10 Boomer Phrases We Should All Be Saying Again & 10 That Should Be Forgotten For Good

10 Boomer Phrases We Should All Be Saying Again & 10 That Should Be Forgotten For Good

Everyone loves using slang, but have you ever thought about revisiting some past gems? While there were some definite misses that were used in the old days, there were also some creative and cute past sayings that we think should make a comeback. Take a look at these 20 phrases and see if you agree with us!

1. "Cool Beans"

This is probably a phrase you've heard before, just not maybe in recent years. Cool beans is kind of cute though, don't you think? It's a quirky and adorable way to express your approval or agreement to something someone said, and we personally think it's a fun saying that should be re-added to our everyday vocabulary.

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2. "Far Out"

If slang words like "rizz" and "lit" can make it into mainstream popularity, how about bringing back some old classics like "far out?" Used to express a sense of awe or amazement after witnessing something pretty impressive, you can't deny there's a catchy ring to it. "That was far out bro."

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3. "Groovy"

Let's bring back the word groovy! Not only is it fun to say, it's kind of the biggest compliment you can give someone regarding their style or personality. Once used on a regular basis back during its heyday, we feel like it could bring back a nice bit of vintage charm to our everyday sayings. Who agrees?

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4. "The Bee's Knees"

Here's one that doesn't really make much sense, but it rhymes and is fun to say, so we vote to bring it back! The bee's knees is basically said to compliment something that is excellent or high quality. We love the oddness of this phrase, and we think it needs a comeback.

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5. "Hunky Dory"

Is everything going smoothly for you? Well then it's all hunky dory! This one rolls right off the tongue, offering a breezy and fun phrase to say when you're feeling like you're in a good place. 

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6. "Let's Blow This Popsicle Stand"

Here's another saying that makes no sense at all but is hilarious to say. If you're feeling bored and want to leave somewhere to find something more interesting to do, just yell out "Let's blow this popsicle stand!" before leaving the premises. It sure is one way to make a flashy exit!

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7. "Gee Whiz"

Instead of swearing, gee whiz is a much more gentle yet still expressive way to show your feelings of surprise or astonishment. It feels enthusiastic but respectful at the same time, resulting in a phrase that's sweet and earnest. Compared to some of the more mainstream sayings that share the same sentiment today, we definitely think this is one that people would appreciate!

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8. "Cat's Pajamas"

We're pretty sure cats don't wear pajamas to bed, but hey, the imagery's pretty funny! If they did wear pajamas though, we'd imagine they'd look pretty stylish, which is pretty much what this saying means. Saying something is the "cat's pajamas" basically means you want to tell someone or something that they're amazing or stylish. It's giving similar vibes to "the bee's knees!"

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9. "Sock it to me"

If you've got some groundbreaking news to share and your best friend tells you to "sock it to me," it means they want you to deliver the news with as much gusto and straight-forwardness as you can. It's a saying that became popular way back in the 60s and 70s, but it's got a good amount of spirit and eagerness that we love.

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10. "Can you dig it?"

"Can you dig it?" is simply a more fun way of asking someone if they understood or agree with what you said. It's not too outlandish or weird, meaning it could easily slip into our mainstream vocabulary if we wanted it to (and we definitely want it to).

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1. "Don't Have a Cow"

If you got told this right now, there's probably no way you could possibly understand what it means. Should you be offended, worried, happy? Well, we're here to tell you that this phrase is simply asking you not to overreact or get too upset about something. It's certainly a weird one, and not a phrase we think people would jump on board for. 

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2. "Talk to the Hand"

Talk to the hand is a saying you've probably heard many times before, and you might be doing the action without even knowing it. Often accompanied by the very swift "hand to the face" gesture, this is one saying that feels pretty dismissive and rude. 

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3. "Eat My Shorts"

No, we don't really want you to do that. Eat my shorts is another bizarre one, with it not making much sense as a saying on its own. It's more or less an expression of defiance, but why shorts? That's one thing we don't understand.

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4. "Gag Me With a Spoon"

We have a really weird one for you. Commonly used as an expression of disgust, this is one old saying that just feels weird to say out loud. "Gag me with a spoon?" Yeah, we'd rather not bring this one back, and we're pretty sure you'd agree with us too.

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5. "Cowabunga"

Cowabunga! While it's fun to say and definitely showcases feelings of excitement and adrenaline, for us, it just feels a little too cheesy. Though it originally came from surfing culture and was popularized by television shows, we're happy to leave this one in the past. We've got much better words to use in place of this one.

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6. "Make Like a Tree and Leave"

Used more as a cheesy joke to get someone to leave, make like a tree and leave is kind of a lame attempt at being punny. While sure, you can see it as being creative, it's a little too cringey for today's generation to be brought back into mainstream use.

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7. "Boogie Down"

Boogie down brings out good vibes and positive feelings, but something about the word "boogie" just feels a bit dated. We can't deny it feels like a word only a boomer would use! So while there's nothing wrong about the saying itself, we're just feeling like it doesn't fit with the modern era.

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8. "Wig Out"

Back in the old days, if someone was losing control or freaking out over something, you might describe them as "wigging out." Used to describe someone going crazy or overexaggerating, wig out was probably the go to phrase. But in our humble opinion, it doesn't sound very catchy at all, so this is one we don't feel a need to bring back.

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9. "What's Your Damage?"

Essentially the same thing as asking someone, "what's your problem?", what's your damage just seems a lot more aggressive and confrontational. Besides, replacing problem with damage doesn't feel like much of a necessary change at all, making this one phrase that we're happy to leave behind.

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10. "No Duh"

"No duh" is just an aggressive way to express your feelings that something told was way too obvious. It's usually said in a sarcastic tone, but we personally feel it's a tad too dismissive and rude. There are other ways to express this, ones that don't feel as hurtful! So let's just leave this one in the past, shall we?

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