30 Christmas Activities That'll Bring Your Family Together

30 Christmas Activities That'll Bring Your Family Together

Christmas is just around the corner and that means it's time to bring the family back together again. This festive holiday is the perfect time to spend lots of laughter and joy with those you hold dear, so to help you create the best memories to look back on, here are 30 amazing Christmas activities to do with your family.

1. Bake Festive Treats Together

Gather in the kitchen to bake Christmas cookies and pies. Share stories and create new recipes that can become family traditions.

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2. Decorate the Christmas Tree

Spend an evening decorating the tree with ornaments, including some handcrafted by family members. Every ornament can represent a special family memory or story.

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3. Host a Holiday Movie Marathon

Choose a lineup of classic Christmas movies, make some popcorn, and enjoy a cozy night in with blankets and hot cocoa.

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4. Craft Homemade Christmas Cards

Set up a crafting station with all the supplies you need to make personalized Christmas cards. Send them out to friends and family to spread the holiday cheer.

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5. Organize a Christmas Lights Tour

Pile into the car with hot beverages and a playlist of carols, and drive around to see the neighborhood's light displays.

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6. Plan a Gift Wrapping Party

Get together with all the wrapping materials and help each other wrap presents. It's a fun way to do a task that can be overwhelming alone.

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7. Create a Christmas Playlist

Everyone contributes their favorite holiday songs to a playlist, then play it throughout the season to fill your home with festive music.

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8. Volunteer as a Family

Choose a local charity or community service project and spend a day giving back. It's a great way to teach the value of kindness and generosity.

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9. Go Caroling in Your Community

Practice a few songs and spread the holiday spirit by caroling in your neighborhood or at a local nursing home.

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10. Have a Christmas Craft Day

Make DIY ornaments, wreaths, or a nativity scene. This not only decorates your home but also creates lasting mementos.

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11. Host a Holiday Potluck

Invite family and friends to bring their favorite holiday dishes. This way, everyone gets to try different festive foods and recipes.

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12. Organize a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

This activity adds an element of surprise to gift-giving and ensures that everyone gets a present.

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13. Take a Family Portrait

Dress up in holiday attire and take a family photo. It's a wonderful way to capture the moment and look back on in years to come.

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14. Attend a Christmas Play or Ballet

Experience the magic of the season by attending a performance of 'The Nutcracker' or a local Christmas play.

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15. Write Letters to Santa

Especially fun for the younger ones, writing letters to Santa can be a magical experience, sparking imagination and hope.

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16. Christmas Story Time

Choose classic Christmas stories or winter tales and read them aloud by the fireplace. This can become a nightly ritual in the run-up to Christmas day.

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17. Holiday Puzzle Building

Work on a holiday-themed puzzle together. It's a relaxing way to engage everyone in a collaborative and rewarding task.

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18. Family Snowball Fight

If you're in a snowy area, have an impromptu snowball fight or build a snow fort. It's a playful way to enjoy the winter weather together.

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19. Christmas Karaoke Night

Set up a karaoke machine and sing along to Christmas hits. It's a joyful way to celebrate and showcase your holiday spirit.

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20. Make a Family Advent Calendar

Create a homemade advent calendar where each day reveals a family activity or a small treat leading up to Christmas.

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21. Host a Christmas Sweater Party

Encourage everyone to wear their funniest or most festive Christmas sweaters. It's a humorous way to celebrate the season's fashion quirks.

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22. Christmas Cookie Exchange

Bake different types of cookies and exchange them with nearby friends or relatives. It's a sweet way to enjoy a variety of treats and share your culinary skills.

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23. Holiday Crafting for the Homeless

Spend time making warm scarves or assembling care packages for the homeless. This activity teaches compassion and the joy of giving without expectation.

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24. Ice Skating Excursion

Visit a local ice skating rink and glide together. Afterwards, share laughs over the day's spills and twirls with some hot chocolate.

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25. Christmas Campout in the Living Room

Create a makeshift campsite with tents and sleeping bags around the Christmas tree and spend the night telling stories and dreaming of Santa's visit.

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26. Hold a Christmas Bake-Off

Have a friendly competition to see who can create the tastiest or most creatively decorated Christmas treat.

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27. Winter Nature Walk

Take a family walk through a nature trail or park to appreciate the winter landscape. Collect pine cones and branches to use in decorations.

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28. Create a Christmas Time Capsule

Assemble items that represent your family's year, and add in your Christmas wishes. Decide to open it together in a future Christmas to reminisce and see how things have changed.

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29. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Hide Christmas-themed items around the house or yard and give the kids clues to find them. It's a playful and engaging way to spend an afternoon.

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30. Plant a Christmas Tree

If you have space, plant a new tree each year or sponsor the planting of a tree. It's a meaningful way to give back to the earth and watch your efforts grow with each season.

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