Embarrassed Shoppers Explain Why They Can't Go Into That Store Ever Again

Embarrassed Shoppers Explain Why They Can't Go Into That Store Ever Again

When we were young, our folks all taught us the rules of going into a store: use the restroom before you leave home, make sure you hang out with the right crowd, think before you speak, and don't touch anything. Unfortunately, many of our storytellers below forgot these key rules. Make sure to pay close attention so you don't make the same mistakes!

Let's also not forget the victims left behind. As you read the stories, make sure to take a moment of silence for all of the minimum and low wage workers that have to clean up the disaster areas left in the wake of these shameful shoppers.

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45. Grateful

I was in a souvenir shop in London England, with all these knick-knacks and whatnot. I bumped a shelf that had a bunch of models of Big Ben, and like 6 or 7 of them fell off the shelf and broke.

I offered to pay for them, but the employees blew it off. I guess minimum wage workers don't care enough about their actual company policy, thankfully. I was grateful, and now I will never return to that particular store.

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44. Pound it

My girlfriend fist bumped the clerk when he was actually reaching to grab a paper we had just signed.

Anyway, we don't go to that Tire Kingdom anymore.

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43. Rejection

While at the till at the convenience store paying for my lunch, the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted to go for a drink. Being married, I made my apologies hastily pointing to the ring on my fingers, to which she replied, that my lunch was a meal deal and would be cheaper with the drink.

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42. Leaving a mark

I was with a group of friends in a very quiet store. We were slowly leaving one by one through the double glass doors. One of them was closed and the other stayed opened. I somehow thought the closed door was opened and vice versa, so I walked smack into the middle of the closed glass door. My face was imprinted on it. (I guess my face was very oily.) My friends and the shop keeper came rushing to see if I was okay.

Then they all marveled at my squashed face imprint. I left quickly...

Every time I walk past that shop I make sure I am looking down or at the other side in case the staff recognize my face.

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41. Gym fail

I got a gym membership for the first time recently. A lot of the machines are pretty self explanatory, but I’ve never used a lot of them so I have no idea what I’m doing. So a few weeks ago I’m trying out the endless stair machine and in front of me is a guy on a machine working his arms, like making circular pedaling motions. I thought, huh, I could do my arms too. So I take the machine next to his, set the timer for 10 minutes, just circling away. I finish my 10 minutes and look down by the seat to see handles.

It was a leg machine. I sat there for 10 minutes in front of the entire gym, god and everybody circling my arms like a lunatic.

I mean, I’m still going back because I paid for it, but I’m not going to look anyone in the eye there ever again.

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40. Ouch

Went to a pizza place to pick up an order. Was handed the food and said, "Thank you, sir."

The response was "my name's Tiffany."

Had to send my wife in to get the food until Tiffany didn't work there anymore.

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39. Smooth

My first night living in Chicago, my friend and I went out. We'd been walking a lot that day and she had been drinking a ton. She said her ankle hurt and that she wanted to buy Advil so we went into a Walgreens. She asked me to pick up the Advil for her while she "walked around a bit." While I was in the checkout line, she ran past me so quickly I could barely tell it was her.

A store employee was standing by the door and he stopped her. She put a hand up to wave at me and 25 boxes of condoms fell out from under her shirt.

I left the Advil and neither of us have gone into a Walgreens since.

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38. Cheese is life

Went to a Mexican restaurant. Ate cheese dip. Didn’t realize cheese dip got on my chin.

I talked to the employees, smiled, got up to pay at the register, everything - not realizing I had dried cheese dip that looked like spunk on my face.

I will never go back.

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37. A new sales tactic

This is 18 years ago and my daughter is 3. We're at a fancy store buying her mother a Mother's Day gift. My daughter's eyes light up because there's a crystal vase all a-glitter which she thinks would be perfect. I ask a cashier if she would take it off the high shelf so that we could examine it. The cashier looks us up and down in a snooty way, "I think that it's really too expensive for...you."

I look around and the manager is walking toward us double speed. I think maybe this cashier has a history of saying stuff like this. There are also a few other shoppers nearby. I raise my voice and say in a clear voice, "Well, ma'am, if you don't think that we can afford one of these then we'd better buy two, ...[bleep]." Everyone freezes and I immediately feel bad saying "[bleep]" in front of my toddler. The cashier turns red and shoots a glance at the manager. The manager says, "You better ring him up,...[then quietly] [bleep]."

