50 Memes About Adulthood That Hit Close To Home

50 Memes About Adulthood That Hit Close To Home

Ah yes, adulting is hard. But just because it's hard doesn't mean you can't get a good laugh from it! Instead of crying, let's all just laugh away the pain with these hilariously relatable memes. At least you know everyone else is going through the same thing?


1. It's All An Illusion

1696606610311.pngThat moment when you think things are turning around but it's all a lie. Nothing in life comes for free! We as adults just had to learn that the hard way.

2. So...When Do Things Get Better?

1696606702282.pngStressed when we don't have work because we can't pay the bills, but also stressed when we have a job and the conditions just aren't ideal. So...when do things get better exactly?

3. Tired Everyday

1696606808771.pngWhen you were a kid, you were absolutely invincible! But as an adult now...how does everything hurt?! Don't even get us started on back pain. Where'd that even come from?!

4. Yay, Adulthood!

1696606935519.pngRemember all those days as a kid when you'd desperately wish you'd finally get older and so you could do all the things "adults" could do? Yeah, as an adult now, there's nothing we wish more than being able to be a kid again.


5. Charcuterie Boards FTW!

1696607102514.pngWe'll never understand where the love for meat and cheese on a slab of wood came from, but we can only assume it's a shared passage of rite that every adult goes through when they reach adulthood for the first time.

6. Responsible Eating

1696607200170.pngWhen your partner cooks up a fancy meal full of vegetables and healthy food, but all you really want are some good ol' dinosaur-shaped chicken tendies with a side of ketchup.

7. Seems Pretty Scary

1696607296570.pngJust me watching all the adults in my life complain about the struggle of getting older when I'm already struggling to be a teen. How much harder is it going to get?!

8. How'd You Know?!

1696607404079.pngWow! Turning 30 sure sounds like a lot of fun. We just can't wait for all those things to happen to us!

9. It's Comin' Fast

1696607481707.pngThat moment when you realize adulthood is coming up real fast, but you're also now old enough to realize it's not as good as it seems. Better run fast!

10. Motivational Pep Talk

1696607562837.pngDo you also find yourself giving more self-pep talks as you get older? Looks like we're all just looking for that motivation.


11. That's A Tomorrow Problem


Oh, another problem? That's totally okay. Let me just throw this on my pile of "Other problems" for later.

12. All The Right Words

1696607762152.pngWhen we get older, we just become attracted to different things. You say you got financial stability? Tell me more...

13. Not Old Enough

1696607871468.pngNow just hold on a second. This isn't what we agreed to! Looks like no matter how old you get, you're still just going to be your parents' baby.

14. *Wink Wink*

1696607952491.pngYou ever just meet an old high school classmate at the mall and have to face that awkward exchange of, "Omg we should totally catch up!" "Yeah, ABSOLUTELY." And then you just never do? Yup, us too.

15. The Art of Wrapping

1696608080762.pngOnly real adults will understand this one - never underestimate the power of wrapping your food. We need that stuff to last as LONG as possible.

16. Wait, Where'd My Money Go?

1696608439783.pngPhoto by Cheezburger on PinterestRemember when $5 made you feel like the richest kid on the planet? Yet somehow, as an adult, everything just feels so much more expensive...It's rough out here.


17. I Know What I'm Doing

1696608543211.pngIs there a manual somewhere on how to be an adult? Cause we have NO idea what we're doing out here.

18. Bills, Bills, and More Bills

1696608635152.pngIt seems like no matter what you do, there's always something to pay for as an adult. Whether it's rent, a phone bill, or a restaurant bill, they really start to stack up!

19. Zero Sugar

1696608725076.pngPhoto by 100daysofadulting on Instagram20. I'm On My Own

1696608829389.pngPhoto by adultproblem on Twitter"I have no idea where I'm going, I just hope I'm doing this right."

21. A New Adult

1696608928391.pngOnce you turn 18, it means you can finally talk about adult stuff right? 

22. Kids These Days...

1696609343405.pngPhoto by 100daysofadulting on InstagramSometimes listening to kids these days is like listening to a phone call that's cutting out every couple of seconds - we have no idea what the words they're saying mean!

23. How Dare You?!

1696609452547.pngPhoto by GenSomeone on TwitterWhat do you mean the paper towels aren't where they normally are?! You mean I've got to change my entire routine now? UGH.


24. I'm Totally Mature

1696609532435.pngWhen you've got the body of a 30 year old but the mind of an 11 year old. It sure can be difficult being mature all the time...

25. Go To School If You Want A Job!


...You mean school doesn't guarantee you a job? Well how am I supposed to pay off my crippling debt now?!

