People Share Their Most Savage Revenge Stories After Being Cheated On

People Share Their Most Savage Revenge Stories After Being Cheated On

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Cheaters are some of the worst people on the earth! They step out of their relationships for a momentary bit of pleasure and end up breaking the hearts of the people they claim to love. But the story doesn’t always end badly, as some people find revenge- in the craziest and worst ways possible.

They do everything from target people’s belongings to targeting their relationships. And it’s quite entertaining to read. If you’d like to learn about some of the most savage ways people have gotten revenge on their cheating exes, keep scrolling.

51. Twins Spin

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I called my husband, but his mom picked up and informed me that he had left his phone at her place after dinner the previous night. I was confused and told her that I hadn't been there for dinner. She insisted we had a great dinner together, but I kept denying it. She told me that I loved her TACOS. Then it hit me like a sudden realization. I knew what was happening! my twin sister loves tacos and that's why my MIL was so confused and saying that I was at the dinner with them last night. I instantly knew my husband and twin sister were having an affair. I have no idea how his dumb brain thought it was a good idea to take her to his parents and that I won't find out. I told my MIL to tell her son to get a lawyer because things were about to get messy. Fortunately, I knew all of my husband's secrets and information that would interest the authorities. Providing the evidence to the police was straightforward. I then decided to divorce my husband and completely cut off ties with my sister.

50. No Words


My ex cheated on me and dumped me for his mistress. Years later, they got married and had two kids, but we reconnected and had an affair. I convinced him to leave his wife for me, and he did.

I dumped him as soon as the divorce was final- horrible, I know. Now that I’m older, I feel pretty bad for doing that to his kids.

49. Family Troubles

49-pexels-kat-smith-568027.jpgPexels (Kat S.)

My ex-wife was a Jehovah’s witness and she basically cheated on me with her relative. I had the choice to break up with her and hide the truth from her family, but decided to make it public.

She got excommunicated and her family doesn’t talk to her. I don’t regret it because I feel like I’ve done her a favor. Clearly, she didn’t want to be a Jehovah’s witness anymore. Double bonus, they stopped knocking on our door.

48. Taking It Out On the Parents

4-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3785107.jpgPexels (Andrea P.)

When I found out that my ex-girlfriend was cheating on me, I was utterly heartbroken. But more than anything, I was mad.

So I hatched a plan to get back at her in a way that she and her entire family would feel it. I ended up sleeping with her mom and got her parents divorced.


47. The Dirtiest Revenge Ever


I knew my first wife was cheating on me when she asked me if her boyfriend could sleepover. The next day, I got with a girl that was hot after me and wanted to try some pretty inventive things in the bedroom (she told me that’s what she wanted when chasing me).

Afterward, I didn’t clean up, went home, and asked for an oral favor from my wife. She accommodated, and when she took it in her mouth, the look on her face was enough to make us even.

46. Church Business Pixel

When I found out that my wife cheated on me, I updated her status and said “I’m a strumpet who likes to cheat” and then I changed her password. I also changed her password to her email.

She called me and pleaded to bring it down since she was friends with religious members from her church. I laughed and told her she needed to go to church.

45. When the Wife and Mistress Work Together

45-pexels-anna-shvets-6250932.jpgPexels (Anna S.)

I dated this man that I worked with for three months and we were completely infatuated with each other. It was a whirlwind romance and I was so naive in the game of love that I believed everything- until one day at work, under the wiper of my car, I saw there was an envelope that was addressed with my first name and inside. It was a wedding invitation for him and his fiancée. I was unknowingly a mistress and decided to take matters into my own hands.

I took the name from the invitation, found her number in his phone, called her to discuss, and we ended up making dinner reservations with him as our server. The look on his face when he walked up to the table satisfied me more than he ever did.

44. Calling the Wrong Person

44-pablo-padilla-B0U_OFXXSNo-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Pablo P.)

