40 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Parents That Their Kids Will Love

40 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Parents That Their Kids Will Love

Sometimes the hardest gifts to buy are the ones that have to fit into your kid's stocking. Why? With such a small size requirement, you have to get creative! If you're struggling to come up with cool presents that your kids will absolutely love, don't sweat it because we've got you covered. Here are 40 amazing stocking stuffers to make your Christmas shopping all the easier.

1. Personalized Storybook

Include a small, personalized storybook where your child is the main character. This will make both storytime and reading a fun and educational experience! How could they not love a story with themselves as the protagonist?

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2. Themed Socks

Add a pair of socks with their favorite cartoon characters or animals. It's both practical and fun, making getting dressed more exciting.

Nick-Page-Xmg8Gbznmga-UnsplashPhoto by Nick Page on Unsplash

3. DIY Craft Kits

A mini craft kit with simple supplies for a creative project is a great stocking stuff for the kids with artistic flair. It's a great way to encourage creativity and hands-on activities.

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4. Puzzle Cubes

Here's a good one: Include a small puzzle cube, like a mini Rubik's cube, to challenge their problem-solving skills in a fun way. Besides, trying to solve a Rubik's cube as a kid is like a rite of passage! Everyone has to experience the difficulty of this puzzle.

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5. Character Band-Aids

Band-Aids with cartoon characters or fun designs is a surprisingly cool stocking stuffer - especially for kids at a young age, it can make dealing with small injuries a bit more bearable and fun.

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6. Seed Planting Kit

Does your child love plants, flowers, or gardening as a whole? So why not throw in a small seed planting kit? It's both educational and a fun project where they'll get to watch their seed grow.

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7. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

To help them decorate their room, glow-in-the-dark stars are a great option. They just stick on their ceiling, creating a nighttime sky in their own room.

Flowers-3159259 1920Image by peachpink from Pixabay

8. Finger Puppets

For the creative kids who love imaginative play and storytelling, small finger puppets are a great stocking stuffer. Not only are they great for playtime, they're easy to pack for trips or to bring in the car for long road trips.

Finger PuppetsDiablanco on Wikimedia Commons

9. Colorful Shoelaces

Kids love their shoes, so why not glam things up by gifting them some bright and colourful shoelaces? It's a simple way to add fun to their everyday wear. Try and get some in their favourite colours!

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10. Portable Snack Containers

There's nothing kids love more than snacktime, so when you're on the go, small snack containers really come in handy. For a thoughtful stocking stuffer, gift them containers with fun designs, cool characters, or bright colours.

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11. Miniature Flashlight

Here's another creative idea: how about a small flashlight for all your kid's late-night reading or adventures under the blanket? It's the perfect gift for those with wild imaginations and a love for exploration!

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12. Bubble Bath Bombs

Seriously though, what kid doesn't love a bubble bath? To make things even more exciting, a bubble bath bomb is the perfect blend of wonder and fun. They'll absolutely love bath time thanks to these marvels!

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13. Collectible Coins

Start a new hobby together by throwing in some special or foreign coins so they can start a small coin collection. It's an education gift, and it's one that might spark an interest in different cultures or history.

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14. Sticker Sheets

It's no surprise that kids love stickers, so plenty of sticker sheets featuring their favourite animals, characters, or foods is a simple but easy way to please them. They're great for decorating notebooks or personal items that need a bit more "pizzazz". 

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15. Magnetic Travel Games

Small, compact, and magnetic travel games are the perfect thing for any long road trips, flights, or waiting times. It's a great way to help your kids fight boredom and pass the time.

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16. Harmonica or Kazoo

Got a kid who just loves making sounds? Then a small musical instrument like a harmonica or a kazoo is a fantastic option to throw into their stocking. Just make sure you'll be okay dealing with all the noise!

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17. Magic Towels

Another great stocking stuff are magic towels that expand in water, revealing fun designs. It adds an element of surprise and excitement to bath time.

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18. Whoopee Cushion

If you've got a prankster in the house, a classic whoopee cushion is super fun for harmless pranks and laughter. It's a timeless toy that brings lots of giggles.

Orange Whoopee CushionSandra Fauconnier on Wikimedia Commons

19. Temporary Tattoos

As a fun cosmetic gift, kid-friendly temporary tattoos are an absolute joy. Get ones with fun designs that feature their favourite animals, cartoons, characters, food, or whatever they like. They're a hit with kids who love to show them off!