Back, on Mother's Day, my then wife unwraps her vase and is very pleased with it.

Our daughter pipes up, "Daddy said a bad word to get it so you're getting another one at Christmas!"

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36. Full moon

I went to a small Mexican restaurant with some friends. We were having a great time when I noticed that a woman at the only other table was staring at my friend. Now, she has a loud laugh but it's not that bad. Every time I look over, this woman is staring daggers at both of us now (not our husbands, hmmm). So, I started messing with her. Giving her little air kisses, licking my lips at her. She finally stopped.

As we were in the parking lot getting in our car, I looked back at the restaurant and I noticed their entire large table staring out the window at us. The woman gave me the finger. So I pulled my maxi dress up, bent over and mooned the entire restaurant.

I can never go back.

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35. Nice kid

My kid projectile vomited all over an aisle at a grocery store and someone came flying around the corner, slipped and fell, flipped their full shopping cart with jarred items that all broke and added to the mess.

Then my darling little boy looked at them and said "You should have been more careful".

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34. Looking for real love

I matched with a very handsome guy on Tinder and we got on really well. After chatting for a bit, he revealed that he actually owned my favourite pizza restaurant. I mean, this is seriously amazing pizza. I couldn't believe my luck! It occurred to me that if things turned out well he could bring me pizza all the time!! I mentioned that I was looking for a FWB (friends with benefits) situation, and he seemed a bit creeped out and stopped responding, and unmatched me a few days later.

Haven't been back to his restaurant since, even though it's 5 mins from my work place. Just way too awkward.

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33. Reading section

In the beginning of 9th grade, I took a girlfriend to a library that was never very busy. We ended up making out on this couch (my first time, ever). Every time we heard a person, we would stop, thinking we were clever, then, while we were busy, an old man, who we later discovered was the librarian, had come over to retrieve a book.

He then said, "Looks like you'll be needing protection soon."

Now, I'm not stupid, and neither is she, and we realized we shouldn't have been making out anyways, least of all in public. But the sheer awkwardness kept us from kissing for weeks, we are both extremely introverted, and it's a pretty small town, who knows who the librarian knew?

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32. Open position

Got caught stealing

I then told the manager “ARE YOU HIRING?”

His reaction was priceless.

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31. Pro skater

This happened when I was about 13. So I went to a Target for a just normal grocery run with my mom. I went to the back and found a plastic skateboard. Me and my stupid mind was like, "why not?"

So I took off, went 10 feet, crashed into a wall, and fell onto a row of grills which all fell over like dominoes. I ran to my mom and she looked back. She gave me that you're done for look.

And then we ran out.

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30. Foot in mouth

My wife informed me that she might be pregnant and I immediately went to the store to purchase a couple of tests. We did NOT want another kid.

Of course, I went to our local grocery store. After deciding on 2 tests, I went to the checkout counter, waited in line for my turn, and as our regular checker scanned the tests she says a polite hello and asks, "Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?"

Without hesitation I answered with, "I'm hoping for an abortion!"

Open mouth, insert foot. The gasps I heard around me and the look on the checker's face ensured it would be a while before I shopped there again.

Sometimes my mouth moves faster than my brain.

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29. Wrong one

My freshman year of college, I had an ID that did not represent my actual age. I frequented this one liquor store, and it worked fine. One day, however, a friend asked me to go on a run for them, but I was already fairly intoxicated. I agreed, and as I walked up to the counter with my friend's order, the cashier told me he needed to see my ID for legal purposes, though he recognized me.

Being in not the best state of mind, I handed him my real ID, rather than my fake, and he says "Dude, I can't sell this to you! Get out!"

Never went back.


28. "We need to leave!"

A friend and I got engaged on the same day, so we were planning our weddings at the same time. We decided to go into a bridal shop to look at veils/headpieces. A headpiece is basically a super expensive piece of metal with rhinestones and pearls, attached to a metal comb or headband. So we're looking, trying them on, etc. I try on one comb headpiece that was listed at $275. When I took it out of my hair, the sparkly piece broke off the metal comb.

Darn! I tell my friend, we need to leave now. I gently set it down, holding it together so that no one would be able to see it was broken until they picked it up. She doesn't hear me whispering furiously.

whispered, "We need to leave, immediately, right now."

Her, in a full voice, "What? Why?"

