Wedding Guests From Around The World Share Their Best 'I Object' Stories

Wedding Guests From Around The World Share Their Best 'I Object' Stories

Weddings can be stressful for even the most romantic couples. It seems like all that tension comes to a head when the minister looks out on the crowd and says, "If anyone can think of any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." In the stories below, the bride and groom get blindsided by guests who just had to say something - for better or worse.

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50. The not-so-happiest day of his life.

At a wedding I went to the objection was made by the groom himself. He just stood up there and started crying and, in front of everyone, told the bride that he'd fallen out of love with her a while before but he didn't know how to break it off. It was extremely uncomfortable, they both stepped out, and ten minutes later came back out and got married, because she'd apparently told him she was pregnant. They're still together, with three kids, and I'm not sure about the husband but I can confirm that the wife is having an affair. Neither of them are happy, but she has a comfortable life and he doesn't have the spine to leave.

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49. He certainly proved his point.

At a wedding I was at, nobody even asked for an objection, but the groom's ex still decided to get up and scream that he was her soulmate, that she forgave him for "this whole thing," and that they should leave now because he'd proven his point - by breaking up with her, five years earlier, falling in love, and holding a wedding. Everybody started fighting, screaming, and throwing stuff at each other.

The cake was really good, though. Good times. The bride was my boyfriend's ex. No idea why they invited us.

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48. A badly-timed announcement.

One of my friends interrupted his cousin’s wedding to come out of the closet. He couldn’t understand why people were so upset with him. Aside from being terrible timing though, this was the second time my friend had come out to his family. 90% of his family at the wedding was already aware.

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47. Gotta love true bromance.

This happened at a wedding I went to very recently, where the groom and his bast man were best friends; so close that people sometimes joked that they were more than friends. The running joke was that the best man was very disappointed that Groom is marrying someone else.

At the wedding, the officiant asks if anyone has objections. The best man objects. The officiant quickly overrules the objection. It was planned, and the bride thought it was a funny way to acknowledge the super close friendship between the groom and best man. Did not result in anyone being kicked out or awkwardness. Fun and surprisingly appropriate.

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46. It was almost a natural disaster.

I was at an outdoor ceremony once, with a storm coming in. The pastor was trying to move things along so that we wouldn't get caught in the rain. He asked if anyone knows of any objection, and instantly, there was a loud clap of thunder.

To his credit, the pastor just paused a moment and then said: "Anyone else? Alright, in that case..." and finished the ceremony.

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45. What could be worse than that?

I've only seen this happen once, at my friend's wedding.

The father of the bride had been pretty absentee after her parents' divorce. He had re-married and he and my friend's stepmom were were both pretty terrible. The new wife was not invited to my friend's wedding but the father came and it seemed like he was there to be supportive, but then he stood up during vows and proclaimed that the groom should get out while he still could because my friend was a "soul leeching succubus."

The minister, the groom, and some wedding guests basically shoved and dragged the man out the building. But he hung around the parking lot yelling things for awhile and eventually the cops were called. Later on he and the wife filed a civil suit against my friend and her husband for the money he contributed to the wedding. He lost.

The ceremony happened in an awkward manner, and the reception really just became a well lit support group with food, for my friend. Not the worst wedding I ever went to.

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44. Office parties must be super awkward.

Went to a co-workers wedding and the maid of honor objected and admitted to being the other woman and that the groom had been cheating with her for months. The bride left in tears and the groom immediately tried to get with the maid of honor, but she told him she wasn't gonna hurt the bride further and that he needs to get lost. The bride is doing much better and is now a manager where I work, and I haven't heard from the groom in over a year. The maid of honor and bride are on speaking terms, but I don't think their relationship is gonna ever be what it used to be.


