Real Life Moments When People Burned Their Last Bridge

Real Life Moments When People Burned Their Last Bridge


There are some people in life that will stick with you no matter what. Who can imagine a scenario where they'll ever cut you off? But even those people have limits. Here are some real life stories of people who burned bridges that really should have been fireproof.

Either Way, They're Down One Child


Friend was in her final year of uni. Had strong grades, and a really great internship lined up with a place she dreamed about working at, that almost certainly would have led to a great job.

Her parents faked her younger brother's death on the day where she had three finals back to back to back. They wanted to test whether she cared more about her family or her career, supposedly.

She raced home in panic and grief, getting plane tickets and flying across the country, trying to get deferred exams on short notice. One of her profs, who helmed two of those classes, required a death certificate. Which she couldn't get, since her brother was alive and well.

She didn't get to graduate because of that, at least not in that semester, and she lost her dream internship. Thankfully, she got a good job after graduating half a year later (not nearly as good as the one she lost out on), and she's largely cut her parents out of her life. Story credit: Reddit / limelifesavers

Spitting on the Olive Branch


When I was in High School, my mom took an early retirement and then mysteriously 'couldn't find work' after I got my first job. I had no social life, I worked to pay our utility bills and sometimes was called on to pay the full rent, on a 3-bedroom house.

I had misgivings, but every time I tried to say no she was like, "Oh but your younger sibling. Think of this poor kid who needs you." Mom even tried to get me to open a checking account, you could only do that as a minor with an adult on your account. I was at least smart enough to refuse that.

When I went to college, which even getting there was a challenge, something happened with their housing. They 'borrowed' a deposit from me. Over $1k. Again, "But you don't want younger sib to end up on the street, do you!?"

I get back home that summer and they've rented a huge house, with extra bedrooms, near a body of water. Still, I felt like I was helping them and my sibling was still a minor. I felt like I was being a "good person" and I "had to" help my family.

Mysteriously, once younger sib was out of the house and Mom couldn't use that on me? She found two jobs. One in retail, one with USPS. It was nothing exotic: she just hadn't been trying to find work. It was too much fun to rob me. Now she makes too much money to collect social security.

But she couldn't resist trying to ruin my life, I guess. She never, ever tried to pay any of that back, by the way. We have a strained relationship to say the least. One year, my friend's mom advised me to go home for the holidays and try to patch things up.

I'm suspicious, but I set it up: I'll stay there for Dec 31, leaving Jan 1. I get to the house, I'm like putting my bag down. Mom comes up to me. "You know, you'd pay $100 to stay in a hotel.

You should really be paying us to be here." Like this was my olive branch to her and she spat on it. Story credit: Reddit / Disastrous_Spite_349

The Voice of Reason


My sister set up a GoFundMe to help my mother with bills and the like while she was undergoing chemo for multiple myeloma. Pretty sweet right? They got about $10k when it was up.

So my sister got this direct deposited into her account, then took her daughter to Atlanta. Tried to get her on The Voice. That didn't work out, but my sister partied her butt off the whole time.

Then she came back, and 'realized' that the money she had spent was my mom's GoFundMe. So my mom is distraught, but they come to an agreement where my sister will pay her back this money over time, so long as my mom doesn't press charges. She signed a contract to this effect.

So like 3 months go by, and my sister just stopped paying. My mom gives her 3 more months while practically begging, no money. Mom has sister arrested.

Sister reaches out to the entire family who then call and tell my mom how awful she is for having her daughter arrested, having her daughters call to beg their granny to drop the charges, yada yada yada. So she drops the charges not wanting to be ostracized from her entire family for the rest of her (short) life.

Never saw a penny from my sister after that either. And this is why I will never acknowledge my sister's existence, ever again. Story credit: Reddit / kwarterz

Where's the Beef?


My Aunt and Uncle are rather wealthy farmers. They have spent the last several decades building up new divisions of the business for their kids to run and eventually inherit. One of the big expansions was going from simply raising beef cattle to handling the butchering and selling the meat themselves.

Anyway, for the butcher shop they built a beautiful million dollar shop and sent my cousin's husband to butcher school to get all his licensing to be the operations manager while my cousin would be bookkeeper. They never did a thing to earn it and were essentially handed a golden ticket.

