45 Things Only 70s Kids Will Remember

45 Things Only 70s Kids Will Remember

Even though it may not be Thursday, we're taking you all on a throwback adventure where we revisit the best parts of the 70s. If you happen to be born during this time, down below you'll find some nostalgic timepieces that will transport you back to your childhood. So, to all you 70s kids, how many of the items below can you remember? 

1. Saturday Morning Cartoons

In the 1970s, Saturday mornings were a sacred time for children. With no streaming services available, kids would eagerly wait for this time slot to watch their favorite cartoons like "Scooby-Doo" or "The Flintstones."

Fliintstones-Feb-21-1961 (8080783880)1950sUnlimited on Wikimedia Commons

2. Cassette Tapes

Music was experienced differently with cassette tapes. Kids would record their favorite songs from the radio, create mixtapes, and relish the unique sound quality that came with these tapes.

Marlon-Medau-Prcxgyupsgw-UnsplashPhoto by Marlon Medau on Unsplash

3. Rotary Phones

Before smartphones and digital keypads, rotary phones were the norm. The distinct sound of the dial spinning and the patience required to dial each number is a fond memory.

R-D-Smith- Tsibshabj8-UnsplashPhoto by R.D. Smith on Unsplash

4. Drive-In Theaters

Drive-in theaters were a popular family or date-night destination. Watching a movie under the stars from the comfort of your car was a unique experience.

Charlie-Deets-Fsf9Ymg6Sla-UnsplashPhoto by Charlie Deets on Unsplash


5. The Original Star Wars Trilogy

The release of the original "Star Wars" trilogy was a monumental event in the 70s. These films brought a new kind of storytelling and special effects that captivated audiences.

Star Wars Characters At Madame TussaudMirko Toller on Wikimedia Commons

6. Disco Music and Dance

Disco was the music genre that defined the 70s. With its upbeat tunes and unique dance styles, it created memorable nights at the discotheque.

Matthew-Lejune-Onkzfgmlmgo-UnsplashPhoto by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash

7. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records were the primary medium for music. The ritual of playing a record, the sound quality, and even the album art are nostalgically remembered.

Eric-Krull-Fi3 Ldi3Qpe-UnsplashPhoto by Eric Krull on Unsplash

8. Arcade Games

The golden age of arcade games began in the 70s. Classics like "Pac-Man" and "Space Invaders" were all the rage, and arcades were the go-to social spots.

Carl-Raw-8Gdayy2Lhi0-UnsplashPhoto by Carl Raw on Unsplash

9. Polaroid Cameras

Instant photography with Polaroid cameras was magical. The excitement of taking a photo and watching it develop in minutes is a cherished memory.

Marc-Mueller-Pcmet M3Khm-UnsplashPhoto by Marc Mueller on Unsplash

10. Pet Rocks

The Pet Rock was a unique fad of the 70s. It was a simple, smooth rock sold in a box, and kids loved them as low-maintenance "pets."

1024Px-Pet RockOwner of Pet Rock Net on Wikimedia Commons


11. Mood Rings

Mood rings were a fashion trend that claimed to change color based on the wearer's mood. They were a must-have accessory for many kids.

No-Revisions-Lbcvo-Ht5Qm-UnsplashPhoto by No Revisions on Unsplash

12. Schoolhouse Rock!

This educational TV series made learning fun with catchy songs and animations. It covered topics from grammar to American history.

1024Px-School House Rocks (16205578736)Otterbein University Theatre & Dance from USA on Wikimedia Commons

13. Bell-Bottom Jeans

Bell-bottoms were a fashion staple. Their unique shape and style made them an iconic part of 70s attire.

Bell BottomsRedhead_Beach_Bell_Bottoms.jpg: Mike Powell on Wikimedia Commons

14. Skateboarding

Skateboarding gained massive popularity in the 70s. The era saw the birth of skate culture and the rise of legendary skaters.

Shawn-Henry-Ek Ainaxydw-UnsplashPhoto by shawn henry on Unsplash

15. Lava Lamps

Lava lamps, with their slow-moving blobs of glowing colors, were a popular decorative item in many children's bedrooms, embodying the era's psychedelic aesthetic.

Martin-Lostak-Fook7Wcyofw-UnsplashPhoto by Martin Lostak on Unsplash

16. Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube became an iconic puzzle in the late 70s. Solving this colorful, complex cube was a popular pastime and a source of fascination.

Fletcher-Pride-Limvhbuq4Xg-UnsplashPhoto by Fletcher Pride on Unsplash


17. Platform Shoes

Platform shoes were a fashion trend that stood out in the 70s. These shoes, known for their thick soles, were a must-have in every trendy wardrobe.

Syd-Wachs-Ws8Xxuc-I 4-UnsplashPhoto by Syd Wachs on Unsplash

18. The Brady Bunch

"The Brady Bunch" was a beloved family sitcom that epitomized the 70s. Its portrayal of a large, blended family offered humor and relatable family dynamics.

The Brady Bunch Barry Williams Gigi Perreau 1970ABC Television Network on Wikimedia Commons

19. Shag Carpets

Shag carpets, with their deep pile and distinctive texture, were a common household feature. They symbolized the decor style of the era.

Alexander-Grey-Xeevy Ofgnk-UnsplashPhoto by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

20. Atari Video Games

Atari was the pioneer in home video game consoles. Playing Atari games like "Pong" and "Asteroids" was a novel experience for many children.

1024Px-Atari Vcs, 1977 - The Art Of Video Games Expo @ Washington, D.c. (7092496999)Chester from Toronto, Canada on Wikimedia Commons

21. Fondue Parties

Fondue parties were all the rage. The communal experience of dipping bread or fruit into melted cheese or chocolate became a social staple.

