10 Things Men Find Sexy In A Woman & 10 They Think Are Unattractive

10 Things Men Find Sexy In A Woman & 10 They Think Are Unattractive

What is that you find sexy in your partner? While there are plenty of attractive points and turn-off points when it comes to finding your romantic partner, there are a couple of universal ones that many people share. Let's take a look at men specifically today, to see what traits and qualities they find particularly sexy in a woman, and which things they don't.

1. A Confident Aura

For a lot of men, there's nothing more sexy in a woman than being confident and sure of herself. It's all about that presence and energy she gives off - there's just something admirable and respectable in the way she carries herself around other people!

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2. Beautiful Smile

Sometimes, a beautiful smile is all it takes for a man to fall in love with a woman. Many men online have stated they find a nice smile incredibly sexy, thanks to its ability to capture so much feeling and emotion. It's all in the way a good smile can make a partner feel loved, seen, and charmed.

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3. Nice Body

Listen, as superficial as it might sound, we can't deny that physical appearances can make a big impression when we're talking about seeing someone in a romantic light. Most men will say that having a nice body definitely adds to a woman's appeal, not only because of how attractive it looks, but because it also shows that they take care of their health and body.

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4. Independence

Say goodbye to words like clingy, dependent, and needy when you've got an independent woman. A sexy trait that men like in women is seeing that they have the ability to take care of themselves and make their own decisions. There's a beautiful strength in that, and a feeling of comfort knowing that she'll be good on her own. 

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5. Good Style

It's not about wearing expensive clothes or keeping tabs on the trendiest styles, it's all about wearing clothes that fit your body shape and highlight your looks. Men love seeing women embrace their bodies and showcasing their personalities through what they wear. After all, there's nothing sexier than seeing someone being comfortable in their clothes and exuding confidence!

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6. Playfulness

Men love being in relationships that are comfortable, light-hearted, and exciting to be a part of. That's why playfulness is a treasured trait, one that men find particularly sexy in a woman. Having that playful attitude is endearing, and can bring so much brightness to anyone's life.

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7. Passionate

Whether it's about her personal life, favourite hobbies, or aspiring career goals, showing passion in different areas of her life is something men find sexy. Women who know what they want and are driven to accomplish them, give off a vibe that's incredibly attractive and alluring.

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8. Genuine

Not everything that's sexy about a woman has to be about her looks or strong personality. Sometimes, what men want most is someone who is genuine and sincere. Seeing a woman be her true, authentic self is sexy in it's own way. It allows their partners to feel comfortable with them, making it easier to connect on a deeper level.

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9. Beautiful Eyes

Just like how some people prioritize a lovely smile, others love expressive, beautiful eyes that can seriously capture your attention. It's not just about how they look or what colour they are, it's about how she's able to convey her feelings with them, giving every word she says a whole extra depth of meaning.

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10. Strong Leadership Qualities

Tying into how men love independent, confident women, one thing that always gets them going is seeing a lady with strong leadership qualities and the ability to take charge. It's taking all that confidence and transforming it into something even more beautiful - seeing a woman lead and be inspiring is sexy in a unique way that most men will fall for. 

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1. Bad Hygiene

While there are certainly plenty of sexy traits that men find attractive, there's always an opposite side to things. One quality that is typically an instant turn-off for guys is bad hygiene. We're talking about wearing dirty clothes, having messy hair, and giving off unpleasant smells. It's not only disrespectful to the people around you, but it demonstrates a clear lack of self-care that just isn't appealing to men (or anyone for that matter). 

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2. Playing Hard to Get

When people are just starting to develop romantic attractions for one another, men find nothing more "unsexy" than a woman who just plays hard to get. Why is it necessary? It can feel incredibly frustrating and discouraging, especially if someone is putting a lot of effort into making a good impression. Love should never feel like a game!

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3. Whiny

Being whiny is another word for always being negative. No one wants to be around that! It shows that you don't take life into your own hands and just sit there letting things happen to you. Men want women who take charge and make changes, not someone who sits there and complains all day. Nothing sexy about that!

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4. Excessive Makeup

Despite what most women might think, many men online stated they prefer a more natural look on women! While of course everyone is free to do whatever makes them happy, it's nice knowing that you don't need to put on layers of foundation, heavy smoky eyes, and full on lip gloss for a man to find you attractive. Men find natural beauty sexy.

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5. Using a Baby Voice

While speaking sweetly is something men love to hear, using a baby voice can give off a totally different vibe. Especially if it's being used to get something they want, men find baby voices to be immature and even annoying! 

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6. Lip Fillers

Similar to wearing too much makeup, there's one popular cosmetic trend that men aren't actually all that into. We're talking about lip fillers/injections that plump up the lips to an abnormal size. Men claim that these cosmetic procedures create an artificial look to the face that they're simply not a fan of.

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7. Super Long Nails

Painted nails are nice, but if there's one trend confusing men around the world right now, it's having exceptionally long nails. We can't stop thinking about how impractical it must be or how much it must affect mobility! Rather than coming off as attractive, many commented on how it looks almost a bit tacky rather than stylish.

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8. Faking Interests

While it's nice if couples can have some shared interests and hobbies that they can do together, it's important that it's genuine and real. Being with someone who fakes their likes and dislikes is simply unattractive! What's sexy about pretending to like something for the sake of impressing someone?

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9. Making Duck Faces

Here's a funny one - it's quite the common trend for women to pose with duck faces in photos, but the question is, why? All it does is make facial expressions look a bit forced, which is why men tend to prefer a more natural, beautiful smile.

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10. Being Bad at Communicating Wants and Needs

It's simple. Good communication is sexy! Letting your partner know exactly what you want and need shows that you care about the relationship and making things work. Nothing sexier than that! So being with a partner that hides their true emotions only leads to misunderstandings and frustrations that no one wants to deal with. What a turn off.

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