It's a little complicated what happened next, but after a few years my Aunt/Uncle started getting negative feedback about how the place is run. When they spoke to my cousin's husband they offered him more money thinking it was a motivation issue.

They were already overpaid and could afford their own million dollar home. The husband made a snarky retort that he already makes that much. That raised red flags, they ended up looking at the accounts and things seemed fishy.

They went to the business after hours and took the bookkeeping files, the husband found out and drove to their house to essentially scream at them in rage. In the end it turns out they had embezzled over a million dollars by cooking the books.

They got kicked out of the family business (with no legal repercussions and a fat buyout bonus) and generally have little to do with any of the family. My Aunt and Uncle have made attempts at reconciliation because they want to see their grandchildren, but have been thus far rejected.

It's insane because they were handed everything and it still wasn't good enough. They were going to inherit the business and they blew it. Story credit: Reddit / Regnes


The Impostor Friend


My buddy was raised by a single mother, and had a young sister named Bella who had a different father. His sisters father dated his mother for a while, before they eventually split because this guy was a jerk. There was this kid in our school and I guess his dad was friends with Bella’s dad.

This kid started hanging out with my buddy a lot, going over to his place to play video games, drinking with us, etc. About six months later my buddy’s mom was in court because Bella’s dad wanted custody.

They called this kid from school in as a character witness and he essentially told the court that my buddy’s mom was a horrible mother and didn’t take care of the kids. I know her well and she does everything for her kids, as a single mother I have the utmost respect for her.

We found out that this kid from schools dad told him to become friends with my buddy so he could be used as a character witness to help take my buddy’s sister away. I don’t know whether I was more disgusted by the kid or his dad for telling him to do it.

The funny thing is, even with that testimony, Bella’s dad was such a horrible person the courts still gave custody to my buddy’s mom. We all hang out now and it’s crazy to think my buddy’s little sister could’ve been taken because of these lying scumbags. Story credit: Reddit / superretroninja

Suspicious Pregnancy


My former stepmother drained my father’s bank account within minutes of his death and only gave back what she didn’t blow on Amazon packages once we called her out on it.

To add insult to injury, we froze his accounts and there was evidence that she tried to draw out more than she put back immediately afterwards, which means that she had intended to overdraft his account and leave my sister and I with his debt.

We’re currently in the process of selling his house, which she wrecked shortly before we made her vacate the place, and are still trying to pay off his mortgage. She then tried to make a claim to his estate by claiming to have magically become pregnant a week before his death despite the fact that they had been together for over a decade.

My sister managed to get her to send an ultrasound photo she claimed to have and it turned out that she had paid $30 to a website for a stock ultrasound photo that she had edit fake information onto. It’s been about 5 months since we last had contact from her so idk what she’s planning currently. Story credit: Reddit / Cibernetize

Satanic Panic


My six month old nephew (at the time, he's 11 now and healthy and obsessed with Fortnite like any proper 11yo) had a SIDs "episode". He stopped breathing and the only reason he's alive is because my mom obsessively checked on him while she was babysitting.

She and my brother managed to bring him around and then they went to the hospital. My mom was understandably freaked out by this--finding her first grandchild turning blue and all.

So she called her sister for emotional support and her sister told her, verbatim: "well you just need to get Satan out of your life." Up to that point I'd told my mom for YEARS that her family were emotionally and mentally abusive narcissists. THAT is what it took for her to finally believe me and cut them out.

Now, after my mom's death, those same jerks have the nerve to act like they have no idea why Mom stopped talking to them. Story credit: Reddit / dramaandaheadache

Toby Just Lost All His Friends


There was a decomposing dead cat stuck between a fence and a wall next to the gym in my school. If physical education was our first lesson, we had to wait in front of the gym until someone fetched the keys. My friend Jason went to fetch the keys and left his bag.

This class bully Toby used two sticks to pick up the dead cat, opened Jason's bag, and put the cat in. Jason hasn't noticed anything until we were in the locker room. He opened the bag, saw the dead cat, dropped the bag, cat fell apart, soup of rotten cat insides crawling with maggots splashed to the floor.