I was still whispering, "I broke one. We have to leave. "

She said, "You broke wind? We don't need to leave for that! Don't be silly!"

Then I said, "Let's get the heck out now, I'll tell you later."

Even though she didn't fully understand, she's an amazing friend and was like, okay, no biggie, we'll leave. We book it to my car and I then explain to her what actually happened.

Needless to say I never went back to that overpriced store so that I wouldn't be on the hook for a $275 piece of junk.

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27. Seesaw

A friend of mine went to an Italian restaurant with his family. He went to the bathroom, and the men and women's bathrooms were connected by a wall. He sat down, and a woman sat down on the women's toilet. The pipes were connected so he felt the toilet lift slightly when she sat down.

He thought it would be funny to do the same to her, so he brought down his 400 pound body onto the seat. The toilet piping snapped and water started to spew everywhere in both bathrooms and the woman started screaming. He got out of there ASAP and told his family they had to pay their bill and leave immediately.

It's been about 10 years and I think he has still never set foot in there again.

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26. BOGO

My brother is notorious at a local Quiznos. I guess for a while Quiznos had this online coupon code for BOGO (Buy one get one free) sandwiches. It was supposed to be used one time only, one coupon per customer. My brother found out that regardless of that fact that the coupon code was only supposed to be used once, he, in fact, could use the code over and over and over and over again.

And he did. I couldn’t even tell you how many times he did it. It got to the point where he had multiple people picking up his orders for him to conceal his identity.

Finally, a Quiznos employee found out that he was the serial coupon code user and verbally banned him from ever coming back to the store.

Two years later, just for kicks, he decides to see if the coupon code still works. It did. He figures the staff will be new and he goes into the store to pick up his order.

When he walks in the door, the Quiznos guy screams “YOU!!!!!!!!! I knew it was you!!!!”

They gave him the order, but he hasn’t been back since.

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25. "Are you following me?"

There is one restaurant I can never go back to because I walked in on the owner on the toilet, not once, but twice during the same visit.

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24. Rough Break-up

I was at a Starbucks with my friends and we were all just hanging out as usual. We had just finished ordering and we’re waiting for our drinks.

At this very moment one of my friends opens her phone and pulls up Instagram. The very first post was my ex-boyfriend (who I was still very much in love with) with his new girlfriend.

Naturally, I burst into tears and was inconsolable for a solid 10 minutes. The whole time, the baristas and other customers were acting like they didn’t notice a random teenager having a breakdown.

My friends, rushing to get out of there, grabbed whatever drinks were ready and we fled. Once we got back to the car we noticed that none of the drinks were actually meant for us.

So in conclusion, I had a breakdown in a Starbucks and also ended up stealing a variety of drinks.

Every time I pass that store I cringe, and even though it’s been a while, I can never bring myself to step foot in it again.



23. False accusation

My wife and I had helped host a dinner party at a friend’s house the night before. Admittedly, I had a few drinks at the party. On the way home, some of the dishes and leftovers we had on the floor in the back of car leaked, so when we got home I took out the floor mat so that I could wash it off.

The next day, I took the car to the car wash and decided to splurge and have all the floor mats washed on top of the standard car washing package. When they finished up and called me over, I took a look outside and in and noticed that one of the floor mats was missing. I got into a back and forth with them, asking how on earth they could have misplaced one of my floor mats and leaving my number with them in case it showed up. Pulling into my driveway, I roll up only to see the missing floor mat right there next to my garden hose, where I had left it the night before.

I was too embarrassed to go back until the place changed owners.

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22. A big day

In college, I went to a dollar store to pick out a birthday card for my girlfriend. We had only been dating for a couple weeks so I didn’t really know what to get her. She had a dumb sense of humor like myself, so I saw a card that said, “Congratulations! You’re 13!” I thought that’d be pretty funny so I took it to the register.

The cashier, a middle aged woman, exclaimed, “Oh looks like it’s a big day for someone!” I nodded my head in agreement and mumbled “yup”. She asked “Who’s birthday are you celebrating?” Obliviously I answered, “My girlfriend!”

She stared at me in silence for a solid 3 seconds until I remembered that the card said, “Congrats! You’re 13!”

Also I hadn’t shaved in a month so I looked even older than I was, which did not help my case. I tried to explain myself but I ended up just stammering through the whole transaction.

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21. More fun?

