45 Relationship Memes That Couples Can Easily Relate To

45 Relationship Memes That Couples Can Easily Relate To

Relationships can be complicated, but luckily, that just means there are memes waiting to be made and seen. We've created this hilarious list of relationship memes that we're sure every couple can relate to. So grab your partner and scroll on down - it's time to share some hearty laughs together. How many of these have happened to you before?

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1. That's Not What I Meant


Sometimes it just feels impossible to get your message across to your significant other. Maybe try again next time? 

2. The Element of Surprise


When you expect one thing but your boyfriend completely throws you for a loop. Hey, it keeps things interesting and surprising though, right?

3. Say That Again?


How long did it take for you and your significant other to get together? Sometimes the most obvious signals are the ones that fly over our heads the most.

4. "You Pick"


Why do girls always seem to have such a hard time picking where to eat? After a bunch of "you pick", "I don't know", and "Whatever" answers, it never seems like you're able to pick somewhere that pleases them.


5. This Can't Be Right


When you get into a fight with your partner but quickly realize, YOU'RE the one in the wrong. Time to do some self-reflecting!

6. The Same Person


You ever notice how you start adopting your partner's little quirks and behaviours after dating for a while? It's like you guys are becoming the same person!

7. Gift Giving Is Hard


Gift giving is never easy, especially when it's for someone you love and care about. That's why nothing hurts more than finding out the special gift you've been saving is something they don't want all along.

8. The Battle Isn't Over...Yet

1696449481040.pngIs there anything more terrifying than a girlfriend with a grudge? Might want to find a way to appease her soon...

9. Gaming With The Boys

1696449594273.pngLooks like your gaming session with the boys is going to have to wait. Time to reschedule a day for when you're all free again. That's adulthood!

10. Ghosted

1696449682624.pngWhen you want all the affection but aren't getting it. Better start sending those "Good morning, I love you" texts soon!


11. Red Flag Alert

1696449767150.pngEr, let's just keep it real and not lie to ourselves. When we see a red flag, it's probably best we stay away. Not everything can be fixed so easily.

12. Looking Good in the Morning

1696449877549.pngIt's the thought behind it that counts anyway! Does anyone really look that good just waking up in the morning anyway?

13. Body Love

1696450058976.pngNothing wrong with gaining some weight in a relationship - it just means you're happy and comfortable!

14. Oh, How Times Have Changed


At least you got out of there while you could! Sure he might've been trash, but least he's long gone. Time to move on to someone better!

15. Better Start Making Your Own Lunch


You've got two choices here: either make up or learn how to cook. Can't have it both ways!

16. Read The Room


You gotta learn how to read the signals! The moment you sense any change, you gotta back off before things get ugly.


17. You Know Something's Wrong When...

1696450655850.pngThe moment your real name comes out, that's when you know things just got serious. Either you're in deep deep trouble or you're about to have some honest conversation.

18. Why Don't You Get It?

1696450766162.pngWhen your girlfriend is giving you mixed signals and you don't understand how you should proceed. Things can get pretty complicated.

19. Time Slows Down...

1696450892944.pngIs it just us or does time seriously slow down when clothes shopping with your girlfriend? What do you mean only 30 minutes have gone by?! It's felt like hours!

20. "Would You Still Love Me If I Was A Worm?"

1696451150141.pngSometimes you're going to get asked questions that don't make any sense, but the only way out is to answer correctly. Just get it over with because there's no avoiding it!

21. But I Thought You Said...

1696452223380.png"I don't want anything" is usually code for "Get me something." Just keep that in mind as you learn to read in between the lines!

22. The Undecisive Girlfriend

1696452305744.pngWhen you let your girlfriend make decisions but it always leads to the same result. Just pick something!


23. Two Peas in A Pod

1696452374946.pngWhen you're weird, but you're partner is also weird. Might as well just be weird together!

24. Always Yes to Fries

1696452451499.pngHere's something to always keep in mind: your girlfriend will always want fries no matter if she tells you yes or no. So just always get some in case. Just to be safe, you know?

25. Treat Her Well

1696452541524.pngFancy doesn't always have to be mean expensive right? Just put in a little extra effort and she's sure to be satisfied. 

26. The Backpack

1696452610807.pngNever let height get in the way of anything! You wanna be the big spoon? You be the big spoon!

27. I'm Always Right

1696452673691.pngA little bit of competition in a relationship never hurt anybody. Besides, who doesn't love the feeling of being right?

28. I'm SUCH a Romantic

1696452779116.pngWait...you're tell us "rootinest tootinest cowboy" isn't a romantic compliment? Well, you learn something new every day!

29. Photo Duty

1696452880849.pngAny of you fulltime personal photographers for your significant other? We feel for ya, just remember, at least you get their love in return. 

30. You Asked For It

1696452939741.pngTechnically, you got what you asked for. Can you really complain? At least she's got a good sense of humour!

31. What Does This Even Mean?!

1696454828308.pngHow can one safely navigate this question when it doesn't make sense to begin with? If you ever get asked this question, good luck.

32. Vibe Check

1696454918439.pngWho wouldn't want to find a partner that's just as strange and weird as them? Now you have someone to do weird things together with!

33. A Real Princess

1696454999532.pngIt might not be true, but girls love to hear it! A comment like this will definitely put her in a good mood. She doesn't need to know how she actually looks when she sleeps anyway.

34. It's All Part of the Job

1696455120045.pngOne easy way to tell if you're loved? If you wake up and see your partner sent you a hundred different memes to enjoy as soon as you're up.

35. Being Adorable Cancels Out Annoying, Right?


Not sure that being cute and adorable after hours of annoying behaviour gets you off easy, but hey, it's worth a shot!

36. Attention Everyone!

1696455363700.pngWhat do you mean you don't have time for me? No matter what you're doing you should always give me attention! 

37. The Boyfriend Hoodie

1696455473988.pngWhen you get into a relationship, you'll quickly learn that what's yours isn't yours anymore. Everything you own becomes hers too.

38. "I'm Not Upset"


Trying to hide your frustration never works the way you want it too. Your partner can definitely see right through you. Not that you're playing it off well to begin with.

39. The "I'm Mad At You" Talk

1696455627793.pngWhen you're in trouble with you girl, you gotta remember what she says isn't always true. She'll come around soon enough! Just wait it through.

40. The All-Knowing Boyfriend


Be prepared to keep note of everything! You never know when your partner is going to throw "You should know" at you in any given situation.

41. Let Me Vent!

1696455763864.pngLook, sometimes you don't want sound logic, sometimes you just want a listening ear. If you partner wants to pop off and vent, you might want to back off and give them the space to do it.

42. All Day Is Never Enough

1696455827097.pngWhat do you mean you're leaving?! We've only just spent...16 hours together!

43. Hurry Up!!

1696455971650.pngWhen you've been waiting for 2 hours but your girlfriend is getting mad at you because she's been waiting 5 minutes for you. 

44. The 39417th Photo

1696456069018.pngIf you ever find yourself asking, "Do we really need to take a photo again?", you'll soon realize the answer will always be "Yes."

45. Nothing Never Means Nothing

1696456153172.pngIf your partner tells you they want "Nothing" for their anniversary, you better not show up empty hand. You gotta learn that nothing never really means nothing!