10 Cringy Things Couples Need To Stop Doing & 10 Cute Ones To Do Forever

10 Cringy Things Couples Need To Stop Doing & 10 Cute Ones To Do Forever

Couples display their love in all sorts of ways. While some follow a more traditional candy and flowers route, others are knee-deep in inside jokes and old movie references. However, some couples didn’t get the memo that gross displays of PDA are more of a private activity—here are 10 cringe-worthy displays that need to be stopped and 10 we wished there were more of.

1. Fight in Public

For the love of Mike (whoever he may be), please don’t fight in public. Regardless of where you are, and especially if you’re on a double date, arguments need to be resolved in private. Whatever you feel can’t wait definitely can. 

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2. No Independence

Couples need separate identities outside of each other. When it’s obvious that a partnership is teetering towards codependence, it puts everyone off. Over anything else, codependency is usually a red flag and can easily worry your friends.

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3. Public Jealousy

Uh oh, someone made eyes at your partner. It’s time for a third world war! (We’re kidding, of course). Getting overly jealous is never a good look and when you’re around other people, they notice the insecurity.

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4. Baby Talk

Ah, the cause of eye twitches everywhere. Whatever couples do in private is their business, but public baby talk needs to be retired immediately. It often only makes others uncomfortable. Pwease—we’re begging you at this point. 

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5. Inviting Each Other Everywhere

Oh, hooray…your partner is here…even though they weren’t exactly invited. It’s great that you love spending time with your significant other, but chances are your friends don’t want to see them at every outing. 

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6. Too Much PDA

A kiss on the cheek here, a hand held there—those aren’t the problem. Trying to inhale each other’s faces in public is the issue. There’s a time and place for everything and you can wait until you get home.

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7. Identical Outfits

While small matching accessories or color coordinating can be sweet, wearing the exact same clothes might be a step too far. You’re different people and there’s nothing wrong with dressing in your own styles.

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8. Hurtful “Jokes”

It’s obvious when one partner makes jokes that hurt their significant other. Constant teasing or poking fun can go too far and when it does, it makes everyone uncomfortable.

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9. Going Too Far

We’ve already talked about excessive PDA, but it can go further still. Plenty of couples jump each other’s bones in public and it really needs to stop. Everyone can see you, kids can easily be in public spaces, and it’s just a bad look.

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10. Feeding Each Other

Sharing a taste is one thing, but the general public can probably go without couples who feed each other every bite. It’s even worse if this is paired with baby talk.

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As cringe-worthy as some things can be, some couples’ behaviors are adorable and we never want them to stop.


1. Have Inside Jokes

Inside jokes are sacred. They show everyone that you’re comfortable with each other and can enjoy the little things in life. Even if no one has a clue what you’re talking about—good! Relish in the silly jokes that are just for you. 

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2. Spontaneous Road Trips

Spontaneously heading out on the open road is an adventure only true partners embark on. It doesn’t matter where you go, it matters that you can enjoy life’s journey together. We’re all for couples who load the car and go wherever the road takes them.

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3. Start New Traditions

Hey, Frank Costanza started his own tradition, so why can’t you? In fact, inventing new traditions with your partner is one of the best parts of being a couple. (Just try not to get too rowdy during the feats of strength.)

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4. Be Weird Together

True partnerships allow you both to be your true, awkward selves. Whether that’s quirky behavior or laughing at the same inside jokes, embracing your partner’s inner weirdo is what a relationship’s all about.

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5. New Forms of Communication

Discovering new ways to communicate only brings you closer. You know you and your partner are inseparable if you can solely, and thoroughly, communicate in GIFs. 

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6. Inventive Pet Names

“Babe” has been done—real couples think of inventive pet names for one another, and we’re all on board with the ones who do. Kudos if you think of a new name every day. 

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7. Quote Things

Okay, maybe you both quote the same sitcom every day, but that’s okay! Inside jokes and references are part of what makes your relationship unique. It’s even better if the reference is outdated and only funny for you two.

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8. Leaving Little Notes

Maybe you and your partner have different schedules. Maybe the kids eat up a lot of your time. Whatever life throws at you, leaving handwritten notes for each other is a simple gesture of love mastered by the greatest couples. 

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9. Mock Arguments

Real relationships can only go the distance if you’re willing to laugh together. Sarcastic couples who sass each other are often the talk of the town, for better or worse. But at the end of the day, you both know you’re joking, which makes that fake argument even funnier.

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10. Invent New Words

Sometimes the easiest way to communicate with your partner is with words you invented. Sure, those portmanteaus probably confuse everyone else, but they don’t need to know what they mean—the important thing is that your partner does. 

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