40 Movies Dads Can't Resist on Family Movie Night

40 Movies Dads Can't Resist on Family Movie Night

Many households look forward to their family movie nights, and dads are guaranteed to be the ones who make the final decision. They have their favourites - but the best part is, the whole family loves these movies too! From action-packed adventures to heartwarming classics, it's pretty likely that your dad is a fan of these flicks. Here are 40 movies that dads love to share with their families, and who knows - your next family flick might be on the list!

1. "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Charm, adventure, Indian Jones? This classic, starring Harrison Ford as the daring archaeologist, is thrilling from start to finish, filled with action, humour, and just a sprinkle of supernatural mystery. It's a perfect blend of excitement and nostalgia that dads love to revisit. Plus, all dads love Harrison Ford.

Indiana_Jones_e_il_quadrante_del_destino_logo.jpgVia Wikipedia Commons

2. "Back to the Future"

This time-travelling adventure is a hit across generations. You can't really beat the dynamic duo that is Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd's eccentric Doc Brown. The mix of science fiction, 80s nostalgia, and a rocking soundtrack truly make it a family favourite, one that will be around for generations.

Back-to-the-future-logo.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

3. "The Lion King"

 "The Lion King" offers a powerful story about family, responsibility, and of course, the circle of life. It's a heartwarming story that evokes emotion in both dads and kids alike. Its unforgettable soundtrack and stunning animation make it a timeless pick for movie night. Every member of the family is bound to be singing along to "Hakuna Matata."

The_Lion_King_2019_logo.pngVia Wikimedia Commons

4. "Star Wars: A New Hope"

A cornerstone of modern pop culture, dads often relish the chance to share the adventures of Luke, Leia, and Han Solo with their kids, along with the timeless battle between good and evil. Its scifi-ness is something that really resonates with most dads - it's like the equivalent of what faeries and vampires are for moms.

Star_wars2.svgVia Wikimedia Commons


5. "Toy Story"

Did you know this was Pixar's FIRST feature film? And it's almost 30 years old! The story of Woody, Buzz, and the gang explores themes of friendship and change in a way that's both entertaining and poignant, striking a chord with dads and kids alike.

Toy_Story_logo.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

6. "Jurassic Park"

Dads really can't pass up a good Stephen Spielberg film - it's like it's in their DNA. This groundbreaking film about a dinosaur theme park gone crazy is a thrilling and suspenseful watch that never gets old. The blend of action, adventure, and wild special effects makes it a hit for dads.

jurassicpark28733067663.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

7. "The Princess Bride"

With its blend of romance, humour, and swashbuckling action, it's a film that dads enjoy sharing with the whole family. It's a timeless classic that will have you quoting it even after you've finished watching it. 

fantasyworldsofmythandmagicempseattle-theprincessbride15632814460.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

8. "Ghostbusters"

A classic blend of comedy and supernatural thrills, "Ghostbusters" is beloved by dads for its witty humour and memorable characters. It's a fun and slightly spooky film that's perfect for family movie night.

viewoftheghostbusterscamarointhehamleystoyparade-geographorguk-5200178.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

9. "Finding Nemo"

This heartwarming tale of a father's quest to find his lost son is both entertaining and touching. The vibrant underwater world and memorable characters make "Finding Nemo" a family favourite. You also can't forget to continue on the journey with "Finding Dory," which is just as loveable as its predecessor. 

Finding_Nemo_logo.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

10. "The Incredibles"

This Pixar hit about a family of superheroes trying to live a normal life is a favourite for a reason. Its action, humour, and fun characters make it a movie that showcases family in a fun and exciting way. Your dad may even want to dress up as The Incredibles for Halloween! 

The_Incredibles_logo.svgVia Wikimedia Commons


11. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

The film that started the magical journey of Harry Potter is a wonderful mix of fantasy and adventure. It's a great way to introduce kids to the wizarding world, and many dads enjoy reliving the magic with their families.

Harry_Potter_and_the_Forbidden_Journey_by_night_USJ.jpegVia Wikimedia Commons

12. "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial"

This Spielberg classic about a young boy who befriends an alien is a touching story about friendship and belonging. It's a movie that captures the wonder and innocence of childhood, making it a perfect family watch.

etelextraterrestre.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

13. "Shrek"

With its clever humor and subversion of classic fairy tale tropes, "Shrek" is a hit with dads and kids alike. Its unique charm and memorable characters make it a standout choice for movie night.

shrek-ogrodbajekwmiedzygorzu.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

14. "The Karate Kid"

This inspiring story about a young boy learning karate to stand up to bullies is a classic underdog tale. It's a film that many dads grew up watching and love to share with their kids.

karatekid2944550918.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

15. "The Sandlot"

A great film about childhood, friendship, and baseball, "The Sandlot" is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many dads. It's a fun and heartwarming movie that captures the spirit of summer.

Marines_find_diamond_in_the_rough_on_Camp_Fallujah_DVIDS30293.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

16. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl"

This swashbuckling adventure is a thrilling watch with its memorable characters and exciting action. It's a film that combines humor, adventure, and a bit of supernatural intrigue.

Pirates_of_the_Caribbean.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons


17. "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"

This whimsical and slightly surreal film is a childhood favorite for many dads. The imaginative story and memorable songs make it a magical experience for the whole family.

Wonka_Golden_420_Ticket.pngVia Wikimedia Commons

18. "The Goonies"

A tale of adventure and friendship, "The Goonies" is a classic that many dads love to revisit. It's a fun and exciting story that captures the spirit of childhood exploration.