43. He should have listened.

When I was 13 we went to my cousin's wedding. Everything is going great... They even got past the speak now or forever hold your peace part. They wrote their own vows but before my cousin's bride could even begin her vows his son got up announced to the entire room that she was cheating on his dad with her ex and he couldn't let his dad marry her. My cousin yelled at his son to either sit down or leave. The son left, my cousin married her anyways, and 5 years and one baby later he finds out it was true and they separated in a super expensive divorce.

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42. He was mooooooved to say something.

It was at my wedding, which we had at my grandmother's house who lives out in the country next to a cattle farm. The cows didnt make a peep until the preacher asked in anyone objected and one finally went, "MOOOO!"

We all laughed and continued but it was a funny moment about my wedding.

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41. At least they knew they were loved.

A wedding I was at, one guy got up and pledged his undying love for the bride, followed by four or five others objecting for various reasons including one guy's love for the groom. By the second or third objection, though, it was clear that the whole thing was a clever ruse. I found out later that it was all set up by the bride as a prank on the unsuspecting groom and family and friends. It was pretty hilarious!

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40. He got demoted to the worst man.

The best man at my step sister's wedding did this. It happened at the rehearsal the night before. It was a very large wedding and the rehearsal was bigger than a lot of weddings. The minister was going over the vows quickly while giving instructions on what to do. When he said something about objections the best man interrupted saying he had to put a stop to this. He was in love with the bride and was sure she felt the same way. My sister and everyone else was horrified. It caused plenty of chaos and confusion. As far as I know after that neither the bride nor groom ever spoke to him again.


39. At least someone had a good time.

My wife dragged me to a wedding that I did NOT want to be at years ago but I'm forever grateful that she did because I was able to witness one of the greatest spectacles of human drama that has ever taken place. This was like an episode of Jerry Springer mixed with Cops. The bride's LOVER spoke up at one moment and yelled, "I'm not gonna keep my mouth shut and let you steal my woman, you sorry piece of crap!"

This deranged old redneck proceeds to come at the groom WITH A PISTOL threatening to shoot him if he doesn't give her up. It wasn't a huge wedding, maybe 40 or so people but every single one of them went screaming and running and maybe 2 people stayed and called the cops. I grabbed my wife's hand and we retreated outside to watch the rest of the scene unfold from the church window. It was great.

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38. They're not much fun for kids, anyway.

I went to a wedding when I was 5, it was between my older brother and his fiancée. Anyways, they said the whole "speak now" speil and right before he was done little 5 year old me said "I OBJECT!" And everyone turned to me. I was dead silent because I didn't know what would happen. My dad asked me "Well, why do you object?" And I said, "I did not know what would happen if I did," and I was promptly escorted outside so I missed the rest of my own brother's wedding.

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37. He probably meant to crash a different wedding.

It my own wedding, but not in the traditional way. We were getting married along a river at the end of summer and tons of wake boarders and boats were out. I was a ball of nerves and the ceremony felt so serious... when all of a sudden some dude on a boat zoomed by blasting music screamed “Don’t do it bro!!” And sped off.

It was actually hilarious and made the rest of the ceremony a lot more fun. My husband and I cracked up even though his brothers looked like they were about to jump in the river after the guy!

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36. Well, he was asked.

My aunt was getting married to her second husband, and during the "speak now or forever hold your peace" bit, their baby started crying.

The minister officiating it said, "If anyone older than six months has any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace."

He got a laugh and the wedding carried on. They're still together 10 years later, so I guess whatever my cousin had to say was incorrect.


35. Weddings: the best place to start your stand-up comedy career.

I was best man at a wedding and the groom's older sister decided to play a joke and stood up and said “I object” then started giggling. Grooms mother stood up slapped her told her is was not an appropriate joke and told her to go home. This mother still refuses to talk to her daughter 4 years later.

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34. It was funnier the first time.

My mom invited an ex she was still rather close with to her wedding and he stood up and yelled "I object!!"

Little did everyone at the wedding know, my dad had gotten rather close with him and paid him to stand up and object just for fun and he burst out laughing. My mom didn't find it as funny and it really started their marriage off on the right foot.