Class was cancelled. Cleaning company had to disinfect the locker room. Story credit: Reddit / LeaveThatHorseAlone

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Tall


My first real cooking job was at a very high end country club. We're talking $25,000 imitation fee, bottles of wine in the thousands of dollars, waygu beef on the menu high end.

I hadn't cooked in a high end place like that but I knew how to run a grill and cook eggs and did really well on a pre-employment personality test to the chef took a chance and hired me. It was pretty awesome really.

I learned a ton of stuff, got to see things like foi gras and within 6 months I went from not really knowing anything to being essentially the saucier. Then the chef that hired me got promoted and moved to a different club. The new guy was a complete tool. Hate me because I'm tall and he wasn't.

Completely refused to accept that I was a student and literally scheduled me every shift that I wasn't in class. I tried very hard to work things out but he flat out refused to follow through with anything.

So I walked on him. I missed the club environment but god it felt good leaving him to rot. He was fired in less than a year. Story credit: Reddit / ChefRoquefort

Time to Find a New Husband


I have epilepsy (focal to bi lateral/generalized spread). I had multiple break through focal seizures in the span of an hour, which is when I’m supposed to take my emergency meds to prevent a generalized grand mal seizure.

I couldn’t get out of bed, and asked my ex husband to get the meds. He claimed he couldn’t find them and acted annoyed when I asked him to look harder, bc they were only ever kept in the same spot.

Within an hour or so, I had a grand mal seizure, and he left to go to the bar, leaving me seizing home alone with our young kids. My son knows only to call 911 in certain circumstances, so he called ex asking where he went bc he was worried about how long it was taking me to wake up.

Ex told him he’d be right home, but what he actually did was block my son’s number and stay out all night. The next day, I found my emergency meds in his car. Story credit: Reddit / Neuro_Nightmare




When I was a Drill Sergeant I’d see lots of young people with a parent on their bank account- I’d advise them to remove anyone other than a spouse. Because I’d seen parents take their young Soldier’s money many times. Story credit: Reddit / PowerfulPickUp

Scrapped Friendship


I work for a gardening company and we have guys come and go on the regular. One guy we'll call Mike (because that's his name) worked for us for a while and built up a relationship with one of the customers, Wilfred (name changed to protect the innocent).

Anyway Wilfred was around 90 years old and a veteran of WWII, he was also completely blind. He had this old BMW sitting in his cluttered garage, the thing looked like it hadn't moved in a couple of decades.

The car was his pride and joy in his younger days and he would tell anyone who would listen about how he used to drive himself and his wife to the local town to go dancing.

Anyway Mike told Wilfred he would take the car home and fix it up and bring it back when it was all sorted, it was decided if he could get the old girl purring again Wilfred would pay Mike a pretty penny. What Mike actually did was drive it straight to a scrap yard and sell it for scrap value. Story credit: Reddit / MyCalloutsAreGodly

That Relationship is Definitely Dead


I know someone who was doing a semester abroad in China during college. She let her boyfriend at the time fly out from the US for a week+ visit, knowing she was going to dump him the second she saw him. She did it because it would have been “too hard” to dump him over the phone.

The guy did not speak Chinese, and he didn’t have enough money to change his flight so he just kinda bumbled around China for a week being miserable. Story credit: Reddit / stebuu

Ruining the Family Business


My dad ran a small but successful business for over a decade but when my eldest brother started working with him he ruined us to the point that he almost made us homeless.

After he left us high & dry, my dad had spent 3-4 years trying to do damage control but ultimately had to sell the business for less than half its worth.

To this day my eldest brother has never apologized nor has taken any responsibility for his actions. I have zero respect for that scumbag. Story credit: Reddit / Puppet007

Burning Other People's Bridges, Too


My ex girlfriend's two brothers did 3 & 5 years for fraud. Their dad basically handed them an online business selling a range of chairs. They started collecting the money and not sending orders out, rather than just building up the business slowly and taking some of the profits.

The older brother already owned 3 properties and they took somewhere near 100s of thousands of £'s before it all kicked off and they got arrested. I don't know what they were thinking.

Oh and the main brother/director had already crashed businesses and been blacklisted, no chance of loans etc. So he used my ex's (18 at the time) name as director and she got dragged to court too.

