People Share Terrible First Date Stories That Had Them Wishing They Just Stayed Home

People Share Terrible First Date Stories That Had Them Wishing They Just Stayed Home

Ever been on a date that instantly made you wish you'd just stayed home? Well, navigating the dating landscape is certainly a difficult one, and many people have had their fair share of bad dates. But have you ever had one that was SO bad it immediately destroyed any chance of a second one? Well, people around the world have shared their worst first date stories down below, each ranging from disgusting and weird to terrifying and shocking.

1. My First Date Disaster: A Tale of Teenage Awkwardness

My very first date was when I was incredibly young. I'm not even sure why she agreed, but I had been infatuated with this girl for the longest time, and it was common knowledge. We scheduled a date and time, with the plan to visit our local pizza place before heading to a movie. I wish I could remember the movie we saw, as it would help me recall exactly when this occurred, but I digress. 

So, my lanky, somewhat awkward middle school self got all dressed up and ready. My mother drove me to her house, where I waited uncomfortably while she prepared herself. It was then revealed that she was bringing a friend along. The car ride to the movie theater was painfully quiet and awkward. My mother tried her best to engage us in small talk, but it didn't really help. She dropped us off at the pizza place, which was conveniently located across the street from the theater. 

I ordered two large pizzas, not knowing how much these girls might eat. We received the pizzas and I found myself sitting opposite two girls who were just as nervous and socially awkward as I was. The addition of a third person did nothing to alleviate the tension. They each ate a single slice of pizza while I tried to compensate by eating four. We ended up having to throw away some slices and I gave an entire pizza to some strangers in the restaurant as we left. I had no idea what I would have done with a whole pizza before entering a movie theater.

We then watched the movie without talking much. After the movie, we waited for my mother to pick us up. The teenage brain, in all its wisdom, decided that the next logical step of our date was a kiss. I remembered a conversation I had with my father some time ago, where he advised me to always ask a girl before kissing her. We walked over to the town's covered bridge and I asked her if she was having a good time. She said yes, and I leaned in to ask if I could kiss her. She was obviously very nervous and simply replied, 'No thank you.' I then had to reverse my lean-in, pretending that I was just repositioning myself. 

We returned to the movie theater's parking lot and the car ride home was just as awkward as the ride there. We continued to acknowledge each other at school, but my teenage crush on her quickly evaporated. I thought to myself, 'Well, maybe dating isn't for me.' It wasn't until I was 17 and a girl showed clear interest in me that I even considered being in a relationship again. That relationship lasted for five years, so I'm not sure what the moral of my story is. I suppose it's just to laugh at my past awkwardness.

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2. New Year's Eve Nightmare: A Date Gone Wrong!

He was making suggestions for what he thought we should be doing. These suggestions were so inappropriate that they were made right there in the restaurant. A random couple, sitting at the next table over, felt concerned enough to ask me if I needed a safe ride home. This happened during one of the numerous times he left the dining room. It was New Year's Eve, and despite the promises of a late night, I found myself at home by 9 PM.

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3. The Worst Date Ever: A Tale of Frisbees, Chinese Food, and a Public Library

Back in college, a guy my sister's unpleasant boyfriend set me up with took me to the public library. Being a good sport who enjoys reading, this wasn't a deal breaker for me. However, the worst part was fighting him off when he tried to inappropriately touch me in the Young Adult section. This was followed by him bragging about frisbee golf and then making me walk a mile from the library for Chinese food. 

He ordered $60 worth of food I didn't want and had the audacity to pretend to search for his wallet, despite the noticeable wallet-shaped lump in his back pocket. After admitting he wasn't going to pay, he started discussing the various 'activities' we could do together in his dorm room. I didn't respond. I just paid for the food and let him walk me to his dorm. Upon arriving, I said goodnight and left with all the food. Once I was out of his earshot, I had a good cry on the walk home. 

Later, my sister and her boyfriend berated me until I showed them my fridge full of egg rolls and explained that I hoped they liked Chinese food because my monthly food budget was now spent. Despite everything, I have to say that the Chinese place did make excellent orange chicken. However, it was by far the worst date I've ever had. I hope his frisbees melted in the sun.

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4. The Unintentional First Date: A Tale of Misunderstanding

I didn't realize I was on a first date until we were halfway through it. When the realization hit me, I was extremely embarrassed and wished I could crawl into a hole and disappear. I had initially thought it was just a friendly outing.

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5. Dinner Date Dilemma: A Tale of Self-Care and Attraction

I had an intriguing encounter with a really nice guy recently. We hit it off instantly and spent hours talking on the phone. We seemed to share similar values, which led us to decide to meet up for dinner at a charming Italian restaurant. The gentleman was quite significantly overweight, tipping the scales at over 400 pounds. I myself am overweight, weighing in the mid-200's, but I didn't really mind his size. During our phone conversations, he revealed that he was diabetic. I was somewhat apprehensive about this, considering he was only in his late twenties, but our connection was so strong that I thought I could overlook it. However, the dinner turned out to be a revelation. 

He ordered three cans of coke for himself, along with the largest plate of food and extra sides. This was a shock to me, since despite my size, I maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle. My size is largely due to childhood poverty and an autoimmune disease. Despite being overweight, I make a conscious effort to stay healthy. I have a perfect blood work record, regularly visit the doctor, exercise a few times a week, and mostly cook my meals at home using fresh ingredients. 

