50 Amazon Sale Items That Are Great Gift Ideas

50 Amazon Sale Items That Are Great Gift Ideas

Struggling to come up with good gift ideas for your best friends this year? Find the perfect gift thanks to our list of amazing Amazon items down below. But the best part? They're all on sale!

1. 35% Off + Add’l Coupon for The Cutest Outdoor Lights on Amazon

71Ogq4Mipsl. Ac Sx425 Pibundle-2,Topright,0,0 Sh20Image creditAlmost looking like real fireflies, this set of 2 TONULAX Solar Garden Lights are a cute gift any girl friend would seriously appreciate. It's both a fun outdoor decoration and a practical light that'll help illuminate any unwanted dark sections outside.

2. 40% Off These Fairy Curtain Lights

71B7Xntfftl.  Ac Sy445 Sx342 Ql70 Ml2via Amazon

Decorate the inside of your home with these gorgeous Fairy Curtain Lights that will make any space look magical. You'll definitely wow any house guest (or just yourself!) with these beautiful lights.

3. 39% Off This 5-star Birdfeeder with Birdwatching Camera

71I0Xaxk8Jl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

For all the nature lovers in your life, gift them the magic of birdwatching with the Soliom Pro BFo8. It's a smart bird feeder that comes installed with a camera that will instantly notify you on your phone whenever you've got a visitor. Even better, this feeder uses advanced AI technology to identify over 10,000 bird species for you!

4. 20% Off + 5% Coupon for These Popular Outdoor Halloween Lights

81Gxhhi91Pl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Create the ultimate cozy backdoor space with your bestie thanks to these Solar Torch Lights with Flickering Flame. They'll give the perfect aesthetic to light up any dark spots outside!


5. 34% Off This 5-star Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station

61Vm27Umqal. Sx425via Amazon

Keep track of the forecast with this cool Newentor Weather Station that comes with a colour display, calendar, and clock. You'll never have to wonder how cold or hot it is outside again!

6. 39% Off This Switch Controller

71Fqoxatoml. Sx425via Amazon

If you've got a gaming bestie, then this gift is just for them. Level up their gaming equipment with this Switch Controller Compatible with Switch/Lite/OLED. Some nifty features it has includes programmable buttons and dual vibration motors. 

7. 33% Off This Portable Shower Speaker

71Ptdpsfahl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Turn any shower into a full on karaoke session with this waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker. It's nice and small, is wireless, and it's got a hefty bass that'll add an extra oomf to your own personal concert. Get one today!

8. 38% Off + 30% Coupon for This Portable Lighted Makeup Mirror

41K8Uybolfl. Sx569via Amazon

Any girl can appreciate a good mirror, so why not grab an amazing one? The FUNTOUCH Rechargeable Travel Makeup Mirror gives you everything you need to create the best makeup look, so buy one for your friend today while it's at a great price!

9. 20% Off These Festive Acorn String Lights

61Qoflu1Gvl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Tis the season for fancy string lights! Whether you want to level up your Thanksgiving dinner with these beautiful lights, or if you just want to decorate your house to fit the season, these adorable acorn lights are just the thing you need.

10. 25% Off for This Portable Mini Projector

61Uuz+09H8L. Ac Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Why settle for a small screen on your phone when you can get this ELEPHAS Projector With Tripod? It's tiny size makes it easily portable, but don't be fooled by its small size. It's an incredibly powerful device that's compatible with iOS, Android, Chromecast, and Windows 10!


11. 44% Off This Portable Blender for On-The-Go Smoothies

71Glbvneyjl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Who wouldn't love a portable device that can make you smoothies on the go?! This portable blender is capable of making delicious shakes and smoothies no matter where you are. Its 16 oz size makes it the best travel companion!

12. 24% Off This Super Insulated Water Bottle

51Gmmoch00L. Ac Sy879via Amazon

Keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot with these popular Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Hydro Flask. Coming in several beautiful colours, this is one water bottle that simply won't dissapoint.