26. Zero Energy

1696609756250.pngPhoto by KevinFarzan on TwitterDon't even get us started on people who do things after work on WEEKDAYS. What are you? Superhuman?!

27. Slow Down!

1696610019473.pngPhoto by Pickycris on ImgurWhen your body just isn't what it used to be and a single movement might just break your back. Gotta be careful now, fellow adults.

28. It's The Little Things

1696610872649.pngPhoto by 100daysofadulting on Instagram

When you start realizing the little details in life matter (yes, toilet paper matters!), that's when you know you're officially an adult. Why not splurge a little bit extra to make yourself feel better?

29. I'm Special

1696610974003.pngIf you're ever called a "genius" or "special" in elementary school for getting 100% a math test, just know you're not ACTUALLY a genius. Turns out it's not a great indicator of how your life will turn out.

30. Scheduling Appointments Is Hard


Woah, woah, woah! Just hold a second - I didn't think I'd get this far! I have no idea what to say now.

31. Rise and Shine

1696611180957.pngThat feeling when your body no longer knows how to be a night owl and only knows how to be an early bird.

32. What Are Responsibilities Anyway?

1696611283846.pngDishes? That can wait. Laundry? You can do that later. But Reddit and relaxation? That comes first for sure!

33. Too Much Going On At Once

1696611860275.pngPhoto by makeameme

Adulthood definitely feels like you're constantly trying to juggle too many balls at once - drop one and you drop all of them!

34. Scared of the Lights

1696611945965.pngAs a kid, you may have been scared of spiders, the dark, or clowns. But when you're an adult, trust us when we say there is nothing more terrifying than bills and expenses. That stuff is ROUGH.

35. Spoiled As a Kid, Grateful As an Adult

1696612054859.pngOh have the times have changed. We can't explain it, but no adult will ever turn down a great coffee mug.

36. Self-Care

1696612896213.pngPhoto by CheezburgerSometimes you just need that extra couple of minutes to prepare yourself, you know? You do you.

37. Finding You Well

1696612962567.pngPhoto by MarkSnetiker on TwitterWe can't wait for the day this dream comes true. An email actually finding us in a moment where we're well? What a fantasy.

38. Tired All Day, Every Day

1696613091892.pngPhoto by LauraClery on TwitterCan someone please explain to use where this never-ending fatigue is coming from? How are we tired every day?!

39. Who's That?

1696613186217.pngPhoto by Hollabackcards

Who even is that? A Tik Tok star? Wait, what's Tik Tok?

40. Tik Tok, Is That An Alarm Clock?

1696613256530.pngPhoto by CheezburgerTrying to keep up with all the latest social media can become a challenge when you start growing up. We mean, who's got the time?

41. First-Time Home Owner!

1696613344884.pngPhoto by CheezburgerWhen you take a look at the housing market for the first time and realize, "Well, I can afford absolutely nothing. Looks like I'm living at home forever."

42. Staying Fit

1696613439025.pngPhoto by Cheezburger

You gotta be extra careful with that back at the gym - one little mistake and it might be over for you!

43. When Are You Free?

1696613513479.pngPhoto by CheezburgerWhen you and your friend take a look at your schedules and realize the only time you're both free is on a Wednesday...in March...5 months later. It happens.

44. A Great Multi-tasker

1696613584532.pngPhoto by dumpaday.com on Pinterest

Does anyone else feel like adulthood comes with short-term memory loss?

45. Hit the Jackpot Yet?

1696613714704.pngPhoto by TheFunnyBeaver.comEvery adults dream: work for a little bit, hit the jackpot, become rich, and never have to work ever again. Still hasn't happened yet, but you never know!

46. Thanks Mom and Dad

1696613812688.pngPhoto by CheezburgerHey, what they don't know won't hurt them right? Drinks are...considered groceries, right?

47. I'm Rich When I Don't Need to Be

1696613894823.pngPhoto by Cheezburger

Do you ever just love spending money on things you want but don't need, but the moment you need to spend money on something actually important, it just hurts 10x more?

48. King of Savings

1696613973028.pngPhoto by Cheezburger"This extra $3 I saved from last week means I deserve to eat good tonight!"

49. The Important Questions

1696614048933.pngPhoto by citizenkoala on Twitter

When you become an adult, no one asks you the important questions anymore! Like, "How long can you hold your breath for?" or "What did you think of last night's Spongebob episode?" 

50. Not A Giver

1696614654338.pngPhoto by Cheezburger

As an adult, you'll quickly learn the hard way that hard work doesn't always mean compensation. Unfortunately, it's just the way of life sometimes.