10 Items To Avoid At Dollar Tree & 10 Worth Every Penny

10 Items To Avoid At Dollar Tree & 10 Worth Every Penny

The Best and Worst Finds At Dollar Tree

If you're a budget-conscious shopper looking for great deals, Dollar Tree is an excellent place to shop. With such low prices found all around the store, who wouldn't shop here? While you might be drawn in by all the low price tags, hold on! We're here to tell you that not everything at Dollar Tree is worth your money - even if it's just a dollar. We'll let you in on the scoop - here are 10 items you need to avoid when shopping at Dollar Tree, and 10 items you definitely need to add to your shopping list.

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1. Frozen/Refrigerated Food Items

Although seeing those low price tags at Dollar Tree can feel extra tempting, most people would recommend you skip the frozen/refrigerated aisle. Not only are the quality and freshness of these items questionable at times, Dollar Tree food items also tend to be smaller in size, making it less worth it than you might think.

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2. Picture Frames

The picture frames you see at Dollar Tree may seem eyecatching given their low price tags, but don't get drawn in - they tend to be pretty low quality. Known to be flimsy and prone to breaking, these frames definitely won't preserve your photos as well as you'd like them to.

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3. Phone Chargers

Phone chargers from Dollar Tree are a big no-no; they're definitely not the safest choice for your phones, meaning these should be a hard pass. These items might not meet safety standards, could fail to charge your device properly, or might even damage your phone due to poor quality control. It's safer to just avoid these.

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4. Plastic Wrap

Trust us when we say, spend the extra bit of money on some good plastic wrap. The plastic wrap available at Dollar Tree is not only much thinner than brand-name alternatives, but they're also less effective and will tear easily or fail to cling to anything you put it on. Save yourself the frustration!

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5. Toys

Although the toys from Dollar Tree may seem like a good bang for your buck, they're actually not worth your money, even if they're super cheap. These toys tend to be low quality and can break incredibly easily, posing a safety risk to your children.

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6. Tape

Tape at Dollar Tree, from duct tape to Scotch tape, aren't worth your time or money. These items don't stick well at all and they don't hold up over time. If you're working on an important project, we suggest it'd be a better idea for you to invest in higher-quality tape. Not only will it save you time and frustration, it'll also save you money if these cheaper tapes don't work at all!

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7. Disposable Paper Products

It might feel tempting to stock up on these cheap paper plates, cups, and napkins at Dollar Tree given their low prices, but you're probably better off just buying in bulk at Costco. The quality of these items are generally lacking and the products might feel too thin or weak to be effective.

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8. Tupperware

The biggest problem with the tupperware or food storage containers sold at Dollar Tree is that the lids sometimes just don't close at all! Leading to unwanted leaks or spoiled food, these items don't tend to be very durable, meaning you should just spend the extra coin on higher quality alternatives.

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9. Headphones

It goes without saying but cheap headphones don't usually work that well. And if you purchase them at Dollar Tree, they're pretty much as you'd expect. Offering poor sound quality and durability, these headphones are sure to break quickly or provide you with an unsatisfactory audio experience. It's really not worth the investment.

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10. Batteries

Batteries from Dollar Tree may have a shorter life span than those from other retailers, making them less cost-effective over time. They might also leak and damage your devices, leading to potentially higher costs for replacements or repairs.

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1. Greeting Cards

Whether you need to pick up a last minute card or are just browsing for future occasions, Dollar Tree is a great place to buy some greeting cards! With such a wide selection of cards for various occasions, these cards are significantly cheaper than ones you'll find in other stores, but definitely just as nice!

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2. Gift Wrapping and Gift Bags

Gift wrapping supplies, from paper to bows, bags, and ribbons, are a steal at Dollar Tree when you can find them for just a dollar. Not only are they comparable in quality to others sold elsewhere, there are so many different colours and designs to choose from!

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3. Seasonal Decor

If you love decorating your house for various holidays but don't want to break the bank, the seasonal decorations section at Dollar Tree will become your new best friend. You can find decor for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter at unbeatable prices! Though they might not be the highest of quality, they'll do just the trick if you want to set up something quick and easy, then throw it all away after the holiday has passed.

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4. Pregnancy Tests

Regardless of if you're in a rush and need a test ASAP or just want to stock up, Dollar Tree's pregnancy tests are FDA approved and are just as reliable as those sold in pharmacies for a fraction of the cost. This makes them a fantastic budget-friendly option.

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5. Brand Name Food Items

Canned or packaged brand name food items can be found at a significant discount at Dollar Tree. You can find goodies like KD, Campbell's Soups, and more! Just make sure you check the expiration dates before purchasing - these products are often overstock or close to their sell-by date.

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6. Cleaning Items

If you're in need of some quick cleaning supplies, the items you'll find at Dollar Tree will work just fine. From sponges to detergents to disinfectants, there are plenty of cleaning supplies you can find for just $1. If you're feeling skeptical, just give them a try! Many people praise them for becoming staples in their shopping list, especially if you're a budget-conscious shopper.

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7. Puzzle Books

Puzzle books, such as crosswords, Sudoku, and word searches, can be found at Dollar Tree for a fraction of the cost of those found in bookstores. They're great items to pickup, offering you entertainment for such a great price.

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8. Containers

Want to organize your room, kitchen, living room, garage, etc. but don't want to spend too much on it? Head over to Dollar Tree for great storage solutions, including containers and bins that are available in various sizes and styles.

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9. Parchment Paper

For all you bakers out there, you'll be happy to hear that baking essentials like parchment paper are a great buy at Dollar Tree. Available for just $1, you'll never buy this item at any other grocery store ever again. 

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10. Hair Supplies

Hair accessories and supplies, including brushes, combs, hair ties, and headbands, are sold at a bargain. These items are comparable in quality to those found in beauty supply stores but at a fraction of the cost.

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