My concern with him was his apparent lack of self-care and the potential responsibility of taking care of him in the long term if our relationship progressed. I was seeking a partner, not someone who seemed reluctant to make necessary lifestyle changes even after a serious diagnosis like Type 2 diabetes. I expressed my lack of connection to him after the dinner. It felt like I was betraying my own community by rejecting him due to his size. It was a tough decision, but ultimately, I was not attracted to his lack of self-care.

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6. Dinner, Drinks, and Red Flags: A Date I'll Never Forget

I once went on a date with a man whom I'd previously met during a night out. He had seemed quite nice, so I was eagerly anticipating our evening together. Our date began with a meal, during which I noticed a peculiar shoulder twitch he had. I wasn't sure if he was even aware of it, but it quickly started to become irritating as I couldn't divert my eyes from his shoulder. 

As the night progressed, he shared a heartrending story about his past. He revealed that he used to serve in the army, and his wife, also a soldier, had been tragically murdered. They had a child, whom he had brought up single-handedly. His story was so horrific that I was left in stunned silence, not knowing what to say except expressing my sympathy for his loss. 

After the meal, we decided to have a drink at a pub across the street from the restaurant. Almost immediately, he pointed out a man in a red top, claiming that he shouldn't be there as it wasn't his territory. To my shock, he pulled a knuckle duster out of his pocket and slipped it onto his hand, all while staring intently at the man who was merely having a good time with his friends. This was when the red flags became too glaring to ignore. I quickly made up an excuse and left. Later, I mustered the courage to text him, letting him know that I did not wish to go on another date.

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7. High School Drama Lingers into Late 20s

I took her to dinner and then to a late-night car meet. Upon our arrival, she instigated conflicts with several other girls she had issues with back in high school, a time she hasn't revisited since. Now, we are well into our 20s, with her being even older than me. I find it puzzling how some people carry high school feuds as the crux of their personality for years.

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8. The Hilarious Reality of Online Dating: When Height Becomes a Tall Tale

The guy on Tinder claimed he was 6'2, but when I met him, he was shorter than me, and I'm only 5'7. I don't mind that he's shorter, but why lie about something so obviously noticeable? It's just laughable!

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9. A Night Out with a Not-So-Single Lady: A Tale of Unexpected Twists

She arrived with her friend, already slightly tipsy, and offered me some weed. Within half an hour, she confessed that she was not yet divorced. She insisted on going to a dance club where she disappeared for 20 minutes to chat with 'someone.' Turns out, she was a regular there and knew everyone. In the end, I drove her back to her car and asked her to leave.

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10. Komodo Drama: The Unforgettable Incident at the Reptile Enclosure

In the reptile enclosure, she let out a fart and blamed it on the Komodo dragon. Komodo dragon farts would likely smell like their food, not the Empadas we had for brunch, Brittany.

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11. Date Night Drama: When the Ex Crashes Your Romantic Dinner

I was on a date with this guy, and out of nowhere, his ex appeared to hand him his garage door opener. The man was clearly clueless about how his ex had discovered his whereabouts, yet it was apparent that she knew we were on a date. It was an incredibly strange situation. He was genuinely a nice person, and I was fond of him, but this incident tainted my perception. Although it may seem unfair, the situation was just too peculiar. I'm fairly certain his ex was stalking him, and that's not something I want in my life.

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12. Surviving Injustice: A Woman's Harrowing Tale from the 80s

In 1982, I was 18, living in an era where women's voices about date rape, or any form of rape, were often ignored. I was brutally assaulted, literally brought to the brink of death. Following the incident, I received treatment at a hospital ER for the contusions. However, the police made no report, and there were no consequences for the perpetrator, a minor league baseball player who later ascended to the majors.

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13. The Deal-Breaker: A Tale of Food Waste and Failed Dates

I treated her to a full meal, yet she barely touched her burger and nibbled on just a couple of fries. She was even prepared to leave the rest behind without packing it to go. I ended up consuming it myself and right at that moment, I realized I wouldn't be asking this person out again. The thought of people wasting food is something I simply cannot tolerate.

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14. Bizarre Date Chronicles: The Cat, The Woods, And The Jewelry

A guy talked about visiting and petting his deceased cat in the woods. He became upset when I suggested that might not be the most sanitary activity. In retaliation, he insinuated that I don't properly clean my jewelry. I was taken aback and was close to bolting from the restaurant. To add to the odd encounter, he showed me photos of the dead cat. Just to clarify: he didn't want me to accompany him for a visit (like a second date). If that were the case, I would have definitely taken off running.

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15. An Unexpected Revelation: A Wild Date Night to Remember

We embarked on a charming picnic date, which was later followed by a fun-filled visit to an arcade. The experience was nothing short of amazing. The date ended back at her place, where our passionate encounter could only be likened to the wildness of animals. After the deed was done, we lay in bed, panting as though we had just completed a 100-meter race. It was then that she looked over and said, 'I haven't had sex like that since doing meth with my ex.'