I walked into the shop and there was this cute girl working the till, I grabbed what I was to buy (iced coffee) walked up and said, “Wanna go out sometime?” She went all giggly and said “We can use that coffee for something more fun.”

I looked really confused and said “No you can’t, I just bought it, get your own” and walked out.

Long story short I blocked myself and can’t go there anymore

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20. Break down

I made it so someone never came back to my store again.

I had just moved to a new state where I only knew my boyfriend and his family, and I was having a tough time acclimating to the new environment. I got a job as a cashier, but I was truly miserable everyday.

There was one customer who came in regularly, and she and I shared the expected customer/cashier chit-chat, until one day she asked me if there was anything I needed prayer for... Now, I used to be religious, but haven’t been for years, but something about her trying to connect with me on a deeper level, when I had been feeling so isolated in a new state, really struck a chord.

I started sobbing, uncontrollably, I couldn’t speak. I tried to hold it in while I was still scanning her groceries, and she, with horror is her eyes, started manically backtracking, saying, “Oh no, I’m sorry, it’s okay, don’t worry about it, never mind, you don’t have to answer that, I understand...”

I was so embarrassed for me, for her, that this poor, nice lady was going about her day trying to buy groceries and pray for people, but ended up breaking her cashier into sobbing fits.

I haven’t seen her since.

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19. Wholesome moment

When I was 6, I saved up my allowance and bought Christmas presents at Eckerd's Drugstore. I bought my brother a stuffed toy, my dad a miniature stapler and I can't remember what I got my mom and sister but it came to around $7. I had proudly shopped and added up so I had almost exactly enough money and maybe I could buy a piece of candy for myself afterwards.

I stood in line and in front of everyone, the cashier rang everything up and after I gave her a large handful of change, told me I didn't have enough money - I didn't know about sales tax!

I just stood there all by myself with my mouth open, completely embarrassed that I didn't have enough money. The kind lady behind me said she would pay the difference - it might have been 15 cents but I grabbed my bag and ran out of the store, away to hide, not even saying thank you. I think it was the first time I had experienced embarrassment.

I never said thank you to that lady but whoever you are and wherever you are (this was almost 50 yrs ago) I thank you. I look for ways to pass on the same kindness you showed a 6 year old girl who was proudly buying Christmas presents for the first time.

I didn't go into that Eckerd's with my parents again because I felt I had done something wrong and thought I was in trouble. It is long gone but I always have remembered that very kind lady.

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18. Running away

Bear with me cause this is kinda gross, and I might be an awful human being.

Went into a dollar general when on a road trip once cause I really had to use the bathroom. When I got to the restrooms, I noticed that the toilet was filled with the most abominable poop I’ve ever seen. Naturally, I attempted to flush it, because I really had to pee.

Then the worst case scenario happened. The toilet began to overflow toxic sludge like watery poo all over the floor. I panicked and ran away as quick as I could, right past the employees, back into my car and back on the road without a word. I know this makes me a horrible human and if those employees that I didn’t inform about the bathroom are reading this, know that I am very sorry. I often wonder what ended up becoming of that situation, but I will NEVER step foot into that dollar general ever again.

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17. Emergency

One time, I was pretty backed up, so I took laxatives in the morning forgot about it. Six hours later found myself in a dollar tree (no bathroom) running like my life depended on it for the exit, so I could get to the one at the grocery store next door.

As I’m running out, a worker stops me (he thinks I’m stealing)— I have no time to explain, so I just shove my purse into his hands and keep running.

I made it (bless), then went back to the dollar tree and had to explain everything.

Disaster, 10/10 can’t ever return he laughed way too hard.


16. Dodge this

At my local gym, they did an open dodge ball night. I was bragging about how hot I am at Dodgeball (when I was actually fit). I proceeded to get wrecked by a team of middle school kids.

One kid nailed be in the face and broke my glasses.

I had to forfeit because I am completely blind without my glasses. It's been weeks since I have been back to that gym.

Unfortunately, to cancel my membership, I have to be there in person.

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15. New employee

Well, one time me and my friends decided to go into a dollar general, and mess around. We walk in, and are looking around and a person, I kid you not, brought 5 rabbits in and let them lose.

So, my friends, being themselves, decided to hide a rabbit in the storage room in the back. They walked in, hid the rabbit, and left.

Well, they found the rabbit a week later, and the only reason they knew it was there was from the fur and random food bags ripped open.

To this day, they don’t know who did it.

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14. Never to return

I hit the owner’s car backing out of the place of business.

