20 Major Perks You Get Living In The USA That You Can't Get Anywhere Else

20 Major Perks You Get Living In The USA That You Can't Get Anywhere Else

The USA is known for being one of the most powerful and well-recognized countries across the globe. For many tourists, it's a place to see amazing landmarks, taste delicious food, and visit many beautiful natural wonders. But what's it like actually living here? Here are 20 major perks that you can get living in America that you just can't get anywhere else.

1. Hollywood Glamour

There's no bigger hotspot in the world for celebrities than Hollywood! Only here in the USA can you walk down the streets of Hollywood and possibly run into a famous movie star, stumble upon a big film premiere, or experience a movie in the most iconic cinemas. If you're a massive cinema enthusiast, this is definitely the place to be.

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2. National Parks Galore

This world is truly a beautiful place, and sometimes we forget to take a moment to breathe it all in. For adventurers and nature lovers who want to appreciate all the majestic landscapes this Earth has to offer, it's a good idea to head over to the USA. Home to an impressive collection of national parks that are well-protected and accessible, you can easily take in all the beauty of the geysers of Yellowstone or the canyons of Zion. 

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3. Cutting-Edge Technology

Whether you've seen it in movies and shows or heard about it on the news, Silicon Valley has truly made a name for itself as the global hub for technology and innovation. All the big names are based here! From Google to Apple, these tech giants are constantly making significant improvements and advancements in technology, offering Americans the first to access the newest (and coolest!) gadgets and services.

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4. Sports Fanaticism

American sports fans have created a massive community unlike anything you've ever seen or experienced before. From tailgating parties at college football games to witnessing once-in-a-lifetime NBA finals, Americans have turned sports culture into something bigger than we could have ever possibly imagined. The scale is unbeatable and you can't help but want to be a part of it.

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5. Diverse Food Adventures

The amazing thing about the USA is how it's truly just one giant melting pot of different cultures. So when it comes to food, you get a bit of the best in every cuisine! There are few countries around the world where you get to say you can enjoy authentic dishes from different nations just a car ride away - so always remember to be grateful!

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6. Space Exploration

When you think of the biggest space companies in the world, your mind probably instantly thinks of NASA. The USA leads the world in space exploration after all, thanks to having hosted some of the most significant launches in history. We're still in awe of how these geniuses managed to send humans like us all the way up into space. It's just unbelievable! 

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7. Road Trip Nation

Love a good road trip in the summer? Well, there's no country that does it better than the US! Filled with such varied landscapes that can make your drive a memorable one, there are just so many different routes you can choose from. Whether it's the iconic Route 66, the stunning Pacific Coast Highway, or the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, these scenic drives all ensure one important thing: that you'll have the best road trip of your life.

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8. Ivy League Education

It's not just all fun and games here in the US - this country takes their education very seriously as well. Hosting some of the most prestigious universities across the globe, the Ivy League schools are on another level. Holding the highest of reputations, these schools are renowned for their impressive professors, elite networking opportunities, and unparalleled learning. Students from every corner of the world make it their dream to attend them.

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9. Black Friday Shopping

If you've never heard about the frenzy that is Black Friday in America, you must be living under a rock. Black Friday is an annual shopping event across the country where dramatic discounts, amazing doorbusters, and eye-catching sales take hold of every shopper. Can we even call it shopping? It seems more like a free-for-all competitive sport! Some people even take things to the extreme by camping out overnight in parking lots just to get in line for those early morning deals.

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10. Iconic Landmarks

Tourists aren't just choosing to travel to America every day for no good reason! Home to many iconic landmarks that are recognized around the world, you can enjoy everything from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge here in the US. These sites are not just breathtaking to look at, they also hold important historical and cultural significance, allowing tourists to get a better idea of what this country has been through.

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11. Jazz Music and Festivals

For all the jazz lovers out there, you have to hit up New Orleans in America at least once in your life. As the birthplace of jazz music, experiencing their vibrant music festivals is a must-try experience. Completely lose yourself in the music here, whether it be at a club or a lively street festival, and give yourself the chance to have an unforgettable experience that honours these deep cultural roots.

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12. Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is arguably one of the most iconic and important American holidays that gives everyone a chance to give thanks and spend time with loved ones. The best part is, it's all tied together with a delicious feast that people seriously anticipate. Spotlighting a delicious turkey that's accompanied by the most scrumptious sides like mashed potatoes and casseroles, Thanksgiving is a simply an American holiday that brings forth the best memories.

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13. Venture Capital Hub

Got a great idea and a dream? Head over to the US for a chance to bring all that to life. Because this country is a forefront of venture capital, particularly in places like Silicon Valley. People are willing to take their chances on startups because they believe in innovation. It's an exciting environment that entrepreneurs can really thrive in, allowing anyone an opportunity to turn their dreams into business realities.

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14. Broadway Shows

If you love musical theatre, there's no better place to be in this world than New York City - the home of Broadway. Offering the finest live shows you will ever experience, you'll be in complete awe of the top-tier performances, superb productions, and the electrifying atmosphere. No country does it better! 

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15. American BBQ

If we're talking about everything the US has to offer, we simply can't leave out its food offerings, specifically American BBQ. People come from all around the world just to get a taste of these smoky, spicy, and saucy cuts of meat. It's truly an art form that only the best in the US have come to master. And the amazing thing is, each region (Texas, Kansas City, Carolina, etc.) does it differently!

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16. College Sports Culture

While professional sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, and NHL are known worldwide, Americans love sports so much, they hold college sports in just as high a regard. When we say college sports are taken seriously, we really mean it. Entire communities will come out just to rally behind their team! 

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17. Innovation in Entertainment

We're not lying when we say the US is home to some of the most beloved entertainment giants around the world. Ever heard of a little company called Disney? Offering the most amazing theme parks and entertainment experiences, you simply can't beat the US in this category. From the magic of Walt Disney World to the exciting adventures found at Universal Studios, these entertainment spots are simply a child's dream playground.

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18. Constitutional Rights

Whether you've heard about it on the news, read articles about it, or saw it on social media, you're probably aware that the US Constitution guarantees every citizen certain freedoms, but most importantly, freedom of speech and assembly. This simply isn't something every country in the world is so lucky to have.

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19. Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is a massive holiday in the US, filled with the most well-designed costumes that are either beautiful or horrifying, sweet treats, and well-crafted jack-o-lanterns. It's like the entire country transforms over night, turning into playful and spooky landscapes meant to entertain. Whether you're doing some trick-or-treating, heading to a haunted house, or simply partying all night, Halloween is truly the best holiday that voices America's love for fun.

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20. NBA Excitement

While we've already mentioned many points on the sports culture in America, can we really leave out specifically highlighting the NBA? Whether you're heading to an arena to watch a professional game or just playing it out in the streets, you can't deny basketball culture in the USA is truly unparalleled. Carried by big names like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, basketball is more than just a sport here - it's a community. 

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