Thankfully they took a plea deal accepting fault and got her off, but she lost her head during this and flew to Amsterdam without telling me. So I got left with all the bills at the house, two cats and no girlfriend. Also she sold my car. Good times. Goooooood times. Story credit: Reddit / MyFingerYourBum

Some People Shouldn't Have Pets


There’s a lot to pick from, but one of my ex-coworkers euthanized her two cats because she was getting a new couch and didn’t want them to ruin it.

She told us this at work and didn’t get why she got a bunch of blank stares back. Story credit: Reddit / P0ster_Nutbag


Funeral Blocked


My uncle said that he'd "block me from my grandmother's funeral" because I didn't go and visit them one year for New Year's. I had been going to their place in Pennsylvania for well over a decade for New Year's, and thought I'd take a year off.

Get a phone call from him threatening me randomly, and saying I'm an ungrateful young man (he claims not to remember this now).

My dad had fun screaming back at him, telling him he's disrespectful as well and to get a life (over me not coming that one year). Still remember that vividly to this day, and will never forget it. Story credit: Reddit / ElvenAmerican

E-Mail Dumped


When my Dad died, my Aunt, his sister, contacted my family via e-mail and said we no longer were going to exchange Christmas gifts. I don't miss your yearly $5 in a card anyway, Aunt Sally. Story credit: Reddit / chiwiener

Thanks, Mom


When I was 17, my mother spent a good chunk of money to find a Doctor that said I could wait to have heart surgery so she didn't have to pay for it… Even though we had 3 doctors saying I needed it, she found 1 that said no. So I had to wait 6 months until I turned 18 to have heart surgery…

All so she could save $3,000 since my dad had to pay for 75% of the bill. He paid the whole bill and she paid nothing.. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Foolproof Alibi


My uncle framed my mom for a high speed accident he had on a highway in Spain. He was driving her car and hit a car and ran away. The car had two kids in the back but luckily no one was killed, and luckily my mom was in the U.S. and had an alibi. He's an idiot and he's in jail now. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Cleaning Out


After my grandmother died, my aunt cleaned the entire house out for herself while my mother and my uncle were out dealing with funeral arrangements. When they got back, the silverware, furniture, pictures etc. were all gone.

My other aunt also took the $10,000 dollars my grandmother left to pay for funeral costs and kept it for herself. Which stuck the bill on my mother and uncle. Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

Where There's a Will There's a Way


My father is one of four kids. His brother, my uncle, is married to the cheapest woman alive. She had an older brother who died young, leaving two small children.

When her wealthy parents died, she contested their will and managed to keep their entire fortune for herself (she is worth a few million as a result). Her brother's kids got nothing, and she is rather proud of that. "I only wanted what I was entitled too." Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]


Mistrust Fund


Recently I've reconnected with my aunt and uncle on my dad's side on Facebook. We are having a conversation about my grandmother, who had passed away when I was 8, and the conversation turns to what my brother and I had done with our lives.

I haven't talked to this woman in nearly 20yrs, so I give her the rundown and tell her that my brother is working for southwest, and that I'm a mechanic at a local car dealership. She them proceeds to ask me if I had used my college trust to go to technical school to learn how to be a mechanic.

I laughed and said you're joking…dead silence ensues… According to her, when my grandmother died, her will stated that all her belongings were to be sold, including her house and land, and the money was to be divided equally amongst all her children (3) and grandchildren (5).

This particular aunt didn't have any children, my dad's brother had 3, and my dad had 2. Being as she said that all the money was split 8 ways, I asked her what her share was, and she said just a tad over $88k.

I remember my parents getting new cars and taking trips after my grandmother died, but as an 8yo, I didn't think anything of it. Story credit: Reddit / truckdriva99



When my grandfather died, he left the house to me, my aunt, my uncle, and my grandmother equally. Everyone signed their part over to my grandmother, but I was too young to.

Fast forward to my 18th birthday, my grandmother says she needs me to sign papers so we can get a mortgage to fix up the house. I go to the lawyer and sign the papers.

When I get back to the house the locks are changed and I am informed I just signed over my rights to the house to my grandma and SURPRISE I am kicked out of the house. I was homeless for 6 months until some friends (who barely knew me) took me in.