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16. An Unforgettable Encounter with the Unexpected

She bore no resemblance to her photos and carried the unpleasant scent of taquitos masked in cat urine. We found ourselves in a park, observing some girls engaged in a game of softball. She commented, 'those girls look like they're in special education with those helmets.' I'm always open to giving people a chance, but this was a bit too much. I swiftly found an excuse to depart. The lingering smell in my car persisted for a couple of days following the encounter.

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17. Expelled from Church: A Scandal Misunderstood?

He shared with me that he'd been expelled from his church after being found in bed with a minor. However, he insisted that it wasn't as it appeared to be.

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18. Unexpected Turns: A Casual Lunch Date That Went Too Far

We went on a lunch date. I wanted to keep it casual, low stakes. Just a meet and chat. She asked me back to her house after lunch. It was around 2:30 in the afternoon. I thought, 'What the heck? Have a Coke, get a feel for who she is, chat a bit more. That seems innocent enough.' It turns out, she wanted to enjoy intimate relations with me. In her bedroom. With her 8-year-old kid who had just gotten home from school, watching TV in the living room. I declined the opportunity and left pretty abruptly. And that was that.

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19. When Dating in the City Turns into a Nightmare: A Surprising Tale

I lived in NYC, and she resided in the suburbs. We mutually decided on a small chain restaurant with three locations in the city. I suggested the one near City Hall would be the most convenient for me, and she agreed to meet me there. Arriving early, I waited until a few minutes past our agreed-upon time before giving her a call. She confessed she was lost and needed directions. In an age of smartphones, this was perplexing, but I attempted to guide her nevertheless. It was challenging to get her to notice the street signs, but once she did, it became evident she was in Midtown, several miles away and nowhere near City Hall. 

I questioned her, reminding her of our initial plan to meet near City Hall. Angrily, she admitted she didn't know where City Hall was. Her lack of awareness, despite having a smartphone, left me stunned. She proposed taking a cab to meet me and asked me to cover the fare. Despite her outburst over the phone, I agreed to pay to keep the peace. 

After she arrived, we had dinner, visited a late-night teahouse, and took a walk along the river. Despite my efforts, our conversation lacked spark. When the night was about to end, I asked her where she wanted me to escort her. I assumed she'd choose a subway station, given her suburb was easily accessible via a commuter train at all hours. To my surprise, she needed me to escort her back to a parking garage in Midtown, the same place she was when I called her at the start of the evening. I was taken aback as people from her town usually take the train since it's more convenient and cheaper than paying for Manhattan parking. However, since we were halfway to the garage due to our walk along the river, I offered to walk her the rest of the way, and she accepted enthusiastically. 

As the evening concluded, she inquired about our next date. To avoid being rude, I suggested we could discuss it in the coming days. Her immediate reaction was hostility, questioning why I wasn't confirming another date and what was wrong with her. I explained that I needed some time to think before making further plans. The next day, she texted me, criticizing my manners and demanding that I pay for her parking garage fees. I declined, stating that I had already paid for the taxi and that she should have asked for a specific address if she was unsure. When she threatened to report me to my employer, I simply responded that I had behaved reasonably. I blocked her afterward and thankfully, never heard from her again.

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20. Navigating Uncomfortable Conversations: A Tale of One Man’s Experience

She showed me a picture of herself with a stripper, repeatedly talking about the beauty of his physique. I am not exactly lacking myself, but I am certainly not that guy. The whole situation felt strange and I thought I might be better off exploring other options.

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21. When Laughter Kills the Mood: A First-Date Fiasco

For no apparent reason, he burst into laughter, immediately drawing the attention of nearby tables. I asked him, 'What's so funny?' He replied that he was merely thinking of a joke. His laughter escalated, growing louder and more pronounced until he was virtually howling like a wolf. At that point, I decided there would not be a second date.

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22. The Unexpected Third Wheel: A First Date Tale

I went on a first date to an upscale restaurant and bar. We decided to meet at the bar first for a drink, intending to move over to the restaurant later for dinner. This was a fairly large place, boasting a spacious bar area. During our drink, I couldn't help but notice that she kept looking across the bar at an older lady, who was reciprocating her gaze. It seemed as if they were communicating through facial expressions. This struck me as odd. 

After finishing our drinks, we moved to a small booth in the restaurant area for dinner. We were getting along great, but I kept noticing her making strange facial expressions occasionally. The place had mood lighting, making it rather dark, so I wasn't entirely sure.

After we finished our appetizer, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. To my surprise, the older lady from the bar was now sitting at a small table behind us, trying, unsuccessfully, to conceal herself. On my return, I asked my date if she knew the lady and if they were communicating. She confessed that the lady was her mother, who she always brought along on first dates to get an opinion and rate her date. Apparently, so far I was doing well and her mother thought I was great. I promptly asked for the check, paid the tab, which included drinks and dinner for her mother, and decided to cut my losses. On the way out, I told her to forget my number.

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23. The Chronicles of a First Date Disaster: A Deluge of Texts and Late Night Messages

His phone was constantly buzzing with messages from multiple other women, which he oddly decided to show me. It almost felt as if he was trying to make himself appear more appealing or perhaps make me jealous during our first date. What a weirdo! And to top it all off, anyone who texts 'u up' in the middle of the night after a first date is not someone I'd like to pursue. No thank you, ma'am!

