45 Hilarious Memes You've Never Seen Before

45 Hilarious Memes You've Never Seen Before

After a long, hard day at work, why not unwind with some hilariously funny memes to lift your spirits right back up? We've specially curated some of the best memes out there that will be sure to get a laugh out of you. So what are you waiting for? Just keep scrolling and let the good times come!

Surface-X1Gzqv-F7Tw-UnsplashPhoto by surface on Unsplash

1. Possibilities, Where?


There should be a disclaimer that comes with this popular saying - "Behind each door is a new opportunity...but it also totally depends on 1834208 different factors!"

2. The Struggle in the Morning

1697479717553.pngNo matter how motivated you try to make yourself the night before, all of that disappears the moment you wake up. Seriously, is there anything worse than having to push yourself out of bed in the morning?

3. What Dream?

1697479880155.pngThe more you try to remember the dream you just had, the more quickly you forget about every detail that happened. It's SO annoying!

4. Not Paid Enough

1697480109264.pngPhoto by Imgur on InstagramWe've all had those days at work when we open an email just to slowly close our laptop. Sometimes, we just ain't got the patience.


5. Housing Problems

1697480195760.pngPhoto by Reddit_Top_Memes on InstagramWindows? A backyard? 2 bathrooms? Yeah, sorry. This is waaaaay out of our budget in this economy.

6. The Struggle of Influencers

1697480296855.pngBoo hoo. You have to play games all day to make your $50,000 a month? We're so sorry for your struggles.

7. Summer Break!

1697480457811.pngPhoto by menshumour on InstagramNow this is one idea we can DEFINITELY get behind! How many signatures on a petition do you think we'll need to make this happen?

8. An Unnecessary Cut

1697482090525.pngPhoto by reddit_top_memes on InstagramSeriously though, this happens in every single movie! Do they not understand the definition of one "drop"?

9. I Have No Idea What's Going On

1697482212684.pngPhoto by reddit_top_memes on Instagram

That feeling when you're trying to follow the rest of the class because you're clearly missing something important, but you have NO idea what!

10. The Food Can Wait

1697482296990.pngNo, I can't eat my food until I've found the perfect video or show to watch with it! Anyone who can eat dinner without watching anything is seriously impressive.


11. Every Damn Time

1697482426274.pngPhoto by thechive on InstagramWhen you never learn and keep letting yourself get heartbroken every time. Maybe next time!

12. Forever Loved

1697482493433.pngThese games are seriously untouchable - you can have a great time with these ones every single time!

13. Unleash the Beast

1697482540763.pngWhen people try to motivate you but they don't realize this is just who you are all the dang time. C'mon, our spirit animal is the sloth.

14. I'm Just Poor

1697482640569.pngPhoto by tank.sinatra on InstagramWith $100 as a kid, it felt like you had the whole world in the palm of your hand. But as an adult, $100 might possibly pay 1/15 of your rent.

15. Food Is My Comfort

1697482752036.pngStress eating is seriously the worst. What do you mean I have to choose between feeling better but sad about messing up my diet or feeling good about my diet but feeling stressed?! There is no in between!

16. Shhhhhhhh

1697483328285.pngPhoto by thetastelessgentlemen on InstagramWhat they don't know won't hurt them, right?


17. Uh, Excuse Me...

1697483429506.pngPhoto by classicaldamn on Instagram18. Friend or Foe

1697486322951.pngPhoto by the.atomic.elbow on Instagram

We can't tell if these dogs are just excited to see us or if they're trying to challenge us to a death match...

19. Tell Me More...

1697486494277.pngPhoto by Imgur on InstagramThe plan itself matters more than the date. We're only saying yes if the plan is interesting enough!

20. Forget the Past

1697486839299.pngPhoto by imgur on InstagramLook, social media outlets may think everyone wants a recap from years ago, but in reality, no one wants to remember that stuff. Cringe much.

21. Decisions, Decisions

1697486984688.pngTruly the hardest decision of all time - no matter what you pick, there will be consequences and joy. 

