The 15 Most Unattractive & Attractive Female Names, According To Men

The 15 Most Unattractive & Attractive Female Names, According To Men

Can A Name Be Attractive or Unattractive?

In the world of female names, there are unfortunately some that stand out as unattractive to men. Why? Whether it's the way it sounds, the feelings it evokes, or a past generation it's associated with, there are several female names that men online have claimed are unattractive to them. But the opposite also exists, with plenty of female names that men DO find attractive. So why is that? As we take a closer look, there seem to be some common traits that men use to determine a name's "level of attractiveness". Let's learn what some of these names are and if you agree with them or not.

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1. Edna

Edna is a name that some men might find less attractive because of its old-fashioned connotations; the name evokes an era of the past, not really resonating with contemporary ideals of femininity. The name simply suggests a more traditional or dated charm that's not as preferred by modern men.

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2. Betsy

Betsy, though it sounds endearing and is a classic name, is generally perceived as less attractive to some men who prefer more modern and less cutesy names. It's also a name that definitely doesn't align with current naming trends.

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3. Gretchen

Anyone think of Mean Girls? Gretchen is a name with strong Germanic roots, with many men claiming they don't find it attractive due to its harsher sound. The name evokes a sense of sternness rather than a softness that some find more appealing. Or in other words, the name is just "so not fetch."

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4. Dorothy

Dorothy, despite having some vintage charm, might not hit the mark of attractiveness for some men today. Its association with older generations makes it less appealing to men who prefer more modern names.

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5. Phyllis

Phyllis is name that simply doesn't sound very feminine, making it considered less attractive by some. In fact, how many Phyllis' have you met in real life? If you can only think of Phyllis from the hit show, The Office, it makes it clear why the name isn't frequently used. It has an older, more dated sound to it, bringing images of past generations rather than fresh and modern ones.

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6. Matilda

Although Matilda previously gained popularity thanks to its literary connections, men online have claimed they find the name unattractive because of its somewhat old-fashioned, childish tone. It's a name that makes you think of teddy bears, not a grown, mature woman.

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7. Agnes

Agnes is a female name with strong historical and religious connotations. Because of this, many men don't find it as appealing due to its very traditional sound and feel; it's a name that feels quite a bit dated in the given time.

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8. Esther

As someone stated online, Esther is a name that gives off the "my mother or my aunt would be called that" vibes. Unfortunately because of that, it was agreed to be one of the more unattractive female names.

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9. Bertha

Bertha is a female name typically associated with the older generation, making it less appealing to most men. It's a name that unfortunately just feels really outdated, with men stating it isn't the most attractive of names simply because of the way it sounds.

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10. Gertrude

With a strong and somewhat harsh sound, Gertrude is a name that doesn't really resonate with men in terms of attractiveness. With modern generations shifting towards more delicate, melodious names, Gertrude just doesn't fit in.

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11. Karen

Despite being a common name, it shouldn't be surprising to see Karen on this list. Unfortunately, recent associations with negative stereotypes that spread across social media have deeply impacted the attractiveness of this name. As men have commented online, the cultural connotations surrounding it have detracted the appeal in the name.

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12. Beth

While simple and classic, people have commented that Beth lacks much uniqueness or modern flair that some men find attractive in a name. While it might be cute as a nickname, it might not stand out as much as other names. 

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13. Eunice

Eunice is a name with biblical origins that might not appeal to everyone due to its older, more distinctive sound. It may be perceived as less attractive because it doesn't conform to more contemporary naming trends or sounds.

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14. Olga

Olga, with its Eastern European roots, doesn't quite strike a chord of attractiveness due to its strong, traditional sound. It may evoke a sense of seriousness or formality that doesn't match everyone's taste.

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15. Tammy

Tammy, though popular in past decades, was listed by men online as a less attractive female name. They claimed the name just seems a little plain and outdated, making it less desirable for men of this generation.

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1. Haley

Now let's move on to the opposite end of things - the names men do find attractive. Haley is name that feels and sounds warm and approachable; many men found this name attractive because it's got the right amount of casual and sophisticated vibes.

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2. Jade

Jade is a strong sounding name that feels both distinct and mysterious; there's a unique aura around the name that just draws people in. Though it's short and simple, there's a nice elegance to it that men find attractive.

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3. Natasha

The name Natasha is of Russian origin and is often associated with classic beauty. Many men listed this name as an attractive one because it just flows right off the tongue and evokes an image of someone who is sophisticated and charismatic.

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4. Natalia

Similar to Natasha, Natalia is another name of Russian origin that made the list. It's attractive to men due to its exotic sound, but it's also got the right amount of elegance to it.

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5. Anastasia

Anastasia is name that's beloved and sounds like royalty; it's highly attractive to men because it sounds unique, but there's also a beautiful melodic tone to it. On the plus side, you also get the adorable name, Ana, as a nickname! 

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6. Lily

Lily is a name that is as beautiful and delicate as the flower it represents. It's attractive to men because it suggests purity, innocence, and natural beauty, appealing to those who appreciate simplicity and gentleness in a name.

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7. Vivian

Vivian is a lively name that's fun to say and draws people in. It was listed here because men love how energetic and full of spirit the name sounds.

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8. Brooke

Brooke is a popular female name that men find especially attractive because of how calming and graceful it sounds. It's short and sweet, and rolls off the tongue nicely; it's as simple as that!

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9. Sophia

The name Sophia naturally sounds and feels soft and gentle. It's got a really beautiful sound to it, which many men found highly attractive.

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10. Ivy

Short and easy to say, many people said they love the name Ivy because it sounds sweet and bright. One person even stated the name evokes the image of a thoughtful but reserved woman, just from the sound of the name alone!

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11. Zoe

Zoe is name that means "life" in Greek, which is really fitting because the name evokes a sense of energy and enthusiasm! A lot of men claimed they love the "zippiness" of the name, and that it brings to mind someone who is bright and energetic.

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12. Jasmine

Jasmine is a more exotic sounding name that many men find attractive because of its association with the flower. And maybe Princess Jasmine too? The name feels gentle yet mysterious, and really draws people in.

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13. Naomi

Naomi was voted as a very beautiful name that is pretty uncommon, but has a nice melodic sound to it. Many men claimed they loved how dignified and charming the name feels.

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14. Alicia

Alicia is a name that resonates with many because of how sweet it sounds. A lot of men online claimed they loved how melodic the name sounds, and how it evokes an image of a kind-hearted person.

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15. Allison

Allison is a timeless name that somehow sounds both familiar and unique. The attractiveness behind this name comes from its classic feel, but also the warmth that it evokes. There's just something dependable and endearing about the name Allison!

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