Firefox Stickers Tattoos At Fscons Mozlla Table (130791597)Oliver Propst on Wikimedia Commons

20. Miniature Animal Figures

Try gifting some small animal figures that are perfect for both imaginative play and storytelling. Your kids will love creating mini adventures with these little toys, all while learning about different animals around the world.

Zhao-Yangjun-Ffvmfhxq1Bc-UnsplashPhoto by Zhao Yangjun on Unsplash

21. Interactive Keychains

Choose keychains with fun, interactive features like lights or sounds. They can attach these to their backpacks for a personalized touch.

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22. Miniature Coloring Books

Include small coloring books with themes they love. These are perfect for travel and can provide hours of creative fun.

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23. Fun Toothbrushes

Electric or character-themed toothbrushes make oral hygiene more exciting. It's a practical gift that encourages good habits.

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24. Silly Putty or Slime

Slime has been all the rage is recent years, so there's no doubt in our minds that your kid would love to find some slime in their stocking on Christmas morning. With so many different textures, colours, and appearances to choose from, have fun picking out the perfect slime for your kids!

Triana-Nana-Vwyilokgsgm-UnsplashTriana Nana on Unsplash

25. Personalized Pencils

Kids love getting personalized versions of everyday items - a pencil is a great option if you want to go down this route! It's great for homework, activities, projects, and even for showing off at school.

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26. Origami Paper

A pack of colorful origami paper with simple folding instructions is a great stocking stuffer that provides plenty of creative and educational fun. The cool creations you end up with serve as great display pieces too!

Carolina-Garcia-Tavizon-Ay7Nkvc49Ag-Unsplash (1)Photo by Carolina Garcia Tavizon on Unsplash

27. Miniature Board Books

For younger kids, get small board books that come with sturdy pages. They're perfect for little hands and help to foster a love for reading at a young age.

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28. Customized Name Stickers

Take the sticker game up a notch and personalize them! Design some cute stickers with their name on it as a fun way for them to label and decorate their items.

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29. Handheld Water Game

A classic handheld water ring game for a screen-free entertainment option. It's challenging, engaging, and perfect for all ages.

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30. UV Color Changing Beads

What's more fun that colour-changing items? They're all the craze when you're a kid! Get some beads that change colour in the sunlight to keep them extra captivated.

Alexander-Schimmeck-Zqo2Gdm0Wec-UnsplashPhoto by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

31. Miniature Toy Cars

Now here's a classic option: small toy cars or vehicles for imaginative play. They’re timeless and can be a lot of fun for kids who love vehicles.

Nick-Xcrt6Km5S04-UnsplashPhoto by Nick on Unsplash

32. Glow Sticks

For some extra fun in the dark, these glow sticks are the perfect gift. Great for parties, camping trips, or just playing around the house, these are sure to delight.

Ryan-Franco-Ywh8Ectfvbo-UnsplashPhoto by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

33. Lip Balm in Fun Flavors

Gotta keep those dry lips in check! Kid-friendly lip balms come in a variety of fun flavours and colours, making it a practical but entertaining gift. 

Diana-Polekhina-Sd4F7Jbzwfe-UnsplashPhoto by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

34. Magnetic Bookmarks

For all the young book lovers, magnetic bookmarks are awesome gifts that can feature favourite characters or bright colours. The best part? You can never have too many cute bookmarks.

Kasturi-Roy-Byy9Hndox0K-UnsplashPhoto by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

35. Miniature Puzzle Sets

If you're eyeing some puzzles to put in your kid's stockings, make sure you pick small sets that are challenging, but doable for their age. It's a good activity that helps strengthen their problem-solving skills (all while having loads of fun).

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36. Fun Erasers

Eraser sets in shapes of animals, food, or other fun themes. These are practical for school and also fun to collect and trade.

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37. Pocket-sized Notebook

A small notebook is perfect for kids who just love doodling or jotting down thoughts. It encourages writing and drawing in a convenient size.

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38. Bouncy Balls

We can't quite pinpoint the appeal, but for some reasons, kids just LOVE balls that bounce. It's a small and simple gift, but it's sure to bring them a lot of joy.

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39. Kid-Friendly Joke Book

For all the growing comedians, a small book filled with age-appropriate jokes is a unique gift option. It's a fun way for them to learn new jokes to share with friends, but also with you!

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40. Character Toothpaste

Let's just making brush their teeth a good time all around! Flavoured toothpaste with their favourite characters on the packaging makes any kid's daily nighttime routine all the more fun. 

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