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24. The First Date That Fast-Tracked into the Future

Once, I went on a date with a girl who, during the date, started discussing future plans with me. She began talking about how we were going to have kids together, and how we would go on trips with my brother and his wife. This happened when I was in my mid-20s and had just started my career, so naturally, it freaked me out. I mean, who jumps to such conclusions on the first date? It became super awkward afterward because she worked with my mom and kept asking about me.

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25. The Unforgettable Night: A Tale of Unexpected Surprises

This story dates back to a time before the term 'catfishing' was widely known. Lilly was presumed to be a 22-year-old woman, and I, at the time, was a 24-year-old guy accustomed to being surrounded by quirky characters, so her online messages never raised any immediate red flags. It was during an evening drive to pick her up that I first laid eyes on her. However, Lilly had a revelation to make - she preferred to be called by her demon name, Lillith. According to her, Lillith was composed of 50% demon, 40% vampire, 5% werewolf, 3% human, and 2% other. She was also extremely petite, weighing under 100lbs/45kg. Contrary to her initial claim of being 22, she recently turned 17. To top it all off, she was heavily pregnant, 7 months along, carrying her third child, which made her belly look disproportionately larger than the rest of her body. There are many more details to this story, but these are just the snippets from her self-introduction.

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26. Her Little Creation: A Tale of Unrequited Desires

She wouldn't stop going on and on about how much she wanted a baby. She referred to it as 'her little creation' and expressed a desire to have multiple. She tried to convince me to come back to her place for some fun, but I dropped her off and left immediately. She texted me every now and then after that, trying to meet up again, but I consistently declined.

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27. The Date that Left Me Flabbergasted: The Tale of the Voicefisher

This was an odd experience, but years ago I went out on a date with a guy who voicefished me. It was like being catfished, but with his voice. Before our meeting, he had sent me a video in which he was speaking, but when I met him in person, he sounded completely different and had a slight lisp. I would have gotten over this, except he ended up taking me to a gas station to chat with his friend at the pump for a good 45 minutes. I faked an emergency and went home. I have had much worse first dates than that, but this one left me flabbergasted.

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28. Unmasking the Red Flags: A Tale of an Unsettling Date

He was extremely insistent about me having a third drink and became angry when I declined. I understand why many people suggest that he may have tried to drug my drink, however, I don't believe that's the case. I never left my first two beers unattended, and he was persistent in pressuring me to order a third beer - the one I refused. I am fairly certain he was trying to get enough alcohol into me to lower my inhibitions, not to drug me himself. Regardless, his behaviour was inappropriate and a major red flag. The fact that he became irate when I refused to consume more alcohol was the most alarming sign.

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29. Unpacking Ignorance: The Misunderstanding of the Wounded Knee Massacre

He told me the Wounded Knee Massacre was 'exaggerated' and 'not that big of a deal.' He didn't know anything about this particular historical event, mind you. He was just very sure that I didn't know what I was talking about and that Native Americans were just blowing things out of proportion. I don't even remember how the topic came up, but man, what do you even do with that?

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30. When Dating Feels Like a Job Interview: A Hilarious Misadventure

The date felt more like a job interview rather than an actual date. He gave off a vibe of someone who wasn't interested in getting to know me as a person, but rather just listed his wants and needs. At the end of the date, he asked how I thought it went. I told him I didn't feel a connection or match. His response was that he was missing the 'wow-factor'. I found myself laughing, slightly offended, on my car ride home. I had no idea I was auditioning for a contest. I was glad we only went for drinks, but even that felt a bit too long.

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31. The Shocking Date Night: A Mother’s Unexpected Encounter

He asked me about the size of my baby and whether I delivered him vaginally or through a c-section. He explained that he had never been intimate with a mother before and had heard that childbirth could cause the vagina to stretch. I excused myself to the bathroom and promptly left the restaurant.

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32. A Chilling Encounter: When Home Decor Reveals a Dark Side

I walked into this guy's house and was immediately taken aback by the shocking display of Nazi memorabilia. It wasn't the collection of a history enthusiast, but rather the hoard of someone with a warped sense of reality. To my disbelief, there was even a mannequin dressed in a KKK outfit tucked away in the corner. The owner of the house was an acquaintance, someone I knew but wasn't particularly close with. This bizarre encounter had an unexpected consequence - I fell ill, perhaps due to the shock. I managed to feign sickness for a couple of days as an excuse to avoid the place. It was extremely awkward to ghost him considering we shared the same circle of friends. For the longest time, I made it a point to avoid places he frequented.

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33. When Chivalry Goes Wrong: The Unruly Dinner Date

He insisted on paying for our dinner instead of going Dutch. However, he completely stiffed the server. When I tried to leave a tip, he became angry with me. He argued that since he was paying, it was his decision whether to tip or not.

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34. Young Love: An Overly Intense Date with a Desperate Romantic

He was clearly desperate to put a ring on anyone's finger. The intensity of his romance was overwhelming, especially considering he hardly knew me. On our date, which happened to fall on a Sunday, he put on Etta James' 'Sunday Kind of Love'. He tried to serenade me, staring earnestly into my eyes. To add to the mix, he was in the military and we were both barely 19. Go figure.