My girlfriend cheated on me while I was in basic training, then claimed it was all a big misunderstanding (which I believed). Months later on summer leave, I get a call from a robot, “An inmate from (local county jail) is trying to contact you, press 1 to accept.” I thought it was one of those prank dial things so I wanted to play along. It turns out it was her and my number is the only number she memorized.

She had a party at her parents’ place while they were out and it got busted for illegal substances and other various things. She was crying and telling me how much bail was, obviously hinting that she wanted me to bail her out so her parents wouldn’t find out (right away). I told her “dayuuum, that sucks bruh’ and hung up; she wasted her one phone call. I don’t know the exact terminology but I found out she got pinned for narcotics possession, MIP, and a few other minor-related felonies.

43. Revenge on the Scum of the Earth

43-pexels-cottonbro-3401907.jpgPexels (CottonBro)

I once made the mistake of sleeping with a roommate. It lasted for about 3 months before I decided that I wanted to take things to the next level. He treated me like a girlfriend in many ways already so I thought this would be no big deal. I was wrong.

He told me that he didn’t want to date me because I wasn’t “trophy wife material” and he didn’t plan on being that successful (enough to score a T-wife at least) until he was 30. He then proceeded to take another girl’s virginity, knock her up, tell her he didn’t want the baby and whine about it to me while asking for a booty call. I dumped a giant vial of fine purple glitter all over his bed and laundry/washing machine. The man hated glitter. What can I say? No Regrets.

42. Unleashing It All


I feel ashamed of this now, as I know this wasn’t the right response. I was in a terrible relationship for three years with an abusive guy and I ignored so many red flags it was my own fault. I was 13-16 in this relationship and I wasn’t ready to go all the way with him. He was two years older and kept pushing the issue. At the end, I found out he had been cheating on me for three months with a mutual ‘friend.’

We were in a big group of friends and one night we had all met up and she was upset that he wouldn’t leave me, so she told me with a sneer in front of everyone. All those times I met up with them, they were laughing behind my back. I thank her for it now, but back then, at 16, I lost it. Long story short, I broke his freaking nose.


41. The Best Sister Ever

41-leah-hetteberg-LjfplepPL64-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Leah H.)

While moving out, I didn’t want to be destructive or petty, but my sister was helping me and she sure did. I didn’t let her destroy any of his video games or DVDs, but he has minor OCD about them, so she opened all of them and put the discs all back in random cases. And then put them all back on the shelf in random order.

Then she hid a pair of her panties in his bed for his mistress to find. There was also a disposable camera that had a few pictures left on it. If he ever gets it developed, he will be greeted by the sight of her butt-hole. My family is the best.

40. Was It Really Worth It?


I remember one of my buddies, as a joke to get back at his ex, decide to buy (using her credit card) 50 packs of extra small contraceptive sheaths online and had it sent to their front door (the obvious joke being that her new fling had a small private part and couldn’t satisfy her as much).

She ended up calling the police on him because of this, and he ended up being forced to pay $5000 in damages. I don’t think it was worth it in the end.

39. A Sort-Of Hobby

39-pexels-ketut-subiyanto-4246091.jpgPexels (Ketut S,)

My girlfriend cheated on me at least five times with random dudes; I stayed for my beautiful, wonderful stepchildren. She eventually left me for some guy who got out of prison for a child-related crime. She’s still with him, but it turns out, laws on where criminals like him could live are pretty strict in most states.

I’ve gotten her evicted from her home four times and counting. My kids are with their grandma because I have no legal rights, but at least I know they are safe. It’s sort of a hobby now.

38. Getting Even And Then Some


When I found out my ex-wife was cheating, we had a long talk and she said she was sorry blah blah. I told her I needed a couple of days to think. After a day or two, I told her that I would forgive her under one condition: she had to find me a woman to sleep with to make us even.

After about a week, she arranged for a friend of hers and I to meet for the weekend. I hooked up with the friend all weekend and when the ex went to work on Monday, I moved all my stuff and myself out and divorced her.

