40 Marvel Memes To Geek Out About

40 Marvel Memes To Geek Out About

Even though some of our beloved superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow are no longer around, they’ll always be immortalized…in these memes! If you’re a comic book fan, a Marvel movie lover, or just simply a meme connoisseur, we’ve got the perfect collection of Marvel-themed memes here for you today. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to break down in laughter!

1. A Cowardly Exit


Not even a final comeback? Ha! That's a definite win for me.

2. A Short Lifespan


Thank you for everything you've done for us as Iron Man. Unfortunately, the lifespan of Iron is not as long as we would've liked...

3. A Movie Theory


This is how fans are expecting the new and upcoming Deadpool movie to go. Who can resist Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?

4. Send Me to This Universe


The difference in Aunt Mays is too big. This universe is clearly the winner (as you can see by the Peters' reactions).


5. Not My Captain America


Hm, Captain Puerto Rico doesn't quite have the same ring to it. How about adding 49 more stars to your suit, Cap?

6. The Hulk Is Shrek?


It's almost creepy how these two scenes give off the same vibe. Shrek and the Hulk? We can see the similarities.

7. Honestly, Same

1699469580405.pngvia CheezburgerDon't worry Thor. We're pretty sure that was us too.

8. Meet, Tree

699Df482D9164A14Acb7931A0Cf9D99Fmc on Pinterest

He's technically not wrong - just don't forget he has a name too, Thor!

9. He Was Right All Along

600A9C58905627520C6E52Bcb2E875539GAG on Pinterest

Everyone listen to Ned the next time he's in an Avenger's movie - he clearly knows something we don't. 

10. A Childhood Throwback

C84A0061Ae2739Da209A249Afa21807CWattpad on Pinterest

Anyone remember this iconic scene from the first Madagascar movie? Cause we're getting the same vibes from this scene in Thor: Ragnarok!


11. All You Need is Love


The family might be a bit of a problem, but hey, that's a future you's problem!

12. The Cheap Version


We're sorry Marvel but, there's no way anyone saw this scene and didn't immediately think of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

13. The Wrong Fan

3F3112D35C8Bf11B2A5Da5A33A42066BBored Panda on Pinterest

Hey son, Iron Man's pretty cool too right? Why not switch it up this time and go for him?

14. This Is The Better Plan


Listen, this idea is clearly the route we should go. Peter will definitely appreciate this so much more!

15. Men Do Cry


No spoilers! If you know, you know.

16. Sherlock Holmes x Marvel

1699467011102.pngHmmm, we're seeing a clear correlation here. Who's next in line to be Sherlock Holmes we wonder...


17. Deja Vu


Okay, okay we get it. You might not know this but we've heard you say the same thing 100 times already. Move on man.

18. The Worst Form of Payment


Yeah, that's the last form of payment we'd ever willingly choose. Visa it is.

19. That's Not Marvel!


Come on guys, are we still doing this? We should all know which superheroes are from which franchise now right?!

20. Rocks For the Win


The answer might've seemed obvious at first, until we realized how strong these rocks really are...

21. A Monster on Screen


Kudos to Hiddleston's acting! He's great at playing villains on screen!

22. YOLO


Well, it's worked out pretty well for all of them so far. Some times you just got to take the risk.


23. Among Us Cosplay


Colourful suits set in space? Hm, seems oddly familiar doesn't it?

24. Say The Line...

5F9A203B4Ac66D60A8B3Ffadbe1Ef49CWren on Pinterest

The dream job everyone wishes they had: say one line to become a millionaire.

25. Reality vs Online


"Reality is often disappointing."

26. A Stark Difference


Don't take it personally Peter. He just doesn't know you all that well yet.

27. Accept This Man


We will happily accept him in any role as long as he's in the MCU!

28. Something Doesn't Add Up


Never let your guard down so easily like that. Something is clearly wrong...

29. Best Friends For Life


Not sure if we're at that level of friendship yet...or if we'll ever hit that level of friendship. Sorry Peter 3.

30. After All These Years


There's nothing quite like getting the recognition and appreciation from a dog. Once you gain that, you are truly worthy.

31. The Next Mark Is...?


Wow, he fits in perfectly here. We wonder what/who the next Mark will be!

32. Happiness to Sadness Real Quick


Quite literally every fan's emotions after watching the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Such a great film!

33. In It For the Long Run


Just have to wait a little bit longer guys! We're sure all of our patience will be rewarded.

34. Patiently Waiting


We're just waiting to jump back into the main storyline. Hopefully soon!

35. Is It Happily Ever After Yet?


Come on Marvel, just give our favourite superhero his happy ending already!

36. Bucky, Is That You?!

1699469117203.png@waystarrs on XThis adorable little kitten has got his Halloween costume set for the rest of the life. Have you seen a better Bucky Barnes?

37. Every Marvel Poster

394086899 327637656535451 7389187849534852927 NMarvel Memes on Facebook

Yupp, that pretty much sums it up. 

38. Just to Be Safe

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Well, it's nice to know he has our back should the world ever need saving.

39. You Had One Job

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Come on Mom, it was just one little thing!

40. Shrek in Endgame

1699469467421.pngvia CheezburgerThe fact that it even looks remotely familiar is disturbing enough!