You're Not Done Spring Cleaning Until You Tackle These 20 Areas

You're Not Done Spring Cleaning Until You Tackle These 20 Areas

Spring cleaning brings about pretty dreams of tidy homes and perfect lawns—and while you can get there, you’ll need a little elbow grease first. Here are 20 tips to get your house as perfect as the magazines! 

1. Make a Schedule First

First things first! To keep yourself on track, make a schedule and try to adhere to it. Having an action plan helps ensure you won’t feel overwhelmed, and it gives you a better idea of how much there is to do.

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2. Clean Out Closets

At some point, the closet becomes one of those spaces we just shove items into. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but now our closet is filled with stuff we meant to throw out or clothing we never hung. Take a peep inside and give it some attention. 

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3. Declutter

Everyone’s home will clutter—try your best to avoid it, but you’ll soon fall victim to flyer mountains and gifts you never sent. It happens! But spring cleaning is the perfect time to find all those little items and get rid of them.

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4. Remember Your Walls

Your walls are probably more stained than you think. Of all the surfaces in our homes, the wall doesn’t get the attention it deserves, left to suffer all kinds of scuffs and bumps. Look at your walls, particularly close to furniture, and see if there are any spots to tackle. 

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5. Make the Windows Sparkle

We’re so preoccupied with the interior that we overlook the exterior—and windows are caught in the crossfire of our neglect. Spring cleaning means a good scrub of everything and that’s especially true of windows!

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6. Tackle the Fridge

We all clean out the fridge every once in a while, but now’s the time to really get in there. Scrub the shelves and crispers, clean out any old food, and consider pulling your fridge away from the wall to sweep whatever collected behind it.  

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7. Clean Window Coverings

Whether you have blinds or curtains, it’s time to clean window dressings. Blinds can often be given a good wipe down with the duster, but cloth drapes will either need to be laundered or dry cleaned. Either way, it’s worth it! 

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8. Tend to Appliances

Our appliances do a lot for us and yet they’re so rarely given the deep clean they require. Change that this year by steam cleaning your microwave or finally getting between the racks in your oven!

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9. Routine Maintenance

Spring cleaning isn’t just about the aesthetics—it’s always wise to go through your house and replace smoke detector batteries, check the fire extinguishers, and ensure everything works the way it’s supposed to.

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10. Reach Up High

Ceiling fans or atop cabinets can get dirtier faster than you’d think. Get yourself a step stool and ensure even those hard-to-reach areas are free of any dust or grime. 

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11. Scrub the Bed

We spend so much time on the bed, it only makes sense to ensure it’s kept clean. From washing all the bedding—right down to the pillows—to flipping your mattress, give your bed a thorough scrub. 

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12. Wash Reusable Bags

When was the last time you washed your reusable bags? It might not even be something you think about, but that’s all the more reason to do it! Reusable bags harbor the potential for so many germs, so pop ‘em in the wash.

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13. Show Plants Some Love

Our plants need love and care same as the rest of our home. Giving them enough water is a start, but make sure you take proper care of their leaves and be sure to repot them if need be! 

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14. Get to the Cabinets

Just like the walls, cabinet doors can collect a nice coating of grime, too. Check doors that are in hot zones, like ones in the bathroom or if you have a garbage can tucked away in the kitchen—those will need a little extra TLC.

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15. Freshen the Junk Drawer

They call it the junk drawer for a reason, but there’s no reason it needs to become a landfill. Poke your head in and see what can be done about it. Whatever you threw in there eight years ago can probably see the trash now.

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16. Organize the Pantry

Your pantry is filled with all kinds of goodies…several of which are probably expired. Spring cleaning is the best time to comb through your shelves and see which items you didn’t quite get to in time. Or if you’re not going to use something, you can always donate good food, too!

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17. Deep Clean Carpets

Vacuuming the carpet is one thing, but it’s often not enough to get all the nitty gritty crumbs out of there. Deep cleaning a rug is something that should be on your spring cleaning bucket list. 

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18. Scrub the Faucets

The faucets often get a nice wipe-down when we clean the kitchen or bathroom, and that’s great. However, have you detached the aerators? Cleaned out the strainers? If not, a deep clean may be in order.

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19. Clean What Cleans

Your dishwasher or garbage disposal needs just as much love as anything else in your house. Remember: if you want them to properly do their job, they need to be properly cleaned.

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20. Dust the Corners

Cobwebs go far beyond the corners of a room. Get under the dining room table or run a cloth along the baseboards. Spring cleaning means every nook and cranny!

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