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35. Date Night Disaster: When Control Meets Rebellion

He attempted to dominate the entire date. He dictated what I wore, what I ate, whether I put on make-up or not, and even how I styled my hair. He came prepared with a lengthy list. Let's just say, I answered the door with my hair a disheveled mess and clad in baggy pajamas. I told him to invest in a blow-up doll if he wanted total control, and instructed him not to contact me ever again before I shut the door.

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36. The Most Unforgettable Breakfast Date: A Tale of Two Eggs

Once, I went on a breakfast date. My date ordered two sunny side up eggs. What happened next was unexpected. He took two straws, poked one in each yolk, and proceeded to suck the yolk up. His name, I don't even remember.

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37. The Tale of an Over-Enthusiastic Suitor

There have been many experiences, but one that stands out involved a gentleman who was kind and polite, yet eager to move too fast. This wasn't about sex, but rather his general approach to the relationship. I remember he once grabbed my chin and tried to turn my head for a kiss while we were watching a movie; 'Surrogates', starring Bruce Willis to be precise. However, he didn't attempt it again after I pulled away. 

He even mentioned wanting to familiarize himself with the state where I grew up and where my family resided, as he believed he'd be meeting them soon. Interestingly, he had catfished with a photo of his older brother, which was disappointing since he was quite attractive himself. Despite this, he insisted on walking me to my car, which was parked near the attendant in a garage. 

As I was getting in, he asked if he could tell his mother that he had a girlfriend. We were both in our early 20s at the time. I felt sorry for him. Since he was more over-enthusiastic than creepy or rude, I emailed him explaining why there wouldn't be a second date. I told him that he came on too strong, but wished him the best. I truly hope he found someone. I also wondered if there was a cultural element I wasn't aware of, as he was Indian. However, I couldn't be sure. I want to clarify that by 'cultural element', I was referring to the idea of meeting families early on in a relationship, not the hurried pace or the attempted kiss. My apologies for any confusion.

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38. A Shocking Confession Over Nachos: A Dating Disaster

During our date over nachos, I casually inquired about her profession. Her response was surprising, 'What? I don't work, I'm white!' She audaciously voiced this statement in a Mexican restaurant, right in front of our waitress. I felt compelled to apologize to the waitress and promptly paid our bill. Choosing to leave the restaurant, I was unconcerned about whether she got home safely.

erick-su-WjBp05j8LXI-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Erick Su ✪ on Unsplash

39. When a Perfect Date Turns into an Awkward Coincidence

The date was going exceptionally well. We were discussing family, friends, and all that comes with it when I had a sudden realization - I had slept with her sister. I was at a loss for what to do next. You can't simply say, 'Oh, your family seems enjoyable, and by the way, I slept with your sister not too long ago. Anyway, show me more pictures of your dog. Is she a lab mix?' The best solution seemed to be to cut the date short after dinner and hope it would just fizzle out. However, they found out. Surprisingly, it turned out to be fine, just an awkward coincidence.

photo-1534361960057-19889db9621eImage by joeyc

40. First Date Fiasco: Why I Never Date Co-Workers

It was my first date. I was 17, working as an office assistant's helper. The guy, who was 20, also worked there. However, I don't remember what his job title was. He asked me to the drive-in movies and came to the house, meeting my mom. He assured her he would take good care of me and get me home on time. Despite his promises, I was still nervous. So, I arranged with two of my friends to go to the same movie in their car, unbeknownst to my date. They parked three cars down from us. 

After we parked, my date told me to relax, claiming he just wanted company for the movie and that he respected me. I thought everything was cool until the movie started. Before the opening credits had even finished, he was all over me. It was as if he had grown four extra arms in seconds! I pushed him off and expressed my shock. He apologized, saying he thought I'd enjoy his advances because I was 'so cute'. I made it clear that I didn't like his behavior and asked him to keep his hands to himself. However, after only a couple of sips of my soda, he tried again. This time, I was furious. I got out of the car, threw my drink at him, and walked off to join my friends in their car. He didn't see where I went because he was busy dealing with the soda dripping on him and his car. We left him there and drove away. The following Monday at work was incredibly awkward, and he avoided me like the plague. This experience is why I have never dated anyone I've worked with since.

tim-mossholder-bJa_vJzwJTE-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

41. Office Romance or Free Food?

I recently went on a date with a woman from the office. Initially, I thought we had good chemistry and got along quite well. A peculiar incident occurred when she couldn't find her phone. I volunteered to help by calling it, and to my surprise, someone from the restaurant answered. I went back inside the restaurant to retrieve her phone. The waiter then showed me that I was saved in her contacts under the name 'Free Food.'

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42. A Date Night Filled with Laughter: More than Just a Chuckle!

We went to her place to watch movies and chose Kung Fu Panda 2. From the moment it began, she proceeded to laugh uproariously at every single joke. Anything that could even be perceived as mildly funny set her off, reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West. I understand that some people have peculiar laughs, and that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't consistent from beginning to end. After that, she put on Iron Man, and the situation remained the same, with her cackling throughout the entire movie. There's a point in the movie where a character's phone goes off, and the ringtone is an old Iron Man theme, which made me chuckle. At this, she turns to me and says, 'you laugh at all the weirdest parts!' The second the movie was over, I left and did not see her again.

