20 Ways To Give Senior Pets The Care They Deserve

20 Ways To Give Senior Pets The Care They Deserve

Pets age far too quickly, and it’s one of life’s biggest cruelties. It’s not easy to see or deal with, but there are lots of things you can to do help a senior furbaby transition into their new phase of life. Here are 20 ways to make it easier for both of you.

1. Regular Check-Ups

Your pet will need more frequent vet trips as they age. It can get costly, but regular check-ups can nip problems in the bud or treat any oncoming illnesses before they worsen. 

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2. Adjust Their Diet

Old pets won’t eat the way they used to. A new diet could include special formulas for protein intake or joint health. Either way, prepare to make some adjustments as the years creep in.

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3. More Bathroom Breaks

Don’t be too shocked (or upset) if your pet needs more bathroom breaks. Aging animals always run the risk of incontinence, but you can keep your floors and pet clean with more trips outside. 

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4. Be Patient

Older pets come with an onslaught of health issues—they can experience hearing loss, blindness, or a decline in cognitive ability. Some days may be harder than others, but it’s important you don’t lash out if they piddle indoors or bark more often. You’re one of the biggest sources of comfort. 

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5. Ensure Their Comfort

Older pets may lose their traction or muscle mass, making it harder to walk around. Hallway runners or comfortable sleeping mats can reduce the odds of injury and keep them comfortable throughout the day.

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6. Prepare for Ailments

No one wants to see it, but as pets get older they also get weaker. Not only does this take a toll on your mood, but it can mean costlier vet bills as more treatment and medication are introduced. Frequent vet trips will keep you in the loop of what’s to come so you can better prepare.

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7. Regular Grooming

Older pets need the same grooming as younger ones! Don’t neglect basic hygiene—make sure they take baths and get their nails trimmed. Regular brushing also informs you of any skin conditions. 

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8. Gentle Exercise

The heart is there, but the energy certainly isn’t. Senior pets still need exercise but be mindful of how much they get. Take shorter walks or cut down on playtime so they have ample time to rest. 

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9. No More Stairs

If you can help it, aging pets should avoid steep staircases. Introduce them to ramps or pet stairs early so that they’re prepared when they truly need them. 

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10. Brush Their Teeth

Dental care is important in all phases of life, so don’t neglect it now. In fact, senior pets arguably need it more to ward off any decay or disease, which are more prevalent as they age.

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11. Entertain Them

Aging pets need mental stimulation, especially with a lack of exercise. Lots of brain games and toys are available at pet stores (or online), so be sure to invest in ones that keep their minds sharp. 

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12. A Nice Sleeping Spot

Keep your senior pet comfy with the right bed. As their joints age with them, orthopedic beds provide your pets with the comfort they need to sleep—all without pain or exacerbated aches. 

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13. Manage Their Weight

It’s vital to stay on top of your pet’s weight. If they’re too heavy, you run the risk of even more joint pain. However, weight loss could be a sign of health issues. Be sure to monitor them and book appointments accordingly.  

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14. Consider Supplements

Check with your vet before introducing any supplements. Once you get the okay, look into ones that can help with joint pain or better skin. They’re often not hard to work into their diet and can do a world of good.

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15. Massage Joints

Pamper your pet a little with a nice massage. Learn the proper techniques online first, but once you do, a nice massage encourages blood flow and soothes joint pain. 

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16. Keep Closer Watch

Animals seldom convey when they’re in pain—at least coherently. More whining or limping are obvious cause for concern, but keep a watchful eye for more subtle clues. You know your pet better than anyone, so you’ll know what to look for.

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17. Lots of Love

Caring for a senior pet isn’t easy, but it’s harder for them. Show them lots of love as they age. Invite them onto the sofa or give them more pets during the day. After so many years by your side, they’ve earned it!

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18. Keep Them Social

If your pet likes company, book some time with a playmate. Whether it’s another pet or one of their favorite people, keeping them social is a great way to work their minds and show how loved they are.

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19. Comfortable Temperatures

Older pets are more sensitive to temperature changes, so be sure your home is kept at a comfortable level. In the wintertime, don’t be afraid to throw a cozy blanket over them. 

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20. Special Dates

Take your pet on adventures! It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, but a walk to the park or a visit to the pet-friendly cafe gives you quality time together. 

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