Real Stories About The Most Ungrateful People

Real Stories About The Most Ungrateful People


Spare a thought for the ungrateful people of the world. The people who just can't see the good things that others do for them, or who insist that they need more from everyone in life. These people make our lives miserable, but they make themselves miserable more than anyone. Here are some true stories about people who really need to learn about gratitude.

Driving to Dispair


I have an ex who begged her dad for months to get her a jeep instead of the nice Jetta she drove. He finally broke down and got her the jeep and really tricked it out (fog lights, lifted suspension, new paint job, etc.).

She drove the car around the block once and decided she didn't like it. The look on his face was so saddening. Story credit: Reddit / watchmak3r

Good Guy Surgeon


My father was a surgeon. He never turned a case down, and frequently did pro bono work. I worked in his office when I was a teen, filing insurance. One case was a woman who had a lump on her breast and no insurance. Because the lumpectomy was positive, he operated on her, avoiding a radical mastectomy.

On the day of her follow-up, he had been called to the ER. She began to berate him to the staff for being so inconsiderate.

When he came in the office, she saw him through the reception window, yelled at him for wasting her time, and told him she was going to go find another doctor--all in front of the other people in the waiting room and the nurses and staff.

She also said she was reporting him to the medical board, which she did. They investigate every complaint. Hers was that he was "curt" with her and rude. They spent his time on this investigation about a month later.

She stormed out of the office and never returned. He absorbed every fee associated with the case, and still didn't stop donating his services, which makes me proud to this day. Story credit: Reddit / Unshavenhelga

Old Flowers Need to Be Replaced


An ex-best friend of mine from college got into a fight with her boyfriend, and as an apology he said he would send her flowers. The day the flowers were supposed to arrive there was a huge snow storm so they weren't delivered.

The flowers ended up coming a day late, but she refused to accept them since they were now old flowers, and demanded he send her new ones.

The poor delivery guy just stood there awkwardly while she screamed at her boyfriend over the phone about the "disgusting flowers" and how she NEEDED new ones. My opinion of her changed after that little melt down. Story credit: Reddit / PumpkinQueen

Litigious Attitude


A story my father told me from his work. This guy got so fat that he couldn't fit into his car anymore to get to work, so a co-worker offered to give him a ride to work in his car every day.

The fat guy was leaving work, getting into the guy's car and used the above door handle to get in. Due to his immense weight, he ended up pulling the handle off and ripping part of the roof of the guy's car right off and he fell down into the parking lot.

The fat guy tried suing his work saying it happened on company property so he should get paid for his injuries. They determined that since he had already clocked out that he didn't qualify. So guess what he did.

The fat guy ended up suing the co-worker who was driving him to and from work everyday saying his car was unsafe and he endangered him. Story credit: Reddit / Gatetrekgirl


Fishy Revenge


When I was 16 a co-workers parents showed up on his birthday with a brand new Acura integra for him. He threw a fit and even cried because it didn't have a sunroof. It was a seafood market that we worked at. We hid fish heads under his seats to teach him a lesson. Story credit: Reddit / elineu06

A Mess of Her Own Making


We let a client of ours borrow a luxury car, and my boss asked me to call her the following day and ask her to return it by the weekend. She said she would, after complaining that the tank was only half full.

Weekend rolls around and she doesn't bring the car back. I call several times over the next couple of weeks, and eventually she calls back.

She yells at me over the phone, "I have people coming to trim the trees in my front yard and your car is in their way! Get over here and pick up your car NOW!" I asked her why she hadn't returned the vehicle to us a couple weeks ago like she promised.

She said, "I decided to take a vacation instead," as if it was the most rational reason in the world to keep someone's car for nearly 3 weeks. I asked her to drive the car back to our company, and she refused. "GET OVER HERE AND PICK THIS CAR UP NOW!!!"

I told her the soonest I could make it there was in a couple of hours, but it must have sounded like, "I'm going to end your family and your cat" because she got even more upset. "I'M PAYING THESE TREE TRIMMERS BY THE HOUR AND YOUR CAR IS IN THEIR WAY!!!!!!!"

So a couple of hours later I show up to bring back the car and wouldn't you know it, she drained the battery. She wasn't at home when I got there, but when she called me upon her return she, of course, was not happy.

"WHY IS THIS CAR STILL HERE!?!?!?" I explained the battery was dead, and I had called a tow service. They would be there in 3 hours. She screamed back that 3 hours was unacceptable and demanded I call every local tow company, but to use another phone because she wants to listen to make sure I do.