37. I Got with Her Two Best Friends


My cheating ex lied to all of our friends saying I verbally targeted her after we broke up (due to her cheating). None of my friends believed her and a few of her friends I met were skeptical enough to text me and ask. One of her best friends (she had 2, who were sisters) texted me and asked me so I told her the truth and she apologized for knowing and not telling me that my ex was “hanging out” with other guys.

I said it was alright and asked if she wanted to get a drink; we did and hooked up a few times that week and hung out at her house. Then a week or so later, I ended up hooking up with her other best friend who was the first best friend’s sister. When my ex found out, she blew up my phone and apparently went to her best friends’ house, yelling at them from outside until the cops showed up and made her leave.

36. She Did What?!

36-pexels-george-desipris-1104756.jpgPexels (George D.)

A friend of mine who recently discovered her boyfriend, “Tim,” had been cheating on her, sought revenge in the most savage and explicit ways possible.

What did she do? Well, she posted a photo of herself on Facebook, a photo of her face; a face that had just been blasted by a fresh batch of another man’s juices. She captioned the image, “Tim, I can cheat too.”


35. An Epic Getaway

35-pexels-peter-fazekas-1386648.jpgPexels (Peter F.)

A friend of mine followed her cheating husband to a local shopping center using a mobile tracking app. She discovered him and another woman hooking up in her husband’s car, in the nude, no less. But get this, the woman was HER SISTER!

Upon the discovery, the two frantically jumped out of the car to explain themselves. Seeing her opportunity, my friend jumped into the car, leaving both her man and sister naked in public.

34. Letting the Parents See

34-mateus-campos-felipe-Fsgzm8N0hIY-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Mateus C.)

I found out that my boyfriend was cheating with some women online. So, I put all the nasty comments he made online in a PDF file and sent it to his parents.

You dump me via email? I’ll make sure your parents give you hell. I saw him years later; he said he was scared of me and thought I was the devil.

33. Conquering Hero Turned Jerk

33-pexels-nathan-j-hilton-7289822.jpgPexels (Nathan J. H.)

I was dating this girl and she decided she needed to date this other guy that had just become single. So he hooked up with her and left her; a couple of months later, she was back crying about what a mistake she made breaking up with me. At the time, I was home on break from college out of state. I told her to come back to school with me and we would see what happened.

She drove her little hunk of junk the 3-hour drive to my place the next state over; the car barely made it- it couldn’t get over about 50 on the Interstate. I hooked up with her all night long and generally treated her like she was expendable. She wouldn’t say no to anything as she was going to earn my trust back. Very late in the night, she asked me if I thought it would work out this time. I said, “Hell no. You dumped me to hook up with another guy and you think we are going to act like it didn’t happen? You suck in bed anyway.” I pretend to go to sleep and she slipped out in the middle of the night and I have not seen or heard from her in 29 years. As an 18-year-old guy who was hurt, I felt like a conquering hero. As a 47-year-old husband and father, I think I was a jerk.

32. A Cheating Garage Sale

32-pexels-ekaterina-belinskaya-4923440.jpgPexels (Ekaterina B.)

A friend of mine sought revenge on her husband by advertising a “Cheating Lying Yard Sale” on website Craigslist. While he was was away with his “floozie,” she planned to sell all of his possessions, like his favorite leather sofa and recliners, and ultimately, the house they shared.

She also offered customers to view the remaining ashes of her ex-husband’s clothes that she burned for no additional cost. All proceeds of the sale went toward their divorce.

31. Sending Private Videos To His Mom

49-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3785061.jpgPexels (Andrea P.)

My ex was sleeping with women he met on an online dating site. He filmed it and posted the videos on the Internet. When made mistakes in the stories he was telling me to cover up what he was doing, I was able to find these videos and photos of him.

I saved everything I could, found him on several other websites, and presented it to him. He tried denying everything, despite timestamps on the videos and photos. I gave him ultimatums, demanded the truth and when he continued to lie, I sent it all to his mother.

30. Pepper Spray and Mayonnaise

44-yasin-aribuga-y_qw9oGznUg-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Yasin A.)