13. 21% Off These Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

71Awfpvx0Xl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

If you're looking for a new pair of headphones, give these BERIBES Wireless Headphones a try. With 65 hours of playtime and 6 EQ modes, you can find the optimal sound settings for you. Did we mention they come in 5 great colours?

14. 50% Off + 10% Coupon for This Aroma Diffuser with Essential Oils Set

81Hjldjgqfl.  Ac Sx300 Sy300 Ql70 Ml2via Amazon

This Aroma Diffuser For Essential Oil is a great option to give to those who you're not quite sure what to get. It's got a stylish design, and this set comes with 10 essential oils with different scents for you to try!

15. 71% Off This Portable Wireless Speaker

819Nynq1G0L. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Get amazing sound quality everytime you want to play your music with this Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Perfect for parties or solo karaoke sessions at home, this speaker has a 30 hour battery life that won't disrupt your vibe. 

16. 24% Off + Add’l Coupon for This Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

61Siwuhg+9L. Sx425via Amazon

Treat your skin to some serious relaxation thanks to this BAIMEI Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set. The cool feeling of these rose quartz facial tools will leave your skin feeling soothed and relaxed.


17. 31% Off This Extra Thick Yoga Mat

910Etlasvsl. Ac Sx522via Amazon

Do your yoga exercises in style thanks to this Gaiam Yoga Mat that comes in various beautiful designs and prints. The extra thick padding provides cushioning so your body stays comfortable, while the non-slip material ensures you won't be slipping and sliding everywhere.

18. 26% Off These Bluetooth Earbuds

617Qimq4Zwl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Have you always wanted to try Apple's AirPods but didn't want to pay the hefty price? Well, with these Wireless Earbuds, it pretty much does the job! With a 40 hour playtime, an LED power display, and an IP7 rating, these earbuds are definitely worth the price. 

19. 40% Off These Floral Scented Bubble Candles

51Tcmzunpll.  Ac Sy445 Sx342 Ql70 Ml2via Amazon

These uniquely-shaped bubble candles are the perfect combination of funky and functional. Their fun design make it a statement piece while their heavenly floral scent will have your house smelling warm and homey in no time.

20. 17% Off + Add’l Coupon for This Epoxy Resin Kit for All Your DIY Needs

71Kgmxzxxyl. Sx425via Amazon

Calling all artists! With this beginner-friendly Exposy Resin Kit, you can let your imagination run wild as you create the most beautiful projects. This kit will come with everything you could possibly need, making it truly a bang for your buck.

21. 25% Off This Clever 5-star Veggie Slicer

915Jnh4Jicl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

If you know someone who's a terrible cook, make their time in the kitchen easier with this handy dandy Fullstar Vegetable Chopper. This amazing set comes with 7 different inserts so you can chop, dice, spiralize, juice, and so much more! Grab one for your friend and yourself while you're at it.

22. 67% Off This Popular iPhone Charger Cable Pack

713U0Ucrc3L. Ac Sx425  (1)via Amazon

Charge your iPhone in style thanks to this beautifully coloured Lightning Cable Charger Pack. You can keep all 6 for yourself, and gift them each individually!


23. 34% Off + 10% Coupon for This Already Affordable Front & Rear Dash Cam

71Wasaplfjl. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Make sure your friends stay safe on the road by gifting this amazing mini front + rear dash cam set. It has incredible night vision that automatically adjusts, and a parking monitor that can be turned on to record any event if the car is hit or scratched. With such easy installation because of its all in one design, this is one gift that can't go wrong.

24. 30% Coupon for The Bestselling Bed Pillows on Amazon

61Mdptc0Iil. Ac Sx679  (1)via Amazon

Give the gift of sleep with these incredibly soft Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows. With breathable material and its cooling gel technology, it ensures that even those of you who tend to overheat, can sleep comfortably. And if you're worried about stains or spills, these pillows are so easy to clean - you just have pop them in the washer!

