20 Rude Things To Stop Doing In Hotels

20 Rude Things To Stop Doing In Hotels

Ah, hotels—a place for mini-fridges and room service…and loud children, people sneaking in pets, and unruly partygoers. Though hotels are supposed to be for everyone, some guests think they alone deserve the red carpet, and we’re here to break down the rudest behaviors. 

1. Not Tipping

Like it or not, tipping is pretty much baked into your hotel experience. It’s customary to leave at least something behind when you check out, and guests who don’t usually earn themselves a bad reputation. 

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2. Leaving a Mess

Just because someone will clean a mess, doesn’t mean you should make one. Trashing hotel rooms is, well…trashy, and there’s really no reason for it—the odd towel here or there is fine, but it shouldn’t look like a hurricane blew through. 

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3. Hogging the Buffet

The buffet is for everyone, so leave food for other guests. Hotel staff don’t exactly appreciate double-dippers or those who hoard all the biscuits. 

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4. Making Too Much Noise

Whether it’s in your neighborhood or on your hotel floor, no one likes noisy neighbors. Blasting music, overly loud conversations, and raucous parties make others’ stay a nightmare. Not only that, but hotels generally have quiet zone policies in place, too.

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5. Being Rude to Staff

It’s never okay to mistreat staff members. From snapping your fingers to losing your temper, employees deserve respect; problems are solved much more efficiently when everyone is kind. 

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6. Ignoring Check Out Times

Check out times allow for room turnover and give cleaning staff ample time to prepare for incoming guests. It’s generally not a big deal if you’re a few minutes late, but deliberately overstaying is not only rude, it could also mean hefty late fees. 

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7. Sneaking in Guests

It doesn’t matter if it’s a partner or a pet—no sneaking in guests. Hotels are more than happy to accommodate families, so there’s no reason to smuggle in another person, especially because of the headache it causes. Hotels need a headcount in case of emergencies, not to mention surprise guests means surprise housekeeping. 

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8. Having Unruly Kids

When you’re a kid, staying in a hotel is great! It’s a new place full of little snacks and giant beds, what’s not to love? The thing is, guests aren’t privy to unruly children. Between running up and down the halls and screaming to their friends, make sure kids understand hotels are shared spaces.  

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9. Stealing Items

Using amenities is one thing, but there’s a big difference between indulgence and theft. Don’t stuff your suitcase with toiletries or use items you don’t need. No bringing towels or bathrobes home. Poaching items is not only a crime, but can also earn you replacement fees. 

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10. Not Reading Fine Print

Online bookings come with thorough information about your room—if it reads “two twin beds with no kitchen,” don’t expect a queen mattress and full-service bar. Too often guests traipse into hotels to berate staff about readily available information. 

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11. Not Flushing 

Oddly enough, some didn’t the memo about bathroom etiquette. If you’re going to do one kind thing today…please flush the toilet when you’re done. Hotel staff don’t want to have to deal with that.

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12. Getting Too Drunk

Getting hammered in public is never a good look, but it’s particularly troublesome in hotels. With families renting rooms and enforced quiet hours, inebriated guests can really ruin someone else’s time. Stick to your limit!

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13. Last-Minute Requests

Make sure you book the room you want because there’s nothing worse than last-minute requests. Staff probably won’t be able to swing any special treatment, so read the fine print or call beforehand to ask questions. 

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14. Smoking in Non-Smoking Areas

Unless the hotel allows it, it’s generally frowned upon to smoke in your room or light up on balconies. Doing so poses a health risk for nearby guests and can also land you fees for breaking house rules. 

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15. Demanding Discounts

It’s not unheard of to score hotel discounts—if you’re nice about it. Gently inquiring about discounts goes a heck of a lot further than storming to the front desk. It’s also important to remember that regardless of how kind you are, discounts aren’t guaranteed.

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16. Not Getting Dressed

A hotel is like your home, it isn’t actually your home. Don’t head to the buffet in a bathrobe or walk around the lobby in your pajamas. With so many perfect strangers around, it makes more sense to dress accordingly.

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17. Misusing Towels

Most hotels provide some sort of makeup remover, so don’t scrub your face with a hand towel. Those lily-white towels may brand the mark of your makeup forever, which doesn’t do the cleaning staff any favors. 

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18. Not Being Specific

It’s in your (and staff’s) best interest to be specific about the room you want. If you tell staff to book any old thing, don’t be surprised to wind up in a closet overlooking the parking lot. 

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19. Hogging Amenities

Buffets, pools, and lounges are for everyone—don’t hog the spaces or stuff your face with plates of food. Each guest should enjoy the experience you all paid for, so it's important to make sure they can. 

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20. Expecting Special Treatment

It’s very nice that your bridal party is here, but that doesn’t open the door to special treatment. Making ludicrous demands or acting like you own the floor is not only poor form, but it disrupts other guests. 

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