he just looked off into the distance. Even security had a look like, “Wow, that woman messed up, and this guy knows it now.”

The wife yelled out, “BABE, I can explain every bit of this!!! I know it looks weird, but I can!!!!” We wheeled her into the ER. There was absolutely no sign of the husband. Last I knew, the husband didn’t check into the hospital as a visitor. I’m assuming he went home to pack his stuff. Story credit: Reddit / GoldenGayBoi

His Final Days


A friend of mine, who has unfortunately passed, found out he had cancer while he was dating this girl. They had been together for about two years before he discovered he had cancer, and they told him would live one more year, at best. His girlfriend announced to him a week later that she was pregnant. He kept on saying that life is a joke.

He was happy because he would have a baby, but then he was very sad because he knew he would die in a year and wouldn’t have much time with his child.

Anyway, nine months later, the baby was born and everybody was in disbelief—it was extremely obvious that it wasn’t his. He then disappeared for weeks and we learned that he had passed not even a month later. I felt very sorry for him, knowing that’s how he lived his last month. Story credit: Reddit

Cutting Ties


This is a story from a friend of my brothers. She worked as a nurse. One day, a woman and her husband came in. They were both white, and she delivered a child that was black. The husband immediately started saying, “How could you?” while she was going on and on about dormant traits and everything.

He then ordered a DNA test. While this is going on, her mother and stepdad showed up. But here’s the kicker–the stepdad is black. The husband stayed, albeit reluctantly, until things were conclusive.

Once the testing showed it wasn’t his baby, they tested the stepdad. I mean, they must’ve suspected something. The DNA test ended up showing that the baby did belong to the stepdad. Her husband instantly dropped her and cut ties. Story credit: Reddit / DanTheMormonian

Everyone Went Quiet


This story is about the birth of the couple’s third child. When the baby was born, it was quite obvious that it didn’t look anything like either the mother or the father. Everyone went very quiet. 

The nurse that was telling me the story said she took a moment of silence as she realized what had happened…then she tried to act normally but waited for the outburst. She said the tension was unreal. The guy started for a minute at a child that was very obviously not his.

The mom was already in tears and talking very fast. The guy stood up, looked around for a minute, then left the room. He never even said a word. He wasn’t seen again at the hospital.

The mom spent the rest of the day on her phone. The nurse doesn’t think she ever found him. Allegedly, the father cut all ties immediately, and would only speak about the care of his two biological kids only through his lawyer. I take my hat off to the guy. Story credit: Reddit / Mahhrat

School Scandal


In high school, my gym teacher was married to the biology teacher, who was also really good friends with my math teacher. They were always chatting and walking from class to class together.

Well, one day, the biology teacher revealed a surprising update—she got pregnant and when she brought the baby in, there was an unignorable resemblance to the math teacher. Her husband ended up leaving the school permanently. It was a big scandal at our relatively small private school. One of a few, actually. Story credit: Reddit / Golden_death

Family Genes


Someone in my extended family had a baby that turned out looking nothing like either of the parents. The father of the baby filed for divorce, even though the mother kept saying the baby was his.

A few years later, they found out an important detail that changed everything—the mother’s great grandmother was African, which is why the baby’s features seemed so different.

The baby obtained strong genes from her. They didn’t get back together, because too much had gone down at that point, but the mother was right all along. Story credit: Reddit

Zero Interest in Fatherhood


I have a white friend who is a Superman of a dad. When his third child was born, she was obviously of mixed race. His white wife had an affair with a black man. The wife also had substance issues before this pregnancy, and she was no longer dependable or stable as a mother, so my friend immediately divorced her…but he also took it a step further. 

He got custody of the kids. He took ALL of them. He’s been raising his two biological kids and the third child who isn’t technically his for the past decade.

She’s his princess and he loves her exactly like the other two. So, you have to understand that my friend went through the entire pregnancy preparing for this baby that he thought was his. So, he bought the baby gear, painted a nursery, and went to the doctor’s appointments.

He was heavily invested in this baby before she was ever born. He already loved her and he felt she was his, so it wasn’t a big leap for him to take her on as his own. He has not remarried. He’s done this all on his own. He’s also dated here and there, but nothing serious has come of it yet. He’s too busy with three kids, his full-time career, and his small business.

Also, the biological dad of the third child waived his rights immediately when he found out about her birth. He was the mom’s dealer and their fling was a one-time thing that resulted in pregnancy. He had zero interest in fatherhood. Story credit: Reddit / Trixie1229

Surprise Nephew


My brother had a surprise baby. He and a coworker had a one-night stand while she was broken up with her ex, but she later ended up getting back together with her ex. Flash forward to the delivery day—my brother sent me a picture of a random baby out of the blue and said, “I think I am a dad.” My family was completely shocked.

But here’s the juicy part—she is white, her boyfriend is black, and my brother is white. The baby came out looking very, very, white. I don’t know how it went down in the hospital room…but I know they separated very soon after.