25. 57% Off This Digital Meat Thermometer with 60k+ 5-star Reviews

81Rvbdxgeel. Sx425via Amazon

Never mess up your meats again thanks to this digital, multi-use meat thermometer. In just 3 seconds, this gadget will be able to provide you with accurate temperatures so you can ensure your meats are always properly cooked. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick this up while it's on sale!

26. 40% Off This Popular Cordless Bathroom Scrubber

81Igcpxbl8L. Ac Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Simplify your cleaning routine in the washroom thanks to this kHelfer Electric Spin Scrubber. Not only does it come with multiple brush attachments and an extendable handle, it's also cordless so you won't have to worry about reaching only as far as the cord will allow you!

27. 15% Off + Add’l Coupon for The EZ Off Jar Opener w/ Over 20K 5-star Reviews

61Fn7Ixs1Fl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

With this EZ Off Jar Opener, you'll never have to face the embarrassment of being unable to open a jar ever again. This neat little gadget can make all your problems go away - especially if you have weak hands or a bad grip.

28. 19% Off This Fantastic 4-Pack of AirTags

71Gy9E+Ctas. Ac Sx342 Sy445via Amazon

Keep your important items safe by getting this highly-rated 4pack of Apple AirTags. Able to accurately track your belongings no matter where they end up, you can live stress-free knowing you've got the means to find anything you lose.

29. 44% Off This 8-in-1 Power Strip with USB Charging Ports

71Tn1Ikei1L. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Go for a practical gift with this 2 pack Power Strip Surge Protector that comes with 5 outlets and 3 USB charging ports. Let's be honest - we can never have too many USB charging ports, can we?

30. 52% Off These Solar-Powered Pathway Lights

91O3Z5Gxbcs. Ac Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Impress your guests before they even reach your house with these GIGALUMI Solar Outdoor Lights. They're incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but they're also functional and are able to provide 10 hours of lighting for your walkway. And because they're solar-powered, you never have to worry about batteries or having to charge them.

31. 21% Off The Already Affordable Bestselling Vacuum on Amazon

81Wngho1Dul. Ac Sx300 Sy300via Amazon

If you tend to leave your car a little bit messy, this ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect thing to keep on hand. It's small but very mighty, providing you with a powerful clean that will leave your car spotless in minutes. The best part? It comes with multiple attachments so you'll always have the right cleaning tool on hand!

32. 34% Off This Handheld Clothes Steamer with 90,000 5-star Reviews

61Kp64Lqvjl. Ac Sy879via Amazon

This small handheld steamer for clothes is a great gift option for anyone you know that's always on the go. All it takes is 25 seconds to heat up and your clothes will be looking fresh shortly! It's a great dewrinkling option where you don't need an ironing board!

33. 20% Off These Popular Certified iPhone Chargers

51Wckhxf0Il. Sx425via Amazon

Why not try giving a more functional and practical gift this year? This iPhone charger set is a great option for any Apple users you know - because if we're all being honest, we could always use more chargers. 

34. 20% Off + 20% Coupon for This Bestselling Seat Cushion

81D0B9Xtell. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Working from home leads to sitting down in a chair for long periods of time during the day. If you're finding it uncomfortable, ease some of that pain with this amazing TushGuard Seat Cushion that's made from 100% pure memory foam and adapts to the shape of your body. 

35. 20% Off These Bed Linen Sets with Over 100K 5-star Reviews

71L-Nnlppll. Ac Sx679via Amazon

With over 100k positive reviews on Amazon, see what all the hype is about by snagging a set of these Danjor Linens Queen Sheets today! With breathable, silky smooth material that's also wrinkle-free, it's time to experience the best sleep of your life.

36. 54% Off This Car Storage Pouch

81Erxlupsyl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Keep your items within a safe reaching distance thanks to this Car Cache Purse Holder. It's a great pocket organizer where you can safely store your purse, phone, sunglasses, and whatever else you typically carry. No more need to stress about your items flying all over the car when you've got this nifty pocket on hand!