22. The Blind Pilot

1697487144431.pngPhoto by imgur on Instagram

As long as that's just a joke, we're laughing! It is a joke...right?

23. Early Goodbye

1697487229232.pngPhoto by memebase on InstagramAnd now, let the awkward silence commence.


24. An Unclear Signal


Is this a genuine mistake, an act of aggression, or a challenge?! We'll never know.

25. A Walk A Day Doesn't Keep the Doctors Away?

1697487400437.pngPhoto by emofairygodmother on InstagramI mean, can we really dispute this one? The logic is totally sound here, don't you agree?

26. Note From the Wife

1697487562833.pngHey, if it gets us out of trouble we're down for this! A little extra help never hurt anyone anyway.

27. Anything For A Treat

1697487864190.pngPhoto by memesandmoodz on Instagram"Am I really a good boy?" "Did I really deserve all those treats?"

28. Gymnastics At Night

1697488100203.pngPhoto by @defffkapp on XWhen you turn into a full-blown acrobat and stretch out farther than you thought was humanly possible just so you can charge your phone.

29. Immense Pain

1697488254937.pngIt sure is a close battle but we're thinking the men still have it worse...*not*.

30. Well That Was Fun

1697488517911.pngBoredpandaHey, it can be exhausting flipping through all the shows and movies trying to decide the perfect one! And after all that hard work, what's better than a good ol' nap?

31. Password Struggles

1697488867826.pngBoredpandaSomething everyone has experienced and something that annoys everyone all the same. Time to reuse my old password but just adding a random number to the end of it.

32. Different Musical Taste

1697491103953.pngBoredpandaMaybe one day you'll be able to unleash the full power of your musical taste, but today is not the day...

33. Hot Water

1697491197048.pngTruly a dangerous task - just one misstep and you'll be in for the shock of your life. Nothing hits harder than unwanted freezing cold shower water!

34. Sweet Tooth

1697491266549.pngBoredpandaOnly those with a sweet tooth can truly understand this struggle. The night is not over until we get something sweet that satisfies us.

35. Marriage Ages You


Don't take it from us, take it from your favourite superhero, Captain America! The results don't lie.

36. Moody Mornings

1697491423114.pngBoredpandaWe'll never understand how anyone could possibly be a morning person. Let us be gloomy and moody in peace, please. It's how we get through the morning.

37. Magical Cardi

1697491542172.pngWoah, sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter! Actually, we're pretty sure if you said that to someone who's never watched a Harry Potter movie, they'd believe you if you said it was a spell.

38. Fun Days Off

1697491666056.pngBoredpandaWho are we kidding?! There's nothing more fun than a nice relaxing day full of rest. Grown ups, you get it right?

39. Glazed Snakes

1697491833931.pngWell, you're definitely not alone there. We saw a glazed doughnut first too! Must be lunchtime...

40. The Long Wait

1697491936104.pngBoredpandaApproximately 7 years, 3 jobs, and 2 major life changes later, you'll finally hear back from your job interview. Just to be told you didn't get the job. Wow, thanks.

41. Bad Milk

1697492236364.pngWhew, we're glad they got you to take care of it right away. It could've turned into a really dangerous situation! Bad milk should always be taken care of.

42. Pasta Buddies

1697492331228.pngBoredpandaThat moment when you realize it's too late and your pasta have all become buddies with one another. Looks like it's a clump of noodles for dinner!

43. Friends For One Time Only

1697492467759.pngBoredpandaThat feeling when they don't pass the vibe check and you know things won't work out between the two of you. No hard feelings though.

44. Careful Preparation

1697492618178.pngBoredpandaYou can never really be too sure, so might as well be safe. What if one alarm doesn't go off? What if the second doesn't? Might as well add a couple extra just to make sure right?

45. Pep Talk

1697492734919.pngBoredpandaWe'd definitely go back in time to tell ourselves to get it together. What would you do?