At that point I told her it seems I'm not able to help, and she can go ahead and contact my boss. Story credit: Reddit / mini-you

Impolite Phone Etiquette


I dated a guy this past summer. His parents were divorced and his mother had a lot of mental issues after having a seizure. And despite her problems his mom would call him trying to give him advice.

Anyways, one day we're hanging out and his mom calls trying to give him banking advice and he just tells her "Mom, shut up" and hangs up the phone. We broke up like a week later. Story credit: Reddit / happymouse

Oblivious to the Bone


I once knew a girl living with her dad that has prostate cancer and living off his retirement money. She is ungrateful to the bone, she doesn't want to work, she always spends money that her father gives her. She's rude, impolite, she takes money from her grandmother too.

Her father probably has a few years to live. She told me that she's going to work for her dad, and he's going to pay her. She's constantly lying (Impulsive liar).

At some point, I was really upset and sad that my (now) ex-boyfriend broke up with me, and all she could talk to me about is her own "problems". She has her finger so deep into her bellybutton, I'm pretty sure she can tickle her own brain. Story credit: Reddit / CakiePamy

Lesson Learned


I'm a little ungrateful at times, but I've grown (I hope) since my worst event when I was 12. I stayed with an aunt one summer to work in her office.

She paid me, took me out to eat every night, bought me everything I even looked at when we went shopping, and even tried to find kids in the neighborhood I could play with when I started whining about being bored.

Makes me sick to look back on how I took advantage of the sweetest person I know. She never had children and looks at me and my siblings as her own. Story credit: Reddit / GoGoGadgetHippo

Misplanned Retirement


I have an acquaintance (he's 50ish) that's threatening to take his parents (in their 80s) to court because they're 5 star larking around the world and he's terrified that there won't be anything significant left to inherit.

He's been living his life based on the assumption that he'll be getting a 7 figure payout when his parents kick. So his retirement depends on getting their money.

Full-on screaming hissy fit describes how he reacted to the news that they were getting a reverse mortgage on the house. Dying (almost) broke = doing it right in my opinion. Story credit: Reddit / bloodguard


Hindsight is Awkward


Regrettably, at 18, me. My parents promised me a brand new car after I'd driven my mom's old SUV (for safety measures - and with good reason... I was a teenaged girl) for two years.

I spent those years taking immaculate care of the car, making good grades, volunteering and working part-time to show my parents I was responsible and worthy of such a nice gift. When it'd been pretty much two years and a day, I started flipping out about wanting my new car right. then.

Since I felt I had a right, not a privilege, to it. We'd looked at 3 series BMWs, Jettas and the new-body '05 Mustang GT. Being a total self-absorbed brat, I didn't realize that the GTs weren't even on the streets yet, and that's what my parents were holding out for.

A few weeks after my hissy fit, my mom, sisters and I met my dad for dinner. As we entered the parking lot, I spotted a beautiful, black '05 premium GT and my mom parked right next to it, saying, "EvilMEMEius, look - isn't that the car you want? It's so pretty!"

I was furious and wouldn't speak to her. My dad met us at the front of the restaurant and said pretty much the same thing my mom had, and suggested we get a closer look at the car. I wouldn't move.

It wasn't until my dad pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the Mustang in a very overstated gesture that I figured out what was happening and broke down in guilty tears. They'd ordered the car weeks ago and my dad assured me that he regretted doing so...

I'm honestly still shocked that they let me keep it when I'd acted like such a brat. I know I'll get downvoted to hell for this story, but honestly it was a big wake up call and taught me to be grateful - guilt is all too influential of my actions, and that day has stuck with me. Story credit: Reddit / EvilMEMEius

A Short Friendship


I had a friend who was handed everything and never worked for anything she got. Every 6 months or so she would get a new cell phone, had multiple cars, and went to a private school.

She complained about the stupidest stuff and cheated on her fiance multiple times. Needless to say we are no longer friends. Story credit: Reddit / hmb09

Not Lovin' It


My ex gf only ate mcdonalds and once went crazy because I refused to go with her to get some. So I gave in and left the party to bring her to get some and she started complaining at me after we left so I threw the bag out of the window.

She left out a whimper and then was silent for the rest of the night. Story credit: Reddit / andrewsmith1986

Ironic Retort


My ex-girlfriend. Despite the fact that we were both poor grad students, I took her out regularly and was overly generous with my money.