Yann-Allegre-Aujwjvjvjru-UnsplashPhoto by Yann Allegre on Unsplash

22. Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs were a popular furniture choice in the 70s. They offered a unique, casual seating option and were a favorite in many kids' rooms.

Flipsnack-Zequbbqsh0K-UnsplashPhoto by Flipsnack on Unsplash


23. The Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle

Inspired by actress Farrah Fawcett, this hairstyle, with its feathered, layered look, became a defining beauty trend of the decade.

Farrah Fawcett 1977ABC Television on Wikimedia Commons

24. Chopper Bicycles

Chopper bicycles, with their distinctive long front forks and high handlebars, were a coveted item among children for their cool appearance.

Raleigh Chopper Mk2 Blue 2012 Img2123WwwFrank on Wikimedia Commons

25. View-Master

The View-Master was a popular toy that allowed kids to view 3D images on reels, featuring landscapes, stories, and characters.

View Master - Model H UsaL'Ospite Inatteso on Wikimedia Commons

26. The Walkman

Sony introduced the Walkman in the late 70s, revolutionizing personal music listening. It was a status symbol and a technological marvel for kids.

Florian-Schmetz-Rks6Ftfx5Ou-Unsplash (1)Photo by Florian Schmetz on Unsplash

27. Water Beds

Water beds were a novel invention in the 70s. Sleeping on a bed filled with water was seen as modern and was quite popular.

Jp-Valery-De9Mm2Voqkc-UnsplashPhoto by Jp Valery on Unsplash

28. Charlie's Angels

The TV show "Charlie's Angels" was a hit. It featured three female detectives and was admired for its action-packed plot and stylish leads.

Charlie's Angels 1977ABC Television on Wikimedia Commons

29. Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes, made of PVC plastic, were a unique fashion statement. These colorful, often sparkly shoes were a favorite among young girls.

Woman Wearing Red Jelly ShoesTheOnlyAnla who is taking a break until her math t from The Woodlands, US on Wikimedia Commons

30. KISS Band Merchandise

The rock band KISS, with their unique makeup and theatrical performances, had a huge fan base. Kids collected KISS albums, posters, and other merchandise, immersing themselves in the fandom.

Kiss Cracow 2019Nashville69 on Wikimedia Commons

31. Eight-Track Tapes

Before cassettes took over, eight-track tapes were a popular format for listening to music. Their distinctive size and the need to switch tracks manually made them a unique part of 70s audio culture.

Matt-Benson-4Ickcpzgabc-UnsplashPhoto by Matt Benson on Unsplash

32. The Original 'Battlestar Galactica'

The original "Battlestar Galactica" TV series, aired in the late 70s, was a science fiction phenomenon that captivated young audiences with its space adventures.

Possessed-Photography-Bf88-W9G-Q4-UnsplashPhoto by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

33. Wacky Packages Stickers

These parody stickers of consumer products were a hit among kids. Collecting and trading Wacky Packages was a common pastime.

Chuttersnap-Plzp9Cuu904-UnsplashPhoto by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

34. Clackers

Also known as "Ker-Bangers," Clackers were a popular toy consisting of two balls on a string that would clack together when swung. They were both fun and, at times, a little dangerous.

Kerbangersfront1Sooberman on Wikimedia Commons

35. Micronauts

Micronauts were a series of interchangeable space-themed action figures. Their futuristic design and flexibility made them highly prized among children.

Nasa-Yj1M5Rickk4-UnsplashPhoto by NASA on Unsplash

36. Mood Lipstick

Following the trend of mood rings, mood lipstick, which changed color supposedly based on mood, was a novel and fun cosmetic item for young girls.

Evangeline-Sarney-Nnsqpljia94-UnsplashPhoto by Evangeline Sarney on Unsplash

37. The Game of 'Pong'

"Pong," one of the earliest arcade and home video games, was extremely simple but addictively fun. It marked the beginning of the video gaming era.

Signed Pong CabinetChris Rand on Wikimedia Commons

38. The Pet Rock Manual

Along with the Pet Rock, the accompanying manual, which was filled with hilarious instructions, was a source of amusement and a quirky aspect of 70s culture.

512Px-Petrock BoxHempdiddy (talk) on Wikimedia Commons

39. Space Hoppers

Space Hoppers, large rubber balls with handles that kids could sit on and bounce around, were a widely popular outdoor toy.

HighstreetspacehopperraceSimon Speed on Wikimedia Commons

40. Spirograph

The Spirograph allowed kids to create intricate and colorful designs by tracing a pen through geared plastic rings. It was both a creative outlet and a fun activity.

1024Px-Spirograph (8417024572)James Petts from London, England on Wikimedia Commons

41. Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong, a toy that could be stretched to many times its original size, was a novelty item that fascinated many kids of the era.

Stretch Armstrong Toy (1)Alex Beattie on Flickr on Wikimedia Commons

42. Slime

Marketed simply as "Slime," this gooey, green, and slightly gross toy was a hit for the tactile experience it offered.

Slime 02471 NevitNevit on Wikimedia Commons

43. Big Wheel Tricycles

Big Wheel tricycles, known for their large front wheel and low riding position, were a common sight in many neighborhoods, offering hours of outdoor fun.

Two-Children-On-Big-Wheels-2008Joe Shlabotnik on Wikimedia Commons

44. Black Light Posters

These posters, designed to glow under black light, featured various psychedelic and fantasy-themed images and were a popular bedroom decoration.

Aleksandr-Popov-Vy2Bttl96 E-UnsplashPhoto by Aleksandr Popov on Unsplash

45. Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks, thin sheets of plastic that could be colored and then shrunk in the oven, provided a unique craft experience, transforming drawings into hard, miniature plastic versions.

1024Px-Shrink Gels - (1)Wladimir Labeikovsky on Wikimedia Commons