Goonies_letras.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

19. "Wall-E"

This Pixar film is a beautiful and poignant tale about a lonely robot. Its themes of love, environmental stewardship, and perseverance resonate with dads and kids alike.


20. "Jumanji"

The original "Jumanji," with its blend of humor, adventure, and a touch of danger, is a thrilling watch for the whole family. It's a fun and exciting film that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

Robin_Williams_Happy_Feet_premiere.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

21. "Iron Man"

The film that kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Iron Man" is a favorite for its mix of action, humor, and the charismatic performance of Robert Downey Jr. It's a superhero movie that dads enjoy for its cool factor and heart.

lbcc2013-tonystarkcaptainamericaandironman11027935044.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

22. "The Wizard of Oz"

This timeless classic is a magical journey that never gets old. With its iconic songs, memorable characters, and the universal message of home, it's a film that dads love sharing with their kids.

Judy_Garland_in_The_Wizard_of_Oz_trailer.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons


23. "Up"

Pixar's "Up" is an adventure that's both heartwarming and fun. The story of Carl and Russell's journey to Paradise Falls is a beautiful tale about friendship and fulfilling lifelong dreams.

Up_movie.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

24. "Home Alone"

A hilarious tale of a young boy defending his home against bumbling burglars, "Home Alone" is a holiday staple and a comedy classic that dads and kids both find endlessly entertaining.

Macaulay_Culkin_1991_B.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

25. "The Sound of Music"

This musical classic, with its unforgettable songs and heartwarming story, is a film that many dads grew up watching. It's a wonderful movie for singing along and enjoying with the whole family.

Mary_Martin_in_The_Sound_of_Music_by_Toni_Frissell.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

26. "Mrs. Doubtfire"

Featuring Robin Williams in one of his most beloved roles, this comedy about a father going to great lengths to spend time with his kids is both hilarious and touching.

dragoncon2015-mrsdoubtfire21905038505.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

27. "The Avengers"

A blockbuster hit, "The Avengers" brings together iconic superheroes for an epic adventure. It's a film that dads enjoy for its action-packed storyline and dynamic character interactions.

The_Avengers_Logo_Black.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

28. "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"

The first in the epic fantasy trilogy, this film is a breathtaking journey through Middle-earth. It's a favorite for its incredible storytelling, memorable characters, and stunning visuals.

elsenordelosanilloslectura.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

29. "Cars"

Pixar's "Cars" is a fun and charming movie that combines humor, heart, and a love for racing. It's a hit with dads and kids, especially those who share a love for automobiles.

Cars_Logo_Black.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

30. "Big"

Tom Hanks shines in this heartwarming film about a boy who wishes to be an adult. It's a fun and nostalgic movie that reminds dads of the joys and challenges of growing up.

Tom_Hanks_2016.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

31. "Men in Black"

A sci-fi adventure with a comedic twist, "Men in Black" is a fun watch for its cool gadgets, aliens, and the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.


32. "Spider-Man" (2002)

The film that brought Spider-Man to the big screen is a favorite for its action, heart, and the relatable story of Peter Parker. It's a superhero movie that dads love for its mix of excitement and emotional depth.

Spider-Man-Logo.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

33. "The Dark Knight"

Known for its intense action and compelling storyline, "The Dark Knight" is a hit with dads for its deeper themes and Heath Ledger's unforgettable portrayal of the Joker.

Batsuit_from_The_Dark_Knight_Rises.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

34. "Ratatouille"

This delightful Pixar film about a rat with a passion for cooking is a hit for its unique story, charming characters, and beautiful message about following one's dreams.

basil513561097.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons

35. "Forrest Gump"

A film that captures the heart and imagination, "Forrest Gump" is loved for its drama and the remarkable story of its titular character. A real classic for all to love. 

Forrest_Gump.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

36. "Monsters, Inc."

This Pixar tale about the monsters in the closet is a classic. It's a hit with dads and kids for its humour and the charismatic dymanic between the lovable duo of Mike and Sulley.

monstersinclogo.svgImage caption

37. "Lion King" (2019)

The photorealistic remake of the classic "Lion King" brings a new dimension to the beloved story. It's a film that dads (and everyone else in your family) will enjoy for its nostalgia and stunning visuals, and don't forget about its irresistible soundtrack now voiced by Beyonce and Childish Gambino. 

beyonceatthelionkingeuropeanpremiere2019.pngVia Wikimedia Commons

38. "The Matrix"

A groundbreaking sci-fi film, "The Matrix" is a favorite for its innovative action sequences, thought-provoking storyline, and its cool, cyberpunk aesthetic. Men, but more specifically, dads, love movies like this because it immerses them into a world of action and adventure. 

The-matrix-logo.svgVia Wikimedia Commons

39. "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Known for its humour and out-of-this-world soundtrack, "Guardians of the Galaxy" is a fun space adventure that's a hit with dads and families alike. The entire soundtrack literally caters to our dad's generation. It's full of "dad" music, if you will. Which is why it's a perfect choice for movie night with dad. 

Guardians_of_the_Galaxy-Logo.pngVia Wikimedia Commons

40. "School of Rock"

A fun and uplifting film about the power of music and following one's passion, "School of Rock" is enjoyed for its humour, energy, and Jack Black's charismatic performance. Dads love Jack Black and his sense of humour. so your dad is for sure going to be singing and laughing along throughout the entire film. 

2016_RiP_Tenacious_D_-_Jack_Black_-_by_2eight_-_8SC8891.jpgVia Wikimedia Commons