She always got the most expensive things on the menu and ordered the most expensive drinks, despite NEVER offering to pay or split the bill, even after we'd been dating for quite awhile. Eventually we had a talk about needing to save some money and she was stunned I would ever stop spoiling her so much.

Eventually I broke up with her for being the egotistical, spoiled, ungrateful person that she is. The funniest thing though, was after we broke up we got into a fight where I raised the point that she never offered to pay for anything despite expecting incredibly nice things all the time, and she said,

"Truly generous people give selflessly and expect nothing in return." Most ironic statement ever, she was not nearly as smart as she thought she was. Story credit: Reddit / TheBredditor

Accidentally On Purpose


Knew a girl in high school, who wrecked her Dad's 6 year old Corvette he was letting her drive on purpose, just so she could get a new car. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Uninsured and On The Road


So my ex has 50% custody of our kid, and no car. I got tired of having to pick up and drop off all the damn time, so when I bought a new car, I gave him my old one.

Three months later, he called me, screaming his head off at me. He'd gotten pulled over, and the cop gave him a ticket because I didn't keep insurance on it after I gave him a car. Story credit: Reddit / naotalba


Dangerous Driver


My friend was in a car accident that shattered his skull and almost killed him. The driver only cared that her Ferrari was destroyed and whined until Mommy and Daddy bought her a new one a couple weeks later. The accident was caused by her driving 80+ in a 30. Story credit: Reddit / B00msticks

Ungrateful Rescue


My roommate freshmen year of college. He was a spoiled, rich kid. But that's besides the point. On a Wednesday night half way through the first semester he got really drunk at a house party, and came back to our room.

I was playing Halo Reach with some buddies in our room when he came in the room and face planted right in front of us. We stopped playing and took him to his bed, laid him on his side and pointed his face towards the garbage.

We sat there for a little bit and he started throwing up blood and dry heaving. He turned a whitish green color. I went to get my RA to call the paramedics. While my roommate was being brought out, the medic said to me "you did the right thing, you may have just saved his life."

After getting his stomach pumped, the kid got mad at me. He broke some of my stuff and made my life horrible. Turned my friends away from me. I saved the kid's life and he was mad because his parents found out. I don't understand. Story credit: Reddit / MarkHirsch91

Plot Twist


My former housemate. Before I met her, she was saving up to go travelling round Australia whilst working full-time and living with her Mom and Dad rent free. All they asked for was a bit of money each month to go towards bills, food etc.

After about 6 months or so she decided it was completely unjust to be giving them any money and called them money grabbers for taking any cut of her wage.

It turned out her Mother had actually been putting the money into a savings account for her to spend whilst travelling. Story credit: Reddit / Jackie-Jormp-Jomp

"A Line on It"


My ex-girlfriend's parents bought for her first car, a 2008 Honda Civic. She threw a hissy fit because the car had "a line on it", she is referring to the raised surface on the doors. She cried, told them she didn't want it, and told them never to buy anything for her again without consulting her every step of the way.

I broke up with her much later than I should have, unfortunately. That should have sent me running for the hills. I told her that my first car was a nasty 1996 Ford Explorer and that I would have probably murdered somebody for that car. She got angry at me saying I was siding with them. Story credit: Reddit / Antony_Aurelius

A Difficult Change


Ok, so I used to be extremely ungrateful. I grew up in a rich household, in high school I basically had 100 dollars to blow shopping every weekend because my allowance was so high.

Just for some perspective, when you're basically given everything you want, the only way to change is to realize yourself that your attitude is wrong. No one can really tell you.

I changed from an ungrateful person into a regular human being when my mom died the same year I went to college. I had to actually think about my family's well being for once, and since then the only thing that I've gotten that I want has been college.

For my birthday my dad paid off my parking ticket, and that's it. I sympathize with ungrateful spoiled kids and young adults because often times the only way our parents show us love is by buying stuff for us, it becomes a value of family and self.

When everything is handed to you without you ever feeling guilty, how can you see that it's wrong? As I said, only you can change when you realize what you're doing yourself. Story credit: Reddit / poop_friction

Karma Will Come For You


At my first job as a host at a chain restaurant I worked with the most spoiled brat I've ever met. She only had the job because her mom forced her to get one, and she bragged about how she made her mom pay for her gas.

She also told her mom her curfew should be later since the job was taking time from her social life. Her dad bought her a really expensive car and paid the insurance on it.

She started dating another host at the restaurant who was just as bad as her. He stole her car and wrecked it, broke both his legs. Karma. Story credit: Reddit / gooddrunky


Big Spender


I have a friend who gave his grandkids shopping malls. Really. Shopping malls.