My family got a mortgage on the house, squandered the money, and ended up losing the house to foreclosure. I could have freaking house right now! Makes me livid! Story credit: Reddit / apoohneicie

How To Stop Getting Invited to Birthday Parties


My mum went all tribal and killed an Iguana with her hands that was scaring my friends at my Birthday party. I didn't live that one down for a while. Story credit: Reddit / merrderber

Bye, Bye Business


My parents knew a couple who quit their jobs and went on to open their own business. Said friends became very successful over the years, had a few children around my age, and were just rolling in money. The parents were easily clearing a few million each year.

Then, one day when I was in college, their book keeper died. Because they had grown so successful, they didn't just want to entrust anyone with keeping financial records, so they called upon their eldest daughter to do it.

Well, the daughter starts borrowing money from the business to make improvements to her house, take vacations, buy clothes, shoes, purses, etc, but never actually got around to paying any of it back. When 2009 rolled around, suddenly, there was no money in the bank.

The immediate excuse was 'none of our customers have been paying us', but that was, of course, a total lie. In the end, the whole business went under. All of that wealth was totally destroyed and all the family members put on unemployment. It's 5 years later now and still very sad. Story credit: Reddit / Cygnus_X



I got into a verbal tiff with a family member. After the exchange of words they feigned am apology and then offered some home made granola bars. I have a peanut allergy so naturally I ask if there's any peanuts/nuts.

I was assured there wasn't any and that they knew about my allergy. Was sent to the hospital not too long after that. Story credit: Reddit / sylverphoenix

Guaranteed Family Drama


I haven't spoken to my brother in 6 years whilst I recovered from his violent aggressive behaviour by getting a restraining order. Last summer I get a court summons to repay $70,000 or my house will be sold.

Turns out in 2007 he tricked me into signing a deed of guarantee. He racked up the debt then liquidated his company and gave them my address for repayment. Story credit: Reddit / Tublet



When I was a little kid, my stepmom gave away my easter eggs to the woman who takes care of her cat. I'm still not over it. WHO DOES THAT TO AN 8 YEAR OLD. Story credit: Reddit / gingaflo

Weird Lie


When my grandparents first separated, my grandfather went to live at their lake house until things were figured out. My uncle told his son (my cousin) that our grandpa had moved to a far away town to be with another woman (and he mentioned a woman by name that my grandfather was friends with) and that they were living together and he was never coming back.

My uncle straight up fabricated this for no other purpose than "looking cool" for his kids. The woman he mentioned, she had died a few months prior from cancer and he knew it and still used her in a lie to his kids.

My cousin still has a hard time talking to my grandfather because he has NEVER been told the truth about the whole situation. Most of us can't really talk to my uncle... Story credit: Reddit / yambercork

Petty Record


Several years back my uncle started treating my mom (his sister) so badly. He accused her of stealing with absolutely no justification, would scream at her on the phone almost daily, and threatened to sue her. His behavior was so shocking and seemed to come from out of nowhere that we all thought he'd had some sort of psychotic breakdown.

My grandmother convinced him and my mom to go to family counseling. At their first session he whipped out an old journal in which he had been keeping track of every time he felt slighted by my mom or her family. Thing went back almost 30 years!

One entry, for example, was from when I was 5 (I was in my late 20s when the therapy session took place). Apparently he bought me lunch once in the 80's and I didn't say thank you. Story credit: Reddit / want_to_write

Having Eddie For Dinner


I wasn't alive to witness this but my mother told me about it. Her grandma had a duck named Eddie. Eddie could be very mean to people (i.e. my mother) he didn't like, but very sweet to others (her grandma and her cousin, we'll call her Abbie). Eddie and Abbie were especially inseparable.

Well one day around Easter, Grandma and the other adults tell the kids that they decided Eddie should go live in the park with the other ducks and live a fulfilling duck life. None of the kids were particularly upset about this except for the cousin.

Cut to a few years later when they (my mother and her cousins) are about 14-16. Abbie and her brother (Billy) are arguing about something pretty intensely while my mom and my uncle are watching. Billy decides to go for the kill and yells, "WELL WE ATE YOUR DUCK FOR EASTER!"