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33. He should have been the best man.

Friend of mine was getting married in the park under the trees because both of them were nature people and the  groom had a dog that went everywhere with him that wasn't allowed in any church. The dog was sitting in the audience with the groom's mother. The officiant comes to the part where he says, "Do you take …"

The dog, Shadow, began to howl a loud, long, mournful howl. Everyone laughed. The officiant started the question again. Loud, long, mournful howl again. Everyone laughed. Groom told Shadow to come to the front. Shadow ran up, stood directly in between the bride and groom and the officiant started again. Not a peep from Shadow. They did their vows. The officiant looked at Shadow and asked, "Shadow do you take bride and groom to be your lawfully wedded parents?" Shadow barked one single bark. Officiant concluded the ceremony, everyone cheered and clapped, and Shadow barked three times, the only times that he made any sound. Not kidding. Beautiful dog too.

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32. Everyone's a joker.

So I’m attending this ultra chill beach wedding in small town Canada. It was fun, the bride flew in on a seaplane and all the chairs were set up on the sand. The groom wass from Trinidad and Tobago, so all his relatives traveled a long way and there was a party before; we were all a little bit tipsy.

​So as the ceremony progresses, the line comes, "Any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony speak now."

​Nobody expected this; The father of the groom gets up, flailing, and a collective gasp followed by silence overtakes this tiny venue. We’re all waiting with baited breath but he’s just standing there with glassy eyes. After a long silence he laughs and says, "No, I kid, I kid." and the whole spirit of the audience cheers up as he sits back down.

​Rest of the reception, people are going up to him saying "good one" or scolding him. Best wedding I’ve been to.

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31. You can only say that if you're at the altar.

I attended a wedding as a guest of a family member and when the pastor asked for objections, the doors busted open to the sanctuary and a man appeared and started to say "I do!" Two huge ushers, one of whom was my date, quickly grabbed the guy under the arms before he could say anything but and literally lifted him up off the floor and carried him out. The wedding continued as normal.

Turned out the guy was the ex of the bride. Strangest sight I ever saw.

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30. Even hillbillies fall in love.

This was in the early 70s in semi rural Washington state. My cousin was getting married, and my aunt and the mother of the groom did not get along well. During the ceremony, when the pastor got to the part about objecting, my aunt said something to my uncle and the groom’s mom jumped up and grabbed my aunt and they started going at it, all the way out the door and into the parking area. They had to be forcefully separated, and everyone filed back into the barn, where the wedding continued. The best part though was when another one of my cousins simply walked into the woods after the wedding because that’s where he lived.

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29. Not everyone is good at public speaking.

A friend of mine works at a wedding venue. She told me about one wedding where the best man made some jokes in his speech about the time that he slept with the bride. He assumed that the groom already knew about it... he didn't. Groom was NOT happy, the reception ended up getting cancelled and all the guests were sent home.

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28. The bride must have loved this.

When my Mom got married to my stepdad, my uncle objected... After the attention was focused on him, he just asked if they were still going fishing afterwards.

To which my stepdad reached into his suit and pulled out his fishing hat.

Very sweet and bromantic. They loved to fish together.

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27. Very high cringe factor.

I was at a western themed wedding and was asked to object as a joke so the groom could turn around and “shoot” me... Well, he didn’t really have blanks, just a toy gun. So when I did it in the middle of the ceremony, the crowd turns around to look at me, no one saw him shoot me, and all I saw were a bunch of shocked and angry faces, until they caught on to what was happening.

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26. Hopefully, she was right.

Two good friends of mine who are now married, the wife has a sister with Tourette's syndrome. We get to the moment where the registrar asked something along the lines of "Does anyone here knows of any legal reason why these two may not be wed?"

There's a pause, and then suddenly from near the front "No no no NO NO NONONONO....DON'T WORRY THEY'RE NOT RELATED!"

Entire room collapsed laughing, we still mention it to this day.