But he didn't tell them until they were through high school with good grades, and a solid post high school plan. They don't get 'em until they're through with the plan AND 3 years of business school on top of that.

I get the impression they're really well grounded kids who are going to be very wealthy and really enjoy it, as opposed to every other whiny brat who can't enjoy anything because they've never worked for it. Story credit: Reddit / lloopy

Generous Grandparents


My aunt has never had a job. They had a nice house but it was foreclosed when the recession hit. My grandparents gave them a condo they owned, rent free. They lost the lease on the car, so they sold them their 3 y/o mercedes for a BUCK (this was after they tried to trade it for my mom's new lexus).

My grandparents often watch my brother and my aunt has the nerve to say that they favor my brother because, like most grandmothers, she buys him toys. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Coachella Trip


My mom's boss's daughter was going to coachella for her 16th birthday. Her parents rented a car (Land Rover) and she refused to get it because it wasn't a mercedes. So they rented a mercedes and went to Coachella. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]



The most ungrateful person I know? Me at 16. I wish I could say I was one of those kids who grew up having gumption and appreciating what they had, but I was a totally ungrateful, selfish little jerk, if you wanna know the truth about it.

My parents gave me everything I wanted and all I did was whine about how unfairly they treated me. I recently found my old LiveJournal and I couldn't believe how generally ungrateful and petty I was.

There is a particularly terrible entry where I complain about how my parents got my brother a new car for his 16th birthday and I "only" got a family trip to NYC where we stayed in a fancy hotel, went to a broadway show that only I wanted to see, and ate at nice restaurants.

In my LiveJournal I say that they "didn't even bother to get me a gift for my Sweet 16" when that trip probably set them back thousands of dollars. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]



Pains me to say this but one of my granddaughters displayed a level of ungratefulness that hit me hard. I usually pick her up after the school day to drive her home because the school bus ride takes almost an hour to get her home (she is the last one to be dropped off).

I had a doctor's appointment one day and the tests the lab put me through ran much longer than I expected.

So I texted her and explained the situation and asked her to take the bus home that afternoon. She texted back 'Screw you!'. Could not believe the disrespect that she held for me. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Wrong Seats


I brought a (now) ex-girlfriend to Opening Day in 2006 (Rangers/Red Sox). For the entire game, she complained about the seats not being behind home plate. She wasn't even a baseball fan, but felt the need to whine all nine innings. Story credit: Reddit / thewaybaseballgo

Chicken Skin


When I was a teen I had this friend who was a selfish jerk. One night at supper time he screamed and yelled at his parents that he wanted Kentucky Fried Chicken and he did so till his dad went to get some.

When his father came back he sat at the table and grabbed each piece of chicken and ripped off the skins and walked away with them. That is all he wanted to eat. I was mortified and stunned.

His parents took it as another day. Oh and he also destroyed his stereo because he wanted a new one and he knew his parents would buy it for him. Story credit: Reddit / Gunboat_Willie

Xbox vs. iPad


My ex-boyfriend's 13 year old sister. Her dad bought an Xbox 360 for the whole family, which she didn't like because she doesn't really play games.

She screamed for hours about how he was really selfish and he was making her worry about money (which is ridiculous - her parents are lawyers and have more than enough).

Then she turned it into a 3-day whinefest about how much she wanted an iPad. At the end of the 3 days, she got the iPad. Story credit: Reddit / pickledinevil

Plenty of Fish in the Sea (For Now)


I used to work with the daughter of a local millionaire. Just about every other word coming from her mouth was some over-entitled complaining about how she was somehow having to settle for things less than her lofty expectations.

She only worked because it was something to do "until she got pregnant", then she left as expected when that happy day finally came.

I remember getting into a pretty heated debate with her about the future of fish in the ocean, particularly how overfishing is likely going to lead to an inevitable decline in available fish to eat.

What made her upset was not that the fish were being wiped out, or that eating fish was the root of the problem, but she was upset because someday she might not be able to eat fish. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

He's Never Even Had a Job


I feed and provide shelter for a friend of mine, and have been doing so for quite some time. He costs about 20+ dollars a week to feed, on top of my own grocery costs. And every day he makes me take him out three times a day, he even sleeps in my bed at night.

And usually, about twice a day he makes me pick up his waste while he watches me do it. And I have never been verbally thanked for assuming the role of his caretaker.