The argument stops, Abbie turns to my mom and uncle to ask if it was true to which they nodded the affirmative. As it was she was the only one who didn't know Eddie's true fate.

And just a note, my grandma (at least according to my mother) didn't do this out of maliciousness or spite but for practicality. Eddie wasn't really a pet to her, just a farm animal. Story credit: Reddit / luckynumber3

Finger Fortune


When I was 16, I cut my finger off in a shop class accident at school. The table saws didn't meet the minimum state safety standards, so my parents sued the high school. They settled out of court for a little over $25k, which after attorneys fees, left me with about $20k.

Being a minor, the money had to go in a joint account with my parents on the account. I took $1500 and bought my first pickup truck about a week after the settlement. Fast forward 2 months later and I'm checking the mail one day after school, and I see an envelope from the bank.

It's addressed to my parents and myself, so I go ahead and open it…it's an overdraft notice! I figure, this has got to be a mistake, so I get in my truck and drive down to the bank. Sure enough, my mother has spent every last dime of the money!

I go ahead and get a print out of all the transactions, and go home and wait on her to get home from work. As soon as she hits the door, I ask her for $1000 to go school clothes shopping, and she tells me that she doesn't think I need to spend that much money on clothes, an that we could go together next week.

So I say cool, then let me have $100 or so so I can get some stuff for my truck. She starts getting aggetated and asks me why I'm in such a hurry to spend all my money (keep in mind, the only time I've touched it was to purchase the truck 2 months prior)?

At this point I can't keep in in anymore, and I go and get the bank notice and the printout from the bank and I throw it in her face. Needless to say, the argument that insued was the legitimate end of my relationship with my mother, and the start of a really big strain on the relationship with my father.

Apparently my mother had been hiding a gambling addiction, and 90% of the money she stole from me went to that. She would go down to the local pub and write checks for cash to the bar and would sit there for hours feeding my finger money into the machines. Story credit: Reddit / truckdriva99

Family Emergency


When I was in high school my sister and I found out that we would be inheriting a very small sum of money $5000 from my grandmother who had an old left over run down property in Italy. She passed away when i was a baby and my dad (her son) passed away also when i was young.

My aunt in charge of the estate decided she would be fair and also give my mom $5000 even though she didnt have to. Well my mother decides that isnt enough and would like my share along with my sisters. She demands we had it over.

The only problem is I promised my aunt as i was 14 that i would save the money. I was given $400 to do whatever i wanted with but the rest had to go in to a GIC or something of the like. Which like a good kid i did and i locked it in for 3 years. I explained this to my mom but she didnt believe me.

Fast forward about a month and i get pulled out of math class by my principle she gives me money for a cab and tells me there is a family emergency and that I'm to get to home as quickly as possible. Turns out the "family emergency" was my bank statement.

My mother opened it and demanded I give her the $5000 as it was still in my account or get out. The problem was the statement was from actually from the previous month it reflected my account balance before the money had been taken out for the GIC.

So, she kicked me out even after I offered to take her to the bank to show her where the money was. So at 14 I move out, my sister 17 lived with some friends, I got an apartment (one room and a washroom) worked 2 jobs after school (3:30-8 and 8 ish-12).

My sister joined me after a few months and we got a bigger place. I finished High school on time with honers. Put myself though nursing school and live with my wonderful boyfriend of 13 years. Story credit: Reddit / Monkey_Pants123

The Fixer


My cousin had his mom sign over the rights to her house he was living in to him so he could fix it up "for her". He did fix it up, but then he told her to get out and sold it out from under her. Story credit: Reddit / derpinWhileWorkin

Embezzled Casino Trip


Aunt embezzled money from the family company. Close to $250k in cash. The same aunt did the books for the company and had all 3 of her sons cars in the company name.

She also taught her sons how to commit insurance fraud (Katrina and BP oil spill), how to get an Obama phone, ran up close to $10k on my grandmother's credit cards AT A CASINO, tried to steal belongings of my grandmother's to pawn.

She is finally getting what is coming to her. She's been taken out of the will and the embezzlement and fraud cases are pending. Story credit: Reddit / Smarter_not_harder

The Painting Reminder


Step-mother stole my wife's and my $1000 wedding gift from my dad. She replaced it with an awful. unframed painting worth about $25.