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25. The bride probably thought that was charming.

I used to work for a catering company and we had this wedding reception to cater one night a few years back. Apparently it was a "gangster" themed wedding (not like hip-hop thug gangster, but more like 1920's prohibition gangster). Well anyways, during this part of the wedding some person stood up and said they objected to the wedding and all the groomsmen pulled fake Tommy guns from behind their back and "gunned" the man down. Kind of cheesy, but still makes me laugh.

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24. That's actually a very good reason to object.

At a wedding I went to, when the minister said, "Does anyone know any reason whatsoever why this man and this woman may not be lawfully wedded?" a person in attendance said, "Yes, I know a reason - she's still married to another man."

Turns out he was accurate. The bride-to-be had been married before, and thought her divorce in California was over. But some snag in the legal process prevented it from becoming final - so legally, she was still married to another man.

At that point, the minister announced that the ceremony could not be completed until the matter was resolved. It was among the most awkward moments I've ever witnessed.

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23. The bride's father probably paid her to do that.

At my aunt’s wedding my crazy little cousin was making a bit of a scene and her mom started to take her to the back. While this was going on, the priest asked if there were any objections, and my cousin, in protest of being removed, screeched “NOOOOOOO” at the top of her lungs. Definitely killed the mood, but everyone was laughing about it at the reception.

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22. Little pitchers have big ears, or however the saying goes.

When I was four, my uncle was getting married. At the ceremony, I was a little confused and asked what was going on. Mom said, "Uncle Rick is getting married." My loud little mouth piped up for all to hear, "But Uncle Rick doesn't WANNA get married!" Apparently there had been some conversations beforehand that I probably shouldn't have been exposed to, including something about my Uncle Rick saying he didn't want anything to do with his bride-to-be. I was just trying to look out for him.

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21. It's all worth it for that fifteen minutes of fame.

I managed a venue where a wedding was held that was featured on the show Bridezillas. The producers manipulated everything to make it more dramatic, to the point of telling the bride's sister that she had to object during that part of the ceremony. The church where they held the ceremony wouldn't allow them to film there, so they faked the ceremony in one of our ballrooms, which is where the sister "objected." It kind of turned out to be one of those awkward moments where no one knows what to say or do, so they just kind of moved past it.

It was a great reception, but the crew were trying really hard to manufacture drama. It made me cringe to see it all.

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20. He had the best of intentions.

Like most folks, I haven’t objected at a wedding and would die of social anxiety if I did. But I met a guy who tried.

Meet Dave. Dave’s an older guy, likes to hang out with the young and hip crowd, even manages a few hook ups with girls half his age. Dave dates a younger gal for a while, really likes her, but she moves on and several years down the line, is about to get married. Dave and said gal meet up for a drink, and somehow, Dave gets the impression she still loves him and wants him to make a grand gesture to “prove” his love.

Queue to a destination wedding several weeks later. Dave trailers his horse down to the wedding, with the idea that he’ll walk the horse down the isle and shout “I object” and carry the girl away. Girl in question gets wind of Dave’s plan, and calls the police. As Dave pulls up at the wedding and starts to get the horse out, police stop him and politely ask him to leave. Dave still really wants to prove his love, so being Dave, he starts throwing haymakers and yelling for love for the girl. All of this is happening like a movie scene in sight of the outdoor wedding. Dave is hauled away, and the wedding goes in in a much more surreal tone.

Kids, don’t be Dave.

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19. Always listen to your best man.

I objected before the wedding. The best man and I, her bridesmaid, knew the bride was cheating on our friend the groom. We tried to talk him out of the wedding beforehand but they went through with it. I said I couldn't be in the wedding because I couldn't stand there and act like it was right.

The groom woke up late one month after the wedding. One month to the date exactly and found the texts of her cheating. They divorced right after that.

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18. I'm sure it was an Instagrammable ceremony.

