45 of the Funniest Memes You'll See On the Internet Today

45 of the Funniest Memes You'll See On the Internet Today

If you're in need of a good laugh, look no further. We have found the funniest memes you're going to see all day and conveniently compiled them into one list for you. You're going to be on the floor laughing at how hilarious and relatable these memes are. Get into it!

Omar-Lopez-770Jbaj Wvq-UnsplashPhoto by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

1. You Can Never Have Enough Cheese

Meme1.pngPhoto by Imgur on InstagramFor any and all you cheese lovers out there, we're sure you can relate. The way the waiter stares at you waiting for the signal, but hey, still not enough cheese.

2. Good Delivery

Meme2.pngPhoto by menshumour on Instagram

It's definitely not the best news to hear, but we can't appreciate the delivery right? If you're going to find out you friend crashed your car, this might be the best way to do it. 

3. Thanks for this, Elon


After Elon Musk transformed the once famous Twitter logo and name into...well, "X", it's safe to say there's a lot of confusion going on. And for moms who aren't trendy with the latest social news, we'd say it's pretty fair if there's some misunderstandings going on. 

4. Girls, You Just Haven't Realized It Yet


If you think your boyfriend isn't sensitive, have you ever seen him around his computer? That's all you need to see to understand the feelings he's capable of!


5. Dreams Have Meaning?


Enough said about this one. What's a dream about swinging with Spider-man and eating ice cream upside down supposed to mean anyway? 

6. Don't Ask Me To Tip


Look, if we're eating in a restaurant and getting service, sure. But if we're doing takeout, why's the tip options gotta be so high?! Not in this economy buddy.

7. Am I Dehydrated At Night?!


THIS. If you've ever woken up in the middle of the night, have you ever noticed how THIRSTY you are?? Like seriously, why does it feel like I haven't drank in 2 days?!

8. Inside Look At My Brain

1696436212793.pngPhoto by Imgur on Instagram

Well, taking a look at this brain map explains a whooooole lot. We sure carry a lot of important information in our heads!

9. ChatGPT Is...Helpful?

1696436450346.pngChatGPT is pretty amazing, but is it as helpful as you think? I mean...do you even have to think anymore?

10. Adulting is Hard

1696436571848.pngPhoto by introverts.vibe on InstagramThe sad truth when you realize you can no longer look to your parents for all the answers and you have to rely on yourself. So when are we supposed to get good at this stuff?!


11. So Close

1696436678976.pngPhoto by menshumour on InstagramWelp, there's nothing much to say about this one other than it's a swing and a miss.

12. Can Slang Be Considered Its Own Language

1696436807779.pngBut seriously though! It feels as if there's new phrases and words being thrown out there every day. How are we supposed to keep up with it all? It all just sounds like jibberish sometimes!

13. Introverts Unite!

1696437039793.pngPhoto by 9gag on InstagramLook, some days we really just can't be bothered, you feel? Especially when you know you've got a handful coming your way, this meme is especially relatable.

14. Firedrills...Are They All That Safe?

1696437143572.pngPhoto by _obi_wan_kenobi_ on InstagramIf you've ever had to do a practice school firedrill, you already know the alphabetical ordering system is a little...questionable. Really, in an actual fire, little Zack is going to have wait for 23 people to exit out the door before he can?

15. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate


What do you mean these are supposed to be for the kids trick-or-treating on Halloween? These are all for myself...

16. Mental Boom

1696437584678.pngWe've all had our brain farts before, but this one definitely happens way too often. You ever walk into a room with a purpose but just completely forget what you were supposed to do? Yupp, happens to us all the time.


17. It's A Performance Every Night

1696437699255.pngWhen you order your martini and the bartender puts on a whole 30 minute show just for you. Is it extra? Oh, absolutely. We can't deny it's pretty fun to watch though. 

18. It's Tough Out Here

1696437836475.pngPhoto by sassygirlmemez on Instagram

By young do you mean 50? Because we sure as heck ain't got the funds to travel the world in this economy!

19. Siri, You Listening?

1696437976527.pngWe're sure Siri is trying her best, but sometimes she just doesn't get it quite right. We sure hope she'll come through in times like this though...

20. Whatcha Thinking About?

1696438070043.pngPhoto by Imgur on Instagram

Listen ladies, we definitely can get insecure sometimes, but let's just give our man the benefit of the doubt. Chances are, they're probably thinking about absolutely nothing.