This story is about one of my exes, who I remained friends with long after we broke up. She pepper-sprayed some guy’s junk because she found out he cheating on her.

Apparently, the only way he could cool it off was by sticking it in a jar of mayonnaise. This is some useful information for anyone whose junk is ignited by pepper-spraying in the future.


29. Smelly Revenge


I found out my ex of three years had been cheating on me and had stolen money from my savings and my mother’s jewelry safe to use as presents to this other girl for months. So, I went out with my friends the following night. We all got a bit drunk and for some reason, we all had to poop at the same time.

We thought it was a good idea to poop on his car. So we walked to his house at 3 am and we all left a little poop on different parts of the car. I AM NOT PROUD, but I don’t regret it either.

28. The Set-Up

30-pexels-adrienn-1458437.jpgPexels (Adrienn)

I found out (by snooping, since he’d cheated before and I wasn’t a good person) he’d joined an adult dating site and used it to set up a hookup with two other people (at the same time) one weekend when I was out of town. So I set up my own account, messaged the couple pretending to be someone interested in a menage et trois and that my boyfriend had said he’d had a good night with them- just to confirm it had actually happened and he couldn’t deny it.

They confirmed it. He still adamantly denied it and said it was my fault that he’d cheated because he “lost the spark.” After the inevitable split a little while later, I printed out the screenshots I’d taken from his profile and messages, plus some other texts and sent them to his ultra-conservative family.

27. More Like Pure Karma

10-pexels-elena-olesik-6232711.jpgPexels (Elena O.)

About four years ago, I found out my husband of ten years was messing around with a girl he went to high school with (according to him, they never dated because she was dating multiple people at once and he wasn’t into that). At this time, I was a full-time student and he was financially supporting us and our toddler. When I found out, I flipped, understandably. He called me a psycho and decided he wanted to leave me for her. So I quit school for a year, worked two jobs, paid for the divorce and supported our child by myself. I ended up supporting myself through school, graduating with honors, landing my dream job and generally kicking ass on my own.

He, on the other hand, has been cheated on several times, lives in a crappy trailer park with his loose girlfriend and generally is a loser. Technically not messed up revenge, just very very sweet. I now work for an amazing catering company and am a personal chef on the side. I love what I do, my kid is a rockstar and I am doing better than I thought I would!

26. The Bride Objected


The bride read his cheating comments from his phone as her vows; she said he didn’t deserve her and that he needed to excuse himself from the venue. We all watched him tuck tail and leave stunned in silence.

She then addressed his family, stating, “All of you have been so good and kind to me over the past four years. My respect and love for you have not changed. Please join all of my family and friends at the reception for a celebration of truth, love and freedom to make the right decisions even though they hurt.” His brother and two friends didn’t go to the reception. Everyone else attended and had a blast.

25. Leaving A Little Mark

25-oana-cristina-7fGgcy6whRw-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Oana C.)

My girlfriend and eye were going through a breakup. But it wasn’t going well, and he wasn’t letting me get back inside our old place to get my stuff.

When I was finally allowed in, I instructed my new boyfriend to take a leak all over my ex’s razor and toothbrush. Which he did.

24. When the Timing Is Right

24-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3767393.jpgPexels (Andrea P.)

My ex and I were together for two years before I found out how much of a liar and cheater he was. So I decided to get revenge in a way he would really feel it.

After we broke up I decided to sleep with his brother. He doesn’t know yet, but I’m hoping he’ll find out when the timing is just right.

23. All the Revenge and More…

23-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3785079.jpgPexels (Andrea P.)

I’ve heard about cheating, but I never ever thought it would happen to me, especially with the girl I was with- I thought we were in love and I wanted to marry her someday.

She cheated on me with my best friend, who unbeknownst to her, has had several STDs, one of which is incurable.. That was all the revenge I needed.

