20 Things Women Find Sexy In A Man

20 Things Women Find Sexy In A Man

Whether it's their looks, their smell, or their actions, there are a couple of things women can universally agree on that are sexy features in a man. Let's discuss 20 of them today! How many of these do you agree with?

1. Muscular Build

While not everything is about physical appearance, it is true that most women find a well-toned body to be incredibly attractive and sexy. It shows that the man takes good care of himself and that there's a strength to him to be admired. 

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2. Strong Eye Contact

Women love it when men have strong eye contact! Not in a creepy way of course, but in a way that shows they're genuinely interested in you and that they hear what you're saying. Nothing sexier than a man who's showcasing he wants to have a deeper connection with you!

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3. Passionate

Being with a man who's passionate about his own hobbies and interests is very appealing to women. Watching their eyes light up and sparkle when discussing their favourite topics is absolutely adorable, and women love seeing a man who's driven and shows a lot of enthusiasm.

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4. Their Hands

Yes, women love men's hands. They love how large they are in comparison to their own, and the warmth they impart when holding them. There's a roughness to them that feels reassuring, as if you can feel their strength and willingness to protect you.

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5. Elbow Rolled Sleeves

Here's one look that will always catch the eye of a woman: the rolled-up sleeves. Something about men's forearms is just so attractive! Giving off a casual yet sexy vibe, this simple detail is one many women can appreciate.

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6. Deep Voices

The deep, huskiness of a man's voice just oozes masculinity, making it an attractive aspect of a man you might've never considered before. There's a reason everyone loves Morgan Freeman's voice so much!

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7. Their Scent

Men who wear a pleasant cologne that enhances their scent can come off as extremely seductive for women. Never underestimate the power of smell! It's just as important as sight and touch. Smell can leave a longer lasting impression than you might realize.

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8. Confidence

Confidence that comes off as positive and not cocky is a universally attractive trait that just boasts sexiness. Nothing more attractive than a man who feels secure and sure about himself! It's what we all aspire to be.

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9. Well-Fitted Shirts

Muscles can only take you so far - it's all about how you show off your body that counts! Women love men who wear well-fitted clothes that shape their body, especially a nice shirt. It's a simple factor that demonstrates a man's attention to detail, but also his good taste and care for his appearance.

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10. Pretty Eyes

Tying in with good eye contact, it's a double whammy if a man's got beautiful eyes. It's not as much how they look, but the emotions they give off. Are his eyes able to communicate warmth and kindness? If so, women find that especially sexy. The ability to make you feel safe and comfortable with just a glance is so powerful.

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11. Lifting Things Too Heavy for Yourself

Women love feeling cared for, so it makes sense why they love it when men are able to effortlessly carry heavy objects for them. It might seem superficial, but it's an easy way to showcase a man's strength and desire to help. It makes them feel more dependable!

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12. Handyman Skills

It's not just about physical appearance, it's about skill and ability too! A man who's good with his hands and is able to fix things around the house is a keeper for sure. It's demonstrates a strong ability to problem solve, a proactiveness to take actions into their own hands, and that they're reliable in situations when you need help.

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13. Sense of Style

It's not about wearing designer clothes or expensive jewelry, it's about knowing what looks best for you. Men who are able to dress in a way that highlights their strong points are very attractive. After all, physical appearance is the first point of attraction.

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14. Good Posture

Surprisingly, having good posture is something that many women claim to find sexy in a man. It's likely because it's tied with confidence - a man who stands tall and approachable is a lot more enticing than a man who's hunched over and slouching.

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15. Casually Flexing Forearms

While purposefully flexing can come off as annoying or cocky, women do love it when men flex their forearms without meaning to. What this means is, whether they're grabbing something or lifting something up, seeing this subtle display of strength can be really sexy and appealing.

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16. Strong Jawline

Having strong and defined features is a common attractive point that many can universally agree on. For men, it's a strong sign of masculinity and strength, making his appearance look all the more striking. 

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17. Broad Shoulders

We're not exactly sure what it is about broad shoulders that women love, but it's a commonly brought up point of attraction when asked what women find sexy in a man. Perhaps it feels comforting, suggests strength, or just looks sexy.

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18. Intelligence

Is intelligence sexy? Most women will say yes, definitely! Men who know how to carry a conversation, are able to bring something new to the table, and are able to speak in a knowledgeable manner are incredibly attractive. The ability to have meaningful conversations with a partner is something that many women treasure and desire after all.

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19. A Good Sense of Humor

You may not think it at first, but having a good sense of humour can be a sexy trait in a man! It shows that he has a positive, care-free attitude and cares about seeing you laugh and smile. Sometimes, it's not about what you see or smell, what's sexy can be how a man makes you feel.

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20. Well-Groomed Facial Hair

Cleanliness and good hygiene are incredibly important, which is why a man who has well-groomed facial hair comes off as so attractive. For women who love facial hair on a man, it's likely because it gives off a rugged, masculine appeal. But even then, it's crucial that it's kept clean and tidy, or else it can quickly become an unattractive feature rather than a sexy one.

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