20 Things About Generation Alpha That Boomers Just Don't Get

20 Things About Generation Alpha That Boomers Just Don't Get

The jump from how the world used to be when Boomers were young to how they are now for Generation Alpha is a massive one. Everything's different! From technology being present in our day-to-day lives to changes in how we communicate or find information, there are a lot of things about this new generation that Boomers simply don't understand. We've listed 20 of them down below!

1. Digital Natives from Birth

Unlike Boomers, Gen Alpha has been completely immersed in technology from the moment they were born. They're the first generation to be raised in a world where smartphones, tablets, and internet connectivity are everywhere and considered "essential" items rather than novel or luxurious ones.

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2. Social Media as a Primary Communication Tool

Social media isn't just a pastime for Gen Alpha, it's the most popular way to communicate, socialize, and form their identities. It's a completely different experience from what Boomers had, where face-to-face interaction and telephone calls were primary modes of communication.

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3. E-Learning and Online Education

The new concept of online education isn't all that shocking for Generation Alpha, because they're accustomed to learning through digital platforms. In comparison, all Boomers experienced education in a traditional classroom setting, where it was all about physical textbooks and in person instruction.

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4. Environmental Consciousness from an Early Age

Compared to the past, Generation Alphas are born into a society where there's a heightened awareness and concern for environmental issues. This is a massive and important shift from when Boomers were growing up, a time where environmentalism wasn't at the forefront.

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5. The Gig Economy as a Career Perspective

Many who grew up in Generation Alpha see the gig economy and freelance work as standard, normalized career paths. This is very different from the Boomer expectation of long-term, 9-5 employment with a single company.

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6. Virtual and Augmented Realities as Part of Daily Life

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies might be shocking new revelations for Boomers, but for Gen Alpha, it's just a regular part of their everyday life and education. For them, it's just a new way to interact with content. But in contrast, Boomers likely find these technologies to be novel or primarily associated with video games.

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7. The Concept of Privacy in the Digital Age

Generation Alpha navigates a complex online world where privacy concerns are paramount from a young age. Baby Boomers grew up with a very different understanding of privacy, often struggling to understand the nuances of digital footprints and online data sharing.

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8. Global Connectivity and Cultural Exchange

Thanks to the internet, social platforms, and ease of air travel, Gen Alpha gets to experience a level of global connectivity that Boomers could only have imagined back in the day. This exposure is a good one, influencing and improving their cultural understanding, empathy, and the way they view global issues.

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9. The Normalization of Mental Health Discussion

Another positive difference is seeing how Generation Alpha is growing up in a time where mental health and emotional wellbeing are openly discussed and prioritized. It's a sharp contrast from how it used to be, when stigma and silence used to surround these topics during the Boomer's youth.

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10. Personalization of Everything

From personalized learning paths to AI-curated entertainment, Generation Alpha is living in a world where everything is being tailored to each individual. There's an expectation when it comes to personalization in products, services, and experiences. Boomers, however, were much more accustomed to a "one-size-fits-all" kind of world.

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11. Seamless Integration of AI in Daily Life

On a day to day basis, Generation Alpha is consistently interacting with AI, even if they don't realize it. Through personalized learning apps to voice assistants like Siri, it's a very prominent piece of their lives. This seamless integration is a far cry from what Boomers went through when first introduced to computers and technology - it was a lot more complicated!

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12. Influencer Culture and User-Generated Content

The concept of being influenced by, or even aspiring to be, social media influencers is a weird phenomenon that Boomers just don't understand. They're even possible career paths in this day and age! For Gen Alpha, these influencers are a big part of their lives, acting as significant role models and sources of information, entertainment, and inspiration.

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13. Gaming as a Legitimate Career Path

While Boomers might think of video games as mere entertainment, only really thinking about Super Mario or Pac-Man, Generation Alpha sees gaming in a completely different light. Becoming a professional gamer is a serious career path! Esports, game development, and streaming are all legitimate and potentially lucrative careers that are embraced in this generation.

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14. Crowdsourced Learning and Knowledge

Compared to the more traditional methods of studying that are familiar to Boomers, Gen Alpha is accustomed to crowdsourced knowledge and collaborative learning. Platforms like wikis and educational YouTube channels are preferred methods of learning, a way to gather information that is very different from what used to be the norm.

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15. Diversity and Inclusion as Core Values

Today's world is one where diversity and inclusion are increasingly recognized and respected. It's valued everywhere in media, education, workplaces, and social policies, unlike the more homogenous settings that Boomers often grew up in.

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16. The Blurring of Traditional Gender Roles

This new generation is seeing a change regarding traditional gender roles and expectations, a line that is blurred to fit and include more people. The strict gender norm that Boomers grew up with is now being challenged and redefined, creating space for a more inclusive understanding of identity and expression.

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17. Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

Gen Alpha is growing up in an era where digital currencies and assets, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, are part of the mainstream conversation. This concept of digital value and economy is a significant leap from the physical and tangible economic systems Boomers were introduced to.

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18. Remote Socialization and Virtual Friendships

For Generation Alpha, forming and maintaining friendships over digital platforms is commonplace. This concept might be harder for Boomers to fully appreciate, as they grew up with a strong emphasis on physical presence and proximity in relationships.

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19. Sustainability and Ethical Consumption

Gen Alpha is more likely to be taught the importance of sustainability and ethical consumption from a young age. This awareness influences their buying habits and brand loyalties, unlike the consumer culture Boomers grew up in.

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20. The Expectation of Rapid Innovation and Change

Growing up in an era of rapid technological advancement and societal shifts, Generation Alpha is conditioned to expect and adapt to change much more quickly than Boomers. This adaptability extends to all areas of life, from career paths to personal relationships.

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