10 Terrible Wedding Gifts To Stop Buying & 10 To Buy Instead

10 Terrible Wedding Gifts To Stop Buying & 10 To Buy Instead

Weddings are a joyous occasion filled with laughter, love…and a persistent worry about gifts. Your gut may tell you classic items like appliances or prank gifts are the way to go, but we’re here to inform you of much better options. Here are 10 gifts to stop buying newlyweds, and 10 they’ll actually like. 

1. His-and-Her Items

This gift has been a long-standing tradition for generations—but we’d like it to stop. His-and-hers items sound good on paper, but in reality, they’re often too tacky to get much usage. Ditch these for something the couple can truly enjoy.  

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2. Baby Gifts

Don’t ever come with a baby gift in tow. You have no idea what the future looks like or if the couple can even conceive, so don’t jump the gun with baby gifts before a pregnancy is even announced.

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3. Large Kitchen Items

Keep kitchen whatchamacallits off the list. With so many random gadgets to choose from, something you think is practical could be the complete opposite for the couple. Not only that but appliances take up tons of space and leave the couple wondering where to put them.

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4. Off-Registry Stuff

Say it with us: stick to the list. The couple put it together for a reason, so it’s best for everyone if you just grab something off their registry. Even if your gift is well-intended, you’ll know your money is better spent going towards what they actually asked for. 

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5. Home Decor

Home decor is up to the occupants. Unless the couple specifically asked for something, steer clear of furniture or funky pieces. Plenty of couples are forced to display gifts they don’t want and it’s time to end the madness. 

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6. Prank Gifts

When it comes down to it, you have no idea how a gag gift will be received. A literal ball and chain or an inappropriate book may be funny in your head, but everyone will suffer should the joke bomb. 

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7. Advice Books

Speaking of books, avoid self-help books, too—they give the wrong impression, especially if they’re about marriage. If you’re deadset on this path, reach for a nice coffee table book instead (though we still recommend sticking to the registry). 

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8. Regifted Items

If you don’t know what to get, turn to the registry. If the couple doesn’t have one, opt for cash. Frankly, even if you forego a gift, it’s far better than regifting what you didn’t want. 

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9. Pets

Pets are a colossal responsibility, and it’s one the couple may not want. Gifting animals is often a terrible idea to begin with, so dumping that duty on newlyweds probably isn’t the heartfelt gesture you think it is.

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10. Gifts For One

Gifts are for the newlywed couple, and showing up with a gift for one is bad form. If you’re only close with one partner, save that gift for their birthday. 

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What happens if the couple doesn’t have a registry? Don’t panic! Here are some wedding gifts that never disappoint.


1. Wedding Keepsake Diary

The good times don’t have to end with the wedding. Keepsake diaries allow the couple to store their favorite memories and reflect whenever they want. It’s a simple gift with a lot of meaning.

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2. Luggage Sets

The couple most likely has a honeymoon planned, so help them out with proper luggage. Comb through chic designs and affordable sets to nab the best suitcase. You don’t have to go overboard either—well-traveled couples appreciate practicality over price.

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3. Custom Artwork

Anything from a custom painting to a personalized star map can capture a couple’s magic. You won’t fall short of options, ensuring their smiles for decades to come.

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4. Luxe Bedding

There’s a big difference between luxe bedding and regular sheets. If you’d like to splurge, treat the couple to a fancy bedsheet set. Nothing says comfort like an eight-million thread count. (Okay, we may have exaggerated that a little.)

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5. Personalized Doormat

Personalized doormats are a fuss-free gift that doesn’t eat up space. Brand it with their names or a simple message, but either way, it’s a gift just about anyone can enjoy. 

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6. Money

When in doubt, whip the wallet out. Money is often seen as an impersonal copout, but it’s one of the most useful things to bestow. You have no idea what your contribution may help with, so that cash gift can stretch farther than you think. 

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7. Subscription Boxes

Wine, fruit, meal prep, beer, books…the list goes on for subscription boxes! If you know enough about their hobbies, gift the happy couple a box in line with them. It doesn’t have to be a full year, but even a few months of goodies is appreciated. 

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8. Personalized Toys

Did you know that you can turn yourself into a Funko Pop! figurine? What about custom bobbleheads? Well, it’s true, and it’s a unique gift quirky couples will love! 

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9. Bath Towel Set

A good bath towel makes an astronomical difference. Hunt for a fluffy upgrade that goes beyond the bath towel, though—look for sets that come with hand towels or face cloths as well. 

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10. Smaller Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen appliances may not be the best idea, but smaller accessories are. Charcuterie boards, knife sets, or a beautiful tablecloth are useful gifts that don’t fill half the kitchen. 

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