22. Letting the Company Know


During a rough patch with my (now ex) fiancé, he admitted to me that he had been cheating on me and was involved with someone else. At the time he was the General Manager of a company that was being sold, but none of the employees knew, as the company needed to be up and operating through the sale, at which time everyone would be out of a job, including him.

But he was getting some big $$$ for his efforts. So when he came clean about the cheating, I went out and had a drink with a friend. I came home that night and called everyone’s voice mail and left a message with the details of what was happening to their jobs and the company. It was a complete mutiny the next day.

21. Spilling the Beans


I found out that my wife was cheating on me with a politician. The politician’s home numbers are public record, so I called his wife and told her.

Chaos ensued. He actually said, “You had no right to do that.” He did not go up for re-election, and in the divorce apparently got demolished by his wife. I got divorced too and am remarried now, and much happier.

20. Just a Taste of Her Own Medicine

20-pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-6327596.jpgPexels (Time M.)

My wife had a very public affair in our small town while I was deployed overseas with the Army. When I got back and found out, we ended up getting divorced and she moved the other guy into what had been our home. Their relationship was rocky from day one (go figure) — and during one of their “splits,” he was out at a bar and hit on my best friend.

She wasn’t particularly interested in him — but she did a great job making a show of his attempts to court her over the next several months. It drove my ex absolutely insane. She looked like a fool, my bestie and I enjoyed the show, and that guy never knew what hit him. I almost feel sorry for the dude. Eh… or not.

19. Sharing A Little Info

19-pexels-ketut-subiyanto-4245905.jpgPexels (Ketut S.)

My much older boyfriend cheated on me off and on for three years. After I finally got away from him and the relationship, he showed back up declaring his love for me, trying to buy me gifts, plan vacation- basically, his normal M.O. I wasn’t buying it, but it didn’t stop him from trying to win me back for close to a full year.

Then, I got a message through Facebook from a woman even younger than me, saying she’d been with him for two years. She asked if he’d reached out to me during the time they’d been together. I was all too happy to tell her everything about his attempts to get back together with me. Her next message said she was packing her stuff and leaving his house, which she apparently had been living in.

18. Not Very Long Trips After All

18-pexels-george-milton-7015066.jpgPexels (George M.)

I met a traveling musician at one of his gigs. We started a semi-long-distance relationship since he went on the road every few weeks. When I asked to travel with him he told me I couldn’t tag along since it took away his focus. A few years into the relationship, I hinted at marriage. He said he didn’t believe in it, so we moved in together instead.

One day I wasn’t feeling well and went home early from work to discover my boyfriend at home. He was supposed to be traveling through Thailand, but said he came home early to surprise me. I didn’t believe him, so I started to follow him and discovered he had a house with a wife and 6-year-old daughter. His “road trips” were usually shows in small towns not very far away. I compiled a photo album of our three-year relationship and gifted it to his wife. She left him — and her brothers, who were in his band, kicked him out.

17. Some Friend

46-sherise-vd-lRKHw5bj4Io-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Sherise VD)

My husband got tangled up with a text message and phone fling with one of my friends. I caught on after a couple of weeks, but had no proof for about six weeks until I could get my hands on phone bills-  there were over 4000 texts and several calls over the course of about nine weeks. I confronted him and he admitted everything. He says there was nothing more than the phone thing. I was still not 100% sure, so I did some investigating and tried to get my hands on the actual text print out- but it looked like it would take a court order to do that!

I have put him thru pure hell all summer and finally got a little revenge on her as well, although I plan to do more.
She had very long hair that she took pride in so I knew I had to do something to ruin it. I went to a local bath and body shop and purchased the trial sizes of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in hair shine serum, as well as some cologne and lotion to make it look legit. I made up a pretty gift basket with all the goodies and left it on her porch from a secret admirer, but not until I had a little fun with the shampoo, conditioner and serum. I poured each out in a bowl, removed a good portion of it and replaced the volume with Nair hair remover, then placed some of the original product just in the neck of the bottle to make it smell as it should. Needless to say, she fell for it, used the product and now has some broken and fried hair! It thrills me every time I see her now! I still have some revenge to get, but haven’t gotten all the details worked out on that yet.

