Stop Hoarding, Declutter Your Home With These 20 Tips

Stop Hoarding, Declutter Your Home With These 20 Tips

Spring cleaning is something we often partake in, but what about the rest of the year? It surprises no one when countertops get cluttered or bathroom cabinets get filled with unused makeup—but what may surprise you is just how easy and beneficial year-round decluttering is!

1. Break Down Rooms

First and foremost, you need to start with a goal. Write down which rooms you’d like to tackle first and where you’d like to start within them. Do the bedroom closets need a refresh? Is the pantry worse for wear? Get organized first!

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2. Get Into Your Groove

No one likes to clean in silence. Get a playlist of songs that get you moving and dress in some comfortable clothing because you’ll be busy for a while. You’d be surprised how much better cleaning becomes with a personal soundtrack.

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3. Start Small

After so long staring at the clutter, we want it to be over and done with. But you need to be patient and accept that baby steps are the way to go. Start in small areas first to avoid being overwhelmed. 

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4. Go Through Clothing

Like it or not, we all have too many clothes! Now’s the perfect time to dig through the closet and decide what you want to hang on to and which items can get donated. Better yet, those ratty sneakers can probably go, too.

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5. Decide What to Keep

Wherever you declutter, the biggest hurdle is always deciding what to keep. Make the tough but necessary decisions as you work through your space and remember that decluttering doesn’t have to mean tossing everything—decluttering is also about efficiently organizing what you do keep!

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6. Make Use of Storage

Invest in storage containers or shelves to better organize items in the home. There’s plenty of versatility in storage as well, so you can make the most of each room in however way is best for your space.

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7. Clear Out Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets, kitchen shelves, dresser drawers…so much space, so little time. The cabinets are suspect number one for clutter. Go through them and make sure they aren’t just there to house junk from nine years ago.

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8. One In, One Out

A philosophy some abide by is that with every new item brought into the house, one old item should be removed. It’s not for everyone, but it is something you can implement for certain purchases.

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9. Donation Piles

Don’t forget to donate! If some items are still in good shape you can always donate them to a local shelter or bin. It’ll feel good knowing that they got a second life as well. 

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10. Get Rid of Items

Once you’ve gathered all the things to throw away, make sure you actually do it! A common trap people fall into is finishing the first step of decluttering and then leaving everything until it just finds its way back. 

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11. Use a Rotation System

A great way to keep clutter in check is through a rotation system. Swap out winter clothing in the closet when it’s the summertime, and vice versa. The same goes for any decor or sports equipment.

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12. Be Realistic

It can be tempting to go on a tear and throw out everything your hands touch. However, it’s better to be realistic about what you can reasonably handle. Don’t push yourself too hard because if you burn out, that list you made will go unfinished. 

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13. Recruit Others

Who said you had to clean alone? Getting another pair of eyes on a living space helps gain perspective on what can go. Additionally, you can (and should!) ask a partner or children to help you so they, too, learn the value of decluttering. 

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14. Clear the Countertops

Counters and tabletops are often the first surface to be cluttered. A good starting point in almost any room is to remove the landfill and get back to the marble underneath. It’s also easier to tackle these areas, too, because they’re usually cluttered with items that can be discarded, like receipts or empty containers.

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15. Get Into a Routine 

Decluttering shouldn’t be a once-a-year activity. The proper way to declutter is to practice mindful placement every day. Don’t put off throwing something away and try to avoid buying items you don’t need.

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16. Sort the Mail

You’re either someone who recycles junk mail immediately or you let it clutter your space—there’s no in-between! If you’re the latter, scale that paper mountain and chuck those expired coupons. 

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17. Declutter Devices

Decluttering isn’t only for your living space, it can apply to devices as well. Odds are your phone or laptop could use some TLC by deleting apps or moving all those photos to a USB stick. 

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18. Practice Minimalism

Once the house is all clean, you can finally relish your new minimalist lifestyle. While you don’t have to toss everything out, you can use this as an opportunity to practice fewer purchases or saves from the curb. 

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19. Sift Through Your Books

We know there’s at least one book you’ve never opened (don’t worry, it’s us, too). Go through your bookshelves and be honest about which ones you’d like to keep and which ones could go to a better home.

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20. Embrace Imperfections

Even if your house doesn’t look picture-perfect, that’s okay! You’re not meant to impress anyone and at the end of the day, decluttering deserves a pat on the back—even if your living room doesn’t grace a magazine cover.

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