The 15 Most Unattractive Male Names According to Women & The 15 Most Attractive

The 15 Most Unattractive Male Names According to Women & The 15 Most Attractive

Attractiveness in Men's Names

Out of the thousands of male names floating out there, we've turned to the internet to discover 15 of the most unattractive and attractive male names according to women. From the way it sounds to the way it feels, to the generations it's associated with, there are a lot of factors that women seem to consider when debating whether a name is attractive or not. While you may have your own set of favoured and unfavoured male names, let's see how many of them made it on this list. How many do you agree with?

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1. Gus

Gus is a male name that typically evokes thoughts of an older generation, making it less appealing to some. It's a short, somewhat old-fashioned name that doesn't really resonate with women's more modern preferences.

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2. Darold

Darold combines traditional elements in a way that doesn't really sound attractive to women of this generation. It's both rare and outdated, contributing to its lack of appeal and why women put this name on this list.

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3. Frank

Frank is a classic name that sounds really straight to the point. However, its more traditional roots and frequency might be reasons why women online claimed it was a more unattractive name compared to others.

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4. Arnold

There's a strong, vintage charm to the name Arnold, but maybe not in the right way. Women stated they simply don't like the harshness of the name, and that it also just feels like a name that belongs to older men.

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5. Alfred

Alfred is a male name that sounds noble and has many historical connotations, but that doesn't mean it'll strike the right chord with everyone. In fact, it's association with older figures seems to have made it a less attractive name to women in this era.

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6. Bob

Bob is a simple and friendly name, but its commonality makes it less desirable. Though it's usually a nickname, women online found the name unattractive enough that they threw it on this list.

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7. Chad

Chad has unfortunately become a negatively stereotyped name in pop culture, drastically influencing its attractiveness. Now associated with a stubborn, showy kind of guy, it's certainly left a bad taste for women online.

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8. Bart

Bart, often a nickname for Bartholomew which isn't any better, is a short and harsh-sounding name that doesn't resonate with many women. They've also claimed that it sounds like a name that older men generally have.

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9. Howard

Howard is a more formal name that is unfortunately a bit outdated for certain audiences in this day. Women online didn't fall for its "old-school" charm, claiming that the name is something their dads and uncles might be called.

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10. Mitch

Mitch, typically short for Mitchell, has a casual, friendly vibe that women didn't quite like the sound of. Whether it's the harshness of the tone, or simply the image it evokes, many women argued it was a less attractive name than others.

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11. Greg

Greg, a common abbreviation of Gregory, didn't exactly make it on the list of most attractive male names according to women. To put it bluntly, many women just claimed they didn't like the sound of it, claiming it simply didn't sound attractive.

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12. Byron

Byron is an old-fashioned name you don't hear as much these days - and maybe for a reason. Lots of women pointed out this name as an unattractive one because of its outdatedness and how it evokes thoughts of an older generation.

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13. Hank

Hank has a rugged, no-nonsense appeal but can be seen as overly traditional or simplistic. Unfortunately, women online stated it just sounds like a "dad name".

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14. Burt

Another "dad name", Burt feels like a distinctly vintage name that lacks the mysterious allure and nice tone that many women desire in an attractive name.

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15. Fred

Fred, sometimes short for Frederick, has a friendly, down-to-earth quality to it, but unfortunately, it isn't enough to convince women it's an attractive name. Too short and too harsh-sounding, many women pointed this name out as an unattractive one.

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1. Luke

Coming out on top of many women's most attractive male names list, Luke is a name that sounds simple, but also sounds warm and friendly. It's short, but there's a lovely timeless quality to it that has continued to make it a popular choice across generations.

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2. Colin

Colin is a male name that just sounds charming and sophisticated. It's not as common as some of the other names on this list, bringing a uniqueness to the name that women fall for.

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3. Theo

Theo, often short for Theodore, brings the best of both classic and modern vibes. Despite its older history, it still feels trendy, and has a softness to its sound that women just adore.

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4. Daniel

Daniel is a rather common name, but definitely a timeless one. It's a male name that flows right off the tongue, even having a bit of a melodic tone to it. Women stated it just feels like a gentle and kind name they always love.

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5. Oliver

Oliver is a name that continues to grow in popularity in the States. Both classic and contemporary, it's another great example of a name that flows off the tongue nicely, a trait that women really seem to value.

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6. James

Sophisticated, stylish, and clean, James is a quintessential classic name that will always stay around. We're not quite sure what it is, but women online just claimed the name has an "it" factor.

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7. Eric

Eric, perhaps reminding women of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, has a strong and powerful feel to it. Despite it's harsher sound, women still find it an incredibly attractive name.

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8. Jacob

Maybe a lot of Team Jacob fans spoke out in honour of this name? Jacob is a traditional name that has managed to maintain its popularity thanks to its strong biblical roots and its timeless appeal. Women love the sort of approachable tone to the name that makes it sound friendly and warm.

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9. Jonathon

There's a sort of elegance that comes with the name Jonathon that women seem to adore. It sounds lovely when you say it, and it exudes a kind of maturity just from the sound of it.

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10. Gabriel

Gabriel, with its angelic connotations, is quick to bring out a sense of gentleness and sweetness. It's a name that feels both poetic and powerful, with many women loving the sound of it.

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11. Charlie

Charlie is a friendly and charming name that works well for all ages. Its ease and accessibility make it universally appealing, embodying a laid-back yet confident persona.

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12. Marco

Marco is one of the more exotic names on this list, giving it an attractiveness that a lot of women love. Despite its infrequency, many still stated there's a warm familiarity to it that draws them in.

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13. Nathan

Nathan is a name that combines simplicity with depth. This is another name that many people put on their list of most attractive male names.

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14. Noah

Noah is a soft-sounding name that resonates with warmth and friendliness. Aside from its biblical origins that give it a timeless appeal, it's a simple and gentle name that women find widely attractive.

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15. Christian

Christian is a classic name that women claim simply feels and sounds handsome. It's also very meaningful and is a name that can convey a deep sense of faith for people who value tradition.

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