16. That Went Left Quickly

I got my ex deported back to his country and black-listed from mine after I caught him cheating on me (multiple times).

Doing this got him kicked out of our school, causing him to not finish college. The cherry on top was that all of this got him disowned by his family.

15. That’ll Teach Her

15-pexels-pavel-danilyuk-8550954.jpgPexels (Pavel D.)

I had an ex that I dated for three years, cheat on me. Well, she got a degree and after a year of looking, found a job she could use her degree for. We smoked a little back in the day and so did the guy she cheated on me with. Her company has a STRICT policy against that kind of smoking.

So, I waited a couple of months after we split and I called the HR department and let them know that I saw her smoking and that someone in her position shouldn’t be indulging in such frivolous activities. The company did a random drug test and of course, she failed and was let go a few days later. Now her degree is useless and she’s working at the dollar general.

14. Every Cheater Deserves This

18-pexels-shvets-production-6991905.jpgPexels (Shvets Production)

When I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me with multiple women, I had my pregnant roommate pee on a test and then dropped it off at his front door. With no note, no way to know who it came from. He found out I was in the ER (I have some chronic health issues), but he thought it was just because I was pregnant.

Apparently, he started hounding the doctors for tests, and when I told him I wasn’t pregnant, he ‘disappeared’ from my life. According to his friend, he couldn’t contact any of the other women he’d slept with, so as far as I know, he still thinks he’s got a kid out there somewhere.

13. Pasta Al Pee-say

13-pexels-jC3A9shoots-3681.jpgPexels (Jeshoots)

I know a girl who faked to her ex, who happened to cheat, that she wanted him back and made him romantic dinner – she peed in the water she boiled his pasta in. Then when he went to kiss her, she told him.

He threatened to attack her and even went as far as lifting up some furniture, so she also got him arrested and charged. When he told the police about her peeing in the pasta, she managed to get the police to think he was a deranged psycho. What a woman!

12. Did You Know?

12-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3776659.jpgPexels (Andrea P.)

When my ex-husband’s last girlfriend called my home to complain about him not giving her money, she also asked me where I thought he was all those Sundays; that he was with her. I asked her if she knew he had been diagnosed with an incurable disease and asked her if she was using protection. She hung up the phone pretty quickly.

My idiot husband came home that evening and actually had the nerve to give me a hard time about it! He told me that this girl was driving him so crazy in threatening to call me that he simply gave in and gave her our home phone number. I thanked him and told him to get the hell out. Those special memories!

11. A Tiny Problem

11-pexels-abstrakt-xxcellence-studios-2217613.jpgPexels (Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios)

When I found out that my ex of five years had cheated on me with his ex, I shared pictures of his tiny you-know-what online.

Someone who saw the pictures put enlargers in his mailbox. He’s still mad about it, but I’ve moved on and am much happier.

10. Doing A Whole Lot

When I found out my boyfriend was on Tinder, I signed him up for Grindr- a dating app geared towards the queer community. In his profile picture, I made sure to put his phone number.

But that wasn’t all. I put chili powder in his underwear, Nair in his shampoo and lots of Ex-lax in his protein powder. That should teach him.

9. Cutting Ties

9-pexels-vie-studio-4439421.jpgPexels (Vie Studio)

My ex-boyfriend was a controlling self-centered individual who believed that I would be loyal to him even when he left me for a Scottish wench! As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold and ten months later when he is emailing his friends and contacts off the email address I set him up with, he still had not changed his password! Stupid silly male!

So after finding out the answers that us girls need to know regarding this new relationship, I decided to teach him one last little lesson! Security! So tomorrow morning when he decides to catch up with his mates and emails his current girlfriend when she is working away, guess what? The computer will say “NO! Access denied!” Oh, poor baby won’t be able to contact his friends or the girlfriend! This was back in the nineties when cell phones weren’t very popular.