Two of my friends got married for fun. They are two girls, one of their boyfriends officiated. Yep, they went through the hassle of getting legally married JUST for the Instagram story. I objected at the wedding and they ignored me. Actually, pretty much everyone in attendance tried to object. They moved forwards with it. I’m still friends with bride #1, she didn’t take offense to the objection. In fact, she liked it because she likes drama and attention. Weirdest day of my life.

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17. Sounds like a pretty good deal, actually.

My dad attended my Uncle's wedding (not my real uncle, but they were roommates in college) a few years ago and objected to the wedding as a joke. When the question was asked, my dad stood up and yelled "I object, she's too good for him!" Suddenly all their old college friends stood up and also started objecting as it was all part of an elaborate plan to prank my Uncle. The bride of course was mortified.

My uncle, knowing my dad and all their mutual friends, expected something like this and had spoken with the officiant about a reverse prank. My uncle whispered to the officiant that it was go time. The officiant quieted everyone down and then announced that he was in fact offering a two for one deal on marriages and invited my dad and his girlfriend of 13 years up to the altar to be married as well. Laughs ensued and my dad sat down and was dead quiet for the rest of the ceremony.


16. Getting hitched for all the wrong reasons.

At a wedding I went to when i was little, the groom tried to object. He had gotten the bride pregnant after a one-night stand, and the parents had forced a marriage. Even as a kid I could tell that they were clearly in hate with each other (i.e. they couldn't even kiss during the glass clinking). The bride dragged her feet quite literally across the aisle and when the pastor asked if anyone objected the groom began to nervously whisper to him, shaking his head and gesturing towards the bride. Both sets of parents got up and in loud whispers convinced him to go through with it. After a long, painfully awkward pause the ceremony continued. I have been to a lot of weddings and seen a lot of drama but this one was one of the worst.

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15. They didn't name the kid after him, that's for sure.

This happened at my cousin's wedding. The ceremony was quite elegant, and just as the pastor asked if anyone had objections to this marriage, my uncle stood up in the front row where everyone could see him, and proceeded to yell at and demean my cousin for getting pregnant before marriage. She then burst into tears and ran into the bathroom for over an hour. After she calmed down, we finished the wedding and my uncle hasn't talked to her since.

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14. This objection happened before the wedding even started.

I work wedding bars and I worked a wedding where the bride never turned up to the altar and texted the guy 15 minutes beforehand saying, "I'm not coming."

It was super depressing, they went ahead with the party since it was paid for and the groom ended up leaving before the rest of the guests. What had happened was the bride had spent all day with her parents the day before and they apparently hated her husband to be and had convinced her not to show up.

Last thing I heard was she came to his door the next morning, apologized, and they're still together. But man, was that an awkward work night.

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13. When the big guy himself intervenes.

At my cousin's wedding there was a small earthquake right when the priest asked the objection question. Everyone gasped and then started laughing, joking that God himself objected. It was a catholic wedding. The bride looked horrified and the priest looked uncomfortable. My cousin defied God and is still married 10 years on.

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12. This is one guy who doesn't know the meaning of TMI.

I was working at a wedding when I was younger. I was running the bar at the reception, which was very close to the hall the weddings were at. We were told that the reception would begin around 4pm. It was already about 3pm and I was packing fridges, the usual bar man things, while one of the male guests was sitting there drinking. I asked if he was joining the reception, to which he replied something along the lines of, “When I have the courage.”

He downs his drink, and leaves. 10 minutes later he’s back, looking extremely disappointed. Guy orders a drink, and less than 30 seconds later another guy who turned out to be the groom walks in, punches him in the back of the head, and leaves.

I eventually found out that the guy who'd been drinking earlier had walked into the ceremony and admitted to sleeping with the wife on her hen night, and again the night before the wedding. He was never invited to the wedding, he just felt the groom needed to know. So he found out where the wedding was, suited up and dropped the info mid-ceremony. on Pexels

11. An inside job becomes an inside joke.

This one was just for laughs. My friend's older brother is a lawyer. He was marrying a lawyer. Most of their friends are lawyers. The officiant was a judge who was a friend of theirs.

