20 Romantic Ways To Propose To The Love Of Your Life

20 Romantic Ways To Propose To The Love Of Your Life

Finding the right place and time to propose can feel very stressful, which is why we're here with 20 romantic and sweet ways to pop the big question. If you've found the love of your life, it's time to settle down! From adorable picnics in the park to grand public proposals, keep scrolling to find something that best fits you and your partner.

1. Scenic Sunset Proposal

Is there anything more romantic than enjoying a beautiful sunset with your partner? Well, if you propose it definitely will be! Just imagine a warm orange sky, a peaceful environment, and nothing but you and your partner together to enjoy the moment. Sounds like a pretty good time to propose, no?

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2. Candlelit Dinner

The perfect proposal is all about the moment, not how much you spent on it. It can be as simple as having a romantic candlelit dinner at home, complete with soft music, good food, and a cozy vibe. It'll put you in the perfect mood for popping the question.

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3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

For the more adventurous souls out there, why not take your lovely partner-to-be on a stunning hot air balloon ride, suspending you thousands of feet above the ground, making it the perfect place to propose. As the adrenaline kicks in and you both take in the breathtaking views, you'll quickly realize it's a wonderful setting to ask the question.

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4. Beach at Sunrise

Everyone loves the beach, making it an ideal place to pop the big question. Pick a day you know will have good weather, convince your partner to get out of bed early so you can enjoy the sunrise together, and get down on one knee. With the soft waves in the background, a nice breeze in the air, and the beautiful sun rising, it'll be oh so romantic.

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5. Memory Lane Walk

If you really want to get all up in your feels, taking a walk down memory lane before proposing is an adorable and sweet way to go. It can be any place that feels significant to you both, whether it's the place you first met or a recurring date spot you both love. 

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6.  Proposal in a Garden

Who needs to pay for flowers when you can just go to a beautiful garden nearby and bask in all of nature's beauty? For the ultimate backdrop, proposing in a stunning garden is sure to guarantee the most lovely photos. And given how peaceful and quiet it'll be, it's perfect for setting up this romantic moment.

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7. Starry Night Proposal

If watching a beautiful sunrise is romantic, you best believe enjoying a starry night sky together is just as perfect. Cozy up under a blanket as you and your partner take in all the beauty the night sky brings. As you stargaze together and enjoy the peace and quiet, you'll find yourself wanting to pop the question during this perfect moment.

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8. Personalized Treasure Hunt

Looking for a proposal idea that feels a bit more fun and active? Try creating the ultimate treasure hunt that'll eventually lead your partner to the proposal destination. It requires a lot of effort on your end, but it'll be absolutely worth it. 

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9. Romantic Getaway

If you're open to splurging a bit, consider planning a surprise romantic getaway that'll set you up perfectly for a wonderful proposal. It doesn't have to be far or expensive, but for the travel lovers, it'll be the perfect way to finally ask the question. The best part is, your partner will likely be so caught up with all the traveling that they won't see it coming.

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10. Public Proposal at a Special Event

This style of proposal definitely depends on the personality of your partner. If they're quiet and shy, perhaps a public proposal isn't the way to go! But if they're outgoing, sociable, and love being part of the crowd, then an extravagant public proposal might be a unique and memorable way to pop the question. It can be at a sports game, a fair, or a convention - whatever it is, make sure it's at a place they love!

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11. Boat Ride Proposal

First, you probably want to make sure your partner doesn't get seasick easily. The last thing you want is a nauseated partner right before you're about to ask the big question. But if they're fine on boats, then a romantic boat proposal might be the most amazing option out there for you. Just imagine settling down in the middle of a lake or river with no one around, peace and quiet lingering in the air, and beautiful sights all around. Seems like a good time to do it, no?

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12. Movie Night Proposal

Some people love keeping things simple but still meaningful, which makes a movie night proposal right up your alley. Sometimes all you want are good vibes before getting down on the one knee! Enjoy your time together, eat all the delicious snacks you love, and when the timing feels right, pop the question.

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13. Proposal with a Love Letter

It can be hard getting out all of your feelings and expressing them fully. So to make sure you capture every little bit of your heart, proposing with a heartfelt written love letter can be an incredibly romantic action your partner will love. As they read through your letter, slowly get down on one knee to surprise them when they finally look up.

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14. Proposal in the Snow

If you want to propose during a time that feels magical, there's nothing like a winter wonderland to give you that bit of wonder you're looking for. As the snow falls gently around you and your partner, the scene is perfectly set. All you need to do now is propose!

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15. Rooftop Proposal

Find a rooftop in your city with the most beautiful views and just wait for the sun to slowly set. As you and your partner gaze out at the stunning skyline, it's time to get that ring ready. With just the two of you up there, it'll feel like you're both on top of the world! And with feelings that joyful, there's no better time to propose.

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16. Picnic Proposal

You can never go wrong with the classics! A romantic picnic in the park can be the perfect setting for your proposal. It may seem simple, but it's all about the moment and how you're feeling. Enjoy your food together, bask in the sun, and cherish each other's company. When these feelings reach an all time high, you'll know it's time.

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17. Proposal with Pets

Make the moment extra special by including your fur babies in the proposal. This will definitely get you some extra points if your partner is a pet lover! If possible, have your pet(s) try to deliver the ring, a letter, or simply just be there. Their presence will definitely be enough to make the whole thing feel even more heartwarming.

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18. Proposal at a Music Concert

If you manage to secure concert tickets to your partner's all time favourite artist, there's nothing more romantic than proposing during the middle of their favourite song. Even though there'll be thousands of people in attendance, that moment will definitely feel like it only belongs to you two.

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19. Proposal on a Ferris Wheel

For those of you who plan on proposing in the summertime when fairs and carnivals are in full blast, consider setting the scene atop the highest point of a ferris wheel. It's a quiet spot where just the two of you can celebrate, take in the beautiful views, and make it a special and exciting moment worth remembering.

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20. Hiking Trail Proposal

After a long and tiring hike where you can finally relax and take in all the breathtaking views, this is the most romantic time to propose. Not only will you and your partner be riding on the high of finishing the trek, you'll definitely have the most beautiful backdrop for amazing photos.

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