Learn These 30 Text Abbreviations to Understand Your Kid's Texts

Learn These 30 Text Abbreviations to Understand Your Kid's Texts

Tired of seeing a random mix of letters that make no sense at all? Get with the times and learn these 30 common text abbreviations so you can better understand your kid's texts! Besides, these shortened phrases will help you text faster too!

1. LOL: "Laugh Out Loud"

Arguably the most well-known text abbreviation out there, LOL is a simple term often used to express laughter and amusement. It's usually sent as a response to something funny and is an easy way to acknowledge a joke or a light-hearted comment.

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2. BRB: "Be Right Back"

Stepping out for a minute? A quick way to let the person you're talking to know is to send them a simple "BRB". This immediately tells them that you're going to be busy for a bit, but you'll return to the conversation shortly. That way they know you won't be able to send back an immediate response.

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3. TTYL: "Talk To You Later"

Looking for the perfect, care-free way to end an conversation? Just send TTYL for an easy sign-off. It's a quick way to let the other person know you'll talk later, but that you'll be leaving the conversation in this moment. 

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4. SMH: "Shaking My Head"

Not all slang is positive - if you want to express disbelief or disappointment at something that was said, all you need to send is "SMH". This short phrase will encapsulate all your emotions perfectly, letting the person you're texting know exactly how you feel.

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5. IDK: "I Don't Know"

IDK is definitely an abbreviation that will come in handy given how many opportunities you'll have to use it. It's a straightforward abbreviation that's used whenever you don't have an answer to a question or you're just unsure about something. Now do you see how useful it is?

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6. IMO: "In My Opinion"

IMO is always used before you're about to send a text expressing your personal opinion on a topic. So if you ever receive one, just know the person who's texting you is about to share their thoughts and comments on a particular subject.

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7. TBH: "To Be Honest"

This expression is usually used when you're about to share a truthful point or statement. It signals that whatever you're about to say is coming from a more personal or direct line of thought.

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8. ICYMI: "In Case Your Missed It"

ICYMI is commonly used on social media in reference to posts that are a bit older, but still relevant. If you want to share something that isn't exactly recent, you might add a "ICYMI" to let your audience know. 

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9. DM: "Direct Message"

Used mostly in social media contexts, DM refers to a private message that can be sent directly to another user's inbox. So if you're ever heard of the phrase "Slide into their DMs," you now know what it means.

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10. FOMO: "Fear Of Missing Out"

FOMO is one of the more interesting expressions online - it's the anxiety that comes from missing out on an exciting event that is happening somewhere else. It's usually caused by posts seen on social media, stirring a feeling of sadness because you're not included.

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11. IRL: "In Real Life"

Pretty straightforward, IRL is simply used to distinguish between activities done normally in our day to day lives versus online.

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12. LMK: "Let Me Know"

Another great one to keep in mind is LMK, a quick way to ask someone for a response or more information. It's typically used in the style of a request or as a follow-up. 

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13. NVM: "Never Mind"

Want a quick way to take back something you said? NVM is the fastest way to change the topic of conversation or drop a request. It basically just retracts a previous statement you said.

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14. OFC: "Of Course"

Basically another way of saying "yes" or "definitely", OFC is a casual way to show your agreement with someone. Definitely a lot easier to type three letters instead of the entire phrase!

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15. FTW: "For The Win"

FTW is an example of an enthusiastic expression that shows your excitement or support towards an option, idea, or strategy. Just think of it as saying "this is the best!" or "this is an awesome choice". 

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16. ROFL: "Rolling On the Floor Laughing"

Take LOL one step further by throwing out ROFL, an expression that's used when something is EXTREMELY funny. If you ever feel like LOL doesn't fully capture how funny you think something is, ROFL is always a better option.

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17. JK: "Just Kidding"

Used after a statement that shouldn’t be taken seriously or was meant as a joke. It's a quick way to clarify that the previous message wasn't made seriously.

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18. BTW: "By The Way"

Used pretty frequently in text, BTW is a phrase that introduces a new topic or is thrown in when something randomly comes to mind. It's used a lot so it's a great one to know.

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19. NBD: "No Big Deal"

Another casual way to say "no worries" or "no problem" is NBD - no big deal. It's typically used in situations when you're helping someone out or as a response to someone's apology. 

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20. TMI: "Too Much Information"

When something shared is overly personal or detailed, TMI is used. It's a light-hearted way to say that the information was more than what was expected or comfortable.

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21. GTG: "Got To Go"

Have to leave the conversation? GTG or sometimes G2G, is an abbreviation that's commonly used when you just have to go. It's the perfect conversation ender.

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22. NP: "No Problem"

Mosty often used to respond to a thank you, NP is great at indicating that the help or favor given was not a big deal. This one is often used interchangeably with NBD (no big deal).

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23. IDC: "I Don't Care"

IDC is text slang that can come across as dismissive or indifferent. It's a straightforward way of expressing a lack of interest or concern about a topic. Depending on how you read it, it can come off as pretty rude.

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24. HMU: "Hit Me Up"

HMU is an invitation to contact the sender for further discussion or to make plans. It’s like saying, "contact me."

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25. DW: "Don't Worry"

Pretty self-explanatory, DW is used in situations when you're trying to reassure whoever you're talking to. It's a quick and easy way to let them know, "hey, don't sweat it."

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26. FWIW: "For What It's Worth"

While the meaning behind the abbreviation is pretty straightforward, it's a classic example of how teens love to shorten long phrases. After all, why type 16 letters when you can get the message across in just 4?

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27. AMA: "Ask Me Anything"

Common in online forums, AMA is an invitation for others to ask any questions they have on a person’s experience, opinions, or life.

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28. YOLO: "You Only Live Once"

We're pretty sure you've heard of YOLO at this point in your life. While it's often said aloud as well, in text, it's just a phrase that's used to justify spontaneous or random behaviour. In other words, it's saying that you're trying to embrace the moment and live your life.

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29. TL;DR: "Too Long; Didn't Read"

If you ever need to give someone a quick breakdown of something, just throw TL;DR before your summary. It basically lets the reader know that you're giving them a condensed story or explanation of what happened.

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30. WB: "Welcome Back"

Used in online chatting, WB is sent to greet someone who has returned after being away from a conversation or online session.

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