25 Great Gender-Neutral Baby Names If You're Still Waiting For The Big Reveal

25 Great Gender-Neutral Baby Names If You're Still Waiting For The Big Reveal

If you skipped out on finding the gender of your baby before he/she is born, you're probably stressing about naming options. Do we just create a list of both girl and boy names? Well, that is one option, but another route you can go is thinking of gender-neutral names. From Jamie to Avery to Robin, there are plenty of lovely gender-neutral names that work great for both boys and girls. Check out this list to see if any catch your eye!

1. Avery

With origins in Old English, Avery is a name that means either "wise" or "ruler of the elves." It's definitely unique! It's a great gender-neutral name that just feels incredibly versatile, making it the perfect choice if you want to have a name ready, but are still waiting for that big gender reveal.

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2. Riley

Riley has Irish and British origins, translating to "valiant" or "courageous." With such a great meaning, it'll work fantastically for either a boy or a girl! This gender-neutral name will be perfect for any baby ready to face the world.

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3. Jordan

Jordan is a gender-neutral name coming from Hebrew origins meaning "to flow down." Likely derived from the name of the river between Jordan and Israel, it's a name that sounds peaceful and resilient. It'll likely appeal to parents looking for something with a bit more spiritual and historical significance.

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4. Quinn

Short and sweet, Quinn is a name with Irish origins translating to "wise" or "counsel." It has a lovely sound to it, and any parent would find it fitting for either a boy or girl.

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5. Skyler

Skyler has a beautiful open and airy connotation to it, evoking images of a blue sky. It's a gender-neutral name that works great for any positive and energetic baby.

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6. Alex

Alex is a pretty common name, but for good reason. Meaning "defender of the people," it's a timeless name that has carried a lot of history with it. We're sure parents will love the name no matter if you're having a boy or girl.

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7. Casey

Coming from Irish origins, Casey means "vigilant" or "watchful." It's a name that rolls beautifully off the tongue and will definitely entice parents thanks to its lovely sound.

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8. Taylor

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, anyone? Perfect for both baby girls and baby boys, Taylor is such a versatile name that has a classic sound. It's certainly a name we predict will "never go out of style." Catch that reference?

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9. Morgan

Morgan has roots in Welsh mythology, meaning "sea-born" or "sea-circle." It's a name that captures the mystery and beauty of the ocean, suggesting depth, intuition, and a strong connection to nature.

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Sage simply means "wise," and is a beautiful name fitting for any bouncing baby girl or boy. It's a more uncommon name on this list, making it an excellent choice if you're a parent looking for something more unique.

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11. Phoenix

Now here's a powerful name option: Phoenix. Symbolizing rebirth and immortality, it's derived from the mythical bird of the same name that rises from its ashes. Resilient and strong, it's a stunning name that will surely catch the attention of everyone they meet.

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12. Rowan

Rowan is a name of Gaelic origin, associated with the rowan tree, which is revered for its protective qualities. This name suggests growth, protection, and a deep connection to nature, making it a meaningful choice for a child.

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13. Dakota

Meaning "friend" or "ally," Dakota has a lovely meaning that matches its lovely sound. A name that was once more popular for boys, Dakota is slowly growing in the charts as a popular girls' name too! And with such a sweet meaning like that, we can see why.

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14. Jamie

Another popular naming choice, Jamie is a name that feels both modern and timeless. There's a nice charm to the name that makes it sound friendly, making it a great name for parents seeking something that feels warm and approachable.

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15. Parker

Parker, originally an English surname meaning "keeper of the park," has become a favored first name for its outdoorsy connotation and fun energy. It's an excellent gender-neutral name if you're looking for something a bit more unique and different.

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16. Hayden

Hayden has English origins translating to "hedged valley." Although its typically more common for boys, it works as a great girl's name too! 

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17. Finley

Meaning "fair-haired hero," Finley is a Scottish name you probably haven't heard much of around here. It's got a whimsical sound to it that might make it an attractive choice for parents looking for something light-hearted and sweet.

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18. Harlow

Harlow, an Old English surname meaning "rock hill" or "army hill," has gained popularity as a first name for its vintage charm and Hollywood glamor. It's just got a great elegant and classic feel to it that many parents are loving as a gender-neutral name!

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19. Reese

Although it was primarily a boy's name in the past, Reese, meaning "enthusiasm," quickly became a popular girl's name after famous actress Reese Witherspoon came onto the scene. It's a name that sparks energy and life, making it perfectly suited for any bright and bubbly baby girl or boy making their way into the world.

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20. Peyton

For something a bit more vintage, Peyton is an English name with a unique meaning - it translates to "fighting-man's estate." While the meaning might not attract parents to it, the sound of the name certainly will. It's got the right amount of tradition and modernity, making it a beautiful-sounding name that works well for boys and girls.

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21. Jude

Jude, deriving from the Hebrew name Judah meaning "praised," is a succinct name that also carries a gentle yet profound resonance. It's a name that feels both classic and contemporary, offering a sense of depth and simplicity.

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22. Sloan

With Irish origins meaning "warrior," it makes Sloan a powerful and strong name for any baby girl or boy. Having such a great meaning, any parent would hope their baby will grow to carry such traits too.

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23. Robin

Whether you associate it with the famous character Robin Hood or the beautiful and cheerful bird of the same name, Robin is simply a name that sparks joy. There's a lovely brightness to the name that makes it an appealing choice for any parent.

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24. Blake

Whether you're a fan of lovely actress Blake Lively or fun country singer Blake Shelton, Blake is a great versatile name. It's a short name that comes out strongly, but despite its harsh sound, it's an appealing name that fits modern preferences.

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25. Billie

Although Billie was probably more commonly used as a boy's name in the past, recent changes including the rise of beloved female singer Billie Eilish, has changed the minds of parents that it works as a great girl's name too. It's got a lot of flair and personality to it, perfect for parents wanting something that stands out.

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