8. Pleasure In Cleaning the Toilet

1-pexels-marcus-aurelius-9788575.jpgPexels (Marcus A.)

My boyfriend of nearly ten years cheated on me. I moved out but went back ten days later to collect the rest of my things while he was at work. I realized he’d already moved his new woman in as her stuff was all over my house, her clothes on my wardrobe, etc.

What I did was, I cleaned the toilet with their toothbrushes and then put them back in the cup for them to use that evening.

7. Not Going Anywhere


My long-term boyfriend and I broke up after he cheated on me. To make things worse, he kept acting like he still wanted to be with me, basically playing with my heart even more.

He was terrible, and I was furious, so I shredded his passport. If he wasn’t going anywhere with me, he wasn’t going anywhere. Period.

6. Dating the Ex’s Roommate

4-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3785107.jpgPexels (Andrea P.)

My last girlfriend cheated on me, and she and her roommate at that time had gotten to that point in their lease where they weren’t super fond of each other and kept some distance. Her roommate was smoking hot, kind of bratty sometimes, and wasn’t fond of my ex, so I decided to make a move on her.

And it was the best move ever. The look on my ex’s face when her roommate walked me to the door in her underwear after the first night was priceless. We proceeded to have hot, dirty, loud fun almost nightly for the next eight weeks until their lease was up and for a while after that. My ex even walked in on us in the living room once. There’s no way I felt bad about it.

5. Doing Nothing

47-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3777944.jpgPexels (Andrea P.)

I had a girl cheat on me once with my sister’s boyfriend, who had knocked up my sister already. Then, she proceeded to hook up with everyone I thought I was friends with for the next month or two. No joke, she slept with 12 guys in four weeks. I was devastated. But, you want to know what my revenge was?

Nothing. I never did anything except live my life and meet, who is now my wife, and start a wonderful life and family. Years later, I met her degenerate ex-husband and one of her illegitimate children from a different guy while she was in jail for cutting off a court-ordered tether and trying to flee the state. I chatted with the husband long enough to realize she hadn’t changed a bit; she had hooked up with everyone he knew too and left him high and dry to take care of her kid (the one who actually had met her a few times). I had so much satisfaction out of that meeting that I feel I got my revenge.

4. Movies That Fit the Crime


When I found out my ex had cheated on me and I had moved out, I remembered that I still had some of his passwords. So I changed all the movies in his Netflix queue to movies about cheating.

I then gave 5 stars to all the chick flicks I could find in the romance genre so they would constantly be suggested for him in the future.

3. Never Getting Your Stuff Back

3-matti-johnson-LXEO3dZts00-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Matti J.)

She cheated and then left town to go back to the base we were both stationed at, before we both left active duty. After I filed for divorce, I rented a storage container put her stuff in it and paid for one month of storage and mailed her a key; I said she had one month to come and get it or it would be auctioned off. One of the boxes had a layer of stuff she really wanted, another box had every picture/note she sent me, mementos and our wedding album, and then another box had more of her stuff.

I then found out what day she was coming to get the stuff from one of our mutual friends. The night before, I drove back to our old base and hung out with friends. The day she came to pick up her stuff, she called me and asked if we could meet to talk about things. I told her no since I was in her town, not mine and that we never needed to speak again. It’s the only time I’ve ever purposely made someone cry; I don’t regret it.

2. The Worst Revenge in the World

1_2-sigmund-B-x4VaIriRc-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Sigmund B.)

My girlfriend and I had broken up after a three-year relationship- we had moved in together and everything. She decided she wanted to keep the apartment, so I had to move out.

I went to pick up the last few things from her house. She had just started a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, so I stole a single piece.

1. Getting the Message

1-anthony-delanoix-hzgs56Ze49s-unsplash.jpgUnsplash (Anthony D.)

When I found out my girlfriend cheated on me, I didn’t do anything right away because we had plans to see a concert out of province coming up.

I took her to the concert and while we were there, I excused myself to the bathroom and just left her there. She got the message.