40 Memes That Show What It's like to Have a Toddler

40 Memes That Show What It's like to Have a Toddler

Parenting toddlers can be both a joyous and challenging journey, filled with countless memorable moments that often leave us wondering, "Is anyone else going through this too?" Well, we can guarantee you're not alone! So, we've compiled 40 hilarious and relatable memes that capture the essence of what it's truly like to have a toddler. From the tantrums to the unexpected moments of sweetness, these memes will have parents nodding in agreement and sharing a knowing laugh as they navigate the wild world of toddlerhood.

1. I Choose This Moment


Nobody can time something as perfect as a toddler who has to go to the bathroom. It's like they just know. 

2. They're Productive


It's as if something goes off in their brain and they MUST accomplish everything they possibly can before you catch them. 

3. Hakuna Matoddler


No worries? No, more like no relaxing. Seriously. Like, ever. 

4. A Parent's Dream



5. Alone Time Doesn't Exist


No such thing as alone time when you have a toddler lurking about. 

6. Terrible Twos


Ah, the terrible twos. It's like having a baby raptor as a child instead of a human being. Good luck if you have one. 

7. The Cursing Toddler


They pick up on everything so watch what you say. 

8. I Think Not, Mom 


Time for bed? No way, mom! It's time for YOU to go to bed. 

9. Winter Is Coming


They have more attitude built into them than a regular teenager and they'll have you wondering where they got it from. 

10. Gotta Love Them


The attitude that comes with having a 3-year-old is unmatched. They really are ruthless. 


11. Bend The Knee


Bend the knee, NOW. They really do make it impossible, don't they? 

12. Watch Me


When you tell them not to do something, they're a thousand times more likely to do it. Try reverse psychology maybe? 

13. What's In Your Mouth? 


Nobody runs faster than a toddler with something in their mouth when you ask them what they have in their mouth. 

14. Peace Be With You


We're all fighting the same fight. Moms need to stick together if we're going to survive. 

15. Let Me Be Free


There's no experience more humbling than being alone with your toddler for an extended amount of time. You just crave real human interaction with someone who won't scream at you for cutting their sandwich in a triangle instead of rectangles. 

16. Definition of Toxic


Nobody loves you like your toddler loves you. But at the same time, nobody stresses you out like your toddler stresses you out. 


17. That's A Cage


I mean, I don't really see anything wrong with it. It's for their own safety. And your own sanity. 

18. The Iron Grip


There is literally nothing more difficult than trying to get your toddler to losen their iron grim on whatever it is they're holding. It's a truly humbling experience. 

19. Wakey, Wakey


They just love to invade your personal space. But why RIGHT in the morning before your eyes are even open? 

20. I Imagine This


How do they get those family photos, anyway? I'd really like to know. 

21. This Is How It Feels


There is literally nothing more tiring than chasing around a toddler all day. They'll have you exhausted and ready for bed before supper. 

22. The Art of Being Cute


A skill most people have trouble developing. 


23. How Dare You?


Don't give them what they want, you might not live through it. Give them what they want, and you still might not live through it. 

24. Time Out


They just don't get it. Make sure to use small sentences. 

25. Chicken Nuggets

Eat your gosh darn chicken nuggets before you say another word, little one. 

26. You Wouldn't Get It


I mean, they're right. I wouldn't get it. That doesn't stop me from being curious though. 

27. Watch This


I don't know how many more times I can watch my toddler do the same dance routine or karate moves before I rot away sitting here. 

28. Future Paleontologists


Seriously, what is it with the dinosaur obsession at this age? I've never met a toddler that DIDN'T absolutely love dinosaurs. 

29. No More Paw Patrol


Just say no. No more Paw Patrol. You are in control. 

30. Cover Your Ears


Why is their first instinct to scream at the top of their lungs when they don't get their way? What if everyone started doing that? 

31. That's NOT Not Touching Anything


I mean, they're not using their hands. But this is just so much worse. Put your tongue back in your mouth you disgusting little creature. 

32. Never Too Old For The Slide


Can't say no, can you? No you're stuck on the slide. 

33. Don't Touch That


Again, they just love to do what you tell them NOT to do. They get a kick out of it or something. I don't get it. 

34. Warrants a Temper Tantrum


I mean, I'd be pretty upset too. Imagine getting a brown plate when all you wanted was blue. Doesn't have the same effect. 

35. Let Me Show You What It's Like


This. This is what it's like. If you don't want to know, then don't ask. 

36. Big Mistake


The key is to wait for them to go to bed... or send them to grandma's house. Otherwise, what's yours is also theirs. I don't make the rules. 

37. No Peace


Relaxation? Nooooo, not with your two year old around. They don't know the concept. 

38. Permanently Grumpy


Nobody is grumpier than a toddler who just woke up. They really are not morning people, huh? 

39. Very Sad


Not to say I told you so, but I did. Next time you might want to listen to the grown-up. 

40. Public Temper Tantrum


Nightmare is correct. You're left carrying your child out of the supermarket upside down while apologizing to everyone you encounter on the way out.