He and his fiancée thought it would be funny to plant someone in the audience. In the middle of the ceremony they got a friend to yell, "I object!" to which the judge yelled, "Overruled!"

It seemed to have gone over well for most but I don't think some of their family members got it.

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10. Here's one bouquet no one wanted to catch.

I went to the wedding of a distant relative, I barely even knew the couple. When the pastor got to the part asking if anyone had any objections, the bride said, "Yes, I’d like to say something." Then she turned around to her guests and said, "I’d like to thank my maid of honor for sleeping with my fiancé last night."

With that, she threw her bouquet and stormed off. The story even made it on the radio at the time.”

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9. Everybody avoids their in-laws, but not for this reason.

This happened at one of my friend's sibling's weddings. Her parents are super conservative and hadn't gotten the chance to know the daughter's fiancé very well before they got married. In their minds all that was relevant about him was that he was 10 years older than her and had been previously divorced. They had made subtle and not-so-subtle comments here and there before the wedding that they weren't happy about it. It should have been a forewarning of what was to come.
The day of the wedding, everything was beautiful. Friend's sister and her fiancé were ecstatic to be getting married and invited friends and family from both sides to their outdoor wedding. All was going well, until the preacher asks the audience if anyone has objections to why they should get married.... and as serious as can be, dad of the bride stands up and says, "Her mother and I object," and then after a long hesitation sits back down.
Silence. No one can believe what just happened. Not knowing exactly how to handle it, the preacher just says, "Ok," and finishes the ceremony as planned. I can't even imagine how the bride and groom must have felt. My friend says the tension in the room was unbelievable. But they got married all the same, and now they just avoid their in-laws as much as possible.

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8. How not to give a best man speech.

I officiated a wedding where the groom's best man was a work associate. At the reception they were doing toasts and the best man gets up and tells stories about how he thought the groom was really gay. I think he thought it would be hilarious but no one thought it funny, especially the bride. When he was done the bride's dad stood up and said, "Patrick needs a new best man. Any takers?"

Folks avoided the guy like the plague for the rest of the night.

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7. You're going to need a family tree for this one.

My ex-stepmom was getting married to my cousin. I really like my cousin, and my ex-stepmom is one of the worst people I know, so I tried to talk him out of it, but he was committed. They said their vows and everything, but when the pastor asked if anyone objected, I stood up. I talked about how terrible of a person my ex-stepmom was, and how she was tricking my cousin. I practically begged him not to marry her, but he wouldn’t even look at me. After a minute of me talking, I realized that everyone else in the room was actively hating me, so I left. They’re still married to this day – five years next Thursday. They seem to be genuinely happy. I’m starting to wonder if I just had the wrong idea about my ex-stepmom. I go over to their house sometimes and eat dinner.

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6. Third time's a charm.

This happened when my dad was marrying his third wife.

My step brother and I were in the wedding party. He was about 6, I was 10. The preacher asked if anyone objects and my brother raised his hand so very politely. My dad asked why, and my step brother replies, "Because I want you to promise to take me fishing whenever I want, first."

Everyone laughed, my dad promised he would, and the wedding came off without a hitch.

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5. Was she marrying Batman?

I was a waiter for a venue that had a lot of weddings. We typically watched the wedding ourselves from the second floor and waited for everyone to come up for the reception.

A guest for the wedding arrived a few hours early, so he sat in the restaurant and had a few too many drinks. In the part where the minister asked for objections, he yelled "DON'T DO IT, ROBIN. HE'S A LOSER!" There was the typical gasp by the crowd, then it was just silence as people from the bar (not part of the wedding, but the bar was outside on the same floor) escorted him out.

I'm not even sure if he knew them, or if Robin was even the bride's name.

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4. Don't forget the ceremonial cutting of the wedding loaf.

