40 Slang Words Parents Should Learn to Impress Their Kids

40 Slang Words Parents Should Learn to Impress Their Kids

Do your kids ever say something that flies completely over your head? Lit, slay, yeet? Are those even actual words?! If you're struggling to keep up with your child's ever-growing vocabulary, we've created the perfect guide for you. Let's learn 40 popular slang words so you can keep up to date with all the growing trends.

1. Lit

"Lit" is a term used to describe something that is extremely good, exciting, or lively. It often refers to a party or event that is especially enjoyable or energetic.

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2. Salty

When someone is feeling "salty," they are being bitter or upset, usually over something minor. It's often used to describe someone who is showing unnecessary frustration or jealousy.

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3. Ghosting

"Ghosting" means suddenly cutting off all communication with someone without any explanation. It's commonly used in the context of dating or friendships, describing someone who disappears without a trace.

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4. Flex

To "flex" is to show off or brag, especially about one's wealth, possessions, or accomplishments. It's used when someone is trying to impress others or highlight their status.

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5. Woke

Being "woke" refers to being aware of social justice issues and injustices. It's used to describe someone who is enlightened or educated about topics like racism, gender equality, and more.

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6. Lowkey

"Lowkey" is used to describe something that is done quietly or without much emphasis. It can refer to wanting to keep something understated or preferring a more relaxed approach.

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7. Highkey

The opposite of "lowkey," "highkey" is when something is intense, obvious, or done with a lot of enthusiasm. It's used to express a strong feeling or opinion.

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8. Slay

To "slay" is to do something exceptionally well, especially in a way that is impressive or fashionable. It's often used to compliment someone's appearance or performance.

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"FOMO" stands for "Fear Of Missing Out." It describes the anxiety of not being included in something, such as an event or an experience, that others are enjoying.

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10. Yeet

"Yeet" is an exclamation of excitement, approval, or surprise. It can also be used to describe the act of throwing something with a lot of force.

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11. Thirsty

Being "thirsty" refers to showing desperation or too much eagerness, especially in a romantic or social context. It often implies trying too hard to get attention or validation.

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12. Savage

"Savage" describes someone or something that is brutally honest or harsh. It's often used to refer to a comeback or an action that is bold and unapologetic.

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13. Gucci

"Gucci" means good, fine, or okay. Derived from the luxury brand, it's used to say that everything is in order or to describe something that is of high quality.

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14. Clout

"Clout" refers to influence or power, especially in social media or popular culture. Someone with a lot of clout has a significant impact or a large following.

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15. Shook

If someone is "shook," they are shocked or incredibly surprised. It's often used to express a reaction to something unexpected or astonishing.

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16. Vibe Check

A "vibe check" is a spontaneous assessment of the emotional or social atmosphere of a situation or person. It's often used to ensure that the environment or individual's mood aligns with what's expected or desired.

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17. Extra

When someone is being "extra," they are displaying excessively dramatic or over-the-top behavior. It's often used to describe actions that are considered unnecessarily showy or flamboyant.

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18. Sus

Short for "suspicious," "sus" is used to describe something or someone that seems untrustworthy or deceptive. It's a quick way to express doubt or skepticism about a situation.

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19. Snatched

"Snatched" is a compliment meaning that someone looks exceptionally stylish or has an impeccable appearance. It's often used in reference to an outfit or makeup look that is considered particularly fashionable or impressive.

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20. Stan

Derived from the Eminem song of the same name, to "stan" someone is to be an extremely passionate or devoted fan. It's used to describe someone who avidly supports a particular person, such as a celebrity or influencer.

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21. No Cap

"No cap" means "no lie" or "for real." It's used to assure someone that you're being completely honest or to emphasize the truthfulness of your statement.

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22. Bet

"Bet" is a response indicating agreement or acknowledgment. It's similar to saying "okay" or "sure," and is used to confirm plans or accept a challenge or idea.

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23. Fire

"Fire" is used to describe something that is very good, impressive, or desirable. It can refer to music, clothing, or anything else that is considered top-notch or excellent.

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24. Simp

A "simp" is someone who is overly attentive or submissive towards someone they're attracted to, often in a way that's considered excessive or undignified. It's typically used to criticize someone who is perceived as trying too hard to please another person.

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25. Tea

"Tea" refers to gossip or juicy information. When someone says they have "tea," it means they have exciting news or rumors to share.

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26. Cap

The opposite of "no cap," using "cap" implies lying or exaggerating. It's a way of calling out someone who might not be telling the truth or being authentic.

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27. I'm Dead

"I'm dead" is an exaggerated way of saying that something is extremely funny or absurd. It implies that the person is so amused that they're metaphorically "dead" from laughter.

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28. GOAT

An acronym for "Greatest Of All Time," GOAT is a term of high praise and respect, often used in the context of sports, music, or other competitive fields.

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29. Finna

"Finna" is a contraction of "fixing to" and is essentially equivalent to saying "going to" or "about to." It's used to describe an action that someone plans to do soon.

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30. Receipts

"Receipts" refer to evidence or proof, especially in the context of a disagreement or argument. Bringing "receipts" means providing proof to back up a claim or accusation.

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31. Drip

"Drip" refers to a strong, impressive sense of fashion or style. When someone has "drip," they are dressed particularly well, often with trendy and eye-catching clothes and accessories.

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32. Mood

When someone says "Mood," they mean that something is especially relatable or accurately represents their current feelings or situation. It's like saying, "That's exactly how I feel" or "That's exactly what I'm thinking."

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33. Skrrt

"Skrrt" is an onomatopoeic word mimicking the sound of a car screeching to a halt. It's used to change the subject quickly or to leave a situation abruptly. It can also express excitement or enthusiasm.

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34. Basic

"Basic" is a term used to describe someone or something that is overly mainstream or predictable in their tastes and interests. It often implies a lack of originality or depth, typically in reference to fashion, hobbies, or preferences.

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35. Hit Different

When something "hits different," it means it has a unique, often superior, impact or effect compared to other similar things. It's often used to describe experiences, foods, or songs that stand out due to their exceptional quality or emotional impact.

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36. On Fleek

To be "on fleek" means to be perfectly executed or looking very good, especially referring to one's appearance, hairstyle, or makeup. It signifies something that is precisely and impressively done.

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37. Hypebeast

A "hypebeast" is someone who is always following and wearing the latest fashion trends, especially in streetwear. They're often obsessed with brand names and the newest releases.

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38. Bop

A "bop" is a song that's really good and catchy. It's the kind of tune that makes you want to dance or instantly put it on repeat.

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39. Glow Up

A "glow up" refers to a significant transformation or improvement in someone's appearance, style, or overall demeanor, often from adolescence to adulthood. It's typically used to describe a positive, sometimes dramatic, change where someone becomes more attractive or refined.

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40. Rn

"Rn" stands for "right now." It's commonly used in texting and social media to give a sense of immediacy to what someone is doing or feeling in the present moment.

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