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43. First Date Disaster: A Tale of Disrespect and Arguments

He referred to every woman with a derogatory term, and we're not in a country where that is common and harmless. His ex was labeled harshly, his aunt was the same, even a random author he was discussing was not spared. The term itself doesn't bother me, but the way he uttered it was very aggressive and angry. Following that, he chose to argue with me about sports and politics, and criticize me for my choices in those areas. There was no need for a second date after that!

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44. Why One-Word Answers on a First Date Are a Deal-Breaker

He said nothing. I could sense his nervousness, but despite my engaging approach and thought-provoking questions, his responses were limited to one-word answers. Our date was a classic dinner and a movie setup, but our only real opportunity for conversation was during dinner. Trying to keep the conversation flowing felt like pulling teeth. As a result, I decided against a second date.

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45. When Day Drinking Goes Wrong

She showed up drunk to a casual daytime first date at a bar I often frequented. As soon as she sat down, she proceeded to order a premium skinny rocks margarita and quickly downed it. Without hesitation, she ordered a second one. The conversation was all over the place and at this point, I was pretty much done. Deciding to take a quick break, I went to the bathroom. When I returned, I found another margarita being served to her. After she went to the bathroom, the bartender, who I was on good terms with, flat out asked me, 'Bro, is she your date? When she ordered the third one, I suggested she needed to slow down. She brushed me off, saying it's okay because you're paying and you'd drive me home.' I told the bartender I was going to leave and if she doesn't pay her tab, he should text me so I can pay it later. He was cool with that. So, I left. To my surprise, she did pay her tab. A few days later, she randomly texted me asking if I was doing okay. I chose not to respond.

photo-1523567830207-96731740fa71Image by jonasjacobsson

46. A Surprising Tale of Deception

While we were having lunch, we ran into a friend of hers that I didn't know. He stopped to say hi, and their brief conversation somehow revealed that she owed him a meal because he'd paid for their last lunch together. To settle the debt, she offered to pay for his lunch, and he agreed. He ordered something to go, and they told the waitress she'd pay for it. They both said their goodbyes, and he left us alone to wait for his lunch at another table.

Their conversation was a bit strange, but it seemed like it came up organically. It didn't needlessly drag on, and the guy was courteous and made sure to make himself scarce as soon as possible. We continued our conversation and everything seemed fine, until it was time to settle our check. I realized that she expected me to pay for the entire meal, including the lunch she had offered to pay for her friend. Even if the friend hadn't ordered a pricey meal, it didn't sit well with me that she had decided to pay him back with my money. I paid to avoid making a scene, but later brought it up and told her that it wasn't cool. She dismissed my concerns, calling me cheap and childish. I thanked her for her honesty and told her we were done. She tried to argue that I was overreacting, but I held firm and blocked her a couple of days later because she kept texting me trying to convince me that I was wrong and we should go out again. Some people really do live in an alternate dimension.

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47. An Unexpected Twist: When First Dates Reveal Dark Secrets

I was newly out, and I had had a crush on her for ages, so when she asked me out I was so excited. She was pretty, smart, very laid back, and had a great sense of humor, so things were going great initially. The end of the date comes around, and she very casually drops the bomb on me that she's involved in an open investigation for vehicular manslaughter. She even hinted that it was purposeful and did not seem regretful. That was the end of that.

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48. An Unforgettable Night of Bagpipes: A Story of Passion and Legacy

I asked about his hobbies and he said, "I play the bagpipes." I thought that was really cool and asked him to tell me more. He asked, "Are you sure?" I replied, "Yes." He then proceeded to talk about bagpipes for the rest of the night. He expressed how he felt playing the bagpipes was his calling in life, how he needed to carry on his grandfather's legacy (who also played the bagpipes), and how his dream was to play the bagpipes for the queen. He shared his favorite brand of bagpipes and went in-depth about the anatomy of bagpipes. Every topic somehow turned back to bagpipes. To be fair, I did give him the green light to tell me more. I hope he's doing well and has found someone just as passionate about bagpipes.

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49. Unforgettable Encounters: A Woman's Tale of Dodging Danger

He tried to force a kiss. He also tried to coerce me into marrying him the following week, and no, he wasn't an immigrant. He had the audacity to claim that women were naive and would believe anything he said - I am a woman. He voiced his belief that it was acceptable to drown puppies, calling it 'humane'. He even asserted that it was impossible to contract AIDS if you were heterosexual. A week later, I discovered that he knew he was HIV positive all along. These are just a few instances. On a lighter note, your comments have me laughing! These are not all about the same man. These are various men I've encountered throughout my life, not in any particular order. I noted them down as they came to mind. I almost forgot to mention the one who was HIV positive - he was the most terrifying of them all. He tried too hard to persuade me to go home with him. Thankfully, common sense prevailed. At the time, I was 16 and he was 18.

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50. Two Hilarious and Bizarre Online Dating Disasters

There were two instances that come to mind. First, a farmer guy, showing my age, added me on MySpace. We chatted for a while, and being a country girl at heart, I enjoyed his company. He suggested we meet at McDonald's, and I agreed. I'm not picky; a Big Mac and a good conversation sounded just fine. However, our meeting was short-lived. He was almost entirely silent, barely ate, and hardly interacted. I politely excused myself, stating that I had to head home. Later that night, I received roughly 20 messages from him, revealing his interest in BDSM and making an inappropriate request involving my earlier meal. Needless to say, I blocked him. 