So if I do go back, its likely I'll have to answer for it.

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13. Clumsy

I went into a Godiva chocolate store in the mall with my mom at the ripe age of 12. I was waiting by the glass window and fell back into a display stand. I sent fancy boxes flying up and some how brought a hanging banner to the ground.

My mom still tells me I've never embarrassed her more in public than that day.

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12. No tip

I was at a Mexican restaurant with a friend once and he spilled his margarita, broke the glass, and got alcohol and glass all over the place. When we were about to get a check he said “it’s together” real quick and started walking to the counter by the door to pay.

Then he says, “Hey, could you cover the tip?” While he’s walking up front to pay. I don’t know it all just happened so quick, and I always tip on my debit card and pretty much never carry cash around.

I scrounged around in my pocket for a messily 2 dollars because that’s all I had in cash. After making such a mess and breaking their glass I’m thinking I’ll wait a few years at least to ever go back.

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11. The sneeze

I went to go try on work pants at Banana Republic since I figured, eh, I'm 30 I should get a pair of fancier grown-up pants that fit properly. I forgot that shopping for pants with a big rear is a pain and spent forever trying on slightly different styles of black pants.

So many pants. I had to pee really badly the whole time but thought nothing of it. After the saintly sales lady brought me nearly a dozen different pairs, it happened. I sneezed really hard and peed in the fancy wool suiting pants I was wearing.

I said I had a sudden emergency phone call and ran off....I haven't been back in 5 years. I'm so sorry!

I now understand why women in their thirties make jokes about peeing themselves when they laugh.

It's real. Do kegels y'all.

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10. 1 star

I was with my sister in a toy store. There was a 'rate the store' option and I clicked on the one star rating. One of the workers came up to us and looked at us, and said, "If you don't like this store, leave."

I was scared and left the store. I never entered that store never again.

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9. Feeling young

So, I was in Francesca's (a young women's clothing store) because I needed to buy a dress for my cousins wedding. I don't wear dresses. Not my jam. But I love my cousin and duty calls, so off I go.

Relevant info: I'm 40 at the time.

So I walk into Francesca's and immediately accosted by a helpful effeminate male salesman who shows me to a dressing room and begins hurling dresses at me. As I'm trying them on, another group comes in...a mom and two teenage daughters loudly talking about their first dance and they're so excited.

As the conversation continues, I gather that these two girls are 14. I find a dress I like, and come out to model it for the eager salesman who has been critiquing my choices. I step out if my dressing room. One of the 14 year old girls steps out in hers.

We are wearing the exact same dress.

I realize that this dress looks completely appropriate......on a 14 year old. I am 40. I am also MORTIFIED.

I literally run back into my dressing room throw on my clothes and sneak out of the store before helpful clerk can bring me more wildly inappropriate dresses.

I know avert my eyes every time I see a Francesca's.

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8. Killing Blockbuster

When I was 6, my mom and I went to Blockbusters to rent a movie for the weekend. As we searched for a movie, I started to throw up in multiple aisles. my mom turned around to see the mess I made and grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the store.

Never went back to that Blockbuster after that. Obviously, I couldn't even if I wanted to now.




7. It was in the papers

My favourite garden centre had Clematis on sale. I was in a bit of a rush and didn’t have time to search the store. I went up to the lovely older lady and asked her if she had Chlamydia. She looked shocked and said she didn’t. I told her I heard she did.

Again she looked shocked and again denied. I was getting a little irritated at this point and said I’d read in the paper that she had Chlamydia. At this point she cottoned on and quietly lead me to the Clematis.

I took one look at the sign and skulked out of the store.

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6. Kid friendly

My family had been shopping at IKEA and we decided to have dinner there. Afterwards, my wife and I were discussing our crappy particle board purchases while our kids (4 and 6) were playing in the toy kitchen area they have in the restaurant. We were about 15 feet away from them the entire time.

After a little while another customer said to us, "I think your kids just started a fire!"

I jumped up and ran over to the play kitchen area which I then discovered had a REAL, WORKING MICROWAVE in it. Apparently one of my kids had discovered an abandoned cell phone and put it inside the oven. Then, the other pressed "Start". I saw the smoke leaking out of the oven and hit the "Stop" control which of course opened the door.

I huge cloud of acrid smoke poured out and I could see the burning phone quite clearly. I slammed the door shut again. My kids were terrified.