21. Woo, College!


Starting college is so exciting! You know, until you actually start and you realize it's hard work and that high school is nothing compared to it. Fun!

22. SEO Masters

1696438333976.pngPhoto by ebaumsworld on InstagramWell, this restaurant has sure got it figured out. I wonder what's going to show up the next time I look for a "restaurant near me"...


23. Any Wordle Enjoyers?

1696438567946.pngPhoto by @CapybaraCountry on TwitterIf you've ever played Wordle, you know the struggle and anxiety of having only one try left to get the word. Don't tell us you can't relate to this adorable capybara!

24. Windows Updates Are the Worst

1696438720395.pngAfter a long day of work and you just want to sign off the day, that's when Windows always hits you with its multiple updates that seem neverending. I just want to log off, man!

25. A Good Ol' Throwback!

1696438886684.pngNothing better than getting to tell all your classmates, "Hey. I picked this song," and watching them all jamming out to your great taste in music.

26. Guess What?

1696439055617.pngWait...you want me to actually guess? Ain't nobody got time for that! Stop wasting my time and just tell me, am I right?

27. Sibling Rivalry

1696439136601.pngIf you've got a sibling, you know full well, you ain't ever going to let them win. It's just a fact. They're just never right.

28. Wording Means Everything

1696439322381.pngWe don't what it is about a good bogo sale, but something about it just hits different. For some reason, it feels like you're saving more! 

29. Taylor Who?

1696439429235.pngSorry Swifties, it sounds like lots of people are tired of hearing about her on the news. Do we really need another update that she's at a football game?

30. Brotherly Love

1696439538665.pngWhen you hear your brother say he's got good food in the fridge, we swear all that comes through our ears is, "Good food for me." Hey, what's mine is yours right?

31. It's For the Environment

1696440352470.pngWe definitely support biodegradable straws for the environment, but it doesn't mean they're amazing. It does sometimes feel like we're left with no straw halfway through our drinks.

32. Where'd All The Spice Go?

1696440440833.pngThere's nothing wrong with a good ol' English breakfast, but hey, where's the spice in all of Britain's other iconic dishes...

33. Your Name Is What?

1696440549169.png34. I Won The Jackpot!

1696442355640.pngAfter hours and hours of losing all your money, winning back $1000 feels like a reward I guess...It's better than nothing.

35. Truck Drivers, Man...

1696442668427.pngWe're not calling anyone out specifically, but if you know, you know. But if you don't know, just head onto the highway for a real life lesson where you'll soon be able to relate.

36. I'm Creative At Night


No wonder I struggle so much in the day coming up with clever ideas; I use all of my brain power at night and come up with the wackiest, wildest dreams that make NO sense. 

37. It's Almost Time For Christmas!

1696442970350.pngIt's almost that time of year again, when Mariah Carey comes out of her igloo full of festive Christmas fun. Time to blast "All I Want For Christmas Is You" again soon!

38. The Sleep Deprivation is Strong In This ONe

1696443097126.pngThat feeling when you get to bed at a reasonable time, only to be kept awake for no reason at all. Then you check your alarm clock and oh boy, it's already 6am...

39. Ouch, That's Gotta Hurt...

1696443268739.pngThere's nothing like getting your heart stomped on after courageously asking your crush out. C'mon, they definitely could've turned you down more nicely!

40. When The Nostalgia Hits

1696443357693.pngThat moment in adulthood when you look back and wonder why you wanted to be grown up so bad when you were a kid. Life was so much better without responsibilities!

41. The Stuffy Nose Strikes Again

1696443437392.pngNo matter how many times you twist and turn or roll over on your bed, NOTHING seems to get rid of that awful stuffy nose. That feeling is just the WORST.

42. Talk About Committed

1696443668296.pngAll we're saying is, it takes a lot of commitment and courage to continue using "[email protected]" as an adult. 

43. This One's On Me

1696443801565.pngLook, school can be tough so whatever happens, happens! I might as well get some good sleep out of it.

44. Beyonce Doesn't Float Your Boat?


We can hear the dads cackling in the corner over this hilarious dad joke. Who doesn't love a good pun? 

45. Everything's Louder At Night

1696444109894.pngIt's like we become extra clumsy whenever we're trying to be quiet at night. Listen, I'm just trying to not get caught eating a pizza pop in the middle of the night!