37. 24% Off This Cute Vintage Mushroom Lamp

61Fsxqwugpl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

This unique looking mushroom lamp is equal parts stylish and adorable. The E12 LED bulb provides a warm light effect that is comforting and perfect for nighttime use. Great as a gift or to keep for yourself, grab it while it's on sale!

38. 43% Off This Immersive Soundbar

510Jdzt55Bl. Ac Sx425via Amazon

Upgrade your audio performance at home with the VIZIO M-Series 2.1 Immersive Sound Bar. With its Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio technology, you'll be completely captivated by the quality of the surround sound that this device can provide. 

39. 56% Off The Bestselling Mounting Tape on Amazon with 101,000 5-star Reviews

61Vf0Rncfcl. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Perfect for DIYers or anyone looking to complete a simple home project, this EZlifego Double Sided Tape is some serious business. It's heavy duty nature will ensure anything you tape is completely locked in. 

40. 57% Off This Stainless Steel Knife Set

71Cagdaeuvl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

This Farberware 15 Piece High-Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set will make you feel like a professional chef every time you're in the kitchen. They're razor sharp so you'll get precision with every cut, but they're also incredibly comfortable to hold, making every slice a dream.

41. 38% Off The Bestselling Fitbit Watch

61Ztqtvod2L. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Keep your fitness goals on track thanks to the bestselling fitness watch, the Fitbit Charge 6. Grab this while it's on sale and it'll even come with a 6 month premium membership!

42. 15% Off This Handheld Shower Head

91Lr056H7Vl. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Experience the luxurious feeling of a high pressure shower with this AquaCare High Pressure 8-mode Handheld Shower Head. That's right, even your shower could use some upgrading from time to time!

43. 41% Off + 15% Coupon for This 33-Piece Cooking Utensils Set

61Rovdw+4El. Ac Sx300 Sy300via Amazon

Get this amazing 33 piece cooking utensils set while it's on sale! That's right, 33 pieces! The non-stick silicone material makes it easy to clean, and with so many different utensils in this set, you'll have everything you need to whip up something delicious in the kitchen.

44. 45% Off This Alexa-Compatible Robot Vacuum

71Ynduxe7El. Ac Sx679via Amazon

This roborock Q7 Max Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner is the 2 in 1 cleaning device you didn't know you needed. Compatible with Alexa, this amazing robo vacuum has a 180 minute runtime and a powerful cleaning system that'll ensure your floors stay spotless.

45. 60% Off This Under-Bed Shoe Organizer

81Utgievc3L. Ac Sx679via Amazon

You can never have too many shoes, and with this Woffit Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer, it'll give you all the space in the world to store your shoe collection. Able to store up to 16 pairs per compartment, it's a great way to keep all your off-season shoes some place tidy and out of sight.

46. 21% Off This Highly-rated Alarm Clock

71Jx+Cvyo0L. Ac Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

This alarm clock is just what you need to complete your bedside table - with a large display so you'll never miss the time, this clock also has a dual alarm feature, USB charger ports, a night light, and adjustable brightness & volume. 

47. 37% Off These Essential 5-star Wrist-Supporting Mouse Pads

71Kw1Nisayl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Stay comfortable while you browse the internet thanks to this Soqool Mouse Pad With Gel Wrist Rest Support. The fabric is super smooth and soft while the wrist rest comfortably supports your hand.

48. 33% Off This Wrapping Paper Storage Container

81Phvi5I5El. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means - it's almost time for gift wrapping. Keep all your gift wrapping accessories and tools nicely organized in this ZOBER Wrapping Paper Storage Container that has enough space for everything you need.

49. 56% Off This Handheld Milk Frother

71Aweli5Tgl. Ac Sy879via Amazon

Skip the Starbucks and save money by making your own delicious latte using the Bean Envy Handhled Milk Frother for Coffee. It's the perfect gift for any coffee lover, allowing them to explore the world of homemade coffeemaking.

50. 21% Off This Lightweight Leaf Blower

61Vb1Aecezl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

Keep your porch and patio clean with this small and compact cordless leaf blower. Despite its small size, it still packs a powerful punch that will clean your outdoor spaces from leaves in no time at all.