Declutter A Chaotic Garage With These 20 Simple Steps

Declutter A Chaotic Garage With These 20 Simple Steps

In a perfect world, our garage would be spotless—only our vehicles and the bare essentials would live there and we’d never feel overwhelmed looking at it. In real life, however, it’s often a dumping ground for junk or storage. With summer right around the corner, here are 20 simple ways to clear it out for good!

1. Map Out the Space

Understanding your space is the first step in conquering it. Have dimensions on hand to get a better idea of storage solutions or just how much you need to clear out. 

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2. Build a Plan 

Wanting to declutter is great, but do yourself a favor and build an action plan—the right plan breaks down when you’ll work, how long the project will take, and where everything will go. It’s especially helpful in figuring out how much manpower you’ll need. 

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3. Pick Good Weather

Whether you tackle everything at once or work in pieces, decluttering a garage isn’t easy. Pick a good day to work because you’ll be outdoors and moving items around, all without air conditioning. 

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4. Remove Everything

Even if you work on one corner of the garage, yank everything out of there. Lay the items on a tarp in the driveway and go through what you need—chances are, you forgot about half the stuff in your pile.

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5. Invest in Storage

Creative storage solutions help keep your garage organized year-round. Look into shelving, clear bins, or collapsable workbenches to free up space and give yourself some breathing room.

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6. Break Down Boxes

If you haven’t already, break down all those boxes you abandoned eight years ago. They’re often larger ones for appliances or furniture and do nothing but take up precious space.

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7. Clear Trash

Cardboard is one thing, but you probably have all kinds of stuff ready for the garbage, too. It’s time to toss old paint cans and that playset your kids grew out of.  

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8. Have an Honest Schedule

While we’d love to have all the time in the world, our schedules hardly allow it. Be honest about how much time you have to clean—an honest schedule takes the pressure off and allows you to declutter properly. 

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9. Have Designated Areas

Gardening tools, bicycles, your car…they may share a home in your garage but they deserve their own space. Keep everything in a designated area to avoid further clutter and help you stay organized.

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10. Work in Sections

Your garage may take more than the weekend to declutter, and there’s nothing wrong with that! To eliminate headaches, work in sections. Between emptying everything onto the driveway and figuring out where to put it, cleaning the garage is a colossal task that requires proper care.

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11. Label Storage Bins

After you store items, label everything. Whether it’s clothing to be donated or spare tools, labels keep you and your garage organized.

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12. Donate Items

You can donate so much more than clothing. Bicycles, tools, or spare furniture can all find new homes with friends in need, or be given to local charities in need of gently used items. 

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13. Get Trash Bins

Where do trash bags go before collection? The garage, of course. While this is a common spot for them, it’s easy to turn your garage into a landfill—but it’s easy to prevent as well. Get trash and recycling bins to keep bags off the floor and make pickup easier.

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14. Use the Walls

Take advantage of your walls with stick-on hooks or floating shelves. Gardening tools, for example, will love their new spot and innovative storage helps free up space.

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15. Have a Parking Spot

A good way to keep things clean is to have enough room for a parking spot. It’s easy to fill a garage with junk, but having the space for your vehicle not only protects it but helps keep the area clutter-free.

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16. Only Keep Necessities

Be realistic about what you donate and what you toss. Garages fill up quickly and the odds of you needing everything in there are pretty slim.

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17. Inquire About Pickup

Your city may have designated pickup dates for large items, which are a golden ticket to finally dump the clutter. Inquire via phone or check online to see if special pickups are available in your area.

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18. Check for Repairs

While cleaning out the garage, keep an eye out for any leaks or cracks. With so much out of the way, you’ll have a clearer look at whether more serious work should be done.

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19. Consider a Dumpster

If your garage is bursting at the seams, look into a dumpster for fast junk removal. They provide the space for large items like furniture or broken equipment, not to mention you can then leave it for pickup. 

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20. Clean Regularly

Make a habit of regular decluttering. You’ll save yourself a migraine down the road and maintain all the hard work you just did! 

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