40 Game of Thrones Memes That Are Too Real

40 Game of Thrones Memes That Are Too Real

Hey there, Game of Thrones enthusiasts! If you've ever felt a bit let down by the show's final season, you're not alone. But fear not, because we've got something to lift your spirits. We've scoured the web for 40 Game of Thrones memes that are bound to make you laugh harder than Tyrion at a wine-tasting. From epic battles to the drama of the Iron Throne, these memes capture all the good stuff from the series, giving us a much-needed dose of humour. Fair warning, there are spoilers ahead! 

1. Tell Cersei


The greatest mic-drop in the entire show. Let's hear it for Lady Olenna. 

2. Good Boys


The most loyal boys in all seven kingdoms. No wonder they both lasted the entire duration of the show. 

3. Kingslayer


Kingslaying is in his blood, so maybe he knew somehow? It's like he can sniff a king out from miles away. 

4. Onion Knight


The only character development that actually matters. Ser Davos the Grammar Police. 


5. No One


Literally the most useless plotline in the entire show. What was supposed to come out of this exactly? 

6. Match Made in Heaven


True love knows no bounds with these two. A partnership made in heaven (all seven of them). 

7. Avocado Heaven


Dany seems like she knows how to pick a good avocado. 

8. When Worlds Collide


Same story, different book. George R.R. Martin actually took some inspiration from Lord of The Rings, so the similarities aren't all that surprising. 

9. World-Class


Nobody has done more killing in these books than George himself. Any character you love, or even hate, he's probably killed. 

10. Sisterly Love


Nobody loves their sister like Jaime Lannister does. I think that's a good thing, though. 


11. Winter Is Coming


Boromir, what are you doing here? 

12. Winds of Winter


Maybe if we had the last books... the ending of the show wouldn't have been butchered. 

13. Survivors


There's no better duo than Arya Stark and Gendry Baratheon (Rivers). Two children from two great houses, conquering the world? That's something I would have liked to see. 

14. Just Gonna Stand There


This one still hurts. She was so pure and good. I'll never forgive Stannis for this. He sucks. 

15. Traitor


Oh, Olly. You could have been so good. Steward to the Lord Commander. 

16. A+ For Effort


Literally, good for nothing. The best thing that came out of Bran's story was learning about Jon's true parentage... and then they didn't do anything with that information. 


17. Pedigree Doesn't Compare to a Bolton


Nothing tastes better to dogs than some Bolton, am I right? 

18. Essos With Not a Care in the World


I'm actually curious to know what would have happened to Essos if the Night King hadn't been defeated. Would they have lived on? Or would the Night King have found a way to cross the Narrow Sea? Guess we'll never know. 

19. Dull Affairs


The Red Wedding is still so painful to think about. RIP Robb and Catelyn. 

20. Man of Many Words


Butchered his character in this season, in my opinion. He could have been great. 

21. Literally Anyone Else


No like, literally anyone would have been better. Too bad they're all dead, though. 

22. King Aegon


This whole plot literally was a waste of time. 


23. Daenarys Targaryen


Another absolutely useless character arc gone to the wind in the last season. 

24. Not Quite


Yeah, this one was hard. But it taught me to never get too attached to certain characters. 

25. Yikes


Well, this is awkward. 

26. That's It?


Seriously, they didn't need to try so hard to finish the show in such a short amount of time. 

27. He Knew


This guy was right all along, and nobody believed him. And he lost his head for it. Poor guy. 

28. To the... 


This was too perfect not to add to this list. 

29. As a Matter of Fact


This just felt like it needed some clarification, you know? 

30. Direwolves Reign Supreme


Anytime I saw a direwolf's head removed from its body, I couldn't help but shed a tear. 

31. Dream Ending


In a perfect world, all 3 of Dany's dragons survived. 

32. Red Keep


It's the only reason why she stayed alive for so long. 

33. Left on Read


Yikes, that's awkward. 

34. What a Banger


Nothing gets me pumped up like the Game of Thrones theme song. 

35. Rest in Pieces


It's the only thing any of us have ever wanted. 

36. Jon Targaryen


Yeah, this one would have been a bit difficult to explain. 

37. He Died for Us


I'm right here, you moron! 

38. A Gift


It is me. What else could you need? 

39. Finding Gendry


Rumour has it he's still out there somewhere, with no arms because he rowed until they fell off. 

40. What We All Waited For


Isn't it great?! Although, I wish Sansa was the one to do it. 

The list could go on but here we have 40 of the most accurate Game of Thrones memes that are much better than the finale. Years later and we're still thinking about this show. What is dead may never die!