Tl;Dr: My dog is the most ungrateful person I know. Story credit: Reddit / RamblinCam

Smashy Smashy


Someone who used to be a good friend (has since gotten married and has a new set of friends who like to go out and drink all the time…I don't drink often and don't see the joy of wasting money on such.

This is all beside the point) she had just received a new DVD player and didn't have the proper cord to hook up to her TV. So she felt the need to throw the DVD player against the wall. I left a minute after that. One of the many ungrateful moments I witnessed from her. Story credit: Reddit / behindthespine

Only Worn Once


An ex-gf of mine was once talking to me how she only wears clothes once and them never wears them again, but always complained about how her parents are so bad. She never even explained why, or had no real reason, but she was 14 at the time (Me also 14) and definitely didn't pay for her clothes herself. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Speedy Return


My brother got his gf a leather jacket for Christmas. Picked it out himself. It looked great. She made him drive to the store to exchange it first thing the next morning. There was freezing rain, so the roads were terrible. She made him do it anyway despite everyone in the house saying it could wait a day… Story credit: Reddit / Longthicknhard

Saving a Life


When I was 13 or 14 years old, we were at a lake and I was about waist deep in the water with my sister, I think we were playing with a frisbee or something.

Not too far from me (the water there was about 2,5m/8ft deep) there was a kid that was splashing around a bit, and it seemed to me like he was pretending to be drowning. His little brother was standing close to him, and also thinking his brother was pretending, he was laughing with him.

At first I was kind of annoyed with his stupid behavior, but after a couple of seconds I realized it was for real. I had actually had first aid classes, so I knew how to help someone that is drowning. I pulled him to shore, and a safety guard soon came up to us to check on the kid (right on time…).

His little brother had already dashed off to fetch their parents. When the kid finally gets over the shock, he looks at me with complete admiration and thanks me for saving him.

His parents however look at me like I was somehow responsible for all this and don't even talk to me. They treat me like a piece of dog turd, walking around me in a big circle and looking at me disgustedly. Story credit: Reddit / Brightt

Wrong Sandwich


I bought a girl a sandwich one time from Subway; she was a vegetarian. We had to sit down and listen to notes from our director so I passed a sandwich down to her. Well I mixed the two up and accidentally gave her the one with meat. She didn't ask or wait, she just threw it away. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Volvo Rejection


My cousin had a teenage step daughter who was spoiled rotten. Her parents gave her everything she wanted, and she had absolutely zero responsibility and poor grades.

She got a beautiful BMW from her mom and dad (joint gift) for her 16th birthday, and her boyfriend promptly wrecked it (though she covered for him we later found out).

Her dad started looking for a new car for her, and was going to get a lightly used, almost new Volvo. She threw a fit saying that she'd be mortified to drive it anywhere and be seen in it.

After days of stomping around the house, yelling, crying, and being completely awful, her dad got her a Lexus. She loved it and ran away and took off to live with her boyfriend and do illicit substances. Story credit: Reddit / arkaytee

Cancelled Vacation


My grandparents had a tradition of taking each grandchild on a memorable trip when they turned 16. I'm the oldest grandchild and they took me on my first trip to NYC, for example. When my cousin turned 16 he told them he'd rather just have the money. Story credit: Reddit / _nimue

The Relationship Killer


I was dating this guy when I was 19. He was 18 and lived at home with his rich parents. One night, him and I were hanging out in the living room and decided to get a snack.

We went into the kitchen and he realized they were out of soda. His mother came downstairs for something and he threw a hissy fit and demanded that she go buy him some with her credit card.

It was 2 in the morning for christ's sake and she needed to go to work in the morning. She told him to suck it up and told me to have a good night. I dumped him a few days later. Story credit: Reddit / DirtyWhoreMouth

Wrong Color


In high school I saw a girl have a nervous breakdown because her parents got her a silver Land Rover when she wanted a black one… at GRADUATION! Story credit: Reddit / dvdanny

The Graduate


After we graduated college from a small liberal arts school, a friend of mine posted on facebook how she was so mad that all she could get at this point was an assistant position that paid $12+ an hour with a B.A. in Business.

Being unemployed at the time after searching far and wide for jobs for the past 2 months, I was mad and appalled at how ungrateful that sounded. Now she's living in New York City on daddy's dime.

I know this isn't as outlandish as some, but it just makes me mad that people don't realize a B.A. isn't as valuable as it once was and getting any sort of job after graduation is an accomplishment. You have to work hard to get where you want to be, not just expect a handout the minute you graduate. Story credit: Reddit / Texas4evur



Ex best friend, age of 18, threw a fit on Christmas night because her annual teddy bear gift wasn't big enough and she didn't get all of the presents she wanted. Her mom had her sit down and make a list and said they'd go shopping in the morning.

