The Most Popular & The Least Popular Baby Names in the United States

The Most Popular & The Least Popular Baby Names in the United States

In the constantly changing world of baby names, certain names will rise to popularity for their modern appeal, while others, though once common, will gradually fade into rarity. Even if some old-fashioned names were once the highlight of that era, it doesn't mean it'll be the same in present time. So is the case for these 10 baby names that ooze "old school". Often associated with older generations, these 10 names definitely won't please your baby when they grow up. In comparison, here are also 10 modern names in contrast that feel timeless. We're guessing they probably won't complain about these ones!

1. Marjorie

Once a name that enjoyed popularity (even if it was nearly a century ago), Marjorie is unlikely to see its name back in the spotlight. Having seen a significant decline over the past couple of years, since its last notable appearance in 2017, let's just say we're probably not going to see a comeback for Marjories being named in 2024.

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2. Roger

Roger is an old-fashioned name that saw a large spike in popularity in the mid-20th century, but since then it's really died down. Although its a name with a rich, noble history, it just doesn't quite fit modern day society as well. There's something about it that just feels a bit too old school!

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3. Barbara

With its Greek origins, Barbara means "foreign" or "strange". And in today's world, seeing a young child named Barbara would certainly seem strange! Its popularity has significantly waned over the years, and though it was once tied to high-profile figures like Barbara Streisand, it now feels more like a name from the past rather than a choice for younger generations.

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4. Dwight

It's not really a surprise that Dwight hasn't been at the top of recent baby naming charts. Does that have anything to do with Dwight Schrute? We'll never know. But let's just say it's definitely one of the least popular baby names in the United States.

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5. Pauline

Once a very popular feminine name with vintage appeal, Pauline just hasn't been able to maintain its attention. The last time it had any significant showing on baby naming charts was back in 1997.

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6. Leslie

Leslie, a gender-neutral name, has seen a steady decline in use over the past few years, especially for boys. But it's interesting to note there's quite a big debate online as to whether the male or female use feels more dated! 

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7. Tina

Tina, often a nickname for Christina or Martina, hasn't seen much popularity in the modern naming world. Besides Bob's Burgers' Tina Belcher, have you really heard this name used elsewhere? According to some users online, the name just feels too harsh and dated for the younger generation.

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8. Bertha

Despite its name having Germanic roots that means "bright" or "famous", Bertha is a name that feels distinctly old-fashioned. Its completely faded in popularity in this modern day, never seeing life on baby naming charts again. Online commenters have also shared a general dislike towards the name for how awkward sounding it is.

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9. Cecil

Offering a classic sound, Cecil is one of those names that instantly transports you back to an older era. It doesn't necessarily fit with the times, especially when you look at the data on baby naming charts, so it's likely a name that will stay in the past.

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10. Doreen

Doreen, a name that has a bit of traditional charm to it, is not commonly used today. Many young users online have expressed their distaste for the name, commenting on how it immediately makes them think of an older woman given how old-fashioned the name feels. 

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1. Sophia

Sophia, having a Greek meaning of wisdom, is a popular name that has consistently stayed in the charts over the years. Its quite a feminine name, and it has a bit of elegance and timelessness to it that makes it feel suitable even for future years. 

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2. Oliver

Oliver has a gentle, natural sound to it, making it a popular choice that keeps staying on the baby naming charts. It's simple but sweet, and honestly, it just sounds nice to say! It flows right off the tongue.

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3. Luna

Luna, meaning moon in Latin, has gained significant popularity over the years thanks to its celestial connection and unique sound. Plus, if you're a Harry Potter fan, it doubles as a great fan name (Luna Lovegood, anyone?). With a nice magical and whimsical feel to it that still feels grounded, we won't be surprised to see Luna maintain its popularity in the future.

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4. Lucas

Lucas is a common name you'll hear in the US; it's a name that hasn't died down in popularity ever since it got its meteoric rise. With a nice ring to it, it's clear why its a beloved choice, but interestingly enough, lots of Star Wars fans have commented online expressing their love for it too. Why? It's similar to "Luke" Skywalker!

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5. Mia

Short and sweet, Mia is an adorable girls name that continues to charm parents with its simplicity and grace. It's a name that feels both modern and timeless, making it future-proof for your child.

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6. Noah

A name with Biblical roots, Noah just radiates peace and calmness. It's a timeless name that's been popular for years, still gracing the top numbers on any baby naming chart.

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7. Isabella

A romantic name with a nice melodic tone to it, Isabella is a classic favourite. It's a wonderful choice for any parent looking for a name that has both a rich history and a beautiful ring to it. Not to mention, Bella is also an equally beautiful and great nickname that comes with it!

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8. Benjamin

Coming with a lot of great options for nicknames, Benjamin is a beloved name that somehow feels both traditional and modern. It's one of those rare, timeless names that seems to fit whatever era we're in. Your kid definitely won't complain about being given this name!

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9. Olivia

Leading the way for girls' names in 2023, Olivia has risen in the charts thanks to how beautiful and gentle it sounds. The name has a nice flow to it, and it's no surprise that it's been a favourite for several years now. We also wouldn't be shocked if popular artist Olivia Rodrigo is helping to grow its ranking in the charts!

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10. Liam

Liam, either a standalone name or a nickname for William, has been a top choice for several years. Whether it has to do with Prince William, we're not entirely sure, but the name definitely radiates strength. 

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