The second instance involved a guy I met on a Counting Crows online forum. We discovered we lived half an hour away from each other, so we decided to meet at a local bar. Upon my arrival, I couldn't find him anywhere and presumed that he had stood me up. However, the lights soon dimmed, and he emerged on stage, heavily intoxicated. He attempted to perform 'Round Here' but stopped midway to throw up on himself. Now, whenever I hear that song, I can't help but laugh. It's odd that both of these experiences involved vomiting to some degree.

jed-owen-1JgUGDdcWnM-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Jed Owen on Unsplash

51. Why I Walked Out on Our Date: A Tale of Disrespect

She continued to write to her friends on WhatsApp, providing a play-by-play commentary of the date, instead of listening to me. I found it incredibly disrespectful. As a result, I stood up, paid for my dinner, and left.

photo-1517245386807-bb43f82c33c4Image by headwayio

52. Online Date Turns Chaotic: A Tale of Unforeseen Drama

I met this girl through a dating app and we hit it off almost instantly, leading to an invitation to her place just hours after matching. Everything seemed fine through text. I arrived to find her mother in a state of severe intoxication, mixing painkillers and alcohol. She sat at the table, mumbling incoherently, occasionally dozing off and asking inappropriate questions. The girl's sister and her boyfriend were also present, both drunk and caught up in a heated argument. 

Despite the chaos, she seemed more normal than the other three. Most of the time, she talked about her daughter, who is around 9 or 10 years old and lives in another state. She lamented about not having custody of her daughter and criticized the state for allegedly favoring fathers in custody battles. This, I knew, was a distortion of truth, as I live in Colorado and have seldom seen fathers granted full custody unless the mother has completely abandoned the child. 

After this dramatic encounter, I decided to politely decline her offer for a second date, explaining that I had found the situation uncomfortable and that we might not be a good fit. She reacted defensively, insisting that everyone has a 'crazy mom' and that 'drunk people fight'. She accused me of acting like a child protective service agent and branded me a 'weirdo'. She even claimed that I should have disclosed my 'medical condition', something I had no idea about. It didn't have to be this way. I would have preferred a simple dinner date or a movie, but she had invited me straight into her chaotic household without any warning.

photo-1564156280315-1d42b4651629Image by kellysikkema

53. A Date Night Twist: The Unusual Fetish That Sent Me Running

This story is always a fun one to recount. We had just returned to her place after our dinner date and things started to get a bit spicy on the couch. As the situation began to escalate, she reached for a large glass jar; the type with a finger loop handle reminiscent of what pirates would store rum in. This jar was half-filled with a clear liquid. In my naivety, I asked her if it was moonshine, vodka, or some other type of alcohol. With a completely serious expression on her face, she explained to me that it was pure GHB, a substance she enjoyed using to heighten sexual experiences. For those unfamiliar with GHB, it's a substance commonly known as a date rape drug. After she excused herself to the restroom, I immediately seized the opportunity to escape. I left so swiftly, it was as if I had levitated off the couch. I never contacted her again.

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54. Online Dating Nightmare: A Near Miss with Danger

Nothing was overtly alarming, but from the moment we sat down to eat, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I felt a sense of danger. He was polite and attentive, and carried himself with a certain polish. However, I couldn't shake off this uneasy feeling. I had driven myself to the restaurant, ensuring he didn't know where I lived. After dinner, he proposed another date. I politely declined, stating that I didn't think we were a good match. I insisted on paying for my half of the meal and said goodbye. As I reached the door and glanced back, I saw him looking at me with an expression I hope to never see again. I rushed to my car, re-parked it, and waited until he had left before I made my exit to ensure he couldn't follow me. The restaurant was situated on a relatively isolated road, making it safer than him potentially catching up with me. About a year later, I discovered he was imprisoned for assaulting and raping two different women on their first dates. I never used a dating site again after this.

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55. Defying Stereotypes: My Life as a Union Stagehand

Recently, I was asked when I would get a 'real' career. However, I love what I do. I'm a union stagehand in a major entertainment city, and I've been in my industry for over 20 years. I've toured the country and the world, and make a comfortable living. To suggest that my career isn't 'real' is quite demeaning. So, I'm out.

photo-1477959858617-67f85cf4f1dfImage by peterlaster

56. The Dinner Date Turned Staring Contest: A Tale of an Unforgettable First Date

Once upon a time, I took a girl out to dinner who could not stop staring at our waiter. I'll admit, he was probably quite attractive to anyone who prefers men. He was the square-jawed, muscled, college athlete type. I understood the attraction. However, I didn't appreciate that she literally craned her neck every time the kitchen door swung open to see if he was walking out. Eventually, I gave her enough cash to cover my part of the meal, and casually mentioned that I'd noticed her fascination, as if it wasn't blatantly obvious. I suggested to her that she could get his contact info when she paid the bill, and then I left. 