When I was a very young lad, I attended a wedding in which a man stood up at the point of objection and exclaimed "You forgot the breadknife."

For the next 15 years my brother and I were convinced that it was wedding tradition to have a breadknife and forgetting it was a mortal sin.

Turns out the guy was just nuts.


3. If you're gonna be my baby, it don't matter...

About 5 years ago, a coworker of mine invited all of us to his wedding. He was a great guy but none of us had ever met his wife. Seen pictures of her and he always said nothing but good things of her.

Fast forward to the wedding. It was an incredibly nice one, looks like they paid quite a bit for it. Everything was going smoothly and I was having fun and assume so was everyone else. Anyway, now they're both at the alter or whatever looking deeply into each others eyes and smiling and when that line comes of "speak now or forever hold your peace." I get anxious but nothing EVER happens. So right as soon as the anxiousness faded away, THE BRIDE'S MOTHER STOOD UP AND OBJECTED. Blurted out some racist nonsense about how she didn't want to continue their family with a man like him (he was black she was white).

The bride started crying and ran off. Wedding went silent. Bride's dad took the mom and ran after the bride. The groom stood there incredibly awkward. He may or may not have achieved actually leaving his body. Anyway, the groomsmen took him away. I left because it was too weird. Apparently, the reception went on. They did not get married that day. But ended up together anyway privately, and surprisingly work wasn't weird. He laughed about it. And they are happily married.

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2. This one has a happy ending - just not the one we expected.

I was about ten years old and went to a wedding with my parents. The wedding was for the daughter of one of my mom's friends.

We got there early and Mom was talking to her friend, who was continually reminding her husband to be nice. The husband was a cop and the man marrying his daughter was a petty criminal. He was not happy and kept making comments about the groom, calling him "the crook." Even this many years later, I remember how angry he got whenever any of the ladies would mention him.

We get to the forest preserve where the wedding is being held. Some hippie minister goes through his thing and asks for objections. Cop dad stands up and you can hear gasps. His wife grabs his arm and is reaching to cover his mouth. She's shouting, "SIT DOWN! DON'T DO THIS!" He shrugs her off and yells, "IT'S NOT AN OBJECTION!" Everyone quiets down. The bride looks somewhat hopeful. Cop-dad says, "Look, it's not really an objection... I just want to say one thing... He's a criminal and you're making a huge mistake! Go ahead... I'm done."

There were laughs, gasps, and every other kind of reaction you can imagine. Bride didn't cry, but looked like she was ready to kill her father and burst into tears. Groom just grinned (I'll never forget that smug look on his face - I'm amazed cop-dad didn't attack him right then and there because I probably would have). After a minute or so, the hippie minister continued. Reception was BBQ and a keg. Everyone left within an hour or two.

I remember hearing that the groom was arrested on their honeymoon for starting a fight with someone. About six months later, he and a friends of his were arrested for kidnapping some woman, robbing her, and leaving her tied up somewhere. While he was in jail, the wife divorced him. She's now married to an athletics director at some university. Cop-dad approves of this one.

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1. It must have been love, but it's over now.

A friend of mine, Ray, fell in love with this girl Katie. Katie had a daughter by another man who she was never married to, but they shared custody and apparently it was a very amicable separation. The daughter's father, Jeff, was a cool guy and him and Ray become close friends.

Ray and Katie decided to get married and Ray made Jeff one of his groomsmen, along with myself. Jeff spent the whole morning of the wedding telling Ray about how great Katie is, not to choke, I'm here for you etc.

Just before the ceremony, the music cuts out and the DJ comes over the speakers saying, "This song is from Jeff to Katie. He still loves you, Katie, and the two of you should be together."

Then Jeff goes up and gets on one knee and asks Katie to dance with him and be his wife. Ray lost it and they in a fist fight. Cops got called. Wedding ruined.

esther-tuttle-0U-dXovBS2E-unsplash-300x200.jpgPhoto by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash