People Share Their Nightmare Teacher Stories

People Share Their Nightmare Teacher Stories

Not many things are worse than creepy teachers. In more cases, you are stuck with them or forced to take drastic measures to get away. Whether their weirdo behavior is upfront or subtle, uncomfortable experiences with teachers are total nightmares. One thing is for sure, as a parent, you should take any opportunity to meet your kids' teachers–you never know who they might be.

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1. Muscle Inspector


I had a high school PE teacher who liked putting his hands on his students. I don’t know about the football players, but the rest of us were uncomfortable with it. During class, while we were taking a break I was talking to friends and he grabbed my shoulders and started squeezing them. I removed his hand and he yelled at my friends and me to get back to working out.

For the next few weeks, he would single us out to do extra work until we complained to the principal. He ignored us the rest of the year which was fine by us.

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 2. Stuck Like A Molecule

Mr. Highberg. This creepy old dude was a horrible teacher who lost half my work. So much wrong with this guy. First of all, he had a giant map of our county, down to the street names. He gave us all a pushpin and told us to go pin where our house was. I put my pushpin in the middle of some lake. Nice try, Highberg.

He would call the girls things like “sweetheart” and “honey” and “baby.” It gets worse. He made everyone get up and pretend to be a “water molecule” or something. We had to put our fingers in each other’s belt loops. If they didn’t have belt loops we were supposed to put them in each other’s pockets. Well, Mr. Highberg decided to take part in this activity, he also decided it would be a great idea to put his hand in some poor girl’s back pocket.

Worst teacher ever.

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 3. It’s Time

I had a teacher who added all my friends and me on Snapchat immediately after graduating high school. He drunk snapped me almost every weekend saying how he wished we could screw me, and I should come to his house and show him a good time. In high school, he was the “hot teacher” that every girl drooled over, but he has some serious issues.

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4. Not A Princess

Not a teacher, but a bus driver when I was seven. We called him Mr. Mike. He was young, probably in his 20s. He assigned all of us girls to sit in the front of the bus. He gave us all individual pet names, usually, the name of a cereal or snack treat. Every day he would “pick a princess” and that girl would get to sit on his lap while he drove.

I didn’t realize how creepy it was until I was much older. He got fired the next year.

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5. So Fresh, So Clean

My teacher showered six times in one night on a trip when I was 10 as an excuse to walk around naked.

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6. Personal Space Is Needed

We had a gym teacher who would start class with calisthenics. One of the exercises was leg lifts. Lay on your back, lift your legs, spread your legs, close your legs, then lower your legs. It was great for the core. He would look up the girls’ shorts while their legs were up. That part definitely wasn’t so great.

I had a friend who was a girl who told me that their gym teacher would have the girls open their towels as they came out of the shower. If you weren’t wet enough according to her specifications, she’d take the towel, put her arm around you, and walk you back to the shower. To my knowledge, no one said anything about either teacher.

I moved back to that school district because, apart from these two creepy teachers, I really liked my childhood and the schools are very good. The woman still teaches gym there. If my daughter gets her for gym, I plan to transfer her out and remind her that she is allowed her personal space.

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7. Second Chance Is A Charm

He took in a girl in my class to live in his house with him and his wife. Heartwarming, right? Not so much. After graduation, he divorced his wife and married that girl. This was during high school, so she was probably 16 when she moved in and he was in his 50s. Just a bit of an age gap. The girl had a rough family life so he posed it as some sort of charitable act, but that was quickly called into question when they started dating publicly.


He was later fired for something similar that had happened years before with a young student, but that relationship never panned out.

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8. Singing Squad


I had a librarian who kept the library full of fake plastic plants. She would water them all daily and talk/sing to them like they were people. If you had a work detail in the library for punishment one of the things you would be expected to do was help water the plants. It was a whole different kind of creepy.

green-leafed plantRandy Laybourne

9. I Want To Teach You

I had a professor in college that would constantly bump into me in the halls after waiting outside my classes, send me personal emails, knock on the glass windows next to the doors of other classes to wave at me, and ask me out to study sessions all the time. He wasn’t even my professor, at any point in time…ever.

He came in on the first day thinking our class was his for about 10 minutes before figuring it out. That was the closest he ever got to being my teacher. The final straw? One day I left class early to go see some dance competition that was going on. Stayed for about 20 minutes and was heading out. Got to my car when an email came in, “Are you still at the dance thing?”

Nope… nope nope nope nope nope.

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10. Failed Ignition

Senior year of high school we got a new comp sci teacher. He was extremely overweight, annoying, and acted like a 15-year-old when he was 35. One day, he took my car keys and acted like he was turning on an engine while having the keys leveled at my chest. He, then, adds, “Do I turn you on?” I laughed, kind of startled, and said, “Um, I’m going to go do my work now.”

He still works at the school and has my brother as a student. He keeps asking my brother if I’m married yet. Ugh.

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11. Grim Day

In sixth grade, I had a science teacher who would dress up in a grim reaper costume and turn off the lights. He had installed blackout curtains over the room’s enormous windows, so it was completely black in the room. Then, he’d chase us around the room with a plastic scythe. Also, when kids would misbehave, he would stuff them in a closet in the room.

It’s amazing that about five months went by before someone was like, “Okay, this is very weird.”

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12. Not Very Christlike

A substitute math teacher in high school. All girls’ Catholic school. He showed us smut on the data projector screen from his laptop. But before that, I asked him for help with calculating parabolas and other quadratic equations. He didn’t know how to do it apparently, and as he was saying, “Uhhhh I’m not too sure,” he stretched his arms down to lean on my desk and I could see that he was trying to conceal a boner.

He would always be extra friendly towards me as well, which I thought I was just being paranoid about. But he would come by my desk during class a lot, call my name to come to the whiteboard, offer me extra “help” during lunch or after class—which I didn’t need in the slightest and didn’t take up—chat with me in the mornings when he would arrive on campus and yeah, I realized it was more often than not.

Well, I hope he liked getting his just desserts. The mother of one of my girlfriends put in a complaint about the smut situation above and a couple of other mothers came forward as well about it. Not to mention he was a useless math teacher anyway, he really didn’t know what he was doing. All he’d do was doodle on the whiteboard, stare at his laptop, and lurk the classroom. After they complained, he got fired.

The Head of the Department for Religious Studies also got fired. Rumors went about that he was acting inappropriately towards girls in his class. Apparently, he would drop markers and pens, etc. and demand the girls to pick them up in front of him. He’d look up their skirts while they were bent over, all while he’d walk around school acting holier-than-thou. Lovely.

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13. Are You Really A Teacher?

I had the weirdest and creepiest teacher in junior high. It was the substitute for my history class; an elderly, nearly bald man who wore a bright red vest and a striped short-sleeved shirt underneath every day he subbed for our class. Every single day he came in—regardless of the fact that no one ever learned anything the year he taught us—he offered everyone in the class the same moldy peanuts from an old Ziploc bag.

Even worse, his nails were always long and painted a bright purple, and he wore mascara. He never spoke, ever. He just slipped in the movie that the teacher left him, and watched us. Whenever a question was asked, he’d either not answer, or nod/shake his head. Though he wasn’t anywhere near being an actual creeper—as far as I know—he was still really creepy to me.


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14. High-Stake Equations

Definitely, the time a teacher chose to play strip math. You got a math problem wrong, you had to remove a piece of clothing. Not surprisingly, there were no volunteers, so she reassured us that we wouldn’t have to take off our underwear. Yep, still no volunteers, so she wound up forcing one boy to do it. This wasn’t in the U.S, but it was still weird as heck—especially considering we were only in second grade.

15. Sausage Vs. Flower Petal

In year seven (age 11-12) we had an IT teacher who always called us “petal,” “flower,” and “sausage,” depending on gender. Girls were petals and flowers, boys were sausages. He also touched us a lot. I mean, touched us on the shoulders, arms, things like that. I don’t remember if he ever touched our legs or not.

As a young kid, I thought nothing of it, I just thought he was a bit weird and overly friendly. That’s the beauty of being a kid, stuff like that just doesn’t faze you because you have no idea how creepy it actually is. He was eventually fired after the school network admins discovered a bunch of child smut in his profile folder.

Now, this is the bit that confuses me. He was an IT teacher. Surely, he would’ve been smart enough not to keep the stuff ON THE SCHOOL NETWORK. But apparently not. This was like 1998 so I don’t know what happened to him in the end, or if there even were laws about internet child smut at that point. But probably so.

The worst part is he wasn’t the only creepy teacher my school had, but I’ve actually forgotten who the other one was because he didn’t actually do anything to the kids at school, as far as I know. I just found out years later. My school had some fantastic teachers too, to balance it out a bit. I cannot blame the school itself, creeps like that can easily go undetected with no record, etc.


16. England Is Different


When I was 16 I went on a family ski trip to France. I started hanging out with a bunch of very posh kids from England of similar age who were on a school ski trip. On the last night, after all the bars had shut, we all headed back to this one apartment for late-night drinks. At one point I went for a pee and drunkenly wandered into one of the bedrooms by accident. What I saw made my blood run cold.


I found one of the girls from the school getting screwed by the teacher who was supposed to be looking after them. Definitely creeped me out, but bizarrely, none of her mates seemed to bat an eyelid…

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17. Take One For The Team


I had an awesome Human Psychology teacher. She had a few human bones and would pass them around the class for people to talk about. Anyways, for half of the semester, we would do fetal pig dissections. When that time came, we worked long and hard to get good grades. It was known around school that she would give extra credit on the final grade for these things: Successfully unravelling the GI tract, then jump-roping [150 jumps] with it, and removing the brain and spinal cord. Intact.


Well, the class clown acted out one day, and she took away all of our extra credit. We were furious. So, a week later, the same guy asks her, “If I kiss my pig, can we get our credit back?” The entire class laughed, thinking he was joking. Her reply? “You have to kiss it, with tongue.” Okay, now things are getting…interesting.


So, we all go back to the lab area, and he has the pig pinned down like before, and everyone grabs their phones. He was stalling now. “I’m really going to get the credit, right?” “If you don’t hurry up and do it, you’re going to lose your chance.” He opened the pig’s mouth and shoved his tongue down the pig’s throat. My teacher was literally on the floor, gasping from laughter. It was the most hilarious and disgusting thing any of us had seen.


We got our extra credit though.

white pigPascal Debrunner

18. Cool Story, Bud

We had a substitute teacher in high school, a big dude probably in his 60s who wanted us to call him Mommy. I’m not even kidding. That said, he was like the cool chill substitute. In my senior year, I was taking an elective third level class, which happened to be pretty small, with only five other students and we were all girls.

One day he subs for this class and starts telling us that he hopes we are good, because back when he was in high school, girls were crazy. He told us a story about how a girl invited a bunch of people to her house, and then she banged a guy on her bed in front of everyone while they all stood and clapped to the beat.

We were like… okay? Because we were young and dumb, we just thought he was a bit weird, but didn’t feel in danger. When the actual teacher returned the next day one of the girls started talking about it to her and she immediately freaked out and started asking questions. We were just like, “Ha, yeah, what a crazy guy.” She talked to the principal but I promptly forgot about it so I don’t know what came of him.

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19. Losing Focus

When I was in 8th grade, I was sitting by my friend and my teacher noticed this. At the end of the day, he came up to me with a creepy smile and gave me a shoulder rub. He whispered in my ear, “You’re not focused in my class so I’m gonna get you focused with a shoulder rub.” Paraphrasing. I was freaking out in my head.

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20. Maddening

As a “treat” for being a good class, my high school economics teacher turned off the lights, then used a dry erase marker as a microphone, and sang “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden. It might not sound like much, but believe me… it was definitely creepy. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” has effectively been ruined for me.

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21. Great Job, Teach

I had a teacher in middle school who would leave the classroom door propped open 24/7 so he could see the halls from the whiteboard. Without fail, any time a cute (middle school) girl would walk by he would literally stop lecturing to stare at her when she walked by. He was also the baseball coach and got fired a few months after I finished his class because he was harassing the players, making fun of them for dating ugly girls or giving them props for dating cute girls.

Total creep.

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22. Jesus Wept

Toss up between the female teacher, usually dressed in a mini skirt and a Harley t-shirt at the age of 45, who would seduce her Foundations Program students. Think not too slow enough for special ed but developmentally delayed enough to be entirely out of most normal classes. According to the rumors, she would actually bone them during school hours.

Of course, then there was the teacher who constantly tried to “bring his students to Jesus” and then would hit on them at prayer meetings.

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23. Nailed It

Our physics teacher wanted to show how he could step on glass and lay on a nail bed. The glass bit was cool. He proceeded to disrobe so he could lay on the nail bed. Here we are, in class, with a teacher wearing nothing more than boxers laying on a bed of nails. Maybe not that creepy, but it was a little unprofessional.

Who hasn’t seen it on the television or the internet? No need to take off your shirt and pants, dude. When he got up he showed us the indentations of the nails and asked someone to hand him his pants. I don’t think he works there anymore. Not because of this incident, but because he was a complete and utter douche.

drill bitsChris Yates

24. Skippy Vs. Kraft?

There was a rumor at my middle school that a teacher was once caught with his johnson in a jar of peanut butter. I believed it then, but when I got older I figured it was obviously a bunch of bologna. But nope, I eventually met the guy who caught him, and he’s not the kind of guy to lie about that stuff. Whack.

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25. Crossed The Line

My eighth-grade math teacher told a bisexual, female student that she should date me, a transgender student because she would apparently “get the best of both worlds.” He also asked me when I was getting “surgeries” and would often yell out my birth name to embarrass me. Just a real piece of human garbage, honestly.

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26. Applaud Honesty

My eighth-grade history teacher was a creeper. We always made fun of him because he would wear old short-sleeve button-downs with no undershirt, and we could always see his nipples poking through underneath. He always put one foot up on a chair like Captain Morgan and we would joke that he was airing out his junk.

Eventually, we noticed that he was constantly scratching his balls. He would stand behind people and blatantly scratch/adjust his junk. The final straw was one day after lunch. We kept trying to get into class and the door was locked. He was obviously inside and after the bell rang he told us to, “hold on a minute” because “I have a boner.”

After 10 minutes or so we ended up telling the dean that he wouldn’t let us in class because he had a boner.

white wooden doorDima Pechurin

27. Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing To Mess With

This is an important thing to know: This teacher is Asian. So, a while ago, an email was sent out by him saying, “Welcome to the Wu-Tang Clan. Mess with my friends, I’ll kill you. Mess with my family, I’ll kill you.” He is currently under investigation for making threats to others’ lives. Maybe not the most professional message, but kind of hilarious.

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28. House Play

Mr. Sontano was my drivers’ ed teacher. He was an over 40 guy who would always have us roleplay. He would pick the prettiest girl in the class and have her be his wife and pretend like they were driving. They would literally chat for five minutes or so about nothing to do with driving as he sat very close to her. He’d also have all the girls sit in the front of the classroom.

He gave every girl the creeps, and the one girl I mentioned that was his fake wife detested him.

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29. Paddle Play

When I was 14, I went to a super Christian school in a small town. They used “paddling” as a form of punishment. The boys were supposed to be paddled by the men teachers and the girls by the lady teachers. I’d gotten paddled a few times, but once I ticked off a male teacher (I’m a girl) and he paddled me. As in, bent me over a desk, spanked my butt with a wooden paddle.

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30. A Disaster Of Whipped Cream

Freshman year honors biology, we had a teacher who decided we could have a sort of game competition sometime during the year for some arbitrary points that may or may not have earned extra credit (don’t remember). The competition was a weird one—those who volunteered would take turns having their hands tied behind their backs and kneel on a lab bench with their knees behind some line marked with tape.

They then would have to reach forward and use their mouth to grab a folded piece of paper out of a pie tin filled with whipped cream. Whoever managed to reach the farthest relative to their height was the winner. The important facts here are that our school was an all-girls catholic school. So, skirts, uniforms, that kind of thing.

Our biology teacher was an aging man who retired after our class was through. We spent a whole class period playing this ridiculous game while he took pictures of girls up on a lab bench with their hands tied behind their backs. Later, I heard that in the past he had wiped the cream off an upperclassman’s thigh once.

31. Sure Thing, Mr. White

I had a high school biology teacher who was obviously into pumping iron. He was also the gym teacher and ran the fitness room. He constantly walked around school wearing short shorts and wife beaters. My friends and I were chilling at our lockers on break listening to The Crystal Method when he walks by and remarks, “I love crystal meth. The band, you know. Not the drug.” Suuuuure.

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32. Carefree Close-Ups

My seventh-grade bio teacher juggled machetes in the front of the classroom. He didn’t even ask the front row to move back. He would also collect roadkill to have taxidermied. I don’t find that too bad, but he couldn’t afford to do them all at once, so he kept some in the freezer in the back closet. A little inappropriate.

He once asked me to bring something (a large example of a puffball mushroom I think) from the freezer. When I opened it I saw a ton of roadkill, in bags, labelled with names. And by names, I don’t mean species names, I mean “Fuzzy,” “Spot,” or “Sparky,” etc. He also hated me, so that made it all the more unnerving.

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33. The End

When I was in year four (around nine years old), my teacher (approximately late 50s, fairly portly, greying hair) paid a lot of attention to me. No touching or anything, but I remember catching him staring at me a lot. I used to write a lot of creative short stories and he would ask me to stay back at lunchtime to read them and give me feedback.

On one of these occasions he pulled the chair I was sitting in super close to his by the chair legs (touching both my legs in the process). But then it got worse. Halfway through reading the story, he looked me in the eyes for what felt like forever before apologizing for getting distracted and telling me that I had the “most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen.”

I’ll never forget the deeply uncomfortable ripple I felt throughout my entire body when he said that. I never shared another story with him after that.

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34. That's Anti-Semitic

We refer to this as the curse of the French teachers, and it happened when I was in grade eight. Our first teacher that year was new, and right off the bat an awful teacher. The first weird sign was when we had a unit on teasing, in which she proceeded to encourage teasing and then gave examples. Told my friend she looked like she stayed at home all day reading books.

Told another friend she had awful hair, yanked my hair to show what physical harassment looked like. Later in that year, she went on to accuse kids of being dealers, teach kids you should ALWAYS judge a book by its cover, etc. He was fired by February. Then stepped in the new French teacher. He was just a bad teacher but none of us had a problem with him.

For the next part of this story, you must understand I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and everyone in my class was Jewish. Like, everyone. When we were misbehaving as middle schoolers often do, he said, and I quote, “You rude Jews! This is why the Holocaust happened.” Immediately fired, and I’m still shocked it didn’t make the local news. French was taught by various subs for the rest of the year.

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35. Trapped In The Closet

My girlfriend was the first chair in the band during grade school. She didn’t get along with her band teacher and it seemed like he always singled her out for offences everyone committed. She gave him a sassy look during class one day. He stopped the class and took her by the arm into a supply closet and locked himself in with her.

He started lecturing her about her lack of respect. He had his hand over the doorknob so she couldn’t unlock it and leave. She started crying and told him to let her out. Her friend was on the other side of the door trying to get in. The principal told her mom that she couldn’t prove it actually happened despite an entire classroom witnessing it.

grayscale photo of band performing on stage Mikael Frivold

36. Buns Out

Coach Crowder. I played football in high school, so butt patting was pretty regular. However, there was one coach that would stand behind us in the huddle and as he was giving us the play, he would leave his hand on our butts. The guys would talk about how weird it was, but no one ever said or did anything. He retired the next year.

group of men in green football jersey shirtGene Gallin

37. Look Presentable

For some reason, my school’s guidance counsellor liked my friend, a lot. One day when my friend was walking through the hallway, the counsellor walked up to him, tied his hoodie strings into a neat little bow, patted it, then walked away. My friend avoided him from then on. I really can’t blame him at all.

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38. Landing...Missed

At prom, one of the school geography teachers walked up to the mic as he was about to say a speech, but he started it with, “Just wanna say, insert female student’s name here looks great without her uniform on. If I’d have known, I wouldn’t have told her off for not wearing a blazer for years.” I think he meant it as a joke but it just made him sound like a creeper. The guy was a massive jerk anyway.

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39. I Really Hope You Don’t

Our religious studies teacher married his student after graduation. They’ve been together for a long time. In high school, we had this thing where you could send cards shaped like paper hearts to other students for Valentine’s Day. One of the teachers took one of these paper hearts, pinned it to the bottom of his tie and then gleefully went around showing female students and saying, “look, I have a heart-on for you.”

assorted candiesLaura Ockel

40. Movie Day

Senior high creative writing. Usually, for an R-rated movie, parents would have to sign a waiver to allow their kids to watch it. Senior year. A mix of 17 and 18-year-olds. We walked into class. No idea this was going to happen, our teacher put on a scene from Requiem for a Dream. Three guesses as to which one.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know how profane that scene is. This was in school. I’ll never forget that. I don’t think any student reported it. I think we were all in shock. Most of us had probably seen it, but to see it in school is next level messed up.

two women and one man on computer screenMimi Thian

41. Plant A Wet One

My boyfriend and I were in the car lineup at prom and waiting to move forward. There were teachers posted along the “route” to prevent any teen shenanigans. Anyway, I was in the passenger seat when my shop/carpentry teacher leaned all the way into the car and kissed me on the cheek! It was a big, wet, disgusting smack on my face.

I was in complete shock. He then told me how beautiful I was and told my boyfriend he was very lucky. Neither of us spoke, utter silence as this creep waited for a response with this terrible grin. It took everything in us to just move forward in line and get through the event until we could process what just happened.

It still bothers us, especially because we didn’t have the skills to confront him or tell someone about what happened. If I could go back and do something about it, you bet I would. But being in a small town, we both just wanted to act like it wasn’t a big deal and prevent any gossip from spreading. How sad…and oh so very creepy.

selective focus photography of man taking photo beside womanJD Mason

42. Just Give Me a Minute

My ninth-grade English teacher would come into class high on her son’s Adderall. We just thought she was strange, but I guess she was high out of her mind. One time, we were reading The Cask of Amontillado and she turned off the lights, put a blanket over her head, and read the story.

person reading a bookAnnie Spratt

43. A Tad Too Intimate

My 10th-grade Spanish teacher got pretty creepy with me on several occasions. The one time I can recall most vividly was me asking her for some help after class one day. It happened to be the last class of the day. After everybody leaves, she walks over and closes the door. Nothing too weird there I guess.

Then she walks over and shuts the blinds. Starting to get creepy. Then she pulls a seat up very close to me and puts her hand on my hand as she says, “Now tell me all about your problems,” and begins to rub her hand back and forth on my arm. Get me out of here! Needless to say, she banged a lot of guys in her classes before she was eventually canned after being found out.

woman in black tank top and black pants sitting on brown wooden laddermike giovinazzo

44. Desk Slam

I hated my math teacher. She was pretty much the reason I sucked at math until high school. One day a kid was sleeping in her class in the seventh grade. She grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed his head into the desk. Also, my gym coach in seventh grade assaulted a chick in the bushes while everyone was running the mile.

This was the same dude that, when I got a cut on my wrist from some glass at home, busted it back open to see how deep the cut was. It was one of the strangest and most painful things I’ve ever experienced. Two years later some pimp upperclassmen shot the snot out of his home with him in it. Didn’t hurt anyone but wow, what champions.

photography of school roomFeliphe Schiarolli

45. Play It Off

When I was in elementary school, the kindergarten music teacher got “fired.” Let’s call him Mr. G for this story. Mr. G was pretty nice to a lot of his students, including me and most of my classmates. He also taught private piano lessons for a lot of the kids at my school. All in all, he seemed like a pretty cool dude.

He would always focus his attention on one girl in our class—calling on her significantly more than anyone else in the class, looking weirdly at her, etc. Mr. G also always had his computer on with a bunch of image viewer programs open in his dock. Any time anyone would approach him when he was using his computer he would switch to the same paused game of solitaire, which I thought was suspicious even back when I was in kindergarten.

Around two years later, me and my friend overheard Mr. G yelling at the principal of our school about something, then we saw him storm out of her office. He never showed up back at my school. I later found out he quit because he was puffing cigs in class and on the school campus around a ton of kindergarteners and preschoolers. But that wasn’t even the worst part.

One day, he threw a kid off stage, which broke the kid’s leg. He was also acting creepily around the girls at my school. As soon as he was fired, he also ghosted all of his piano students, and some of the parents who knew Mr. G well said he left the state.

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46. An Overall Bad Dude

The principal of my high school was detained for embezzling one million pounds. It was later found out that he was a creep. At the time he was detained, he was around 50 years old and his girlfriend was 19 and pregnant. They tell people that they started the relationship when she was 16 years old and out of high school. In the UK, 16 is the age of consent.

People in my high school found out they started at least two years before this and he was forced into early retirement.

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47. Mr. Daddy

I always thought this was so weird. There was an advanced math teacher in my all-girls Catholic high school who had a daughter who attended the school. When she got to the point where she was in his class, she didn’t want to address him by “Mr. (insert last name here)” because it felt awkward so she just kept calling him “dad” or “daddy.” Not a huge deal. At first.

Kids are weird, so it became a trend apparently for that whole class to refer to him as “daddy” after a while to kind of lightheartedly make fun of the girl and her situation. A normal, responsible guy would shut that down, of course. Even if it was a weird joke, he should be aware and make them aware in turn that it was inappropriate and gave off terrible optics.

This teacher was not a normal guy, nor responsible. He not only allowed them to continue doing it, but actively encouraged it by “jokingly” refusing to answer to girls who didn’t call him by his “proper title,” i.e. daddy. I was older than the daughter by a couple of years but knew some younger girls in the class who told me they were SUPER uncomfortable.

He seemed to enjoy being called daddy way too much. The only thing he told them about it was that they shouldn’t let administrators or other students hear them call him that/they couldn’t do it outside of class because people wouldn’t “understand.” We understood perfectly, you sicko. The moral of the story is this: never call your teacher daddy, not even as a joke.

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48. The Favorite One

My little sister took ceramics during her freshman year of high school. They had to do some projects and she wanted to look on Google for some reference images. She went to ask her teacher if she could use his computer, and she saw that he had a computer folder open that was full of pictures of her. Talk about creepy.

She was like, “Why the heck do you have pictures of me on your computer?” and he came out with some lie, so she told my mom when she got home. My mom called the school about it and he denied everything. The school did nothing about it. So my mom called him personally and threatened the life out of him.

I don’t know what she said but he definitely left my sister completely alone for the rest of the semester.

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49. He's Not Even A Swimmer

I had a science teacher in sixth grade (I was 11, I’m female) who… took a special interest in me. I didn’t like him from pretty early on, but I felt like I should be polite because he was my teacher. So, when he asked me to stay after class for a minute (we had a break after his class) I would. He did it a lot, though.

He asked me about myself and when it somehow came up that I swam (I was on a swim team, not associated with the school) he always wanted to talk to me about that. He said he used to be a swimmer. No idea if that was true. He asked me what my best stroke was, and well, it was breaststroke. So, then he would hold me back after class to talk about the breaststroke.

He was weird during class, too. He was constantly reading what I turned in out loud to the whole class. He would say it was an example of how it should have been done. But always mine. So humiliating, but what are you going to do about that? I asked to use the bathroom once, and he said only if it was an emergency. I had to say to him that it was an emergency.

11-year-old me couldn’t. It was too mortifying somehow to say those words out loud to this guy. I walked back to my seat and watched the clock for the longest 15 minutes ever trying not to pee myself. Up until here, he’s weird, a jerk but maybe nothing else. Then we were supposed to do some science fair projects.

He holds me back again after class and says he has an idea for a science project for me. Since I like breaststroke so much. He tells me this Olympic swimmer (some year) had won a bunch of breaststroke events using this weird form, bringing her arms out of the water. He demonstrates, sliding his hands up the center of his chest, and then asks me to try it.

Naive, I slid my hands between my breasts and around several times. So, this experiment he wants me to do is to time myself swimming in each of these ways to see which was faster. And, he wanted me to videotape it. Thank god that didn’t happen. I didn’t tell anyone this whole story because I didn’t understand there was something to tell beyond my teacher was a jerk.

I did tell my swim coach a bit of this science project idea and he nixed it. I did something else and the year finally ended which should have been the end of it. It wasn’t. He started teaching PE so I got him again the next year. He started making weird, negative comments about my body. Not daily, just randomly.

I started making a point of not talking to him. He’d still just walk up and say some super weird comments to a 12-year-old. No more conversations, I wasn’t quite willing to say “screw off,” but I ignored him as much as possible. We had a health class in PE. Coed. And abstinence-only, so pretty useless. Lots of labelling reproductive parts.

We had a test which was “open note” and literally copying words from a handout we’d been given to an identical handout with the labels whited out. The next day we are back to normal PE. PE clothes and stuff. I had no idea how bad it was about to get. He says he has our tests. He announced one of us had gotten a perfect score. Plays this up. Most knowledgeable.

Calls my name and makes me walk from the top of the bleachers down to receive it like an award while my classmates laugh and clap. Screw you. Screw you for all of it. For tricking me at 11 years old into touching my breasts in front of you. For trying to get me to tape myself in a swimsuit. For so many things.

And for topping it off by joking in front of my classmates that at 12, I knew the most about the birds and the bees. And for suffering zero consequences. Freaking pervert.

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50. A Beastly Day At Daycare

I was four years old and went to daycare and I did NOT like the supervisors there. One day as we were leaving, I stuck my tongue out at one of the ladies and I distinctly recall her shocked face as I left. What can I say? I was four. The next day my brother and I roll in for morning cartoon time and I immediately get whisked away to a different room and sat on a chair. What happened next was terrifying.

There are four of the supervisor ladies towering over me telling me what a disgusting boy I am and how dare I be so rude, sticking out tongues is naughty, etc. I’m sweating bullets because I’m all by myself in there and I know some junk is about to go down. Then they bring out the scissors. I’d call them comically oversized if they weren’t fear-inducing to the extreme.


One of the ladies menaced me with them, saying that they’d make sure I never stuck out my tongue again. They even went so far as to start cutting carrots, hot dogs, and toys with them. The scissor sound makes me wince just thinking about it. At this point, I lost it. I vomited all over the lady who was restraining me, probably because I was so afraid I was going to die.


That’s right, I was being HELD DOWN IN A CHAIR AND THREATENED WITH TORTURE AND BODILY HARM. I cried and cried and threw up more, I started lashing out indiscriminately at the women, bruising two of them and breaking another’s glasses. Oh, and I managed to get hold of the scissors and embedded them into a wood table and snapped off the handle.


My battle cry was, “You stay away from me, you poopies!” What can I say, I was four. Finally, they calmed me down and promised that they wouldn’t tell my parents what I’d done if I agreed to be good. I think they realized just how far they’d gone and didn’t want a trash-storm. I’ve still never told my parents.

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51. The Day's Remains

When I was in high school, our teacher had an assistant who I’ll call “Tim.” During class, Tim was showing me something on his phone when a kid came up to ask him something. Tim left his phone and went to help the student. So of course I check his phone’s pictures folder, expecting to find the usual dirty secrets one might find there. Instead, I learned that Tim’s phone was harboring much darker secrets than I expected.

Inside an album with an all-too-appropriate name were over 300 pictures of various poops in toilets. Thick poops, small poops, chunky poops, diarrhea… it was all there. I just kept scrolling down and down and it was just all poop. I was honestly just in shock, and as soon as Tim came back I couldn’t just pretend I didn’t see.

I had to know. “Dude. Why do you have so many pictures of poops on your phone???” “Oh, I, uhh, those are all mine…I send them to my friends as a joke sometimes. Nobody’s ever seen that before.” And that was it about that. Long story short, I found the poop folder.

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