10 Romantic Things To Do On Valentine's Day & 10 Cheesy Things To Avoid

10 Romantic Things To Do On Valentine's Day & 10 Cheesy Things To Avoid

Get Inspired For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and we want to make sure you're all set to have the perfect day. While you should be appreciating your partner every day, it's fun to set aside a special day like Valentine's Day to do something different and fun. While of course, every couple is different, if you're stuck on ideas for how to make the day romantic, we've got a list of ideas for you. In fact, we've got 10 great ones! But while we want to make sure we inspire you with these romantic gestures, we also want to keep you wary of cheesy ones you should definitely avoid. So without further ado, here are 10 beautiful, romantic things to do on Valentine's Day that will really impress your partner, but also 10 cliche, overdone things you might want to pass on.

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1. Sunset Picnic

What's more romantic than a cozy sunset picnic in a scenic location like a local park or beach? Pack a basket full of your partner's favourite snacks, some wine, and a soft blanket to sit on together. It's the perfect atmosphere for intimate conversations and enjoying each other's company. Best of all? Nature is free! Can't put a price on that.

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2. Spa Day at Home

You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to treat your partner to a spa day - you can create the perfect spa day right at home! Just prepare a warm bath with essential oils, light some candles, offer massages, and put on some relaxing music. It's a great way to spend quality time together, showing care and attention to each other's comfort and wellbeing.

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3. Cooking Class Together

If you both love to cook or are just adventurous people, enrolling in a cooking class could be a really fun and unique activity to do on Valentine's Day. Try focusing on a cuisine you both love or have never tried before! It'll be an exciting day of bonding and learning something new together. And the best part is, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious meal you made side by side with one another.

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4. Stargazing Adventure

For a really romantic night activity, drive out to a secluded spot away from the city lights to gaze at the stars. Bring a telescope if you have one, a cozy blanket to stay warm, and hot chocolate to make things complete. Sharing stories, wishes, or past memories together under the vast starry sky can be incredibly romantic.

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5. Dance Night In

For a fun night in, create a playlist of both your favourite songs or ones that hold special memories. Now, hold a dance night right in your very own living room! Make some space if you have to. Whether it's slow dancing together or having a quirky dance-off, it's all about having fun and embracing each other. No need to be shy if it's just your partner with you!

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6. Scavenger Hunt Surprise

While this might take a little extra effort on your part, it's definitely worth it. Organize a scavenger hunt that will lead your partner to places that have been significant in your relationship. It could be a park where you had your first date, or the location where you had your first kiss. To tie things up nicely, the final clue could even lead to a romantic dinner or a special gift.

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7. Personalized Gift Making

Gifts don't always have to be a surprise, why not spend the day crafting personalized gifts for each other? It could be anything from painting portraits, making a scrapbook of your favourite moments, or anything you enjoy doing together. The effort and thoughtfulness behind the gift, and that beautiful time spent together, will make it extra special looking back.

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8. Romantic Movie Marathon

If you're both massive movie buffs, curate a list of your favourite romantic movies to watch together. Make some popcorn, grab a warm blanket to snuggle under, and find the comfiest spots on the couch for a movie marathon. It's cozy and low-key, but still a wonderful way to spend quality time together. Revisit classic love stories or discover new ones, whatever you guys prefer!

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9. Sunrise Breakfast

We know waking up extra early can be tough, but for this one day, try to make the exception! Prepare a delicious surprise breakfast to enjoy together while watching the sun rise. Whether it's at a beautiful outdoor spot, just from your balcony, or even your backyard, it'll be a beautiful start to the day together.

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10. Memory Lane Walk

Take a nice stroll down memory lane by revisiting places that hold special memories for your relationship. It could be anything from your first meeting place, your favourite date spot, or somewhere you shared a significant moment together. It's a beautiful way to reminisce about the past while also dreaming about the future together. Now that's pretty romantic.

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1. Generic Box of Chocolates

Look, everyone loves chocolates, but for Valentine's Day, you have to admit it's a bit cliche right? Avoid the cheesy, overdone gift of a generic box of chocolates you picked up last minute. These lack the personal touch that a proper Valentine's Day gift should have, suggesting a lack of effort or thoughtfulness in choosing it. Unless it's chocolate that really resonates with your partner's taste and preferences, it's a better idea to get something else.

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2. Predictable Stuffed Animals

Oversized or generic stuffed animals might seem cute, but they're actually a pretty unimaginative gift choice for Valentine's Day. Especially if your partner doesn't particularly care for them, all they'll end up doing is cluttering up space. There's not a whole lot of sentimental value to them either, unless your partner absolutely adores them (Squishmallow collectors, anyone?).

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3. Store-Bought Greeting Cards

Don't rely on store-bought greeting cards with generic messages to get your love across. In fact, sometimes it can come off as impersonal, especially if you've been with your partner for years and years. Instead, try writing your thoughts and feelings in a handmade card or letter; it adds so much more meaning and a nice personal touch that'll really express your love to your partner.

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4. Overpriced Roses

While roses are traditionally associated with romance, opting for these overpriced flowers on Valentine's Day is pretty overdone and can be a waste of money, especially considering they won't last very long. Consider alternative approaches, like choosing a special bouquet of flowers that remind you of your partner or ones that they love. It'll have so much more significance!

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5. Crowded Restaurant Dinners

Booking a dinner at an overly crowded and expensive restaurant can seriously lead to a less-than-ideal romantic evening. It'll be even worse if you have to wait to get a seat! The hustle and bustle of the crowd, along with the pressure of set menus and time slots can really detract from the intimacy of the occasion. Perhaps take-out or even dining at home might be more romantic?

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6. Public Marriage Proposals

Do whatever you feel is right, but just remember to take your partner's preferences into account. A public marriage proposal on Valentine's Day can feel especially cheesy if your partner isn't into it. It'll put an unnecessary pressure on them that you definitely don't want them to feel on such an important moment. 

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7. Extravagant Jewelry Gifts

While jewelry can be a beautiful gift, opting for extravagant pieces without considering your partner's taste or the stage of your relationship might come across as trying too hard or being superficial. Thoughtful, meaningful pieces are often more appreciated. It's never about the cost, it's about the thought!

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8. Copycat Romantic Gestures

If you're getting all your ideas from cheesy rom-coms, you might want to start looking elsewhere. Mimicking romantic gestures you've seen in movies or doing things that are stereotypically recommended for Valentine's Day can feel uninspired. Instead, look back on your time together with your partner. It's more meaningful to create unique moments based on your partner's interests and your shared experiences.

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9. Social Media Overload

Put the phone down! Over-sharing your Valentine's Day date on social media can really detract from the intimacy of the day. You should be focusing on being present with your partner rather than building content for your profiles!

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10. Valentine's Day Themed Everything

Turning everything into a Valentine's Day theme (decorations, outfits, food, etc.) can feel tacky and overwhelming. Subtlety and personal touches often create a more genuinely romantic atmosphere than going overboard with hearts and Cupids. Unless your partner really loves that sort of cheesy action, try showing your love in ways that speak best for you and your partner.

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