20 Different Wedding Dresses For 20 Different Kinds of Brides

20 Different Wedding Dresses For 20 Different Kinds of Brides

We know picking out the perfect wedding dress so you can look your best on your big day can be a difficult one. Where do you even start? While there's certainly a long trek ahead before you find your ideal dress, you can find comfort in knowing there are a wide variety of different styles meant to cater to different personalities. Whether you value a traditional look, a modern twist, or a simple aesthetic, there's something for everyone! To get you inspired, here are 20 different wedding dress looks for 20 different kinds of brides.

1. A-Line Dress

For brides who prefer elegance and simplicity, you can never go wrong with the classic and versatile A-line dress. This beautiful wedding dress style is flattering for most body types and personalities, and is a timeless look that can be paired with simple or extravagant details. Whatever fits your fancy!

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2. Ball Gown

If you've always dreamt of having a fairy tale wedding, the ball gown look is perfect for brides who want something romantic and dramatic. It best suits those who love to make a grand entrance and want to feel like royalty on their special day.

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3. Mermaid Dress

Perfect for those with confident and bold personalities, the mermaid dress is form-fitting while flaring out at the knees. This pretty look is best suited for brides who are looking to showcase their curves and make a statement.

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4. Boho Dress

Are you looking for something simple but still beautiful in a carefree way? You might be looking for a boho wedding dress, a style that's ideal for free-spirited brides who value comfort and natural beauty. It goes best with a laid-back, outdoor wedding that's surrounded by nature.

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5. Short Dress

If long dresses aren't your vibe, don't worry - there's nothing wrong with picking out a short dress! Short dresses cater to unconventional brides who prioritize comfort and mobility, or work well if you're having a more casual type of ceremony too.

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6. Empire Waist Dress

This dress style, with its high waistline, suits whimsical and dreamy personalities. It's perfect for brides who prefer a touch of vintage elegance and a flattering silhouette that elongates the body.

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7. Sheath Dress

Sheath dresses likely appeal to minimalist brides who love a modern edge. It suits those who appreciate sleek and simple lines, creating a form-fitting silhouette that gracefully and gently follows the body's natural shape and curves.

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8. Fit and Flare Dress

A fit and flare style dress is perfect for brides who want a good balance between tradition and modernity. It's an incredibly flattering look that helps accentuate your figure while still maintaining an air of sophistication and maturity.

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9. Off-the-Shoulder Dress

An ideal look for romantic brides wanting elegance with just the right touch of allure, the off-the-shoulder dress style fits personalities that are confident and graceful. It's a great way to add a timeless yet modern look to your wedding dress.

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10. Tea-Length Dress

For a more vintage and retro look, the tea-length dress is both charming and relaxed. It's great for any bride envisioning a mid-century inspired wedding or simply a more casual affair.

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11. Halter Neck Dress

If you want to highlight your shoulders and back more than your collarbones, the halter neck dress is the perfect style to do just that. Exuding a nice blend of sophistication and sensuality, it's wonderful for brides that want to make a bold but comfortable fashion statement on their big day.

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12. Two-Piece Dress

Here's an unconventional but still beautiful look: a two-piece dress! If you value individuality and are looking for something more unique that fits your personality, consider a stylish two-piece dress. Just think of all the customization possibilities!

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13. Illusion Dress

An illusion dress, known for its sheer lace and intricate details, is suited for romantic souls who love a touch of mystery and elegance. It's perfect for brides who appreciate delicate craftsmanship, creating a stunning look.

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14. High-Low Dress

High-low dresses offer a modern twist on traditional gowns; they're great for brides who want the best of both formal and casual. It's playful, outgoing, and best suited for any bride that feels confident and wants to be the star of the show on their wedding day.

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15. Convertible Dress

Convertible dresses are both functional and stylish. It's a versatile choice for any bride that values practicality and wants to transform from their ceremony to reception look with complete and utter ease.

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16. Cape Dress

For a more formal and dramatic look, the cape dress is exactly what you're looking for. While you might not think capes belong on superheroes, they definitely can belong on wedding dresses! 

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17. Victorian-Inspired Dress

Full of beautiful, intricate details and lovely elegance, Victorian-inspired dresses are perfect for themed or romantic weddings. It's one of those styles that will instantly speak to you if it's something that matches your preferences.

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18. Slip Dress

Minimalistic and sleek, the slip dress works great for laid-back brides who prioritize elegance and simplicity over flashy and dramatic. If you've got a classic and simple aesthetic, you'll definitely fall in love with its understated beauty.

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19. Tiered Skirt Dress

Tiered skirt dresses are so fun to twirl in! Ideal for playful and whimsical brides who love a fluffy skirt, this style is best suited for anyone who wants a fun little element added to their wedding look.

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20. Jumpsuit

Did you go through this list and still think, "meh, dresses aren't really for me"? Don't worry, if you're not a wedding dress kind of gal, you can always fall back on a jumpsuit. Perfect for the modern bride who loves comfort, it's a great choice for anyone who values practicality without having to sacrifice style.

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