To add insult to injury my mom (her mom's best friend, we were all very close) was dying of cancer and we knew that would be her last Christmas. There's a reason we're no longer friends. Story credit: Reddit / strawcat

Not White Enough


I know a girl who threw a hissy fit over a chest of drawers not being completely white (it had one small wooden coloured detail on it). Small detail why it was ungrateful. She was given the drawers, they were completely new.

Her parents had driven over 1000 kms to give it to her - so that it would go nicely into her new, fully refurbished, decorated and furnitured million kronor apartment in Stockholm, that they had also bought for her because she felt like living in Stockholm for a while.

She made them take it all the way back. And buy her a white one, twice as expensive. Stupid parents, horrible girl. Story credit: Reddit / viramola

"Never Does Anything"


My girlfriend has the clean the entire house everyday before her mom gets home or else she rages. So one day, she accidentally got in contact with bleach while cleaning and had a pretty bad allergic reaction ( chemical burn, swollen throat, high fever, lost voice, the works...).

Girlfriend's mom takes her to the hospital the next day and finally recovers over a few days. Then its time to clean the house again. Naturally girlfriend skips the part where she has to use bleach.

Her mom then proceeds to shout in her face telling her she "never does anything in the house" and only comes home to watch TV (light years away from the truth) and other nasty words. Don't forget she had just recovered from a chemical burn which she (her mom) herself took her to treat.

Girlfriend under severe stress begins to clean and comes in contact with bleach again. Her mom sees the allergic reaction and starts shouting at her asking her why did she not remind her about her allergy. I truly believe her mom simply wants to shout at and berate her to free her vent her anger. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Christmas Meltdown


My stepsister 20 years old at the time, threw a fit on Christmas over presents. My family is well-off and most of the gifts were for the children (toys, clothes, etc.) Bunch of my nephews, nieces, and little cousins came over.

I enjoyed watching them open their presents and I don't mind what I get (I have more than provided) I have 2 older siblings and 2 younger, but my stepsister was the only one freaking out crying to my stepdad for not getting enough presents.

Never have I seen a full-grown adult cry over presents, I was in shock but couldn't help but laugh. She has more than enough (brand new car, ps3, computer, no job, college paid for). I feel so bad for her, one of the most ungrateful persons I know. Story credit: Reddit / jnuts7

Apple or Nothing


Last Father's Day my aunt bought my uncle his own brand new Toshiba laptop with a carrying case that she customized just for him and excitedly told me how eager she was to give it to him.

The night before Father's Day she decided to give it to him and immediately after he sees the brand he looks at her with a mad expression and says, "Apple or nothing." She told him off and the next day returned everything.

She used the money to buy my grandpa a very expensive watch and my uncle got nothing. My family is still upset about the incident. Story credit: Reddit / DeliverUsFromEewoks

Cake Mistake

Most-Ungrateful-People-48.jpg.optimal.jpgFlickr / Rexness

I went to this Halloween party once. Huge elaborate set up, the works. Out comes this car sized cake, it's an exact replica of an Acura. It was awesome, never seen anything like it.

All the party host can do is cry, "An Acura cake, but I wanted a Ferrari cake!!" Only someone as evil as the devil himself would do such a thing. Story credit: Reddit / Quacktastic23

"Not a Real Present"


I know this family through my exes family. They were Adventists and had a bunch of kids many of them are adults. As a Christmas present the dad paid off 1000 dollars of credit card debt from each child.

The husband of one of the daughters got angry at the in laws because it wasn't a real present. Story credit: Reddit / prettyprincess90

Photoshop Won't Work Forever


I knew a kid in high school that had extremely rich parents. Kind of kid that failed all of his classes, would try to start fights and act like he was tough even though he got the stuffing kicked out of him on multiple occasions.

Anyway, he ends up going to some party school. Big surprise! Fails so hard China felt the impact. But his parents said that if he had good enough grades, they would buy him a car. So what does he do?

Photoshops his grades to make them look better. Works for a small amount of time before they receive the actual transcript from his school.

Fs across the board. I don't know what happened after that, but part of me likes to think they made him watch while they destroyed his car with an axe and then threw him out on the street. If it were my kid he certainly would have been cut off for a very long time. Story credit: Reddit / dall4s