I still have it rolled up to remind me to never forget that thing that happened that time. Only found out about 12 years later when I was talking about it with my brother. Story credit: Reddit / baconsalt



My father killed himself in 2007. His sister immediately went to his house to start collecting his belongings, or rather, rifle through them and decide what she and his other siblings wanted to keep. This was like, the day after it happened, and everything was still too raw for me.

I asked her to just put everything back where it was until I felt like I had the strength to go to his house and do it myself. They still ended up going through his stuff and taking what they wanted and this started a pretty messed up chain of events.

Long story short, I haven't spoken to anyone on that side of the family since it happened. Story credit: Reddit / JMerk12

BMW for Tuition


When my great aunt died she left a lot of money to all of the college aged people in the family to help with their expenses. Another aunt took that money and bought a BMW, meaning that her daughter (my cousin) had to drop out of college because she couldn't pay tuition. Makes me absolutely livid. Story credit: Reddit / Captain-Nemo



I have an aunt who, understandably has had a lot of personal issues. her marriage was destroyed when my uncle was in a very serious accident, he didn't come to terms with himself afterwards (disabled and blind) and he became very negative. So she went into a kinda spin of depression and health issues.

Its sad because they have five children together. It really messed up my cousin, he had to raise all his brothers. Ultimately the messed up part of this story is now that shes getting back on her feet after years of doing nothing for herself or her immediate family, she's burning the bridges that have helped her.

Shes turned ungrateful and mean to other family members and its all because some guy is dating her. Which I assume is helping her self esteem but I just cant believe my aunt has turned into this kinda person. Story credit: Reddit / roborabbit_mama

Funeral Photos


My grandmother took pictures of the open casket at my mother's wake. My dad had told her numerous times beforehand not to do it. Instead, in front of everyone, including my brother and myself (both of us are absolutely crushed obviously), she takes out a camera and snaps pic after pic of my mother's corpse.

With the flash on, of course, so everyone is just staring. This happened almost 9 years ago now and still I haven't forgiven her for that. Story credit: Reddit / grave_r0bber



My mother inherited close to a million dollars from her father when he passed. She immediately divorced my stepfather, dumped my brother and I off at my aunt and uncles, skipped town, and spent every penny she had in less than a year.

She regularly sends me letters telling me how selfish I was to let her do all of that. Story credit: Reddit / RatStevens

Drop and Dash


My mother abandoned my 3 younger siblings on my Grandmother's doorstep not too long after I started going to college. I dropped out of college and opted to work 2 part time jobs in order to help my Grandmother take care of them.

I missed out on an opportunity to go to a great school and possibly doing the thing I loved as a career because of her. Story credit: Reddit / LordofMylar

Burned the Wrong Bridge


I had an Aunt who disowned her adopted daughter because she wanted to make sure she didn't inherit anything. I told her that my cousin was still my cousin and that if she was not her mother anymore that she must not be my Aunt.

Never spoke to her again and it has been MARVELOUS. Story credit: Reddit / Eurekaday

Power Trip


I had a boss tell me I had to get to my shift, or I was fired. I wasn't late often, I didn't ever call out, I was one of the top sales people, and I did most of her work for her while she talked on her cell in the break room.

I called out that day because my then boyfriend just totaled his car, with me in it, 60 miles from where I worked. I called as soon as it happened, hours before my shift. She was insistent I had to be there. There was literally no way for me to get there.

I said 'well, I guess I quit, I'll pick up my last check next week'. I don't think I ever even saw her again, it felt good to take the power away from her. Story credit: Reddit / fleaona

What Goes Around Comes Around


New coworker promised to cover my shift, didn't show up and I had to bail on a very important family event last minute to run to work to save my job. I called and texted to find out where she is and is she running late, her response: "no, I decided not to go", "do not text me further about it".

She later cost another girl her job in the same way because that girl was out of town and couldn't just drop everything and show up to work. Fast forward about 6 months - that coworker needs her shift covered. No one but me is able to cover.

She texts me once, twice, finally gives me this: "I'm sorry we didn't start of on the right foot but I really need this shift covered, I'll work for you whenever else you want".