My brother went to visit her in the hospital and asked her if she would let him take a paternity test. She agreed and it came back positive a week later. And that’s how I got my surprise nephew. Story credit: Reddit / TOMORROWS-FORECAST

I Don't Know What Happened After


I’m an anesthesiologist. C-sections are typically done under spinal anesthesia, and we’re the ones at the head of the table keeping the mother calm and talking her through the procedure while the surgeons operate.

I’ve seen it more than once, but I remember one time in particular when the parents were both very caucasian, and the baby was very much not. The actual father obviously had to be very dark-skinned.

At delivery, when the not-father saw the baby, he just looked down at his wife, who was starting to cry, and he spoke the three words everyone was thinking: “You’re a cheater.” He then walked out. She started screaming for him to come back, but there wasn’t much she could do since she was, you know, still being operated on.

She lost it to the point I eventually had to sedate her just a bit because she was in danger of injuring herself. As far as I know, her husband never came back to the hospital. I don’t know what happened after that. Story credit: Reddit / 321zzz

She Never Mentioned It


I once had a patient who came into the ER for a UTI. She had been with her boyfriend for four months and she was acting extremely dramatic for just having UTI. We told her we needed to test her urine.

She urged us to catheter her, which was really unusual, but she told us she couldn’t pee. So, the other nurse and I agreed and we put in a catheter with her lying on the gurney.

That’s when the nurse let out a bloodcurdling scream. “Call L&D! She’s crowning!” An L&D nurse came just in time to grab the child as it shot out into her hands. It was a living, breathing baby. The girl swore she had no idea she was pregnant. They wheeled her off to a postpartum recovery room, and her boyfriend was just kind of left standing there, dumbstruck.

“We have only been dating for four months. I had no idea she was pregnant. She never mentioned it at all.” He just ended up burying his head in his knees while he was sitting on the floor against the hallway wall. I felt so bad for the guy. Story credit: Reddit / TorrenceMightingale

No Other Way to Explain That


Once while I was working in the maternity ward, the doctor gave this newborn baby a shocking diagnosis—she had chlamydia. She got it from the mom, obviously. So, the mom had no choice but to admit she was cheating on the dad because there’s no other way to explain that one.

Except…the dad was cheating too, with the other guy’s girlfriend, and all four of them had chlamydia. None of them had any idea who had it first. They also had no idea who the actual dad was. That was a rodeo. Story credit: Reddit

Unfortunate Events


One of my closest friends from high school had quite an eventful first year in college. We were all thrown off guard when he got his girlfriend pregnant. Instead of panicking, he stepped up to the plate. My friend immediately dropped out of college when he got his girlfriend pregnant. He took responsibility, found a full-time job, and spent the next several months taking care of his girlfriend and preparing for their baby's arrival.

Fast forward to the day of the delivery. My friend, nervous and excited, was right there in the delivery room when the baby was born. However, the joyous moment was suddenly disrupted by an unexpected tension. The doctor's face turned pale, a look of sheer confusion and concern written all over it.

The friend, confused and terrified, asked the doctor, "What's wrong?"

The doctor hesitated, then replied in a low, serious tone, "I can't give the baby to you."

My friend was taken aback. "What!? Why?" he questioned, the panic evident in his voice.

The doctor, avoiding eye contact, murmured, "I need to tell you something. And it's about your wife."

As it turned out, his girlfriend had been secretly married to another man before she met my friend. The man was overseas on military duty and she had lied to my friend about her situation. The doctor had recognized her and knew the whole situation. It was a tough revelation, and one that completely upended my friend's world.

It was a messy, heartbreaking situation. But in the end, my friend learned a valuable lesson about trust and truthfulness. It was a hard pill to swallow, but he picked up the pieces, returned to college, and started rebuilding his life.

Shattered Expectations


The two most monumental days of my life happened consecutively. The first, when my wife and I welcomed our baby into the world, an event filled with joy and profound love. The second, an appointment with our doctor that I naively assumed was routine. Two days after our first child was born, the doctor called me and my wife to talk about our baby's DNA result. The anticipation of hearing about our child's genetic makeup had me on edge. Nothing could have prepared me for the doctor's following words, 'I WAS NOT THE FATHER.'

Fury consumed me in an instant. A red mist descended over my eyes, and the serene doctor's office became the stage for my anger and humiliation. My hands curled into fists, my voice escalated, and I got so enraged by the news that I threw a tantrum at the office. Accusations spilled out of my mouth, 'YOU FKING CHEATED ON ME?!' My wife, visibly shocked and hurt, protested, 'I did not!' My heart pounded in my chest as I continued my tirade, 'LIAR!!! I'm not stupid!' The anger, the betrayal, the disappointment—it all felt too real.

Suddenly, the doctor chimed in, his voice cutting through my accusations and my wife's sobbing. 'Calm down! Your wife's telling the truth.' I froze, my heart pounding in my ears. 'What are you saying?' I demanded. The doctor looked me in the eyes and delivered the shocking revelation: the DNA test had been a faulty one. They had mixed up the samples and the error was on their part. I stood there, dumbfounded. Turns out, the blame was all on me. I had let my anger and suspicions taint the most important moment in our lives. The damage was done. My wife's tears were no longer just about my accusations but the painful realization of how easily I'd doubted our love.