20 Ways to Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

20 Ways to Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the sun. Regardless of how much space you have outdoors, there are endless ways to have it stand out. Here are 20 ways you can spice up your outdoor living space!

1. Ambient Lighting

A way to truly set the tone is with proper lighting. Dozens of available options let you play with low lighting, solar lighting, or even variations of color. The right lighting makes your space your own.

FriendsandonelonerEric Nopanen on Unsplash

2. Water Features

You don’t have to throw a lifesize fountain in your yard, but even simple features jazz up an outdoor space. To bring some tranquility to the backyard, look into items for the garden or standalone fountains that can tucked next to seating. 

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3. Upgraded Gardens

A backyard is only as nice as its garden, so pay it some attention this year! With so many options available for veggies, fruit, bushes, and flowers, you have no shortage of ways to display your creativity. 

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4. Canopies

Elegant and useful, a canopy adds a touch of much-needed decor. Bland living spaces get an immediate pick-me-up!

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5. Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor carpet goes a long way to protect your space’s finish and bring styles to life. They can tie an entire space together, too, so don’t rule them out.

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6. Fire Sources

Bring the best of camp life right to your backyard with the right fire source—which shouldn’t be too hard given how many options await! Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes to not only suit your space but your budget, too.

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7. Artwork

Who says you can’t have artwork in the backyard? If you have wooden fencing or available space on your patio, you can always put up artwork to tie everything together. 

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8. Sound System

With summer right around the corner, everyone loves a good playlist! Install an outdoor sound system so you and your guests don’t have to rely on someone’s phone speaker quality. 

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9. Kitchen Areas

Depending on how big your space is, an outdoor kitchen or bar area is as practical as it is stylish. These spaces also give you a chance to play with seating arrangements, color schemes, and countertop finishes. 

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10. DIY Movie Theater

Movies are pretty pricey nowadays, so bring the entertainment to your backyard! You don’t have to go crazy with the installation either—a simple projector and cozy seating make for a much more intimate experience.

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11. More Seating Options

Having lawn chairs is great, but consider offering guests variety. You can really jazz up the outdoors by combining seating options or straying from a typical patio set. Mix and match sofas with chairs or stools to make the most of what you have.

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12. Color Accents

Pops of color can provide the added pizazz you need this summer. Bright accent pillows or lighter drapes are standout pieces that don’t dominate the entire space.

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13. Accented Tiling

If you’d like to take color a step further, you can always lay down patterned tiles! You have plenty of options available as well, which means you can pick tiles that lean toward a muted style or ones that stand out. 

Tile-Merchant-Ireland-L525Hir2Xei-UnsplashPhoto by Tile Merchant Ireland on Unsplash

14. Add Privacy

As nice as a patio is, it’s hard to relax there without proper privacy. Incorporating curtains, hedges, fences, or screens all grant more peace of mind.

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15. Switch Up Materials

No one said you can’t combine materials! Your wicker patio chairs don’t have to match the sofa—in fact, switching things up a bit can make your outdoor space truly unique.

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16. Match the Inside

If inspiration has run dry, indoor spaces can reignite the spark. Whatever you have going in your living room or kitchen can play a role in how your patio looks, especially because matching acts as an extension of these areas. 

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17. Make a Play Area

If you have children in your life, don’t be afraid to include a play area for them! A designated area doesn’t have to mean plastic playsets, it can mean treehouses, sandboxes, or playground sets that match your color scheme. 

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18. Build Special Nooks

Treat yourself to an outdoor nook! It can be a comfy chair in a secluded area or a bench tucked into a corner of the yard. Really think about what you want because this is the time to make it your own!

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19. Keep it Simple

A standout area doesn’t need to be overrun with plant life or seating arrangements. You can keep it simple and still show off your personality. 

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20. Remove Clutter

Outdoor maintenance is just as important as indoor. Keep your area free of clutter to ensure it looks pristine throughout the season.

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