20 Beauty Hacks To Make You Look Younger

20 Beauty Hacks To Make You Look Younger

Aging is natural and should be embraced—but wanting to combat signs of it doesn’t mean getting older is a crime! Skincare routines, the right foods in your diet, and proper lifestyle choices can cultivate a healthier glow that just so happens to keep us looking young! Here are 20 ways you can achieve it. 

1. Keep Makeup Simple

Skin loses its elasticity as you age, so heavy makeup won’t do you any favors. You needn’t apply too much to achieve a youthful look and in fact, wearing too much can have the opposite effect.

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2. Add Color to Your Wardrobe

A simple way to a fresh look is to add pops of color. We aren’t vouching for a lime green tracksuit, but we are saying a bright piece gives a youthful flair.

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3. Remember Your Neck and Hands

The neck and hands give away age faster than your face. Don’t neglect skincare for either—remember to use SPF and invest in a quality serum to fight off any signs of aging.

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4. Never Forget Sunscreen

UV rays are not only dangerous, but they damage skin in a variety of ways. From age spots to wrinkles, broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 maintains healthy, glowing skin.

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5. Get a Silk Pillowcase

The older we get, the older our hair gets. Some days it seems like a losing battle, but having a good silk pillowcase at home helps minimize frizz and keep your locks smooth.

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6. Invest in Your Eyes

The right eye cream helps wage the war on puffiness and dark circles, so make sure you get a good one. A hydrating cream or serum tackles texture and works to restore that youthful look.

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7. Get Vitamin C

Work vitamin C into your skincare routine as a means to brighten and promote collagen. Skincare products with vitamin C are also known to restore a natural glow to your face. 

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8. Water, Water, Water

Hydration is important, least of all for your skin! Drink it for a better complexion and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. You can also munch on water-rich foods like celery or watermelon.

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9. Protect the Ladies

Maintain the right look and feel around your chest with the right bra. Chances are, you’re one of the unfortunate many wearing the wrong size, which doesn’t offer the support you need and can cause bulges if they’re too tight.

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10. Fix Your Posture

Slouching is bad for any age, but making a conscious effort to correct it gives a more confident look as you stand tall! More importantly, it straightens the spine and can help prevent any neck or back pain.

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11. Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliating helps clear off all kinds of gunk and dead skin that your cleanser may overlook. It also promotes healthier skin by fighting off dullness and unclogging pores. Just be careful you don’t overdo it because too much exfoliating can damage the skin.

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12. Embrace Your Hair 

The right hair color doesn’t mean hiding behind a different shade. Embrace the incoming grey to age naturally and keep a more vibrant look—and remember, people dye their hair grey all the time, so they could be going after your look!

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13. Use the Right Primer

Primer does a lot more than just keep makeup in place, it acts as a barrier for your skin. The right primer brings hydration and better protects against a daily face of makeup, allowing you to preserve that youthful look.

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14. Keep Stress Low

With enough stress, our skin sees signs of premature aging. Work to incorporate stress-reducing techniques into your day, such as meditation, journaling, or breathing exercises. Don’t just do it for your skin, do it for your mental health, too.

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15. Get Enough Sleep

It seems like the older we get the harder it is to regulate a sleep schedule. However, sleep has never been more important for your skin. Without a good night’s rest, wrinkles are more noticeable, skin can dry out, and dark bags form.

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16. Move Your Body

Don’t forget the power of exercise as you age! Working out, even if it’s something low-impact, will keep muscles strong and boost your energy throughout the day. It also does wonders for your skin.

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17. Always Moisturize

Moisturizer balances your skin by preventing dryness or tackling oiliness—or sometimes both! Don’t skip out because your skin can experience some unfortunate side effects when you stop, such as redness or dry skin. 

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18. Nail Down a Routine

You’ll need a daily skincare routine to maintain proper care and glow. Even a simple one achieves a more youthful look by giving your skin the treatment it deserves.

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19. Treat Age Spots

Age spot treatment can look as harsh as a chemical peel or various procedures, and it’s understandable if those don’t appeal to you! If you’d like to go the softer route, you can invest in a good dark spot corrector.

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20. Eat Well

We all know that eating well goes a long way for any age group, but when we get older it’s even more important. The right foods keep your body and skin healthy, particularly by promoting glowing skin through things like fatty fish, sunflower seeds, or some fruits!

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