20 Annoying Things House Guests Do That Tick You Off

20 Annoying Things House Guests Do That Tick You Off

The next time you're staying over at a friend or family member's place, make sure you go over all the steps that make you a good house guest. Because let us tell you, there's nothing more annoying or frustrating than welcoming someone into your home and having them disrespect you and your personal space. To make sure you don't do this, here are 20 annoying things house guests do that tick people off. Make sure you take notes!

1. Overstaying Their Welcome

As a guest, you should be able to tell when your stay is over. Even if you're still enjoying your time and want to stay a bit longer, it's important that you know when it's your time to go. House guests who overstay their welcome can make it awkward and uncomfortable for the host. After all, there's no easy way to say, "Can you go?".

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2. Leaving a Mess

If you make a mess, make sure you clean up after yourself. Do you really want to leave it all to the host to tidy up after? Not only does it leave a bad impression on yourself, it's incredibly rude to the host who looked after you during your stay. 

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3. Not Respecting Privacy

If you're being welcomed into someone else's home, it's of utmost importance that you pay them the respect they deserve. Don't do anything that breaches their privacy. This includes entering any private rooms, going through their personal items, or disobeying any rules. You absolutely should be respecting the host's home and personal space.

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4. Being Too Loud

Be respectful to the people around you not only in the house, but also in the neighbourhood. It's important that you watch your own volume to ensure that you're not being too loud. This includes everything from how loud you're talking, how loud the music you're playing is, or how loud you put the TV on.

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5. Bringing Uninvited Guests

Your host put in a lot of effort to make things accommodating for you, but just you. Don't feel like just because they welcomed you into their home, it's okay to treat it like it's yours. That means not bringing over any uninvited guests. It's very rude and inconsiderate of the host's personal space.

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6. Overusing Amenities

While of course you're allowed to use the amenities during your stay, be respectful of how much you're using. Don't leave the tap on and waste water just because it's not yours, and don't leave all the lights on just because you're not paying for the electricity. Be mindful that your host is paying for these bills!

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7. Ignoring House Rules

Every home owner has their own set of personal rules that you should always follow. It's their home after all. Whether it's no smoking in doors, no noise after hours, or no bringing guests over, you have to remember this isn't your own home so you should listen to them. It'd be incredibly disrespectful to disobey their rules, creating an atmosphere of tension that no one wants in their home.

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8. Helping Themselves to Everything

Your host will make it very clear at the start what is available for you to use and what is off limits. Just because you're staying with them for a while doesn't mean you get to comfortably take and use whatever you want. This includes eating all their food, drinking their beverages, and using their supplies. Don't cross those boundaries.

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9. Not Showing Gratitude

Not saying thank you or expressing an ounce of gratitude for everything your host has done for you is just downright inconsiderate. They put in a lot of time and welcomed you into their personal space, so the least you can do is show your thanks. It's important you take this step seriously, especially if you want to maintain a good relationship afterwards.

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10. Creating Unwanted Drama

We know everyone has their own fair share of problems and challenges they're facing, but if you're stepping into someone else's home, do your best not to bring that emotional baggage inside. It can be stressful for the host if they have to deal with your conflicts too while you're staying there. All it does is create an awkward vibe that makes its uncomfortable for everyone.

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11. Not Offering to Help

You're staying at someone's house not a hotel, so you shouldn't treat it as if there's housekeeping everyday to take care of all your messes. Offer to help your host with cooking, cleaning, or setting up when you can. These little things matter and can make your host feel so much more appreciated.

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12. Invading Personal Time

Just because you want to hang out doesn't mean your host does too. Never barge into their room or their personal space expecting them to entertain you. They need their own time to relax and rest too, and it's important that you recognize that.

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13. Being Picky Eaters

While dietary restrictions and allergies are completely understandable, making complicated requests simply because you're a picky eater isn't so considerate. Not only will your host have to spend extra money for your groceries, it'll take extra time for them to prepare a separate dish just for you too.

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14. Overindulging in Alcohol

Drinking every now and then is totally fine, but if you start overdoing it and become loud or obnoxious, your host will have to step in. Not only does it create an uncomfortable atmosphere for everyone living there, you might make a mess or need someone to take care of you. Drinking excessively simply shows you're disrespecting their home and their time.

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15. Being Chronically Late

Whether it's showing up late to meals or hangouts, it never looks good on you to be late. It's disrespectful of people's time and efforts. And for someone who's putting in so much effort to make you feel comfortable, the least you can do for them is show up on time.

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16. Overpacking

While your host will understand you'll have luggage with you during your stay, it's a different story if you bring along the most unnecessary items that just clutter up the space. Do you really need your foot massager with you during a 2 night stay? 

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17. Criticizing the Host’s Home

Now this one is just plain rude. There's no need to voice how you feel about someone's home. Unless it's to compliment them, don't bring up negative comments about their choice of decoration, furniture, the size of the home, or the layout. Just show your appreciation for the fact that they let you stay with them.

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18. Using the Host’s Personal Items

If you're going to borrow something that isn't yours, it's common knowledge that you should always ask. This goes for anything from toiletries to utensils to electronics. Being kind and considerate will take you no time at all, but choosing to be rude and invading their personal boundaries might leave your relationship ruined forever.

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19. Hogging the Bathroom

Unless you're actually using it, don't hog the bathroom. Just don't. Don't lock yourself up in there taking your time doing your hair, taking photos, or whatever else. There's a good chance other people need it, and it's important that you respect this is a shared space that doesn't belong to just you.

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20. Leaving Lights On

Anytime you're leaving a room, just turn off the lights. It really takes no effort or time on your end, but it's an easy way to show your respect and appreciation of the house. That's because if you do the opposite and leave all the lights on, you're both wasting electricity and the host's money. 

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