The 10 Worst Dog Breeds For Kids & 10 That Are Perfect

The 10 Worst Dog Breeds For Kids & 10 That Are Perfect

A dog is man’s best friend, but they’re a lifelong companion to children, too! But which one should you choose with so many adorable faces peering up at you? We’ve helped narrow it down to 10 of the most ill-suited breeds for children—and which 10 make the best friends.

1. Chihuahua

Given their small size, it’s easy to assume that a chihuahua is safe for children. The thing with chihuahuas, though, is that they’re a little overprotective, don’t respond well to mishandling, and enjoy a quieter home. So, they’re not the best idea with kids running around for either party.

SmoldogDavid Vives on Unsplash

2. Husky

Even huskies with proper training and socialization could cause a couple of problems for children. Huskies are sociable and friendly but also require lots of activity. They’re also pretty stubborn, so training them properly is often a hassle. 

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3. Australian Shepherd

These dogs are working dogs, which means lots of mental and physical stimulation is required to keep them happy. Not only that, but they love attention, and that can easily split your focus. They’re also herders, so there’s always the risk these furry farm dogs will try and corral children or nip at their heels.

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4. Chow Chow

Chow chows are fairly independent and might not take lightly to the presence of children—kids’ erratic behavior could very well cause stress. They also tend to stick to one or two family members, so it might be harder to integrate them into a house with several children. 

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5. Dalmation

Dalmations are very energetic and need tons of exercise and mental stimulation. Without the proper outlets in place, this breed can easily get bored or develop destructive behaviors, so they might not be the best idea if your focus is elsewhere. 

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6. Alaskan Malamute

Not to be confused with the husky (though they often are), Alaskan Malamutes share more than just physical similarities—they’re not the best option for children. Like Huskies, they’re stubborn and can be hard to train, not to mention without proper exercise they go a little stir-crazy, which can mean trouble for kids. 

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7. Rottweiler

Given the proper training and attention, a rottweiler is fiercely loyal and completely safe around kids. However, if you can’t dedicate the time to give them what they need, this breed is quick to remind you that they’re big and can be a pain. 

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8. Weimaraner

Weimaraners need lots and lots of exercise to tucker them out. Left to their own devices, bored weimaraners can chew furniture or incessantly bark, which isn’t great with kids in the house. Not only that, but this breed isn’t as patient as others, so they may not take too kindly to a child’s energy.  

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9. Akita

Akitas aren’t fond of rough handling and that often becomes an issue. They’re guardians, which means they might mistake children’s playing for aggression and in turn, can become more aggressive themselves.

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10. Shih Tzu

These scruffy little guys seem harmless enough, but half the time they don’t know where they’re going. They love to run around and get underfoot, an irksome habit for adults let alone children. Given that they’re constantly buzzing around, there’s a greater risk of injury there.

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However, so many breeds are still perfect for children!


1. Beagle

Beagles are moderately-sized dogs with great personalities, especially for children. They’re friendly and playful and their energy is often right on par with a child’s. If you’re looking for a solid family dog, don’t overlook the beagle.

Milli-2L0Cwtpcchi-UnsplashPhoto by Milli on Unsplash

2. Golden Retriever

As if we didn’t see this one coming! These happy hounds are friendly, gentle, and one of the best breeds for kids. They’re also easy to train and love being outside, so you can bring them with you to the park. 

Helena-Lopes- Xbnckqrrd0-UnsplashPhoto by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

3. Boxer

You may be tempted to dismiss Boxers as an aggressive breed, but give them a chance. They’re a little energetic and may not know their own strength, but boxers are super playful and love attention. With proper training to ensure they don’t jump, they’re a perfect dog for energetic kids.

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4. Old English Sheepdog

These balls of fluff are great choices because they’re easygoing, affectionate, and easier to train than other stubborn breeds. They lean more on the protective side and their size can be an issue for some, but the proper training makes them right at home.

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5. Pug

Like the chihuahua, pugs are small but mighty. Unlike the chihuahua, however, pugs are more affectionate and playful. Pugs make for a great companion because they love being around people and don’t require as much exercise as other breeds.

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6. Labrador Retriever

Labs are a traditional family dog and there’s good reason! They’re outgoing and easier to train than other breeds, allowing you the chance to better integrate them into your household. They also love playtime, so everyone can enjoy venturing out to the backyard or park.

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7. Newfoundland

You wouldn’t think it to look at them, but a Newfoundland is incredibly gentle and can be a child’s best friend. They’re quite patient and protective, too, so you’ll have a calm guardian to watch over the rugrats.

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8. Bernese Mountain Dog

This breed has lots of love and lots of fluff! They’re naturally affectionate and gentle, making them perfect for kids and adults alike. Another selling point is that despite their large size, these dogs are also a more patient breed. 

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9. Irish Setter

These dogs are very friendly and love getting to know new people, including your kids. Irish setters are affectionate as well, so everyone gets the chance to shower them with love. Just be mindful of how energetic they are—you’ll need to work them out a lot before they’re satisfied. 

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10. Poodle

Poodles are often a perfect option for kids because they check every box. You can train them with ease, they’re friendly, and love to play. Not to mention, poodles come in different sizes, so you can better pick which one makes sense for your house.

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