At this point 2 managers had come over to see what was going on. The female seemed very understanding but the male was angry that we had destroyed the microwave he had just had installed. I pointed out that maybe putting it at kid height in the kid's play area wasn't the best decision he ever made. My kids were hysterically crying now and I just wanted to get them home. I think the female was scared that we were going to sue or something; she seemed to want the male to shut up and let us leave. She apologized several times and we gathered up our stuff and left.

Our kids were terrified of IKEA for years after that

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5. Full sprint

At a local restaurant, I was eating with my ex (a complete jerk). When we were dating we went to dinner one night at one of my favorite Restaurants. When we were done eating he asked me if I could run out to the car to grab something for him. So, I said sure, and headed outside. When I was a few feet from the car, I heard footsteps running up behind me so I turned around and see him bolting towards the car and he starts yelling, “Get in the car!"

I immediately understood that he was ditching out on the check, and I had no money on me as I had assumed he was paying for the meal because he was the one with money that night.

A waiter was running out after him and screaming at us, and I was in a full on panic and had no idea what to do so I got in the car and we drove away really fast.

It was awful. I was SO mad at him for being a selfish jerk, for stealing, and for putting me in that position.

Leaving that dude was the best decision of my life.

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4. "Do you know him?"

I was 17 or 18 when this happened so I don't remember exactly what was said, but me and my friend.. let's call him J, walked into a Tom Thumb (gas station) down the street from my house. Now, this was the store that I went to every week to get food and trash bags etc.

Well J decided it would be a good idea to shoplift, but he didn't just take a candy bar or anything like that. This stupid jerk decided to stuff his (baggy) jeans to the brim with (and I kid you not) 24 blocks of cheddar cheese. Seeing as how we were both stoned I would understand him having the munchies, but this was too much. I didn't notice what he had done until we were in line to checkout and saw him talking to security.

It was something along the lines of "What in the heck are you doing kid??"

I just stayed in line with a few boxes of cereal, 2 gallons of milk and a few other stray items as the following (paraphrased) conversation ensued.

"What are you referring to?" The officer just shook his head.

"Untuck your pant legs son, before I have to call the deputy down here."

At this point my friend knew he was either going to jail or getting banned from the store so this dude got even more dumb by yelling "[me] WE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!" and then proceeded to run out of the store, dropping a few blocks on his way out and hiding in my truck (on the other side of the parking lot, leaving a trail about halfway to it).

I just stood there in line trying to keep myself from chasing after him to beat him, as the guard walks over to me and asks if I know him, I admitted I did and he told me to finish my transaction and leave the store.

After this, everyone in the store was staring at me and I already have anxiety but his little antic just made it all worse. I went out and to the truck, put the groceries in as he's sitting in the backseat eating the only block of cheese he was able to hold onto.

I kicked him out if my truck and it took a few weeks before I could speak to J again. Needless to say I haven't been back to that store since and now I go outside of town to the nearest Aldi's for my shopping.

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3. Big tip

I got a $20 cab tip, and we went to Steak & Shake to treat ourselves from the drive-thru. Turned out he gave me a counterfeit and the person in the window was like, "I think we should call the cops."

So my spouse decided we should drive away, because they just decided we totally knew about it being counterfeit and we were NOT going to just chill while they called the cops on us.

It was stupid.


2. Carpet cleaners

Went to Target to shop with my girlfriend at the time. Medium size trip mostly frozen food and laundry detergent. One of those big tide bottles with the twisty spout. My girlfriend decided to go look at clothes and I was dragging the cart behind me.

For a good 15-20 minutes I would walk a few paces, stand there, follow her some more, and then stand a little. I finally stopped and stepped in something. Somewhere along the way I clipped the spout and started pouring detergent on the CARPET.

A very nice trail, then a circle about 2 feet wide. Another trail and a bigger circle. I trailed soap all through the ladies section of Target, that stuff was everywhere. Trail, big spot, trail, big spot, trail, big spot. I can even begin to tell you how big of a mess I made. We ditched that buggy and ran.

I didn't go to that Target for over 7 years.

To this day I cringe at the thought of going to that store.

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1. Freedom

When my wife was probably around 10, her and her family went to a Red Lobster. After the meal when her parents were paying, she felt bad for all the lobsters in the tank, so she took a chair and smashed the tank to free them.

It worked, and they were all told never to come back to Red Lobster again.

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