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57. The City Guide to Love: A Tale of Unconventional Relationships

Guess I'll repost this here. She never stopped talking about the 'emergency lovers' she had stashed around the city. She said, 'I've been really busy with grad school, but I don't go without. I have plenty of emergency lovers around town.' And when I say she kept going on, I mean she really didn't stop. She was telling me about the two guys downtown, three in the suburbs, one near campus, and two in her apartment complex. It honestly felt like I was new to town and she was giving me a rundown of all the best places to visit. Quite bizarre. EDIT: She mentioned she was looking to settle down into a relationship, having only been in situationships before. She also claimed to have a 'virgin heart'.

henning-witzel-ukvgqriuOgo-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Henning Witzel on Unsplash

58. A Disturbing Confession: Blaming The Victim

He shared with me a disturbing story about his 14-year-old cousin. He claimed that she had seduced him when he was 21. Rather shockingly, he placed the blame on her for the incident, suggesting that she was 'asking for it'. He further justified his actions by saying that she knew he had been deprived of any intimate encounters for a while. Additionally, he mentioned that he had recently been released from prison, serving time for this very incident.

photo-1597085144747-d4185f48eaadImage by taylor_smith

59. A Disturbing Encounter: When the Apology Seems Misplaced

The man revealed to me that he would still be together with the mother of his children if she had apologized for her transgressions. Intrigued, I inquired about her supposed wrongdoings. I was expecting to hear something like infidelity, something that genuinely warranted an apology. However, the truth was far from it. He explained that one day she wouldn't stop nagging, and in response, he tied her to a computer chair and left for three hours, leaving her stranded. I expressed my opinion that it didn't seem like she was the one who needed to apologize, and promptly excused myself from the conversation.

photo-1453396450673-3fe83d2db2c4Image by drew_hays

60. An Unexpected Twist: My Surreal Date Night Experience

I went out to dinner with a girl I had been crushing on for a long time. The evening seemed to be progressing well, and we ended up back at her place to watch a movie. Unexpectedly, her boyfriend, of whom I was unaware, returned from out of town and stopped by. We had an extremely awkward conversation for a few minutes, after which they disappeared into another room. When she returned, she said, 'I don't have a place for you. I'm sorry.' I left quietly, got in my car and drove home, feeling one of the strangest sensations I had ever experienced. A few minutes into the drive, I couldn't contain myself and burst out laughing.

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61. Blind Date Gone Wrong: An Unexpected Encounter with the Law

He managed to get us pulled over, and the car was thoroughly searched. To my horror, they discovered a brick of cocaine in the trunk. I was on the brink of being arrested when he finally vouched for me, explaining that this was simply a blind date and I was utterly innocent.

andraz-lazic-nd5tpnsery-unsplash-1.jpgPhoto by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

62. When A Charming Encounter Turns Into A Nightmare Date

I met a girl at a friend's party. We were both in our mid-20s. We ended up spending three hours talking, and she was so funny, charming, gorgeous, and carefree. I asked her out and got a wonderful, 'I would love to!' from her. Four days later, I showed up at the restaurant she picked, one within walking distance of her place. She arrived about five minutes later. 'Nice place,' I said, as I got her chair for her. 'Since it's so close, do you eat here often?' She scowled and responded, 'You know, you ask too many damn questions.' I was floored. Everything continued downhill from there. Within about 20 minutes, she just got up and left. I felt as if she had failed to tell me the other night that she had an evil twin, and that's who showed up this evening. Later, when I ran into my buddy, I asked what the heck was up. 'Oh yeah,' he said, 'she's a piece of work until she gets a few drinks in her. Then she's adorable.' Thanks a lot, buddy.

photo-1517248135467-4c7edcad34c4Image by ninjason

63. Love at First Slice: A Bizarre Encounter

He used his pocket knife to cut me a slice of cake, and later, he scraped some dirt clumps off his shoe with the same knife. When I asked him if he ever cleaned his knife, his response was simple, 'No, why?' Surprisingly, he also confessed that he was madly in love with me on that very day, even though we had just met.

photo-1516980907201-943c13a8d03cImage by shairad

64. My Date Night Nightmare: A Custody Battle Unfolds

I picked her up and she asked me if we could stop by her mom's house so she could 'run in and grab something'. I agreed, and we made the stop. She went inside and five minutes later, she emerged hastily towards the car with a carseat, which I now saw had a baby in it. Her mom was chasing after her, yelling. In a fluster, she opened the car door, placed the car seat inside, and started urging me to drive. I was shocked and reacted by simply turning off my car and removing the keys from the ignition. Her mom called the police, and they arrived to question all of us for quite some time. It turned out that she had lost custody of her child due to drug use and was attempting to use me as a means to get her child back. We never made it to dinner, and I just went home after the police left.

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65. The Unexpected Dinner: A Tale of Self-Assertion

He took it out. And I don't mean this in a funny, 'unexpected Seinfeld' kind of way, although I suppose it is that. He leaned across the table and whispered, 'I'm out.' I said, 'Excuse me?' For some reason, my first thought was 'out of the closet.' He said, 'Out, under the table. Look under the table.' And, like an idiot, I looked. Then he said, 'That's what you do to me.' I responded, 'This is what you do to me,' and I left. As a people pleaser, to this day, I'm proud of myself for walking away in the middle of dinner.

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