My response: "Your apology sure seems sincere 6 months post factum and when you need help. Do not text me further about it." Story credit: Reddit / [deleted]

How to Lose a Pizza Boy in 10 Days


I played someone at this game a few years back. I worked in a pizza shop and my role of a night was to pack the bags, and give them to drivers - Signing them in and out for each drop. Means they spend less time faffing around and orders turn around quicker.

Anyhow, as the 'contact point' it was usually up to me when we can start sending people home. People would unofficially kindof mention that they would appreciate finishing a bit early if possible. We'd have like 25 drivers on, so I'd keep a list.

It wasn't official, as people finished as and when needed and the list went in the bin at the end of the night, and I'd deny it existed if somone tried to put in a complained based solely on an ad-hoc list written to jog my memory. (People did also ask to stay later, so it balanced out)

This one guy asked every single time. No great shakes, but when business died down a bit, he would ask again and again. We started scheduling him for a bit later - Not for any reason other than thats what was needed. He'd phone me up a couple of hours before he came in to be added to the list to go home early.

So I spoke to tha manager, and clearly this guy just didn't want to do any work. So we crafted the schedule so that if he asked to leave early, We would just allow him to go straight away.

If he phoned in earlier than his shift, we'd say 'We can judge it when you get here'. He'd be in for 10 mins, ask then we'd send him home.

Fast forward to payday. He moaned that he had only been paid for 10 hours in the last 2 weeks, but he had been in 8 or 9 days. We printed off his clock in and out times, and wrote down on each day the time he asked to go home AND his reasons for each one. He didn't come back. Story credit: Reddit / Esqulax

The Cat Didn't Come Back


My dad used to throw our cats at trees as hard as he could and laugh as we cried as the cat would limp away and never come home. Story credit: Reddit / PapaYeehaw

Dobby is a Free Elf


I used to work for a terrible man at Jack in the Box. The type that would routinely leave work early and tell his employees to lie about where he was if his wife called. Really top class man. On top of that, this job as horrible.

We're talking I'd contemplated creating "an accident" involving the fryer and my hand to get out of working a while. In the months leading up to the release of Deathly Hallows, I repeatedly reminded him that I couldn't work the overnight as I usually did, since I wanted to hit up the midnight release.

Sure enough, the week of the launch, he's scheduled me incorrectly. Naturally, I found coverage and freed the evening up. As I'm standing in line for the book, he calls me personally telling me he's denied my shift change and that it's either work or I'm fired.

I remind him, not so politely, that I had the shift covered because I'd asked numerous times for the shift free, always assured that would be the case. He's insistent, so I told him, "well I guess this is me quitting."

He responded that I'll never work at another Jack in the Box again if I do this. In the one moment of my life where the great comeback came in the moment and not hours later, I returned with "can I get that promise in writing?" Story credit: Reddit / corik_starr

Graduating from the Friendship


Girl I went to high school with was always mean to me for no reason, other than she was capable of doing it. I was nothing but nice to her because I figure, kill her with kindness doesn't get you arrested, but killing her with a meat cleaver does.

At graduation, she comes up to me and starts to try and hug me and tell me she's going to miss me so much and blah blah blah. I stopped her, and said "You've never been nice to me before, why are you being so fake about it now?

You are such a selfish, shallow human being that you have to go out of your way to lie to me, when thankfully it's the last time I will ever see you if I can help it." It felt almost as good as cancelling plans. Story credit: Reddit

The Web of Deceit


It all began with a bewildering text message from my boyfriend of seven years, which read 'We're done. Goodbye.' Just like that, he severed our relationship and ghosted me, leaving me no room to seek an explanation. Meanwhile, my circle of friends, who were always my safety net, began to distance themselves. They claimed they were just too 'busy' with finals week and all that. I didn't suspect anything then; I just felt very alone, very suddenly.

Things got even stranger when our school nurse began to summon me daily. She claimed she just needed to update my records, and, in my state of confusion and distress, I believed her. The series of bizarre incidents culminated with a cryptic email I received right before our graduation ceremony. It said, 'We were watching. We know.' That's when I realized that my world wasn't just falling apart, it was a carefully manipulated plot by people I trusted. The realization hit me like a tidal wave; I was at the center of a betrayal I had never imagined possible.